If you are a forex trader, then you have no doubt heard of Forex virtual private servers. These forex VPSs are specially designed to optimize your trading experience. They help you to execute your trades quickly and efficiently with their super-fast transmission of orders.

The major question that troubles most interested traders considering switching to forex VPS is the cost involved. We have done detailed research and coalesced our findings into this concise article; keep reading to find out more.

What is a Forex VPS?

With more people upgrading to forex VPS for their trading, you need to understand what it is all about. Having all the details will help you make a clear and beneficial decision concerning your trading activities. For this purpose, we have detailed all you need to know about forex VPS including how much they cost.

A Forex VPS is a special virtual private server that is designed to make forex trading more efficient. It allows you to continue your forex trading activity even in the absence of power. With good Forex VPS providers, you are assured of high uptime, top-notch security, and you can execute your trades with ease.

More and more people today choose to install and employ virtual private servers for their forex trading activities. These forex VPSs offer forex traders more control over their trading activities and help limit and eliminate obstacles to your trading activity.

Before we look at cheap VPSs for forex, allow us to walk you through some basic things you should understand about VPS and Forex trading.

How Do You Use a VPS for Forex Trading?

Now that you know what a forex VPS is, the natural progression is learning how to work with it. The guide for using it has been detailed below.

  • Step 1: The first step you should take to switch to a forex VPS is to choose a provider. Once you have identified your desired provider, you will have to seek permission to join the network.
  • Step 2: Upon the providers’ approval, you will be given a user name and password to enable you to access the IP address. This access also gives you free rein to connect to the IP address remotely, monitor, execute, or make a trade.
  • Step 3: Once your connection to the forex virtual private server has been established and is live, you will be given a virtual desktop environment that shares the same privacy and functionality as a physical laptop or desktop.
  • Step 4: T this point, you can log in to your forex trading platform with your access details and continue your normal trading activities.

Why Do I Need a Forex VPS?

If your broker does not offer access to an online trading platform, a VPS would be the perfect solution. They do not require a download, and as long as your internet connection is strong, you can log into your Forex VPS account and trade with ease from any location.

A good forex VPS is essential for a smooth and rewarding trading experience. Every trader dreads the unpredictability of trading and the sudden obstacles that can ruin a good trade. However, forex VPSs remove a lot of these obstacles from your part. You do not have to worry about losing trade because of downtime, power outage, or even network.

Great Forex virtual private hosting servers offer you several benefits that make the forex trading process attractive and less unpredictable. These exclusive benefits offered to you by these forex traders help make your forex trading life less complex and improve your trading experience.

We have listed quite a number of the advantages you will enjoy when you switch to Forex VPS.

  • Permission to Trade from Anywhere – forex VPS providers allow you to remotely carry out your trading activities. Unlike earlier on in trading history when you needed to have a physical desktop and could only trade from the desktop location, forex VPS does not restrict you to any particular location. You can trade remotely and with any device available, like your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop.
  • Uninterrupted Trading - With Forex VPS, you don’t need to be afraid about the unscheduled power outage. You can keep on trading even when your power is out. Whether you use an automated trading system or a manual trading system, they will continue to run even without you being online to monitor them. This way, you can keep trading and making your profits regardless of what happens.
  • Access to Trade at Any Time – one of the major attractions of trading with Forex VPS is that you can access your trading platforms at every point in time from any location. You can start, complete, or monitor trades irrespective of the time or your physical location. Furthermore, since your trading activities are not restricted to any physical location, you can trade on the go. The trade automation makes it possible for your trading activities to continue even while you are not there to supervise them.
  • High Level of Security - Forex VPS systems provided by top companies come with some of the best security features. These managed forex virtual private servers are checked regularly by providing companies to ensure they are functioning efficiently. The results of these routine tests are what gives these companies the confidence to guarantee you up to 99.99% server uptime. Some forex VPS’s come with other security features to guarantee the safety of the server.
  • Minimize your Slippage – It is a well-known fact that slippage costs varying amounts of money; therefore, its reduction translates into less loss for you and reduces the unpredictability of trading. The slippage reduction is one advantage of Forex VPS servers that users enjoy regardless of if they trade automatically or place their entries manually. These VPS can execute your forex trades faster than your computer possibly can because of the fast transmission of orders. This fast transmission of transactions translates into a reduction in delays and, consequently, slippage time.

Are Forex Virtual Private Server Hosting Platforms Cheap?

There are various forex virtual private server providers available today. Each provider has different price ranges for the forex VPS services they offer. These forex VPS plans are grouped into categories that depend on the services and features they provide you.

Some come for as low as 0.99$ while others may be as high as 40$. It is important to select a VPS for your forex trading activities that match your budget and meet all your trading needs. Some examples of forex VPS and their prices are:

  • Cheap Forex VPS (3.95$)
  • Dewlance (5$)
  • NeoServer (6.60$)
  • Kamatera (14$)
  • Trading Forex VPS (29$)

What are Other Good Forex VPS Hosting Providers I Can Use?

Choosing a forex VPS provider that offers you great functions at an affordable price can be challenging, especially for beginners with no knowledge of the technicalities involved. We have outline 3 of our top Forex VPS providers. This selection was made based on the functionalities they provide you with and their price rate.


Interserver is a popular name in the world of VPS hosting. The company has been around since 1991 and has a whole range of different VPS plans to show for it. These VPS hosting plans provide you with much-needed flexibility and scalability for your trade.

The price for the Linux VPS starts at $6 a month, while the cost for Windows based forex VPS begins at $10 per month. These plans provide you with access to various useful features such as storage, memory, server location, and transfer.


FxVm is the best trading VPS for traders using the MetaTrader platform to trade. The company is known for providing great forex VPS platform for traders. Besides MT 4/5, FxVm also provides support for traders using other trading platforms like Ninja trader, TradeStation, TradeStation II, and Currenex.

With this forex VPS, you get access to expert support teams round the clock. The FxVm is specially designed to provide you with all you need for a smooth trade. The cost of their basic VPS plan is $19. Once your payment is confirmed, you get access to 1Gb worth of RAM, 1 CPU core, multiple server locations, 50Gb external storage, and fast set up.


The HostWinds VPS providers have been around since 2010 and have made a name for themselves as a good VPS for forex trading. Their forex VPS package features several plans at different rates. The Budget Linux plan is priced at $7.50 monthly. At the same time, the price of the Windows Forex VPS plan starts at $13.50 monthly.

These basic plans provide you with up to 1 GB RAM, a transfer speed of 100mbps, and 25 GB storage space for you to run your trading effortlessly. If, at any point, you require extra resources, you can easily scale up these resources. You also get 24/7 support from their support team whenever you need them.

What the Key Features I Should Look Out For When Selecting a Forex VPS?

There are certain features every great forex virtual private server must-have. We have taken out time to list them below to guide you when choosing a Forex VPS for your trading.

  • Optimum Performance - A lot of forex VPS operate on virtualization technology. This technology allows the forex virtual private server provider to split and share their resources between numerous users. The virtualization is done at the operating system cadre and could point to many issues. These issues range from reduced uptime, speed, and increased latency.

Hyper-Virtualization technology is incorporated in Forex VPSs. It is great for Forex traders who run the VPS on Windows, Microsoft Windows, and OpenVZ.

  • Flexible Hosting Plans - It is important to look out for a Forex VPS provider that will deliver on the promise of offering you a great deal of flexibility. The VPS plans should have a range of useful features and plan you can choose from based on your trading needs.
  • Location of VPS Server - An important fact to consider is the VPS location. For this reason, we advise that you choose a Forex VPS related to your broker service in terms of location. Ensuring this reduces the latency period when there is a downtime.
  • High Uptime Rate – your choice of forex VPS provider should be capable of providing, at the very least, 99.99% uptime. For the Forex VPS to provide you with this guarantee, he must have carried out several routine tests and have the barest minimum redundancy rate in the server. Achieving this will mean that the VPS provider has all the necessary resources at his disposal to move users to a different compartment in case of any downtime in a compartment.
  • Ability to Accept Various Applications - The forex VPS provider you select must provide you with a server supporting different Forex applications and software.

Does Forex VPS Support Multiple Executive Advisors?

Yes, Forex VPS hosting providers allow you enlist multiple EAs. They offer you the option of recruiting expert advisors via their Forex virtual private server. Doing this allows the expert advisors to work 24-hours during the trading hours. As a forex trader, you can control the number of EAs uploaded and constantly control the advisor’s trade. VPS’s added capacity has led a lot of traders to use forex VPS, thus, it has become one of the popular ways of optimizing trades.


Forex virtual private servers help make trading easy and reduce unpredictability. These great forex VPSs come at different price ranges depending on the features they offer you. While some of the forex VPS plans are cheap, some come at really high rates; notwithstanding, we advise that you select one within your budget range and provide you with the necessary features you need. Our guide has provided you with tips on selecting the best forex VPS for your trading; go ahead and utilize these tips.

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