Introduction to HTML

Hypertext markup language, or simply HTML standard markup language that is used for creating web pages. It can be called as the base of all the online activities on the internet. It contains a large number of elements that guide the browser and makes it understand how the content is to be displayed.

What is an HTML Editor?

An HTML Editor is a program or specialized software that is used for editing the HTML. Even though the markup format of a web page can be edited and controlled with the help of a simple text editor but HTML editors make this task much more convenient and provide added functionality to the system. In the general language, HTML editors are nothing but those programs that make the task of creating HTML code much easier.

Similar to any other simple text editors such as notepad, HTML editors are used to entering raw text.

Most professional web developers use HTML editors for the creation and modification of web pages. Professionals prefer using HTML editors over simple text editors because when compared to general text editors, HTML editors have many more at features and hence they foster more productivity.

Some common features in best HTML editors for 2020

Similar to other software programs, different HTML editors have different features and advantages as well as disadvantages. But taking a more optimistic view, we are now going to reflect on the positive features that best HTML editors for 2020 come with. It is a fact that some HTML editors are better than others but at the same time, we can't deny that there are some basic features that every professional web developer expects to be present in all the HTML editors.

Let us have a look at some common basic features that almost all the HTML editors nowadays must have to make it to the list of the best HTML editors for 2020

Autocompletion of HTML And CSS: Autocompletion is also sometimes termed as "code completion" and is one of the most desirable features in every HTML Editor today. The process of water competition begins as soon as an editor starts to write an HTML code and continues until the end of the process. During the process of writing the HTML or CSS code, the HTML Editor should be able to provide auto-completion steps to make your task of writing the HTML or CSS code much easier.

HTML entities library: it is another key feature that enables an editor to insert HTML entities in a fraction of seconds with a single Mouse click.

Built-in FTP client: FTP refers to file transfer protocol. Some HTML editors allow the user to FTP to the web server right from the HTML Editor. It is a key feature of all HTML editors because it allows easy publishing of changes without having to fire up a separate FTP client.

This feature allows the task of publishing changes much quicker and easier.

Search and replace: almost all the HTML editors available on the internet right now contain this feature of search and replace. Some of the better ones will have advanced features, such as being able to search through a whole website project and searching only certain file types (e.g., only files with a .html extension).

Split-Screen View: This is where you can set up the screen to show half code, half preview.

When you are searching for HTML editors, the above-mentioned features are must be included in the HTML Editor that you choose to make the process of coding much easier and simplify the task up to a large extent. Even if the HTML Editor is not free to download, it is always better to spend some quality software then to create useless HTML code which is much more time consuming by using the low-quality HTML editors.

Best HTML Editors for 2020

A perfectly written and formatted HTML code is the foundation of any website or web page on the internet. It is very important for the HTML code to be completely perfect and free of any kind of error for the webpage on the website to make it to the Google search result of the user. It is very important to edit the HTML code by using highly professional and specialized software or simply the best HTML editors to generate the code.

An error-free HTML document only leads to an error-free web page and so the overall website will be more efficient in functionality.

All the basic functions of almost all HTML editors are the same, that is, they help you to write the HTML code by highlighting the syntaxes and insert generally used HTML components, elements, and structures along with providing autocompletion. There are some HTML editors which are better than others and features and efficiency.

How to choose from Best HTML Editors for 2020?

One added benefit of good quality HTML editors is that it not only allows you to write and create the perfect HTML code but also allows the translation of the code from one language to many languages. Thus, making it easier to access for people speaking and knowing different languages through translation.

On one hand, when some editors provide easy usage and are simple to work with, others a little difficult to use and take time to understand but provide better functions than simple text editors.

Here is a list of the Best HTML Editors for 2020 for you to choose the best HTML Editor according to your convenience.

1.Notepad ++

Who doesn't know about notepad? It is a very simple desktop inbuilt text editor application very easily available on Windows OS. Notepad++ can be called as the modified version of notepad created for efficient HTML code generation and editing mainly developed for windows-based machines. It is the most used HTML Editor by top web developers and makes it to the top of the list of the best HTML editors of 2020.

It supports more than 80 programming languages along with code folding and syntax highlighting.

Key features of Notepad++

regular expressions make it easy to find and replace strings of text.

Autosave option to retrieve accidentally deleted data.

Guided indentation

Split-screen editing

Simultaneous editing

Macro and the Column mode editing

Highlighting, brace matching, completion for most languages — and you can define your own rather easily for any language not included

Ability to easily redefine shortcut keys

Easy changes to the style (colours fonts etc) for all languages with override or individually by language

Easy changes to the style (colours fonts etc) for all languages with override or individually by language

Looking at the features and the advantages that notepad-plus-plus provides, without any doubt it can be termed as the best HTML Editors for 2020. It is not just easily customizable but also the features that it offers are extremely outstanding making it one of the most reliable HTML editors one can opt for.


Atom is another excellent and user-friendly HTML open-source code Editor tool used for MAC, Linux, and Windows. It was introduced in the year 2014 and within a span of one year, it gained huge popularity among web developers because of its excellent features.

Maintained by the GitHub community, atom a free software license is used by atom for its package. Although it is free, it gives the editor a premium feel by enabling them easily edit, change, extend and share and distribute the program source simultaneously allowing them to create the round packages for atom improvement as well.

Key features of atom

Cross-platform editing: Atom can easily work across different operating systems from OS X to Windows to Linux.

Built-in package manager: You can easily search and install new packages or create your own packages straight away from the atom.

Supports Teletype: If you are someone who loves to do a collaboration with other web developers in real-time, then the atom is a must-have HTML Editor for you.

Smart autocompletion: The smart auto-completion feature of atom helps the editor to write and edit the code very easily by providing flexible suggestions and quick changes.

Lastly, atom offers a large number of themes and has a slick design that gives the premium look to it making it one of the best HTML editors for 2020.

3. Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver is another exclusive web development tool provided by the well-known tech giant Adobe Inc. It is a powerful and versatile tool that caters not only to e front hand so but also back and development.

Adobe Dreamweaver, being a closed source HTML editing application, it is designed to function under the adobe ecosystem.

In addition to smart HTML editing and code generation, Adobe Dreamweaver cc is also very efficient in providing support and plugins to enhance the quality of the HTML code that is generated using it.

Key features

Build beautiful sites for any browser or device: You can quickly design, create, and publish web pages with a web design software that supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Code and preview: It become huge burden on web developers while trying to preview the long and lengthy HTML code at once. Therefore, Adobe Dreamweaver CC makes this task is hereby giving the option of previewing the end product along with the process of code editing.

Right and Create HTML code in any programming language.

Textual and WYSIWYG editor mode supported.

Access to fanciful cloud libraries. Access to highly creative cloud libraries gives a large variety of graphics, colours, designs, layers, words, characters, and a lot more.

When it comes to finding the best HTML Editors for 2020, Adobe Dreamweaver cc with its high-class premium look, and marvellous aesthetic design makes it a well-known name in the world of HTML editors and brings it a lot of popularity among professional web developers.

4. Sublime Text

Our next recommendation for the best HTML editors for 2020 is sublime text, a cross-platform code editor tool that supports all markup languages.

Key features

Command Palette: the command palette enables the director to access almost everything in the settings menu ranging from changing files syntax, calling your package commands, handling sublime projects, and a lot more.

Quickly Insert Text & Code with Sublime Text Snippets

Easy selection of multiple lines, columns, and words: it is the classiest and the coolest

  • Sublime supports Python API that allows the plugin to expand its default functionality.

Feature of sublime text

Snippets: You can use the pre-installed ones, build your own, or install a package that has more. All you have to do is type in a word and it will expand into your snippet.

Keyboard Shortcuts: a large number of keyboard shortcuts is the absolute best feature of sublime text making the process of Editing the code quick and easy.

To summarise, the sublime text is a great HTML Editor both for beginners and intermediates to code on. With its many great features, it is excellent in terms of working and carrying out perfect HTML code editing.


NetBeans by Apache is a free and open-source HTML editor that helps you to build dynamical and influential web applications and software programs. It enables you to develop web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications as well.

Using NetBeans, one can easily develop code in many programming languages such as HTML5, C++, PHP, JavaScript. Etc. NetBeans IDE can be installed on multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows, macOS.

Most loved features of NetBeans

  • Best Support for Latest Java Technologies
  • Fast & Easy Code Editing
  • Smart and Easy Project Management
  • Quick User Interface Development
  • Write Bug-Free Code

Rich Set of Community Provided Plugins

Summarising the features and advantages of NetBeans, we can conclude that it provides the editing community a great variety of remarkable features not just for Java developers but also for multiple language programming including languages like JavaScript, PHP, and C/C++. Whether it's impressive

Java IDE, NetBeans holds a very valuable position in the list of the best HTML editors for 2020.


If you are a professional web developer and looking for the best HTML editors for 2020, then above mentioned are some of the best options that you must consider. Of course, the market has a large number of HTML editors available but in this article, we have probably researched all the aspects in order to find the best HTML Editor for 2020. You can pick your best choice from the above-mentioned best HTML Editor for 2020 to create and right the perfect HTML code and document.

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