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VPS Control Panel

A Simple Web-Based Browser Accessible

VPS Control Panel

Our control panel is built to simplify administrative tasks and reduce the time it typically takes to manage a fast VPS. Actions such as starting, rebooting, and shutting down a VPS can all be performed.

DNS management, billing, payments, invoices, referrals, earnings, newsletters, etc. can now be directly managed from this single, elegant interface.

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows you to manage your SSD powered VPS hosting servers!

Easy deployment


With the powerful control panel, deploying a server couldn’t be simpler. A couple of seconds is literally all it takes.

Root Access

Integrated Root Access

Full root access (SSH and console) to virtual private server(s) with all the necessary privileges, provided to you as standard.

Easy Scaling


Need to resize your environment? Need a bigger server? From the control panel, scaling up is only a few clicks away!

DNS Management

For domains

You can connect your domain(s) to your VPS. Our DNS service makes it very easy to manage your domains effectively.


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