VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

In all of these services, one of the main differences is between shared and cloud web hosting. Both of these products are stratified at a comparable scale, offering basic web hosting features, but through processes that are entirely different. While some can argue that one is better than the other, the form of hosting that works for your business is largely based on your specific needs. Holly Rollins, President of 10x Digital Marketing Company, said that shared and cloud hosting for business owners has benefits. Online hosting services are offered by 10x Digital as well. Rollins said that cloud storage, while shared can be more cost-effective, is easier and simpler to manage.

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Ubuntu VPS Hosting

Ubuntu Virtual Private Server is a standard option when selecting a Linux-related Server operating system. Asides from its good performance and great functionality, having an Ubuntu VPS is the right choice for businesses that cannot afford Windows Virtual Private Server plans. It is compatible with both server and desktops editions, including systems with Microsoft Active Directory. Thanks to its integration with the Linux operating system, you can access your hosting server’s maximum control and operability.

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Best Managed VPS Hosting

The Best Managed VPS Hosting Options To Consider

When we consider the benefits of hosting our websites on a VPS solution, you will realize that the positives far outweigh the negatives, making it almost necessary to host websites on a VPS. A lot of VPS service providers offer a range of budget-friendly, feature-rich services, unlimited bandwidth, and scalable services - the best option for developers.

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Compare VPS Hosting

The Differences Between VPS Hosting and a Managed Wordpress Hosting

People often wonder what the difference is between VPS hosting and a managed Wordpress hosting. Sometimes people want to know the difference and the cost of both of them.The world now focuses on the cost rather than on service; hence, it becomes imperative that this article is written.

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Mac VPS Hosting

Mac VPS offers more advantages for Apple enthusiasts over Windows or Linux Servers, but finding a reliable Mac web hosting for IOS and OS X applications is rare. While a website’s operating system does not need to match a computer’s OS, Mac users prefer this type of web server hosting because of the remote desktop application and familiar system layout. With Mac VPS, you can quickly build your website using WordPress, the most potent open-source software available.

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VPS Hosting Cpanel WHM

All these upgrades, however, usually require you to know how to configure each environment. A VPS administration interface is offered by some hosting companies, while others give you admin rights and think you'd know how to use the command line interface. Managed VPS hosting ensures that you don't have to think about your website's technological aspects. Instead of customizing and managing your VPS, you can concentrate on operating your company and the online presence's frontend elements rather. All the regular updates, improvements, and security activities will be performed by your web host.

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VPS Hosting Dallas TX

Green hosting and the use of eco-friendly technologies has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years. It is important to do your part to make sure your carbon footprint is as little as possible. With dedicated server hosting you are taking all the resources of a server – which means you are the only person benefiting from that server’s power consumption. However, with a virtual private server, a large dedicated server is sliced or divided into different virtual environments. This way, more people share the resources of that physical server and allow the resources to be optimally used.

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Private VPS Hosting

Google Search Console is a set of resources that you can use to find out how your website is viewed by the search engine. This service offers a wide variety of free SEO software for you, including several different optimization aspects. For starters, Google Search Console helps to verify out any creeping mistakes that have happened on your website so that you can fix them instantly. It can also point out when your website is infected by malware, what keyword phrases people use to locate your website, the backlinks you have got, and more.

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VPS Hosting Windows Cheap

Cheap Windows VPS Features

VPS which is short for Virtual Personal Server hosting is a type of web hosting that various websites share a singular physical server that is partitioned by the hypervisor into different distinct websites offering adequate resources and indisputable privacy. It has become quite popular and accepted as it is cheap, reliable and secured. It is segregated into a fully managed system and a self-managed system. The various types of web hosting are offered by a lot of services providing companies using numerous system operators mainly Linux and Windows. The Windows VPS hosting, the web hosting provided by windows, an operating system, is based on the sharing of the Windows server 2012layout. The Windows server 2012 layout is a physical server of the Windows Operating System which uses the Windows version 8. It is home to hundreds of websites due to its amazing features and affordable pricing system. Windows hosting is also a household name as it enjoys large patronage and familiarity to customers.

Windows is usually chosen when compared to Linux web hosting. This is because it is the most popular and used operating system as its software programs are most compatible with each other and are more used by people. Due to Windows’ easiness and ready-to-go nature, it is chosen over the Linux Operating System though it is faster, more stable, and has a better performance record. The first Windows VPS hosting was on large scale launched with the Windows XP version followed by Windows Vista. The Windows VPS hosting system is supported by the native and hosted hypervisor.

One of the most attractive things about Windows is that it is affordable to all business types. It is also very compatible with other daily work software programs which we are conversant with and using it is very easy for everyone, so one must not be expertly trained before using the interface smoothly, hereby contributing in further reducing costs. This is because it eliminates the need of getting highly trained personnel to set up and manage the server, or websites. Below are some of the most attractive features of a cheap Windows VPS to customers.

  • A dedicated live chat that responds immediately a message is sent. This is most helpful especially in case there is a problem that needs immediate attention. If a customer is to have a problem, the live chat feature offers a quick solution as long as that problem can be handled by the website operator. After contacting the operator, they will give a referral to what exactly to do and who can perform this function. This helps the smooth running of the website and ensures a quick solution to the website’s technical problem since it is very dedicated and reliable.
  • Ultimate Hardware and SSD space: Using the windows VPS hosting system, you are assured of never running out of hardware and SSD (Solid State Drive) space. With this unlimited provision of space, there are hardly any technical glitches especially about memory or space because you are fully covered. The Windows VPS hosting constantly inspects the memory and storage capacity of the website’s storage space and gives a notification for update and expansion of the space. This is however most unlikely because the storage provided is usually very massive.
  • A dedicated IP address: Windows VPS hosting guarantees you a constant dedicated IP address that is always available and can be easily accessed by the users of the website. This feature gives your website an attractive allure to your users because of its reliability.
  • Easy to use VPS hosting: All of us have at one point or the other used Windows software because they are very ubiquitous. Owing to this familiarity, using Windows VPS hosting is very easy and not complex at all. The layout is very clear and the instructions are written in very plain terms. This contributes significantly to making the setup and management of the website very easy.
  • High-level Enterprise data backup: Some web hosting providers usually leave their users with little or almost no back up which can be very frustrating. The user needs to find a suitable backup or suffer the possible data loss that cannot be retrieved. All this is absent when using the Windows VPS hosting. It offers premium backup that operates to the user’s taste. This backup feature could be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and all have been designed to suit the user's needs and tastes. It could also be set to automatic restore in case of any crash or data loss.
  • The flexibility of the Windows VPS web hosting to be written in different programming languages. The language range is from .ASP classic, to . ASP NET ,to MSSQL (Microsoft SQL).
  • Instant setup: When you make the payment for the website, it is quickly set up and the details are sent to you. This saves your time and helps you have a quick start-up with your business by not having to wait for a long procedure before getting your website hosted.
  • Immediate connection from Remote Desktop: Once you set your remote desktop VPS online it can connect immediately to the website via RDP.
  • Easy upgrades: The Windows VPS can easily be upgraded to suit the website’s conditions. Either a change in payment plans or storage provisions are possible.
  • Customization: The website can be fully customized to the owner’s taste as detailed as possible. With audio and even video features present.
  • Scalability: The Windows VPS can be removed and added at will to the load balancer.
  • Good Availability: The websites are always available and this helps to hold frequent visits from customers and gives an impression of reliability and redundancy.
  • Amazing speed and Reliability: With the Windows VPS hosting, an amazing speed of 1Gbp is assured. It is also very reliable as it uses the SSD which is a very fast server drive. This VPS hosting type also offers impressively fast uplinks, making all websites using this web hosting to give a smooth and enjoyable performance.
  • Regular Traffic Checks: With the Windows VPS hosting you do not need to worry about crashes due to heavy traffic because the servers are regularly checked and a traffic balance operation is carried out. This makes the website very safe and free from possible crashing hazards which are a constant worry of most websites.
  • Good security system: Hackers are every website’s nightmare but with Windows VPS hosting, the security breach fear is eliminated. This is due to the server’s top security and the exclusive disclosure of the website details to only the administrators.

Cheap SSD Windows VPS

All web hosting providers use either the SSD or HDD for storage. The HDD (Hard Disk Drive ) is one of the most popular storage devices that is made of an electro-mechanical material that stores and retrieves digital data using magnetic storage and one or more rigid rapidly rotating platters coated in a magnetic material. It has been used for a very long time, making it archaic. However, it is still used by some device making companies, mostly because it is less expensive than the SSD. Also, it is very noisy, which is a nuisance, and finally, it has a major problem of excessive power consumption. Due to all these many disadvantages, most Windows VPS now uses the SSD for its storage.

Moving forward, seeing the abbreviation SSD, you’re probably wondering what it is. Well, SSD is short for Solid State Drive and is an integrated device that uses storage assemblies to store data circuit flash, typically using the persistently secondary ones as the memory hierarchy of the computer. It was introduced in 1991, and stores data in cells. The SSD has since become very patronized and used all over the world since its introduction to the web hosting market. In comparison to the electro-mechanical drives, SSDs are very resistant to physical shock, are not noisy, and have a quicker latency which is a big deal currently. Also, it has a faster access time and is one of the earliest, if not the first semiconductor storage devices with a hard drive interface. SSD is now quickly taking the place of the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) due to the following advantages.

  • Less access time: Unlike the Hard Disk Drive which spends a great time in loading if it is needed to be accessed which can be very frustrating, the Solid State drive uses very little time in loading when being accessed. This makes it very easy to use and appealing to users.
  • No noise: There is absolutely no noise from moving parts or generators experienced when using the Solid State, making it less of a nuisance and environmentally friendly.
  • Storage Capacity: It has an impressive storage size space, making it very sustainable for extensive website use, assuring you of no problems of overloading and crashing.
  • No heat generation: It does not generate any heat during Its operation because it does not have moving parts and requires little power to run on, unlike the Hard Disk Drive. This makes it comfortable and environmentally friendly too.
  • Magnetic Resistance: It is not affected by magnetism and so glitches are avoided from any magnetic interference. This is because it is made of semiconducting material.

All these are wonderful reasons for the replacement of Hard Disk Drives by Solid State Drives, and that is exactly what most Windows VPS hosting uses. Another breathtaking advantage is the affordability of Windows VPS hosting. Below are some of the pricing plans:

  • First, you should know that you can get Windows hosting services for as low as just $5 per month. However, that is for the more regular ones. More which offers greater services are gotten as further listed.
  • Windows server 1024 available at $16.99/monthly
  • Windows server 2048 available at $29.99/monthly
  • Windows server 4096 available at $44.99/monthly

Get Your Windows VPS Today

With all these amazing features that can be easily purchased at a friendly price, why not join in the revolution of using Solid State Drive supported Windows VPS hosting.

You can easily get a Windows VPS most conveniently by going to the Windows website and applying for one. You describe what you want, and make the necessary payments. When the payments are made, the details of the website are then sent to you by email and all you do is install it. Alternatively, you can get it from any third-party providers, the best being VPSserver.com.

After purchase, below are the basic steps to install a Windows VPS:

  1. You first log into your control panel, by making use of the details provided in the email that was sent to you by Windows or your provider.
  2. Having logged in, you then click on Virtual Server 2012, since that is the current version in use.
  3. A different screen will now appear. On this screen, you will see a create VPS button which you should then click.
  4. You then configure your Windows VPS. There will be two fields. In the first one, you would need to type in your desired VPS name, and in the second, your domain name.
  5. Next, you set your VPS administrator’s field right. What this means is the username you would like to use and your desired password. The password should be one only you know and should remain undisclosed to avoid hacking hazards.
  6. After the validation of the configuration, you need to specify the generation of your VPS. That is its exact use and mode of operation.
  7. Then you select the IP address you wish to use for your website.

With all these, you are finally set and have gotten your Windows VPS.

VPS Hosting Windows Cheap

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OVH VPS Hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Services Offered by OVH Hosting

As OVH is known to be one of the world's largest and highly used web hosting company, they have a range of great advantages or benefits offered to those who patronize their services, and some little disadvantages, since nothing is in itself perfect. Therefore, let us take a look at the pros and cons of the OVH hosting company’s web hosting services. To begin with, below are the major advantages of using the OVH web hosting services, which has made it so popular among website owners:

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Anonymous VPS Hosting

While there are a lot of amazing hosting services out there like the trusted Vpsserver.com that offers the best features and benefits for your money for as low as $5 and a free 7-day trial included, offering all the benefits of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) like enhanced security, private resources and scalability amidst others, an Anonymous VPS SSD hosting offers the benefits of a Virtual Private Server web hosting and Anonymity (having to keep or demanding total privacy).

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Inmotion VPS Hosting


You are offered a good number of alternatives when you want to go for a web hosting service. Options range from those which may be well established to the ones still small. Others may be more beneficial than others, and some may be known to only a few people. However, whenever web hosting is mentioned, one of the ‘big names’ which can never be ignored is the InMotion hosting services. From its good reputation down to popularity, InMotion has distinguished itself from competitors by its interesting features which include SSD hosting, amazing customer support, a 90-day refund policy, cheap pricing for hosting plans, and many more.

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VPS Hosting Godaddy

Godaddy is a platform that offers great hosting service, performance, and support with other VPS hosting service providers. The first step to utilizing the services of VPS hosting Godaddy is recognizing when your website is ready to upgrade from shared to VPS hosting. Some of the parameters with which you can measure this readiness are: inadequate storage and memory space, the need for better security, and dedicated hosting services.

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What Is A VPS Hosting

If you are hosting a website for the first time there are many decisions you need to make. Among these decisions is the kind of webserver to choose. A server is computer hardware and software that make your webpage visible to your visitors. Every piece of information on your website is hosted on a server such that when web users search for your webpage the instruction goes to the server which then shows the page to them. Therefore, the visibility and responsiveness of your page depend a lot on the kind of server it is hosted. If there is too much traffic on the server or the capacity is low, then your website may load slowly. Also if your server is attacked by a virus it may shut down your website or make it vulnerable to other attacks. So, what are the options you have when you want to choose the best server to host your website?

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VPS Hosting Providers

The Ultimate Guide to the Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2020

It all started as a fairy tale. Now, you’ve put so much into your website, and business is booming. What’s next? You should expand your reach as your traffic grows. This, many people know about, but what they seem to forget is the technical handlings behind it. Still, expanding your online business is a piece of cake, thanks to the VPS hosting providers out there.

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VPS Hosting Ireland

VPS Hosting Ireland — A Complete Guide

So you reside in Ireland and might need reliable VPS hosting services. Perhaps, business brought you here, and you’re looking to spend your time well. The best solution is using a reliable hosting provider.

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VPS Hosting Meaning

Deciding on which hosting solutions to go for can be a little bit complicated. You are conflicted about the hosting service that will best suit your business, budget, and goal. There are many hosting options to pick from, and this can be a little bit confusing.

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Shared Vs VPS Hosting

7 Key Differences Between Shared and VPS Hosting

Now that you've got your business idea together, the next thing is to position yourself online. However, before building a website, you must first have a hosting plan.

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AWS VPS Hosting

Everyone when developing your websites has to decide their hosting plan at some point. While AWS VPS hosting might be a familiar name in the cloud industry, many are still unclear on what it is all about.

That's probably why you are reading this. There is no need to worry anymore as you'll be getting exposed to all you need to know about AWS VPS hosting in this article.

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DDoS Protected VPS Hosting

The DDoS attack is always a worry for every business owner, and this has made getting a DDoS protected VPS hosting a top priority for most businesses.

A DDoS attack is a malicious attempt to cause disruption to the normal traffic of websites. This type of attack exploits the limited capacity of the network resources enabling a company's website. What happens during a DDoS attack is that multiple requests are sent to the web resource in order to exceed the capacity of the website to handle multiple requests. The result is that the website won't function correctly.

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