Wondering About How To Use Free Google SMTP Server? Here's What You Need To Know

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Not many people have heard about SMTP servers, as they are still very new to us. More and more organizations and businesses have begun to incorporate it into their workplaces to send emails more manageable.

Those who use SMTP servers; often use internal servers that have a high cost of purchase and do not have a pleasant user experience. Hence, instead of using hosted internal SMTP servers to send emails, you can use the free Google SMTP server.

And if you wonder whether a free service will be efficient, keep reading to know everything about the Google SMTP server, including How to Use Free Google SMTP Server.

So, firstly, what is the free Google SMTP Server?

The SMTP server is short of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server and is a collection of instructions that regulate the transference of emails. When you address an email, it will get forwarded from the email consumer, including any email service provider, even if it is not google's very own email service over the SMTP server. Once the email gets transferred, the server will send your mail to the concerned recipient's email service.

The receiver will get the email once it has gotten downloaded from the mail server via external services that excel.

As in the case with Google, the SMTP server receives the email sent by you, and once the email is ready to download by their server, it forwards the email to the respective recipients.

What are the types of SMTP servers available?

There are two main categories of the SMTP server available:

  • Internal SMTP server- These types of SMTP servers are generally not free to use and will require you and your organization to purchase the internal SMPT service and then set it up. Depending on the company you have chosen to buy the server from, the service and the features that it accompanies will differ. However, as per recommendation and user reviews, it's better to go for a reputable organization if you think of investing and purchasing an SMTP server. Internal SMTP servers will require to get them installed on your devices after you have made the purchase. If you are curious about setting up an internal SMTP server by yourself, keep on reading.
  • External SMTP server- These servers are usually free for use, and that's the reason you've been researching about How to Use Free Google SMTP Server. Google is a famous example of a charge-free and external SMTP server that offers its user a prompt and excellent service. However, you should note that Google isn't the only company that offers a free SMTP server, so if your system is not compatible with Google SMTP servers or for any other reason you are unable to run the server, you can search for another free SMTP server and use it without worries. Most SMTP servers offer more or less the same services, but there are always those that walk the extra mile to attract new clients and users. However, you need to be careful when installing a free service because a charge-free server increases the chances of downloading a virus or malware.

Before we move on to understand How to Use Free Google SMTP Server, let's talk about the steps needed to install an internal server.

How to enable an internal SMTP server by yourself?

If you already have a built-in internal SMTP server, then all you need to do is enable it, and then you can use it. Follow these steps to know how to allow it:

  • Launch- This is quite a simple step; from whichever version of the software you are using, go to the application panel, and scroll through the application panel to locate the server manager. Or you can directly use the search bar to search for the server manager. A server manager is a tool that gets used to managing identity and system information. Most times, the server manager is enabled beforehand by default. However, it is best to check if it gets enabled; otherwise, all further steps will be of no use.
  • Add roles- Once you have enabled the server manager, there will be a pop-up window that will prompt you to select the features and functions of the server manager. Read the instruction carefully and make the necessary changes. There is an option that will also allow you to remove the features as per your usage and choice. Moreover, this function will let you customize the tasks your server manager may help you accomplish, and it will make the operations of the assignments smoother. If you do not wish to make any changes, you can skip the page by default and save yourself some time.
  • Basis of installation- There are two straightforward operations to choose from, role-based or feature-based installation and remote desktop service installation. A role-based or feature-based establishment will install the internal SMTP server on the features and roles you have selected. However, the remote desktop service installation will ask you to install role services for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that will create a virtual machine-based or session-based desktop employment. You need to select the role-based or feature-based establishment.
  • Essentials server- Once you click next, it will take you to the next page, and you will get asked to select a server or a virtual hard disk. These choices will decide where the roles and features will get installed. You will have to choose the option of "select a server from the server pool," once you select this option in the server pool, you will get the name of the server you have created along with an IP address and operating system. Click on that and select the "next" option to go to the next page.
  • Role selections- As you have already chosen the roles and features of the server manager, click on the option of "next" to go to the next page.
  • Features- Once you are on the next page, there will be a drop list in front of you; keep scrolling until you find the option of "SMTP Server." Once you click on that option, there will be a description reading "SMTP Server supports the transfer of email messages between email systems," which means you have selected the right choice. Now you can proceed and click on "next."
  • Skip past wizard- There will a pop-up informing you that some additional features will get installed along with SMTP servers. Click on add features, and if you do not want to change anything, you can skip and click straight away on "next."
  • Installation- This is the last and the final step of the establishment. Select the "Restart the destination server automatically if required" option and then click on "install." The installation process should begin. Wait for the installation to get completed, and then you can close the tabs.

That's all you need to do to install an in-built SMTP server. But if you are using an external and free SMTP Server, instead of installation, you will have to configure accordingly. Now let's talk about How to Use Free Google SMTP Server.

How to use a free Google SMTP server?

There are two ways to make use of the free Google SMTP server:

  • Custom domain- Connecting to Google's SMTP server is super easy, especially if you possess a personalized domain address. Before you proceed, the next step is to create the app password; this will allow you to enter your Google account. Log on to your account and go to settings. Click on the accounts option and select the "Add another email address." You will get a pop-up tab, read it, fill in all the information accurately and proceed to the next step, now is the time to enter your email address and fill in the Google SMTP server as well, and lastly, enter the account password. The account you have entered will get a verification email, click on it and click on the verification address. Confirm, and that's all; your email has now connected to the Google SMTP server.
  • Plugin- This is another method to connect to the Google SMTP server by using an SMTP plugin. All you need to do is go to the dashboard of your account and look for the option of the plugin, then click on the choice of add new and search for the Mail SMTP, and then click on install now and proceed to activate. The next step is to navigate to the mail SMTP and go to settings. Fill in the required information fields and choose your email provider. Make sure you check the option of a set return path to match the information you've filled in so that you get notifications in case delivery issues to arise. Once you scroll down, you will find fields that read require you to fill in client information. Now you have to create a web application for your account. Now moving ahead, you need to open a console tab and log in with your email account. Create a test project name to test whether it works and then select the necessary API from the API library. The rest steps are quite simple to do, and you will follow them quickly as the windows appear. Once you have finished, make sure you send a test email to see if you have followed all steps correctly. If the mail delivery fails, go through the details again to check for errors.

Benefits of using an SMTP server:

Now that we covered How to Use Free Google SMTP Server, we need to know why one should use an SMTP server.

  • Straightforward communication- SMTP is getting popular because of how smooth it is to communicate via emails for those on the same network. If a business or organization installs an internal or external SMTP server, it will connect throughout its systems and send emails faster. When a server shares computers, the emails get downloaded and shared at high speeds and do not pose any barrier in communications.
  • Uncomplicated- Instead of having to send the same content over and over and waiting for data speed to catch up, using the organization server, the process becomes much more manageable. The platform got built to solve complex communication problems that arise in an organization. Moreover, it helps keep personal and work emails separate, so organizing and arranging does not become complex.
  • Reliable- SMTP servers is a reliable method of sending emails. But often, there is a disruption in servers, and regular email delivery gets failed but not with SMTP servers. These servers ensure that if an email fails to get delivered due to network issues, it will keep trying until the delivery becomes successful. It will ensure that your emails reach the right person and on time. Moreover, even if you forget to resend the email, it will keep trying until the delivery becomes successful.
  • Dedicated- The server you use gets solely committed to your organization and its work. You already know How to Use Free Google SMTP Server, but the additional details are secure. It will help you organize all your necessary emails in one place and will never leak your personal and professional data in any condition. The complete dedication to you and your organization ensures its efficient usage.
  • Financially apt- If you use the free external server, you will use SMTP benefits without spending a penny. Even if you opt for a paid service, it will get provided to you at minimal costs. It ensures that your company is improvising on communicational levels without spending a lot. However, it is essential to ensure that the services are safe and do not come with unwanted conditions and surprises.

SMTP server benefits are great for big and small businesses, as every organization can incorporate smooth communications and take their growth up a notch.

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