Best Forex VPS

Many relatively new traders would not know what is continually happening to their trades when it looks like the setup is too accurate to fail. After the transaction is executed, little unwanted drawback kills their account, leading to losses in multiples of thousands of dollars. In contrast, they see people who are advanced and experienced in the business having winning trades with the same setups.

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Cheap Forex VPS

The Global forex market has evolved in its operation to the standard it is today, with over five trillion dollars of trade daily. Retail Forex traders have tried to work round the clock with the market using different brokers, which had been metered with too many challenges. Therefore, each retail had to agree to be in a niche: a day trader, Swing Trader, or Scalper, as the case, maybe. This is because, with the functionality of humans, you cannot be in the market 24/7; hence you trade in specific times, and the dream of every forex trader is to be able to catch every pip move that conforms to their setups and analysis. This feat can be achieved by trading with cheap forex VPS that will not break the trader's budget and maximize profit consistently.

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Free Forex VPS

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) refers to an off-premise form of web hosting. Your resources are hosted in a data center, allowing you to use a portion of a server and giving you full privilege to customize your space the way you want to, unlike shared hosting. With VPS hosting, you get the best of shared and dedicated hosting.

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DigitalOcean VPS

The Best Web Host For Businesses | DigitalOcean VPS

Unlimited hosting for businesses and individuals. DigitalOcean VPS is your best choice, if you are in need of VPS web hosting and you want to take control of the administration yourself. With 24x7 customer support service, you are in good hands!

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Best Cheap VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are affordable and powerful alternatives that you can use to host your website. While the internet is ridden with lots of cheap VPS hosting providers, making a choice of which to go for can be quite challenging.

Luckily, there are a handful of reputable and popular hosting providers that sell pocket-friendly VPS hosting plans. A lot of these providers will sell a VPS plan to you for just a few dollars/month.

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Cheap VPS Hosting with Cpanel

Cheap VPS Hosting With Cpanel

cPanel is a Linux-powered software that provides its users with a user-friendly management structure. To a lot of people out there, anything that is associated with Linux is hard to use. cPanel is a lot easier. While it retains the traditional Linux configurations and terminal commands, it is void of the problems and complexities that are associated with it. When you purchase a cheap cPanel VPS hosting plan that can do the job, you'll enjoy all the advantages of a Linux VPS server with a graphical and super simple interface to host your database, application, website, email accounts, bots, etc.

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Cheap Managed VPS

What Is Managed VPS Hosting?

Even with the wide-ranging benefits of virtual private servers (VPS), several individuals and businesses still manage to shy away from it because they are not acquainted with the knowledge of how to run a server. Opting for competent managed VPS hosting providers solves the problem. The term “managed” in this context implies that the VPS hosting service provider rents hardware and dedicated servers to a client, and it is also burdened with administering the whole system for such a client. The VPS hosting provider handles the VPS needs of their clients.

Clients also rent the provider’s operating systems, system software, storage hardware, network hardware, and not just the server. For the time being, all of these are solely owned by the client. Although clients will enjoy access to the rented VPS system, they barely utilize it, and they’ll prefer to network with the webserver deploying a web interface in the place of that.

These types of VPS providers rely on a hypervisor or virtualization technology. This technology furnishes clients with an emulated server, a virtual machine, by communicating with resources located on the server. All virtual machines possess their individual operating systems.

A single server can have different virtual machines. But these virtual machines have their limitations and cannot communicate with other virtual machines; hence, there is a need for a private server that is not physically separate. A VPS often need several updates to help it stay secure and system administrators; experts that the hosting provider you with, will do this for you. For example, whenever there is an update on software applications like SQL and PHP, which you have running on the server, the system administrators will help you install that update.

The significant difference between other hosting services and manages VPS hosting is their process of management. Fully managed VPS service providers will take care of everything for you; from hardware and software configurations, monitoring, patch management, technical support, updates, system maintenance, etc. A managed VPS provider will generally furnish you with several add-on services and extensions, introductory to advanced, and they often make the demands of their customers their priority.

Advantages of a Managed VPS Server

  • Performance

The hard drive that you utilize is directly related to your server’s performance. There are two forms of hard drives viz: HDD and SSD. Majority of online businesses nowadays go for an SSD-based hosting service as it is more efficient than its HDD counterpart when it relates to performance. A significant upside of SSD is the fact that it augments a website’s load speed, hence augmenting its Google search performance and ranking.

This is because the load time of a website is a great determinant of its overall performance and ranking. A managed VPS hosting provider will help you reduce your website’s loading time and hence, increase its performance.

  • Scalability

A managed VPS hosting provider will is of great importance in helping you see that your site scales well, as it is one of the things they are very good at. This type of VPS is highly flexible, and any alteration made on the resources allotted to a server can easily be made without it having any adverse effect on your website.

  • Security

The security of your website cannot be overstated. Hackers nowadays are more sophisticated. Several major cyber-attacks have recently taken place which troubles a lot of business owners. With a good VPS hosting company, you will enjoy secured solutions that’ll go a long way to safeguard you from these attacks.

  • Full root access

A VPS hosting service is a combination of dedicated and shared server hosting, hence, providing the advantage and ease of both. Because a managed VPS server is remote from other VPS servers, you can customize it depending on what you want. You will be able to do this if you have full root access.

  • Ease of running

With your VPS server maintenance and management already sorted out by your VPS hosting service provider, it will now be easy for you to focus on consolidating on the different aspects of your business and managing your brand well. Your web host will be tasked with the technical part of your website.

  • Direct resource provisioning

Resources such as CPU, RAM, and OS are immediately allotted to you as you have your server established. Besides, you can scale these resources effortlessly as you service surges. But this should be in line with your needs.

  • Low cost

Because your hosting provider is burdened with the maintenance of the backend of your website, there is no need for hiring another tech admin to manage your site. Although this sort of VPS hosting may appear to be expensive at the beginning, when you match it up against some other options, you’ll find out that it is not so expensive and less economical to opt for.

Although it is somewhat more expensive than a shared hosting alternative, the truth is that it has far more benefits, which outweighs its cost in the long term.

How to Pick the Best Managed VPS Hosting Plan

As implied earlier, the list of VPS hosting providers is a large one. But when it relates to the real competitors, the list will immediately become smaller. If you are considering managed VPS hosting providers, then you will have an even smaller list.

But as you go on a shopping spree checking out the best managed VPS hosting providers out there, the factors below are some of the things that you should look out for:

Site Performance Metrics

If you are seeking for a managed VPA plan for your site, this should come off as your top priority. Although the term “performance” is subjective, these two metrics are of utmost importance:

  • Speed
  • Uptime

A lot of people looking for a managed VPS provider may have been using a shared VPS hosting plan that they feel are no longer very useful for them. Speed and uptime are two of the things that’ll be affected when you and other sites are sharing some server resources.

Do not also forget that your VPS plan ought to contain your traffic needs. If the scale your site’s performance is affected, then check out for another vendor. Many VPS hosting companies will provide you with an actual uptime rate. But then, these offers normally feature their own contingencies.

Some websites cannot afford slow running times or any downtime. If this is your case, ensure that you go for a paid and effective VPS plan. Your site will feel the effect if you will instead save money.

Dedicated Resources

Speaking on technical terms, you still have shared resources with some other sites on a hosting plan. Also, each of the virtual servers has its own dedicated resources.

As you are checking out the plans that you should opt for, take the following into account:

  • Storage
  • RAM
  • CPUs
  • Bandwidth

All of these resources are factors that can impact the uptime and speed of your website. Your website will not run on its full potential if you are maxing out these resources.

Operating System

There are two primary alternatives for hosting a VPS server – Linux VPS and Windows VPS. For a platform that uses Windows OS, you will be provided with performance and access levels that are akin to that of dedicated servers. You’ll enjoy the benefit of install popular Windows apps like ASP.Net, SharePoint, ASP, Microsoft SQL, and also Windows databases.

Your server will be able to support web applications like POP3, MySQL, and PHP if you are using a Linux VPS. Because Linux is an open-source operating system, these VPS plans are normally cost-effective. Eventually, you can change your Linux server to a Windows server, only that it will become somewhat more complex.

Customer Service

Customer service is one thing that most buyers take seriously, and those using a managed VPS plan are not excluded from it. Ensure that your hosting service provider is in support of you. What are your best bets if things fall out of place? Who are you going to call if you think there is a question or problem? What is your plan on resolving the time-sensitive problem?

Assuming that your website goes down by 11:00 pm on a Friday night, waiting until 9:00 am on Monday is not something that you surely want to do. Check out a VPS service provider that will offer you 24/7 support through their live chat functionality and phone.

Inclusions like migrations from another service provider without any cost or hosting type to a recent VPS plan that you just purchased will all come under this category. Certain hosting service providers are far better than others when it relates to good customer service.


The cost of having a VPS server differs significantly as there are different service providers out there will have something unique to offer. While there are VPS service providers that start with a $5/month plan, there are still others out there that start at $250/month. Most people who opt for a VPS service are somewhere in between these two price extremes. With most of these service providers, you are sure to get what you are paying for.

If what appeals to you is a very cheap managed VPS plan, then also have it at the back of your mind that you the load time and uptime rates of your site will not be as high. For folks that want a lot of dedicated resources, it is also important to know that many of them come with high price tags. Hence, when you set out to buy one, it will be wise for you to weigh your resources and performance to make sure it corresponds with your budget.

Roles of Managed VPS

  • Running A High Traffic Website

This is famous and has been leading. Because private and virtual servers are likely to bring about more success to the website such as RAM, CPU and lots more; your site will be better and rank higher compare to when shared. Also, if you have the overall control of the severe, changes can be made to it anytime necessary. But if the server is shared, there will be no such opportunity.

  • Hosting A Server

VPS can also be used to host file if what you desire is more of a professional. Because anything that can be host by a server can also be host by VPS. This implies that they are doing basically something similar.

  • Hosting A Gaming Server

Also, you are able to run your personal game server for a favorite multiplayer game. Maybe you have desired to do it before. And if yes, this is a perfect choice.

  • Testing New Environments

To host server is unarguably expensive, but if you are starting out on a new server, it will be great to start with virtual ones before going live. So, it can be a starting point for you before going higher.

  • Seeding Torrents

Those that are avid in torrenting can also enjoy the virtual server. As such if you frequently torrent, to move to VPS will be smooth and allow you to torrent for 24/7.

  • Private Backups

It is much cheaper and easier to use cloud-based in many situations but if for one or two reasons you are in for VPS, it may be an extra space for the storage of dome file when the need arises. It has been used extensively for this purpose by many and has provided useful tips.

Should you go for Managed VPS Hosting?

If you are building a business with the aim of increasing the traffic on your site and customer base, then it means that you will be spending time and resources planning the development and marketing processes to make sure that you serve your customer better. Most commercial websites are targeted at one or both of these factors, yours inclusive. Hence, it is not hard for you to see that going for a managed VPS will be a great option for you. This is because it will help you to focus on the business part of your website while your provider will be the one that will handle the technical part of your website. This will go a long way to drive efficiency to your business.

Cheap Managed VPS

Cheap Offshore VPS

What is Offshore VPS Hosting?

An offshore server implies that the server's location is not in the same country of residence as your business. For instance, we provide US-based hosting plans to clients that are in different parts of the world. This shows that the clients need not be in the same country as our company to operate.

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Best VPS for Wordpress

Over the years, there has been a search for the best VPS for WordPress, especially for beginners. To start with, there are four major WordPress hosting types, namely, VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed to host. However, VPS is the most popular among these four, as its the balance between dedicated and shared hosting. That is, you get the service of dedicated hosting at a cheaper rate when you opt for a VPS plan. Wherein, the appropriate plan for WordPress sites varies, considering some factors, which will be discussed in this article.

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Best VPS Hosting Provider

The search for the best VPS hosting provider is the primary concern of many business owners today. There are hundreds, even thousands of hosting companies you will discover online during your search, whereas the big question is choosing the best out of millions. No doubt the process may be handy and causes mental wear out, but with the right tips, you m

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Best VPS Servers

You have your business planned out, but probably confused about the VPS web hosting page. Many business owners get confused at this stage, especially when choosing the best VPS servers. We understand new users desperation in getting answers to many questions. Hence, this guide provides answers on selecting the best VPS web hosting solution, VPS server and its hosting, and VPS web hosting advantages.

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Best VPS Server Hosting

There is a rising need for the best VPS server hosting. Whereas you probably can't recognize the best nor decide the right option for your business. More so, the search continues until you decide to go for any available VPS server hosting. We understand the importance of how you can find the best VPS server hosting. Hence, here is the right solution. In this guide, you will quickly discover how to find the best dedicated servers, how to select the best VPS hosting solution, and choosing the best VPS hosting for your needs.

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Forex VPS Review

For Forex traders who love stability and flexibility, then VPS is the ideal tool to go for because it gives high-class technical environment that makes trading more technically secured. It gives Forex traders opportunity run unaided trading algorithmic strategies especially EAs 24/7 on a virtual machine. This minimizes that probability of experiencing system downtime that can occur due to some interference like unanticipated power outages, Internet disconnection, physical difficulties, computer downtime and much more.

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Free Forex VPS Server

In order to have a trouble-free environment for running our EAs without spending additional costs on procurement of computer hardware, backup internet, or power supply, all you need to do is setup a Forex VPS server.

A VPS is basically an added computer on which hosted servers are run. All the users need to do to interact with the server is to access their accounts using any mobile device or personal computer. The major advantage you get from this is that you will not have to run the computer you use in running your Forex trades 24/7 neither do you have to depend internet connection or power supply to do your trading stuffs because Forex VPS will keep your trade running all day long.

Setting up a Forex VPS account is very simple. All you need do is log in to your Forex VPS and set up your expert advisor the same way you will do it on your PC. Additionally, you can as well use your VPS to configure any other online MT4 trading platform that you have.

As soon a s the while setup is complete, just disconnect and go about your normal daily business with full confidence that your PC can be turned off without missing any of your Forex trade.


Now what the heck does this have in common with Forex? Let me show you five reasons why you should consider trading using a VPS instead of directly trading on your personal computer.

1. Opportunity to Trade from Anywhere

When using a desktop computer for your trading activities instead of portable computers like laptops, you’ll be restricted to trading only when you are on your desktop computer.

While there are other options these days, perhaps you don’t feel like buying a mobile device or a laptop for your Forex trading activities, or probably your broker doesn’t support trading mobile platforms.Possibly the interface doesn’t appeal to you.Maybe your broker doesn’t offer an online trading platform and requires a download before you can trade.Whichever case it may be, with the help of a VPS, you can get connected to your trading platform anywhere anytime as long as you are online irrespective of your location.

2. Trade even if your power supply is out!

If you running automated trading, your trade doesn’t have to be off even if your power supply is completely on shutdown.If your trading automation works well, you can let it continue to make money for you even if you are not there to minter the trades.

3. Trade at Anytime!

Taking into consideration that you are not limited to trading from a particular location, the use of VPS give you the opportunity to trade from anywhere. Since your trading activities are automated, you can enjoy for comfortability from your trades even if your computer is off even while you’re sleeping.

4. Vigorous Security

Most of the VPS services offered by the best companies come with best security features. Most of these VPS systems are run on managed servers that are frequently checked out to ensure that are functioning well and majority of these VPS companies give assurance of 99.99% uptime. Aside regular security check, you also receive antivirus as well as update on other tools so as to make sure that system is secured from any vulnerabilities.

5. Reduction in your Slippage

This is one of the way by which a VPS server can benefit you as a Forex trader even if you manually place all your entries without any automation. A VPS has the ability to rapidly execute all your trades more than your personal computer because it is much faster transmitting trading orders from a VPS that from s PC.What you actually get is less of delay as well as less slippage.As everyone knows, lot of money can lost to slippage and sometimes it can cost a fortune. So this is a great opportunity to reduce your trade losses and volatility.

You need to understand that VPS service can be a luxury, though the only thing you need is probably the basic minimum disk space, so when choosing the right VPS service that fits your need, checkout for something that offers superior RAM and ample transfer allowance.Check out numerous VPS reviews available online to find the best hosts that fit your need and when you find one, put a call up through to the customer service to make inquiries about how many system resources you essentially need before you buy a plan.

You don’t have any reason to break the bank to make this happen since this will turn out to be a monthly expenditure for your Forex trades if you go for it.

Is VPS meant for everybody?Well, not automatically, while some people will get a great deal of benefit from its use others will only get a limited advantage from it in form of reduced slippage.If you are one of automated trading enthusiasts or that you are probably stucked with restricted resources for placing trades with no use of mobile device for trading or probably using download-only software, VPS will probably makes more sense to you.


A VPS can be a decent choice for a Forex trader like you who might want to keep his mechanical framework running and prepared to take exchange signals while the business sectors are open, without keeping his eyes stucked to your computer screen consistently all the time, without leaving your PC or portable computers the whole time.

Another practical grounds to use a VPS is the capacity to get it accessed remotely, which is highly beneficial for Forex traders who move around often or would love checking their trading account and the system from anyplace and through virtually any device. Not all Forex brokers offer Forex trading across all platforms be it mobile or web-based but having a VPS can permit you to manage your account in the same way you would on your standard trading desk.

Most VPS suppliers additionally offer a devoted power supply, which implies that you can have the option to depend on your machine to keep your Forex framework up and running in any event, when power goes out in your vicinity. No compelling reason to freeze when your internet connection chooses to take a break or if a complete blackout occurs!

VPS frameworks commonly accompany great security features, as the organizations that deal with these systems frequently have measures set up to check if the servers are smoothly working and even give reinforcement to ensure dependable uptime. For some Forex traders, trading using VPS sometimes results in faster execution and fewer postponements, which implies less slippage.

With VPS, the Forex VPS sidelines the majority of the issue recorded by trader having to be online, the Forex VPS configured to relay data and trade commands to the Broker’s MT4 server.

A typical VPS is utilized for more modest outstanding tasks that requires steady execution. Businesses may explore the use of a VPS for:

  • Hosting between 1 to 10 websites
  • Storing company and client documents in anaccessible wayfrom anywhere across the world
  • Web servers’ hosting
  • Databases
  • Email Hosting

Generally, you can utilize VPS for anything you'd utilize a dedicated server for; in any case, remember you will get less by and large stockpiling and data transfer capacity. In the event that you needn't bother with a whole dedicated server, VPS is a more moderate decision since you'll just pay for what you need.


Before we proceed to how you can configure your Forex VPS, let quickly look at some of the things you will need;

  • A central Forex trading engine which can either be desktop or laptop computer.
  • An isolated device; this can be a laptop computer, a tablet, or a Smartphone
  • An dynamic DNS account
  • Accessibilityto the routeron your home or work network

Haven highlighted the machinery you’ll need, let proceed to the setup!

First Step: Register for a dynamic DNS account

You Say what?!

Before you freak out with this tech term, let me explain what this means; in a simple term, dynamic DNS give you the opportunity of creating and using an IP address that is very easy to remember in accessing yourpersonal computer instead of cramming a very complicated one.

Think of it as coming up with a custom-made 1-800-GIMMEPIPS phone number against a set of numbers.

NO-IP provides a dynamic DNS service at no cost that can permit you to gain access to your workstation from any internet-connected gadget.

Just follow the steps to configure and get your account activated, and with the help of this DNS service, you should be able to automatically connect your hostname to your existing IP address.

Second Step: Set Up your Router

To be able to remotely access your workstation, you need to carry out configuration of your router. Don’t panic over this even if you are not tech savvy! You can always seek for help whenever the procedure is d=getting too complicated or better still takes a queue from these guidelines below;

For newbie, you can start by identifying your default home or work network gateway IP address which should allow you to have access to the settings of your router.

The port-forwarding paraphernalia listed below are typically found under the Security segment:

External port is 8080 while the Internal port is 8080

Protocol: Choose “both” to permit access from either TCP or UDP devices

Device IP: enter the internal IP address of your remote device

Third Step: Enable the Connection of your Remote Desktop

For those using Windows as their major Forex trading terminal, you need to enable the connectivity of your remote desktop which simply gives you the authority to gain access using a different device.

In order to get this done, all you need is open the Control Panel of your workstation and click System and Services/Maintenance after which you are required to click system, then Remote Settings. Then under the Remote Desktop panel, select, ‘Allow Users to connect remotely to this computer.’

Fourth Step: Install all the essential programs on your remote device

No matter the Dynamic DNS service you’re using, it normally comes with a software or application that you need to install on your central PCs well as your remote device from where you can gain access to te workstation you use for Forex trading activities. All yo need to do at this point is to enter your username and password from the main computer when asked to do so and Tada, you’re in!

On the other hand, you can look into programs like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, or LogMeIn though these remote access services attracts certain once a trial period is used up or when if you’re trying to add additional features.

Bottom Line

For today’s retail Forex traders, Forex VPS is a necessity as this is the closest they can get in mimicking the consolidating configuration of the systematic traders. Whenever you’re choosing a Forex VPS server for all your Forex trading needs, Make sure that the one you are choosing is closely located to your broker’s server. You can always contact your Forex VPS provider to know the location of the data centre that is hosting your Forex VPS.

To sum it all, VPS works perfectly only for those who opt for automated and remote trading because it is pocket friendly and sometimes it’s free! All you need to do is ensure that appropriate considerations guide your choice of VPS platforms.

Free Forex VPS Server

Remote Desktop Linux VPS

Have you ever just wished that you could access your server from another server?

Or is it the case that at some points when you needed to work on a project, you didn't have your system with you and you just wished that there was a technology that could transfer all your files from your computer to another one with proximity to you.

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Forex VPS Malaysia


Forex Virtual Private Server allows Forex traders to run Meta Trader Expert Advisors 24/7 nonstop and without interruption on the virtual server provided by hosting companies.Another fantastic thing about this technology is that it gets you connected to the internet, which means that you will not be affected even when there is a power outage.Your EAs can be run inMetaTrader with peace of mind without having to worry about any interruptions.

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Best Forex VPS Hosting


Forex trading has proven to be one of the most money-spinning ways of making money on the internet if not the best though it is very challenging. According to experts and beginners, they all seek to try out this highly volatile market regularly. If you want to make enough money in Forex trading, trading using VPS avail you hidden benefits which you may be ignorant of.

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Cheap Forex VPS

Cheap Forex Virtual Private Servers

As a forex trader, you have most likely heard about forex VPSs and how great they are for trading. If you are still confused about what these VPSs are and how they help your forex trade activities, don't worry. We will break it down in easy to understand language that even the newest of individuals to forex will find easy to understand.

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Cheap VPS Host

One of the several benefits that technology has bestowed on humanity is the ability to use off-premise infrastructure instead of going through the hassle of on-premise server maintenance. While on-premise might seem flexible to users, it is tedious to use and maintain, not forgetting that you might end up provisioning more resources than you need. Now, this is where off-premise infrastructure has come to bail you out.

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Cheap Forex VPS Review

Forex VPS has taken over from the old system of forex trading. These forex trading virtual private server host platforms provide you with a wide range of features that boost your functionality and improve your trading experience. Selecting a forex VPS provider for your trade can be tasking; however, it is important to select one within your set budget. Be sure that your chosen VPS can meet your basic trading needs.

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