Getting started

How do I create my first server?

First of all you need to register an account, simply sign up at the following page: After you have verified your mail you are able to order a new server on the service page. - Select Add server and follow instructions. You can also copy the following link to order your server:

How do I set up my domain name?

You can setup your existing domain name or a new domain name purchased from a third-party vendor and use our DNS to setup your domain. You can also use our name servers.

How do I setup my SSH key?

At this moment you cannot setup your Secureshell (SSH) key. This will be available in the future.

How do I register and create an account?

Clicking the ‘SIGN UP’ button at the top of any page opens the registration page. To register and create your account, enter your email and your chosen password in the dialogue box and click ‘Register’.

How to get started?

How to activate your account:

Step 1: Sign up

Please sign up at the following page:

Fill in your mail address and use a password with at least 8 Characters, 1 Upper case letter and 1 Number.

Step 2: Activate your mail

After you sign up we will send you an activation mail. Please activate your mail address by clicking on the link. After your mail address has been activated you can order your new server!

Step 3: Order your server

- Select Add Server on

- Select the Datacenter location you prefer

- Select your Operating System

- Select Size, you can always upgrade afterwards

- Fill in your hostname or use default.

- Select the SLA if you want additional service from our helpdesk.


For all new customer we require a first deposit. This is to make sure your Credit Card is valid and has enough balance. After this first payment your credit card will automatically setup as recurring. No additional deposit is required when you resize or order a second server.


At the end of each month we will calculate your usage over the whole month. You are only charged for the time you actually had one or more active servers. This is calculated in minutes. Your recurring payment method will be used to pay for the invoice. Do you have any balance in your VPSServer account? Your balance will be used first to pay the invoice, any remaining dues will be charged on your Credit Card.

Add Funds:

If you do not want to setup your Credit Card as recurring you can use the “add funds” option. With this option you can make a one time deposit with Payment Methods like Bitcoin, Paypal or a Credit Card. This deposit will be added as balance in your account. You can order a new server with the balance from your account. Make sure that the monthly server price equals your balance.

Example: You have added $20 to your account, with this balance you can order a $20 server. If you want to upgrade your server or you want to deploy a second server a additional deposit is required. The total balance should equal the 2 servers total monthly price.

Deposit Bonus:

If you choose to add funds or you are making your first payment a bonus will be available.

We use the following bonuses:

- $200 or more: 5%

- $300 or more: 7.5%

- $400 or more: 10%

- $500 or more: 15%

- $1000 or more: 20%

Start now for as low as €3,99 a month!