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Getting a web hosting service is one thing; getting a web hosting service that actually meets all your needs s another. Before choosing a web hosting service, it is important to know the important features of a good web hosting service.

Features Of a Good Web Hosting Service Provider

There are some custom features you can use to spot a good web hosting service provider. Choosing a good web hosting service provider is an important decision to have a successful internet experience both for you and other internet users.

Here is a list of top 5 features to look out for in a good web hosting service provider

Storage space

The storage feature is the main reason for getting a web hosting service. This will be responsible for storing all your site data and information. When choosing a web hosting service provider, choose one with an efficient amount of storage for all graphic files, user data, media contents, and the likes. A web hosting service with multiple storage space plans, so when an upgrade is needed, you upgrade to a new plan.


Consider a web hosting service provider with an affordable bandwidth plan. Bandwidth is responsible for the speed of your site, but it can also be quite expensive. Choose a web hosting service that has multiple bandwidths and data transfer plans. These options will give you a chance to choose a plan with more than your usage, so any additional traffic and content will not lead to the page being shut down.

Control features

This feature stands as one of the most crucial features to look out for in a web hosting service. As a website or web page owner, you will be required to manage and control your site or page constantly. Selecting a user-friendly control that is easy to navigate and operate will save you multiple trips to the help center. A good web hosting service provider should allow you to manage FTP accounts, add-on domains, statistics, security and privacy, web pages, and basically, every aspect of your website or web-page.


A good web hosting service provider should have your website or web-page available to users at any time of the day. Availability is essential to the success of a web -page or website. Getting it right is very important, so you should get a web hosting service that offers 24/7 availability or at least something close to it.

Domain name

A domain name is like a website or a web page’s identity. A good web hosting service provider should get you a unique and functional worldwide web domain name. Web hosting service providers have terms and conditions that guide the use of the domain name. Please go through it and ensure that it aligns with your needs before purchasing the domain name.

IP address

Your IP address is the unique address of a website or web page. Some web hosting services offer dedicated IP addresses unique to just you or a shared IP address. A dedicated IP address stands a better chance at SEO ranking. However, it boils down to what the site will be used for, and if ranking will make a difference to its operations. Dedicated IP addresses are also quite expensive compared to shared. Check which the web hosting serviced offers before purchasing its plans.

Email hosting

The importance of this depends on if the website or page is commercial or personal. A good web hosting service should offer customized mail services and features, including auto-response, storage, and email filters. Depending on the purpose of your website/ web page, get a web hosting service that offers just all you need.

Privacy and security

With cyber-crimes dominating parts of the net, your security and privacy features are the most important feature, especially if user information will be saved onsite.

Other important features include support and building tools. With so many features and services, each varying with the hosting services, it is important to know the different web hosting services.

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services

When it comes to web hosting, a lot of confusion surrounds it. This is because there are so many options with similar features making it hard to decide which is the best. Here is a rundown on the different types of web hosting service, the advantage, disadvantage, and what each is best used for to aid the decision process


Like shared IP, a website shares server resources like RAM and CPU with multiple other websites. It is a simple hosting provider that does not require many technicalities to understand


The cost of shared hosting plans is cheaper and affordable compared to every other service.


Shared hosting also means shared problems. A malfunction or usage surge will affect the user experience.

What is it best for?

Shared service is best for small businesses, blogs, and communities that don’t require complex operations. It comes with helpful plans like website guides to make it simplistic as well as efficient.


Popularly known as VPS, it is one of the most used hosting services. It is the neutral zone between a DHS and a shared server, making it one of the most efficient with a little it from both sides. Here, a physical version of a server is shared between your site and other websites, but each website still has its private space within the server.


VPS gives more even without a DHS making it affordable and even more efficient with increased space, flexibility, and features


They are affected by heavy traffic as well as usage surge.

What is best for?

VPS is perfect for business owners. Since it literally performs the function of a DHS without the confusing technicalities and affordability and advanced controls and customization, it is best for business and commercial activities.


Dedicated server hosting is a private hosting system with your own personal storage space and physical server. Dhs comes with a high level of control with full admin access and operations.


It is not affected by heavy traffic and usage surges, unlike ssh and VPS. It also comes with maximum access and control.


Dhs is very expensive since it is an exclusive hosting just for you. It also requires a high level of technical knowledge to run properly.

What is best for?

Dhs is best for business owners whose activities are much more complex and require maximum control and admin monitoring. It is also best with sites having heavy traffic and usage.

Cloud hosting

Still making waves in modern-day technology, cloud hosting is a network system involving multiple computers to host websites and pages. This hosting service allows for maximum resources needed to set up and manage a site while you pay only for what you use.


Minimal chances of a server malfunction, pay as you use a feature, and scaleable.


Since it is still a growing technology, setting it up with web hosting service providers can be quite expensive.

What its best for?

Growing and expanding businesses. Since you pay as you use, it keeps expenses at a minimum while still leaving space for growth and upgrades.

Managed hosting

Although not so popular y the name, manage hosting is common among many hosting packages on the internet. These packages are put together by web hosting companies offering the most technical services with the DHS, such as configuration, technical support, updating, and setup (hardware and software). With this hosting plan, most of the technical operations concerning the web page or website is handled by the web hosting service provider. It all burns down to selecting the perfect plan for you.


Managed hosting comes with various options to choose from, making it easier to match it with your needs. You can also pay attention to your site's other operations while managed hosting takes care of all the technicalities. No technical knowledge is required to fr your end.


Finding a plan that matches all your needs in one place might be a bit hard. Finding one with all your needed packages might end up being very expensive.

What its best for?

Best for websites with lots of complex functionality, especially with an owner having very little to no knowledge of the technicalities of web hosting


This web hosting service is less known compared to the rest. This hosting method involves renting a space for your site with a co-location center. The co-location center will provide all services required, including IP address, bandwidth, and cooling systems. It is more affordable, especially considering that it comes with a higher bandwidth level, which means faster site speed.


It comes with a larger bandwidth `with full control over hardware and software.


Most of the technicalities will be handled by you, including hardware and software setup. Very expensive

What its best for?

Websites or web pages with heavy traffic and usage spikes.

Why Vps Is The Best Web Hosting Solution

Its functionality drawn from two different web hosting services is one of the most popular and most used web hosting services. Considering many options with web hosting, what makes VPS the best solution to web hosting?

It is highly reliable.

A dedicated server's need is the risk of having some website neighbor somewhere crash the entire server or the need for increased control. VPS crosses that with its increased stability compared to shared hosting. It is more reliable with fewer chances of a crash.

Dedicated benefits

One of the main selling points of a dedicated server is the increased control and customization and a private server. VPS comes with a RAM and CPU amount that allows you to handle heavy traffic and user spikes way more than shared web hosting along with several apps on your site. All of this is done without a private server's expense, making it much more affordable than a dedicated server but with almost the same benefits.

Increased efficiency

As technology advances, the need for an efficient technology system on a green platform is essential. VPS performs the function of reducing carbon footprints while still giving you maximum offers, features, services, and functionality. In a virtual private server, resources are shared between users leading to optimum usage compared to DHS.

Improved speed and functionality

With resources being used as it should, it allows for higher levels of performance. This increase would mean better site performance in terms of speed, conversions, add engagements. Processes and operations are also bound to run faster.

Increased scaling opportunities

VPS covers most of the insecurities that come with the growth of a new website. You can scale your resources and choose a package that best suits your operations at the set time.

Little technical knowledge is required.

Even with the increased functionality, customization, and processing, VPS requires little technical knowledge to run your website. Maintaining your server is handled by your VPS service provider. This includes updates of software and hardware.


VPS allows you to save a lot of money while still growing your website, and it is expected to get even cheaper in the nearest future.

Key Benefits Of Window Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, windows web hosting services top the list for obvious reasons. Here is a rundown on the key benefits of windows web hosting services

Does not require advanced technical knowledge on web hosting

Highly reliable

Very stable compared to other web hosting services

Integration of a wide range of Microsoft products to your site is effortless with windows web hosting.

Guarantees maximum security and privacy

Updates are done very easily and timely.

Easy to manage and operate by website owners

It supports ASP, .NET, VISUAL ASIC, C# languages.


Web hosting is vital to the success and the functionality of a website. Get the best out of windows VPS web hosting and get a 7-days free trial

Windows VPS Under $5

An Overview of VPS Hosting:

Do you find the term "VPS Hosting" familiar? Or does it just comes off as another Tech term, a Jargon that seems too techy to fathom?

If you are one of the majority of people, who avoid tech terms on the ground of being too technical and difficult to understand, you should get in here.

Although you came to check out options of cheap VPS hosting below $5, you must know what VPS hosting is, briefly learn about other hosting options, features that stand the VPS hosting out from the other available options, and websites that should be hosted on the VPS server. Yes, not all websites should go on a VPS server.

All of this information will help you make the best decisions. You must have heard that there is when it comes to hosting plans there is hardly a one-size-fits-all option, not all hosting plans work for all websites.

Learn all of these so you don't spend on cheap VPS hosting that is not right for your website.

This term alongside other hosting options mentioned in this piece will be explicitly explained in simple terms and with the use of analogies.

So away from all the protocol, the big question now is what is VPS hosting?

VPS is known as a Virtual private server. Just like the name insinuates it is a private server, but a simulated one; a virtual private server. The VPS operates in such a way where several websites are hosted on one singular physical server and each still runs independently of other hosted websites.

Below you'll need to engage your imaginative prowess in understanding this term in light of other hosting options.

Have you heard of the new and popular housing arrangement- Coliving apartments?

Since we'll be using this housing arrangement as an analogy in explaining the VPS hosting, let's briefly get into the intricacies of the arrangement so we are on the same page.

The co-living housing option adopts an operational structure that allows for more than one person to legally rent one apartment. If two people rent this shared apartment, they both own separate bedrooms but share public areas of the house like the living room, kitchen, bath, laundry, and other shared parts of the home. With the arrangement, both occupants share the cost of rent, utility bills, house chores, purchase and repair of home fittings and equipment, and other common expenses.

There are other arrangements like the Co-housing arrangement where people agree to buy apartments within a shared location and share the cost of security, cleaning, water, and other housing facilities. Decisions about these facilities are taken in unison. Some arrangements even go as far as painting every house in the same pattern and color. These arrangements build communities.

So enough of explaining co-living and Co-housing arrangements, let's get into VPS hosting and other hosting plans. Using power facility as the differing factor.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting can be likened to the Co-housing arrangements. In this arrangement, even though all the houses are built on the same land and gave uniformed paintings, a shared security facility, a common water source, and a refuse disposal plan, each house maintains an individual power costing. What this means is that individual houses pay for the amount of power that they consume. It is unlike refuse disposal or security where the cost is shared equally across houses. Depending on the volume of power-consuming gadgets that you have and how much of these gadgets you use. Asides from power, owners of these apartments have the liberty to style their homes with colors and themes that they wish. They can host parties in their home and do everything they want to do within the home without disturbing other houses.

It is just the way VPS hosting works. You have a shared physical server for several hosted websites. But while it is shared, users are at liberty to customize their personal server space to their taste. There is a high-level of privacy even though it is shared.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is similar to the co-living arrangement where two or more people share one apartment. Here you'll agree that there is limited privacy. Like earlier explained, with the co-living arrangement, all occupants of the house share the cost of using power. Even if all you use is a standing fan and your housemate uses a bedside fridge, an air conditioner, a personal television set, a hair straightener, and other electronics, you both still get to share electricity costs equally. Asides from that, in the event that you want to have a friend over for a few days, you need your housemate's to be aware and probably get her permission, and if you need to host a party, there is absolutely no way your housemate won't get disturbed. She can't do anything mentally productive during the period of the event, she'll have several strangers in her space, the loud music infiltrating her door.

You wish that was all. But sadly, you can't solely decide on the interior decor or theme for Halloween or Christmas. Your opinions are subject to her belief and opinions.

Yea, it's the same for shared hosting. On a shared hosting platform, all websites are confirmed to the OS and used in building the server. The is no privacy. The traffic traction of one website on the platform can affect the speed of other websites hosted on the server. There is no room for customization and personalization of websites and amongst many others, security is not guaranteed.

Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated server hosting is likened to the popular housing arrangement where individuals home their homes and do not have to directly share costs with other homeowners. They have full autonomy over their building. They can decide to get security officials or not, clear their lawn or not, paint their house or not, host a party or not, consume all the electricity they want to. It is full autonomy! Nothing is shared!

Website owners make decisions about the website from the point where the website is being built, the point of deployment, and to constant management of the website.

The downside to the Dedicated server hosting is the cost factor. As expected right? It is more expensive than other server hosting platform

Now, it's easier to tell the difference apart. It's safe to say that the VPS hosting is a hybrid of both the Dedicated and Shared hosting platforms. Cost being the downside of the Dedicated hosting is subsidized in the VPS hosting where several people share the cost of the server, meanwhile, security, privacy, storage space, and speed which are downsides to the Shared hosting are all catered for on the VPS hosting.

Making The Most Out of Cheap VPS Hosting.

While it is a popular saying that 'good isn't cheap and cheap isn't good', there are few cases of exception to this rule. Yes! cheap can be good, and this piece seeks to illustrate this with some cheap VPS hosting that costs below $5.

  • Cheapseovps

Cheapseovps is another brand that offers very affordable VPS plans. It has a set of out five different plans with offerings that are valued above the cost. The least of the plans offered at Cheapseovps is the Starter Plan. It is priced at $5 per month. The hosting plan works well for websites with light applications.

It comes with one CPU at 2.2GHz+ and a 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD hard drive, and 100 Mbit speed. You'll enjoy instant delivery with the Starter Plan. The only downside to this plan is its restriction in location. It is only available in France.

  • Contabo
  • VPSserver

Contabo is a popular tech brand that is known for the affordability of its prices. The brand has several hosting products on the market. It also offers Dedicated hosting. Amongst its several VPS hosting plans, the basic plan is priced at £4.9 per month.

The virtual private server hosting offers 100% SSD disk space. With its deployment of the latest Intel® Xeon® and AMD Epyc™ processors with 10 x 2.2 GHz and superfast Intel® Optane™ SSDs, high-performance quality is guaranteed.

Contabo is a good competition for dedicated servers. Its data centers are sited in Munich and Nuremberg. The VPS plan offers up to 200 GB SSD disk space and 8 GB RAM, 200 Mbits port, unlimited traffic, 4 cores (INTEL® OR AMD), and 1 snapshot.

VPSserver is a popular brand. It is known for its high quality and thorough services. It offers services in three package categories. There's the standard package, the CPU optimized package, and the Memory optimized package. Each of these packages has several plans that vary in price and features.

The Standard package contains plans that are perfect for the average VPS. The upside to these plans is power and balance.

One of the plans within the Standard Package is priced at $ 4.99. It offers 1 GB of memory and 1 CORE. With the plan, websites on VPS can be deployed and Managed within 55 seconds on the VPSserver cloud infrastructure platform.

Data centers are located in over 15 server hosting locations worldwide. Hosting locations include the UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Netherlands, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seattle.

It offers a 3-WAY NVME SSD storage in such a way that files are saved simultaneously on the cloud VPS hosting platform for websites of any size. With this technology, the VPS server performs better than a Dedicated Server.

The plan also comes with NVME SSD which is 5 times faster than the regular SSD storage.

The platform offers over 50 OS templates, a responsive control panel, several support resources, and API.

Get 25 GB disk and 1 TB transfer, simple setup, and 24/7/365 live chat support service all for $4.99

Simple Reasons Why People Choose VPS Hosting

By now you should know that asides from the VPS hosting, there are some other hosting options. So this segment of the article will expatiate on the several reasons people choose VPS hosting over others.

1. Needs of the Website

The first here is the features of the website and what it needs to function. For instance, an E-commerce website cannot be hosted on a shared hosting platform even though the shared hosting platform is the best for start-ups considering the cost of hosting. The features of the website require high-level customization, storage space, security, and a host of other services that a shared hosting platform cannot offer.

2. Ease of use

Building and deployment of the website take a little over 5 minutes although it varies across different VPS hosting platforms. For the VPSserver; a popular VPS hosting service, in less than a minute, the website is ready for deployment. This is one of the reasons people choose VPS hosting.

3. Customizability

There is no end to the customizability feature of websites hosted on the platform.

4. Speed

Since the activities of a website do not affect those of other websites on the server, the traffic of other websites doesn't interfere with the speed of others. VPS servers like the VPSserver brand that offer NVMD SSD go at a speed that beats those of dedicated websites.

5. Security

Websites that need high-level security for sensitive information about customer credit cards or even personal details will choose the VPS server hosting.

6. Cost

VPS hosting gives you almost everything you can get on the Dedicated server hosting without having to pay as much.


It's a fast-paced world; a highly competitive one at that. The growth of businesses now is not dependent on pricing or quality of products but accessibility, uptime, and availability. Boss up and stay on top of trends, with this list of quality Windows VPS under $5.

Best Low-cost Windows VPS


In every aspect of the trade, bargaining is an effective tool for a good deal. Bargain can only get better when several entities offer the same commodity. That way, you have a host of options to choose from. Also, virtually every bargain borders on two major things; Price and quality. This is the value proposition for almost every service provider. Even in the tech world, it is not any different. This explains why several web hosting options run at different prices and quality. First, one must understand the fundamental value that each web hosting service is expected to offer. This helps you to know the basic services to expect from any hosting provider. These basics determine which of such services will be required as cheap compared to other services, or expensive based on additional quality.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting is a web hosting that gives a user private, exclusive, and discretionary use and control of the server. In other words, its effect personalizes the server for the users, such that each user has a space customized solely for them. The way this hosting runs, is that a general server is compartmentalized virtually. This virtual division then creates individual spaces for users within the same server. This virtually private space is also independent of the operating system and configuration settings of the hosting provider. This gives a user the liberty to set up his virtual server using the configuration settings and operating system that best suits his website. With this virtualization technology, several operating systems and configuration settings can run on one physical server.

This peculiar design of the Windows VPS hosting makes it an option that suits a wide range of users. Its features seem to strike an equilibrium that brings every other firm of hosting to play. The VPS is so versatile that only two sets of users may not fit on this hosting service; extremely big websites, and extremely small websites. Because Web hosting has to do with storage, it is easy to conclude that the size of a website depends on the size of storage it requires. While this is true, the traffic that a website attracts also goes a long way in determining what size it will be classified under.

Beyond independence, privacy, or exclusivity, Windows VPS hosting is also versatile in pricing and Services. It is important to know the basic features of a Windows VPS. This will help to identify what seems to be a good deal, whether cheap or not. Here are a few things you should look into before picking a cheap Windows VPS hosting.

Things to look out for before picking a cheap Windows VPS hosting


This is an important aspect to look out for while checking for Cheap VPS hosting. It is one factor that determines the consistency and sustenance of your growth. It can make or mar the traffic that your site attracts if not managed carefully. As usual, the date of the uptime is in the hands of the web host providers, which leaves you as a user at their mercy. This leaves you with only one option, which is to opt for the best uptime deal you can find. It might seem like an easy uptime deal is not so difficult to find because most Windows VPS hosting offer a high percentage of uptime, sometimes up to 99%!

Uptime is a term used to refer to the amount of time that a server spends in activity. The antonym for this is downtime, which shows how much time your website will be unavailable. Since the server holds your webpages, this means that the amount of time the server spends running is the same amount of time your website spends on the World Wide Web. For example, if a web host gives a 90% uptime per annum for his servers that means that his servers will be unavailable 10% of the time in a year. 10% of 365 days is 36.5 days. This means that your website would be down for 36.5 days in a year.

Here's a scenario that needs a sincere answer.You tried to access a DIY page, and it kept loading for five minutes, after which your search engine reports the server to be down. As a patient fellow that you definitely are, you tried again and the search engine reported the server down again. Would you just keep trying or move to another website that has the same DIY tips? Say no more, Web Hosting Australia has the answer. Its research shows that at least 50% of online visitors would give up on a website that does not load within three seconds.

Now, what if that website was yours, and people gave up on it within five minutes? If according to Web Australia you lost half a customer every three seconds of unavailability, then you'd be losing about half a million online visitors in 1 year! What's worse is that 80% of those who left your site will never come back, while 88% of all who experienced your bad speed will tell their friends about your site. Google seems to share the same opinion. Before Google lets a website show on search results, it considers the load speed too.

Yes, that's how hazardous downtime can be to your business, which is why you have to take it seriously. You also have to consider the fact that scheduled server outages are not covered in the uptime guarantees. What this means is that after your web host offers to host your website with 10% downtime, he can still reach out to notify you that the server would be down for 4 days due to maintenance, repairs, or upgrade.

You must also remember that visitors make traffic, and the traffic makes the money. Thus, for every online visitor you lose, you lose money too. Yes, your uptime is that important while looking out for a cheap Windows VPS hosting option.


On days when your site is not down then it is up, right? But the question is this. Is it "running"? Using Web Hosting Australia's statistics, you'll not only lose customers when your server is down but also when it's slow. If your server is not able to produce your page in 3 seconds, then you just might have lost half of all who tried to access your website. It is understandable when your site is down, but bad speed puts you in just about the same danger as downtime. This is why you have to take your deal in speed seriously too. Always remember, bad speed equals downtime. There are a host of things that determine how good your speed will be. Here are a few factors.

  • Size of your files:before going for cheap VPS hosting, you must consider how large your files are, or the formats they take. These things affect the load time of your website. This is because the larger your files are, the more time they'll take to load. Also, the larger your files, the more RAM space you will require. Therefore you have to consider the size of your files before going for a small RAM that seems cheap. You can however optimize this by using formats that are not so large for your pictures, videos, and codes.
  • Traffic and Bandwidth: when looking out for cheap Windows VPS hosting, you must also consider the traffic that your site attracts before going for a cheap bandwidth. While traffic describes how much activity is carried out on your website by visitors, Bandwidth has to do with how much data is transferred over a period of time. The link between these two is that the more visitors there are on your site, the more information you'll have to transfer from your server to make your webpages available to customers. If your bandwidth is not as wide as your traffic, then your load time becomes slow, since your bandwidth cannot transfer as much data as your visitors request.
  • CPU: a server's hardware also goes a long way in determining what your speed is like. A part of this hardware is the Central Processing Unit. As elementary school teaches it, the CPU is the brain of your server. It executes requests and interprets data. You will not necessarily need an intensive CPU if your page doesn't need to carry out so many instructions at once.For example, if your site has a limited number of activities that hardly ever change, such as the basic webpage of a company, then all pages are limited to few instructions like the contact page, about us, and the likes. However, if it is an E-library, then there are a thousand and one books, with different requests like downloading, borrowing, saving online, or uploading for each book by several visitors. This will require a CPU that can carry out multiple instructions within one second.
  • RAM: Random Access Memory is such that works directly with the CPU. It holds the files directly so the CPU does not have to go all the way to the hard disk to process files. The more files the RAM can take, the more files the CPU can access and process at a time. You, therefore, have to consider how much files your site traffic requires and
  • Storage and Input/Output speed:while a server bandwidth determines how much data is transferred, the input/output performance determines how fast such data is transferred from your file storage to its destination. While seeking cheap Windows VPS options, it is advisable to go for a server that uses Solid State Disk (SSD) over a hardware Disk (HHD).


Another thing that affects your speed is how close the server is to your online visitors. The closer your server is to them, the less time their request takes to travel from their search engines to your database and back.

Pros and Cons of Low-cost Windows VPS hosting.

As earlier stated, the value proposition of every web hosting option is price and quality. It is therefore considered that cheap Windows VPS hosting might not be of as much quality as a fully priced Windows VPS Hosting. Typically, the selling point of a cheap Windows VPS is that it gives you VPS quality for a shared hosting price. This makes VPS affordable and available to a wider range of people. However, cheap Windows VPS hosting might not come with the best quality possible.While the uptime, CPU, and I/O may be general for every user of a server, their pricing plan determines how much RAM and bandwidth, and storage they get. Also, cheap Windows VPS hosting might not offer managed VPS. This is not a problem for users who have the technical expertise to manage and maintain their software settings and security. However, users who don't know the next thing about managing VPS might not get the best of their configuration settings and operating systems. They can hardly protect their servers from viruses, malware, or DDOS attacks if such happens.

In all, you should look out for the best deals you can find for Cheap VPS Hosting. Products like VPSserver offer NVMe SSD storage, which is far better than SSD in terms of I/O speed and performance. The product offers up to a 99.99% uptime guarantee and guaranteed refund in case of faults. The product also offers a managed VPS with technical support round the clock, including maintenance, management, optimization, and protection from DDOS, viruses, and malware. It also comes with an Integrated Root Access that helps you retain control over your VPS.The mind-blowing part is that you can get all of this for as low as $4.99 per month. You can also expand your plan as time goes on, or as your need increases.

Finally, Cheap Windows VPS differs according to the need of each user. You must therefore look out for the qualities that suit your needs before looking out for their prices. If a service does not meet your needs, then you will waste your money paying for it, whether cheap or not. In the end, quality should always be the determining factor for every good deal.

Windows VPS Hosting The Upside


It's the jet age where there's always a new phenomenon right before the other gets old. Just when the world was trying to grasp the idea of Microsoft Office, the internet dropped web browsers right on its heels. Today, the world of technology has become so wide that there's only so much you can know at a time. This probably explains why terms like web hosting, shared hosting, Windows VPS hosting and the likes sound like gibberish to you.

Web hosting is a form of internet hosting that makes websites available and accessible through the world wide web. Now imagine that the world wide web was a supermarket where everyone came to access different websites. While the websites are the goods, web hosting will be the shelves within the supermarket where each of these websites are displayed or stored. If your website,which can be likened to a commodity has no web hosting service, (which is like a shelf within the supermarket), then people will not be able to access your website through the world wide web "supermarket."

As simple as that looks, there's more. There are several web hosting options, which suits different websites in different ways. For example, a shelf that contains cosmetics may not necessarily be able to take baby diapers and accessories. In the same way, Windows VPS hosting, Shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and dedicated hosting are like shelves that are designed to fit different kinds of websites. Here's a thing or two on each web hosting option.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a suitable option for websites that have low traffic. It is mostly recommended for small websites and blogs. It's an arrangement where several users share the same physical server. There are no restrictions or privacy provisions for any user in particular. The users do not also have the liberty to set their configuration and operating system to their preferences. This is because the hosting provider sets server configuration and operating system in the same way for every user on the server.

Using the supermarket analogy, imagine that products which are not necessarily in high demand are kept on the same shelf without necessary demarcations or divisions, and everyone who needed each of these materials had to put their hands in the same shelf to get them. This wouldn't be such a problem if only a few people came for each item daily. The issue then occurs when a hundred people are trying to reach in for one particular product all at once. Everyone would then have to wait or probably queue for every other person to dip their hands in one at a time.

Thus, if one site on a shared hosting server gets unusual traffic, other sites are affected such that it takes more time for their pages to load. It is, however, the most cost-effective option for small sites and blogs.

Cloud Hosting

This is an alternative to shared hosting. It operates in such a way that your website can be accessed through different servers in the cloud. It is like putting your products on different shelves such that if one shelf is crowded, customers are automatically redirected to another shelf which also holds your product, yet is not so crowded. If you opt for shared hosting on the cloud arrangement, your hosting still maintains the same configuration and operating system with other users. You can as well opt for the Windows Virtual Private Server hosting using the cloud hosting arrangement. For example, VPSserver offers users 3-way simultaneous storage on the cloud VPS hosting platform for websites of any size. This takes out more risk factors compared to the RAID system, which only stores on one shared hosting server.

Considering the intricacies of this hosting option, one would think that it would require some effort or time to set it up. However,you could get it all set up in no time. Products like the VPSserver creates your VPS on cloud server hosting in less than a minute; be it managed or scalable VPS.

WordPress Hosting

As the name implies, this hosting option is specially designed for WordPress sites. Its features are tailored to offer solutions to WordPress sites such that users who don't operate a WordPress site can hardly get some work done around it.

On the other hand, WordPress sites can use Windows VPS hosting, except that they will not be able to access ready-made features for WordPress as provided on WordPress hosting. However, a WordPress web owner can choose configuration settings that cover the needs of a WordPress website.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting option is perhaps the largest of them all. It is an option particularly designed for websites that have high traffic. It involves renting an entire physical server to work for your website alone. A dedicated hosting server helps your website load with lightning speed. Unlike other options where you have to share the server with other users, dedicated hosting puts you in total control of your server. You determine what configuration works best, or which operating system suits your website.

It is, however, important to know that everything about this option is massive, including its costs. As awesome as the features are, there are only so many companies who can afford to pay the rental fees for a whole physical server.

Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

The Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is an option that has a touch of all other Web hosting services. Windows VPS hosting is a server arrangement that gives you dedicated and private resources on a physical server that serves multiple users. Just like the shared hosting, multiple users share one physical server, which makes it cost-effective for budding businesses. It, however, uses the virtualization technology to dribble the challenges that face users of shared hosting.

It can be compared to sharing a shelf with other sellers within a supermarket. However, your space within the shelf is demarcated and peculiar to you and your goods, giving you some privacy and independence while setting it up.

With a VPS option, your hosting provider places a virtual layer on the operating system of the server, such that the virtual layer shuts out the operating system and configuration settings provided for the physical server. The virtual layer creates a blank space within the server, giving you the opportunity to apply your preferred configuration settings and operating system. This virtual layer also immunes you from possible issues that can emanate from the activities of other users on the physical server. With the Windows Virtual Private Server hosting, you get your space to yourself, and you determine how exactly it works. Suffice to say that VPS puts the dedicated server effect on a shared hosting option.

Here's another side to the story. Now that you have a virtual practice on the hosting server, you can configure your virtual server to cater for WordPress sites. What this means is that VPS is a capable alternative for shared hosting, dedicated server hosting and WordPress hosting all at once. To crown it all, you can opt for a Virtual Private Server hosting on a series of physical servers. That gives the cloud hosting option. Needless to say, the Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is a one-fix-all.

Apart from having a touch of every other Web hosting options,VPS has several benefits for budding websites given its quality and flexibility.


Seeing that a VPS is user-customized, it comes with high speed compared to shared hosting and has a better performance and Security, since it is exclusive. Some host providers even take it a step further with native NVMe SSD. This offers a premium version of speed compared to the normal SSD hosting. Products like VPSserver even employ the 3-way storage replication, which stores the resources of each website on three different servers.They also use the Intel E5 processor which optimizes the speed for every website on the server.


VPS also supports a variety of operating systems. This gives you the liberty to choose various operating systems as they suit your websites. You can also change your operating system after deploying your GPS. There are also various templates within each operating system. In case you don't have to change your operating system, VPS enables you to change templates within the same operating system. For example, VPSserver has several operating systems among which are Windows, Centos, Clearos, CloudLinux, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Mageia, Openfiler, Scientific Linux, Open Suse, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Servers 2019, and Open Suse.

Each operating systems have several templates embedded within, which can be deployed in no time. These templates have been configured beforehand by the host providers, which makes them easier to deploy.

  • VPS also enables you to change your firewall settings within seconds. You can manage them yourself since they are particularly easy to manage on a VPS.
  • Maybe the VPS is a server you can really call your own, but there's only so much freedom you can exercise with a written contract. Products like VPSserver protect your independence by offering hosting services without a written contract. This gives you the liberty to switch up the initial terms of the agreement. You can choose to scale your VPS bandwidth or switch to a managed VPS. You can even decide to destroy your VPS by sending a request to the host providers who carry out your orders almost immediately. Payment plans are also designed to prioritize the convenience of users. You are allowed to pick a particular web hosting plan, and then scale it to a larger plan when you can conveniently afford it.
  • VPSserver has one of the most effective control panels available. The VPS control panel is not only easy to use but also has the necessary features that a user can need. From changing operating systems to switching templates and scaling bandwidths, the panel has it all covered. It even has provisions to reboot, shut down or even settle bills through the interface.
  • The whole idea ofVPS gives you basic privacy and independence. However, VPSserver offers expert round-the-clock support for your VPS through the managed VPS option. With this option, your VPS runs by the discretion of the web host providers. This way, you can leverage on the expertise of the team to maintain your VPS.

For example, VPSserver offers live maintenance that runs round the clock. This means that the team members are always at your beck and call if you need their help on anything related to your VPS. The team members also take the initiative to scan your VPS for threats to the VPS. In case of viruses, malwareDDOS attacks or other malicious attacks that threaten the system, the host provider detects them and wards them off after investigating their sources and causes. Managed VPS also enables your host provider to finetune and reset the configuration of the server as it suits the websites.

Particularly Window Virtual Private Server is by far the best option for E-commerce websites. As websites that meet a popular need, E-commerce websites are expected to have some level of traffic. Operating such websites in a shared hosting service will not only affect the loading speed of such websites but also affect other users on that server too. VPS, however, handles that traffic excellently without necessarily affecting the quality of of the website or others on the server.Dedicated server hosting does come to kind as an alternative for E-commerce. However, Dedicated hosting is perhaps too large a package, considering the cost implications on an E-commerce website. The Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is an option that serves the same purpose as the dedicated hosting, only for smaller websites. It is, therefore, suitable in terms of costs and quality.

The Windows VPS hosting is a kind of Web hosting that gives the quality value at a very flexible and pocket-friendly rate. It is one hosting service that offers excellence at its peak.Nothing portrays this better than how products like VPSserver run several flexible and convenient payment packages for E-commerce websites. Just in case you're the kind who likes to have a feel of what you're about to pay for, this product also comes with a 7-day free trial.

As an E-commerce website owner, make sure to explore your web hosting options and look through various VPS hosting packages to determine which one is suitable for your website and your business. In all, you can never how wrong with a Window Virtual Private Server hosting.

Discover Best Windows VPS

All About Windows VPS Hosting

At some point in history, the major discussions about server and website data were centered around Dedicated servers and shared hosting.

Dedicated servers are servers that are rented out to a single hosted server. In the case of the Dedicated server, an entire physical server is rented out to one website. It offers high-level customization and personalization of the website.

Here, users determine what configuration works best, or which operating system suits the website. The only downside to the Dedicated server is the issue of cost. It is an expensive hosting solution.

Then the Shared hosting came by as an option. It offered a compromise on the cost of running a dedicated server. The arrangement gave room for multiple users to share the cost and space on a single server. Although shared hosting solved the issue of cost, it came with the issue of security, traffic, downtime and customization. Users were denied the ability to customize their websites, websites with high traffic suffered downtime issues, likewise other users of the shared server.

These and some other issues are the downsides to shared hosting. Now the relief came with the introduction of VPS- Virtual Private Server.

The VPS is popularly known as Virtual Private Servers. It is a relatively new and fast-growing type of hosting option. It is a hybrid version of both the Dedicated server and the shared hosting. VPS hosting works in such a way that although multiple websites are hosted on the same server, each website still enjoys the autonomy that comes with Dedicated servers.

In other words, it is a server platform where one single physical server is shared among several websites. Despite the sharing clause, each website retains the autonomy to customize, run, and manage a private environment that is independent of the activities of other websites.

With the VPS came a change in the narrative for website owners who couldn't afford to own Dedicated servers. The issue of cost was out of the way, and they had options to choose from- A shared hosting platform or Virtual Private Server.

It is important to bear in mind that while it might seem like the VPS is a better option, and an upgrade from the shared hosting, not all website need the features that the VPS offers.

So the discussion shouldn't be about comparisons between these methods of hosting websites, but the specifics of the business and website and the features it requires to function. For instance, a blog site does not necessarily need the features that the VPS offers. One can host a good blog site on a shared hosting platform. But websites for e-commerce businesses are a more complex variant of websites and as such, require high degree customization and traction management.

Usually, like the shared hosting service, VPS hosting runs with the Operating System of the host. Still, the difference is that with VPS,individual servers can run an OS that is different from the host OS and even change existing OSes. This is enabled through the customizability and flexibility of the VPS hosting service.

On VPS platforms there are offers of several templates for Windows, Linux, Fedora, Gentoo, and other OSes. Here, it is important to mention that although this piece is set to uncover information about VPS Hosting, it'll be specific in discussing VPS Hosting for the Windows operating system.

So now, let's unravel tips on how to go about finding the best Windows VPS server and then discuss the benefits of e Windows VPS hosting on E-commerce websites.

Simple Ways to Find the Best Windows VPS

Although there are tons of Windows VPS on the market, only very few of these available Windows VPS are cost-effective and excellent. The relevance of a hosting platform is dependent on the needs of your website- hosting platforms are not universal. So, for instance, websites with lots of videos need more disk space and RAM to ensure quality user experience. And for websites that require customers' credit card and personal information, security is critical.

But regardless of the subjectivity, there are some basic and universal features that point out the best VPS hosting platforms from others. Avoid wrong purchasing decisions that frustrate scaling e-commerce websites. Here are a few how-tos in finding the best windows VPS. Look out for the following features in a windows VPS to determine the quality of service offered.


Although the VPS is a hybrid of the delegated server and shared hosting, a good VPS tends to act more like the Delegated server in terms of control. If a VPS hosting does not provide businesses with high-level autonomy, then it is not recommendable. You should be in charge of your web data and assets, and there should be no end to the personalization stunts that you can pull off on these websites. With the different available templates, website servers have more control over the settings on the Windows installation.


If a VPS hosting service offers between 92% and 100% uptime, then you can opt for it. Especially for really complex websites. Every e-commerce business website needs speed. Before picking a VPS product, check out the speed experience in comparison to other servers. Running an e-commerce website with increasing downtime increases visitors' difficulty in accessing your website.

Wide range of plans:

As your website grows, especially as an e-commerce business, you'll need to run upgrades on your VPS. It doesn't matter how small your business is now, ensure that the VPS hosting you'll choose has room to accommodate the growth of your website.


Regardless of the fact that VPS services offer a wide range of plans and features, a good VPS service provides some specialization for each service. What this means is that because of the resources needed to provide a variety of plans, only a few service providers offer thorough and deepened services for each plan. So in determining best VPS services, it is not enough to offer varieties, the quality of each of these varieties matter.

Finding VPS services with best practices is not so difficult. You could consider the VPSserver.

VPSserver- Best VPS hosting

The VPSserver is one of the best-known VPS hosting platforms. The platform offerings are topnotch. The Windows VPSserver offers 99.9% uptime, high-performance RAM hosting and complete disk space plans.

The service comes with the options of a 1-day and 7-day trial with about $250 bonuses. Meanwhile, in the event that you've got a paid version of the VPSserver and are not satisfied with the server offerings, the money-back principle guarantees you a complete refund.

The Windows VPS hosting product offers a wide range of plans. It has over 50 templates (OS), and a large number of resources to support them. It allows the hosting of all kinds of websites no matter the content to be hosted. VPSServer doesn't discriminate against contents, although this is a function of the laws of the country where the website is hosted. Once these laws are not violated contents can fly.

Asides the numerous plans that it offers, it has a wide range of data center location. Data centres for websites hosted on the VPSserver platform are available in over 15 server hosting locations in countries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia.

The setting of websites on the platform takes only a few minutes. VPSserver gives website owners the autonomous control and access to web data. It is unlike shared hosting. Here you are the only one privy to your data and online assets.

Did I even mention that it offers the world's best and fastest 3-way cloud storage service with SSD (NVMe) storage facility? I guess not. Its band of over 50,000 delighted users says it all. With the SSD cloud storage, your web data and assets are stored in three different locations, so the chances of losing a file are slim, and security is guaranteed. It is available for websites of any size.

Get high-level customization, stability, reliability, elite functionality, and security—all of these for a cost ranging from only $4.99 per month.

Unlike most other servers, you are at liberty to pay for whatever time you use. The server does not operate with a minimum contract period. The product runs a flexible payment scheme where businesses pay for the VPS account on the first day of each month. It has a robust payment option which includes credit cards, PayPal and BitCoin.

The Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting for E-Commerce Websites

As an E-commerce website, whether small, growing, or large, you cannot afford to stay on a shared hosting plan. It is tantamount to forcing a 20-year old lady into a size 6 gown. It is one of two things, either it inhibits her growth, or it gets shredded from the force. Now, it is the same as using a shared hosting plan for E-commerce websites.

Here are the benefits that you stand to gain when you use the Windows VPS hosting for E-commerce websites:

  • Security

Windows VPS hosting offers your website top-notch security solutions. The hosting option features advanced security and improved monitoring capabilities.

These features will increase your chances of passing a PCI compliance test. And asides that, no customer will be willing to trust your website with their credit card numbers or other sensitive financial information.

  • Website Traffic

The higher the visitors you have, the higher the possibility of having downtimes on your website. This is where the virtualization feature of the Windows VPS hosting comes in. It optimizes the speed of the individual website and ensures that the traffic on one website does not affect the running of other websites on the hosting platform.

  • The ratio of Dedicated to Shared features.

Ideally, the nature and operation of an E-Commerce website require a Dedicated environment. An E-commerce website needs custom server configuration, custom software, and sometimes, advanced programming, and all of these are available on Dedicated servers.

But in the case where you can't afford a Dedicated server, VPS hosting becomes your next best bet. Like earlier mentioned, it is a compromise on the cost challenge from using a Dedicated server and the lack of customizability and personalization on Shared hosting. It tends more towards Dedicated and private and hence is perfect for E-commerce websites.

  • Server reliability and availability

You need your E-commerce website running round the clock; your business will require some bookkeeping, billing, tax, and other integrative programs. All of these applications are compatible with Windows VPS hosting plans.

  • Bandwidth and RAM

Running an E-commerce website is not as simple as blogging websites. You need more bandwidth and RAM that a Windows VPS hosting plan can offer.


It is good news that your e-commerce website is cooking. But beyond the quality of your products, the price, your availability and marketing,a lot of other factors go into determining the growth rate of your business. Such factors as the hosting platform for your website are points to note. Learn the features of your website to know the hosting platform needed to aid the functioning of your website. Generally, the Windows VPS hosting is one of the best options for hosting E-commerce websites. It gives room for optimum scalability, security, speed, bandwidth and RAM, all at affordable rates.

Although the market is highly competitive with several hosting platforms on the market, only few can guarantee you quality website hosting. Avoid sinking into the ocean of the numerously available Windows VPS and making wrong hosting decisions. Check VPSserver for fast setup of Windows VPS hosting plan with a large bank of support resources and API. You need not search further with their 24/7/365 live chat support service, improved bandwidth, RAM, and an increased security solution, all at very affordable rates.

Windows VPS Hosting

VPS, or virtual private network hosting, enables enterprises to migrate from simple hosting services to tools that allow complete websites and eCommerce models to be installed without paying outrageous prices of a dedicated server or dedicated hosting structure.

Hosting Windows VPS refers to applications for hosting that uses Windows technologies. First, for most forms of VPS hosting, like Windows, consider the VPS benefits you receive. Inside a real server, a VPS agreement generates a virtual server.

Within a single server unit, hosting firms may build several of these automated servers. This enables them to offer relatively cheap bundles to businesses that allow consumers to build and operate sophisticated websites, store vast volumes of data, and stream a spectrum of adaptive services.

Regarding the cost savings, the key benefits of such a method are scalability and increased capital. Since a VPS resides in a virtual state, it can be raised if desired rapidly and conveniently.

For firms in a state of change and are not sure how much web traffic they need to prepare for, this is perfect. It is a relatively easy method to migrate to a higher capital pool.

In particular, services receive a big boost from shared hosting as well. Bandwidth is improved and made more versatile, allowing businesses to set up several rich networking and streaming content without fear of users being able to crash or responding too slowly to the web.

To cope with the growing amount of necessary databases, data storage capacity is often expanded.

Essential benefits of Windows VPS hosting or virtual server build that use a Windows interface and Windows server management software are their own. For a long time, Microsoft has been in the market, allowing it to deliver applications with substantial experience behind all this, register for Windows VPS Hosting and get a free 1/7-day trial.

The business knows what consumers expect, and within its system, it has had time to weed out problem problems. For years the organization has been moving large sums of its funds and talent to build server technologies and use tools that have not been able to cope effectively with competing management alternatives.

Windows Hosting Essentials

You'll enjoy Windows Server Basics if your small company has 25 or fewer staff, little-to-no IT support, and the need for unified system control, data storage, and networking.

Microsoft, the developer of Windows Server Essentials, is renowned for its stable but complicated server solutions (official name: Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2). Nonetheless, they have moved in a new direction for Windows Server Basics to meet the small business industry's demands.

Oh right, Microsoft Server Essentials may have fewer capabilities than their other server options. Still, it's easy to set up, easy to handle, and a small company with 25 or less staff usually doesn't need the left out items.

So it's crucial to take a closer look and address the issue, "What are the basics of Windows Server, and how do you use it for your company?"

Windows Server Essentials is the server remedy for home-based and other small companies that Microsoft provides. Planned for ease-of-use and little-to-no IT support for small enterprises, it shows the business's commitment to servicing the market.

In two different fields, this ease-of-use is critical:

  1. Simple setup: the most seamless experience Microsoft has ever built in bringing Windows Server Basics up and running. Customers are led through a checklist of configurations, and all along the way is described:
  2. Quick management: For non-IT folks, the dashboard for Window Server Basics is fast and easy.
  • Navigation bar: To view the details and tasks connected with that section, press a section on the Navigation Bar. The Home Page is shown by default every time you access the dashboard.
  • Tasks pane: this pane shows links to tasks and details relevant to the group you have chosen. To view additional detail, click on a task or resource.
  • Action pane: This pane summarizes a function or mission and includes links that open configuration wizards and pages of details. To take more action, click a link.
  • Any of the features provided by Microsoft's more stable offering are absent from Windows Server Essentials, as well as:
  • Virtualization: It isn't easy to use Windows Server Basics as a Hyper-V host, and virtualization privileges are not included in the server license. One note: a virtual machine can run Windows Server Essentials.
  • Server core: Windows Server Basics does not encourage the server core, but the targeted companies should not expect this approach's functionality.
  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS): Server Basics does not, for single sign-on purposes, use Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

Update Services for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Windows Server: You can configure these independently, but Windows Basics Server has a workaround tailored to support its target market.

VPS Web Hosting and PHP Hosting

Before choosing a hosting web service, it's crucial to consider your needs. We help our clients move to a new schedule, so it will save you a lot of time and energy to study your choices. Do you need a unique operating system (OS) for Linux? Do you need to handle consumers with individualized cPanel profiles with the Web Host Manager (WHM)? Are you in need of root access? These are just some of the many variables that will help you choose what is right for you.

The sort of web hosting that you want for your organization will make your website or ruin it. You can't risk getting a site that isn't up to scratch in an environment that demands speed, performance, and security. In reality, 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less before it bounces. This is why, in recent times, VPS hosting has increased in popularity. And without the expense of a dedicated server, it is a cost-effective way for webpreneurs, startups, and bloggers to achieve more leverage than a shared hosting platform.

If your company has expanded big enough to have outgrown shared hosting, you can feel frustrated with the many choices for upgrades. If you're the average small business owner or C-level director, you do not know how to work well beyond your website base criteria.

Managed VPS Hosting

A managed VPS uses pre-installed server management applications on a fixed OS, often underlined as "fully managed VPS. Typically, it's WHM and cPanel on a CentOS server, the most common system administration (sysadmin) applications. This is also called VPS Hosting for cPanel. But businesses are hosting Linux websites which only use Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Virtualizor.

Core server support and management roles are with the hosting company independent of the underlying OS and sysadmin applications, including:

  • Technical support Programs
  • Monitoring of Servers
  • Protection from malware
  • Security for Denial of Service (DoS)
  • Upgrades to Vetted OS and SysAdmin Software

Through email, live chat, or phone call, most businesses provide help. You should contact your hosting provider for technical assistance if you have a problem affecting server efficiency.

Unmanaged (Cloud) VPS Hosting

The other four words from the above list come from the same place: no pre-installed VPS management program. They're unmanaged. The VPS is not limited to a specific OS and program. Because it's bare and portable, it's often called a cloud server. Currently, between the new CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) updates, you would have the alternative to re-OS the server.

Core server administration assignments are now your duty. But to provide and manage, the server takes fewer resources. In particular, cloud services also cost significantly less than managed VPS hosting contracts that require business software licenses such as cPanel. This provides specialized experience in:

  • Command-Line Interface for Linux (CLI)
  • SSH (Secure Shell)
  • Safety Data and Control of Incidents (SIEM)
  • Computer administration for web servers (e.g., Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd)

Generally, it is only advised for users who are able and ready to address any problems found unique to their VPS for these purposes. It makes it possible for more device customization and access and is mostly favored by seasoned web developers and sysadmins.

PHP web hosting is a web hosting style with the learning to comprehend and execute PHP programming language.

You can read below what PHP is, its position in web hosting, and the advantages of selecting a web host for PHP over the available alternatives.

The server can process the source code since PHP is a server-side language. So, as they do for strict HTML pages, front-end users would not have access to the code. PHP pages, however, also do and can contain HTML and CSS fragments within. PHP is very versatile and can do things that are impractical for other static pages.

It would help if you guaranteed that a PHP environment is sponsored before you take any action on selecting a web host. If this is not entirely supported, any PHP script you have will be made as HTML instead.

PHP can help to execute a variety of complicated functions, such as:

  • Show the optimal edition of the web with the screen size selected.
  • Send cookies and receive them.
  • Develop interactive websites, forums, and other sites.
  • Build collaborative websites that need user feedback.
  • With the support of a database, create a unique content platform.
  • On both Linux and Windows setups, PHP web hosts are secure. One of the most common is the PHP Linux Combination.

PHP Hosting Advantages

If your website is designed with PHP and your web host sponsors it, you can get a host of advantages with other environments that you won't get. Some of the most common advantages of PHP hosting are emphasized below.

  1. Compatible with PHP

PHP is a popular scripting language, which ensures that virtually any new smartphone, including iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets, will be compliant with websites built with PHP. For most digital websites, the capacity to produce pages that look good on any screen size is now a prerequisite.

  1. PHP Could Be Cheaper

Because PHP is an available, open-source scripting language, the expense of hosting in a PHP hosting setting is usually lower than in other hosting environments for commercial languages.

  1. PHP is easy to use

Many developers tend to use PHP for work. Without requiring some extra plugins or applications to make it run, it seamlessly combines HTML and CSS. If your site runs on a prominent CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, it is a must-have.

  1. PHP Is Extremely Fast

On server services, PHP is very light. This ensures that the platform will run much smoother and not place a burden on loading times or the overall site's efficiency. This would not just escalate hosting costs because the site uses many web resources to load a website, but it will decrease the overall user experience.

  1. PHP Works seamlessly with databases

With its incorporation with databases such as MySQL, the real strength of PHP is formed. Though PHP is so flexible, there are also other possibilities for database integration. For most CMS, forums, online retailers, and websites, this is a crucial necessity.

Choose the Best Hosting Services for Windows VPS Solution

Windows hosting is website hosting that uses a Windows operating system; you guessed it. But what exactly does it mean?

Basically, for someone with a website that still uses other Windows platforms and languages, including Microsoft Exchange or ASP.NET, Windows hosting is by far the most stable hosting option. There's a distinction between using Windows tools, though, and using a Windows computer; if you have a Windows PC, you can choose not to use Windows hosting!

The hosting of VPS (virtual private servers) brings your websites to the next level.

Shared hosting is usually used for new and smaller websites, ensuring you share an entire domain with other websites. It's inexpensive, but it restricts how much your website will evolve as your company expands.

You still share a physical server with several other websites with VPS hosting, but you have dedicated services on a virtual server all by yourself, such as RAM and CPU reserved for your domain.

This encourages additional traffic to expand and satisfy the website.

After thorough analysis and personal hosting feedback, we've trimmed down the top VPS web hosting options on the market today. Some of which are;

  • Vpsserver

These are some out of many available countries our VPS server is available;

Fully Managed Windows VPS

Virtual Private Systems (VPSs) are virtual servers built in a shared hosting community to function like dedicated servers. They are a less costly choice than renting a dedicated server as a whole and more private than shared hosting. Virtual Private Networks incorporate some of the best characteristics of both independent and shared storage in these respects.

The provider runs the server in a professionally operated VPS, meaning the customer has no reason to think about operating an internet server's technical specifics. Company owners or individuals may opt for a fully managed VPS because they lack the expertise and experience to operate their server, is the most common explanation. Consider Fully managed VPS if neither you nor anyone on your team has the necessary technical expertise to operate a server for your company and get a free 1/7-day trial.

Windows VPS Hosting supports stable hosting on a dedicated server. Users do not have to think about the issues that can arise by sharing server space with other sites, including documented possible problems with sharing IP addresses, as VPS Hosting holds your data on dedicated server space. Compared to unmanaged hosting that allows the user to sustain software and hardware on their own, managed hosting offers customers full technical support.

Such considerations that make fully managed VPSs so appealing include:

  1. Maintenance of the server: The hosting provider ensures that the server runs correctly and that there are no technological bugs that might cause the website to fail.
  2. Updates: A customer does not need to consider upgrading apps or hardware to keep their website running with a completely controlled VPS.
  3. Device tracking: To ensure that the website can accommodate high traffic at busy hours without crashing, monitoring pays particular attention to traffic surges.
  4. Data protection: Files are continuously checked for bugs and regularly backed up. This means that no data can be destroyed and easily recovered following a crash or some other mistake. Your web servers and databases are often continuously made up of backups to ensure fast restoration if necessary.
  5. Security: The hosting provider actively scans completely maintained VPSs for weak points on the web and ransomware, spyware, and unusual traffic patterns. This ensures your website uncorrupted and free from malware and keeps you aware of the amount of traffic your website gets.
  6. Tech support: Whether they have any issues or problems needing customer support or with any software or formatting requests, customers should be confident of 24/7 help on their website.
  7. Price: Full VPSs management raises expenditures. You should not expect to be free of full server servicing and management. Thankfully, with their SSD VPS Hosting arrangements, VPS Hosting also provides professionally administered VPS services.
  8. Small customization: Sometimes, the user might not have as much power as possible over the server. The hosting provider takes all decisions about software and hardware and monitors when software and hardware are activated.
  9. Time: If you want to have a particular piece of hardware or software installed, ask the host company to install it. Although they will typically agree to these demands very easily, it will take more time than should have been spared when downloading the app, yourself.

Increase your Website Performance with VPS Hosting

Have you ever considered that loading time on your website might have a big effect on your company? Advancing technologies and speed have since improved consumer perceptions.

Surveys claim that if it doesn't load faster, the rest choose not to use a website. So for your business, it is extremely important to load your website faster.

Not only can this provide your guests with a seamless user interface, but it also lets them interact with your content. This will potentially help you get better conversions from your viewers.

When various other competing websites are out there to gain the traffic juice, page load speed is critical. If your site does not load easily, in a fraction of minutes, there are more risks of your users diverting to your rival's website.

So there's no reason not to enhance it when page load time is calculated. Here are the actions you should take to increase the pace of the website.

It can significantly speed up the loading speed of websites because of the existence of VPS servers. This is of necessity, taken in the sense of a few pre-conditions being fulfilled. For instance, whether the web host offering the service provides rapidly reacting web servers.

Other significant VPS factors that influence the website's loading speed involve how the VPS is designed and the website design itself.

By default, VPS servers have fewer accounts per server. A certain number of resources, including CPU time, memory, disk space, and bandwidth, are guaranteed for each account. This delivery is crucial in enabling websites to adapt easily at any moment.

So apart from that, VPS server accounts are hosted within each server in constrained environments. This isolation of the account ensures that nothing that happens to other accounts on the same server can impact particular users.

Websites can slow down or suffer from otherwise degraded efficiency in many circumstances. Others may be triggered by the platform itself, while others may be due to external causes or even the hosting server.

If a site's page load slowly, the web host is one of the first things most people criticize. This is not always valid, however. Owing to bad architecture considerations, websites are bogged down in certain ways. Some cases entail;

  • Using mobile apps that are overly strong
  • Adding an excessive number of features
  • Having so many demands from external sources
  • Management of large media, including images and videos
  • Bad coding

There are occasions, on the other hand, where the hosting server itself may be a challenge. This can be activated by several factors, each contributing inevitably to bad or substandard results for the websites hosted on them.

If you're running a website and are not fully pleased with your web page's loading speeds, the first thing you need to do is determine why. Conducting a speed test evaluation utility such as WebPageTest can provide you break down your site's loading speed time and provide you with some actionable details.

You can make changes to the site based on that and cut loading times bit by bit. This is also part of the optimization of websites and should be done regularly. Note, just because the website is loading perfectly now does not mean that it will shift in the next few months.

For maximizing web page loading times, some of the items you might suggest doing include;

  1. Minimize TTFB (Time-to-First-Byte)
  2. TTFB is one aspect of the rate of website loading that is ignored by many site owners. Different elements, such as server performance, your DNS provider's speed, and more, influence it. Try to maintain the TTFB below 200ms, preferably.

  3. Optimize Images
    Photos add to the user interface on our websites, but the optimal performance has to be tailored. With the small size of most screens, the use of ultra-high-resolution images on your web is not appropriate. Keep consistency and dimensions at more manageable levels, and you can notice dramatically improved efficiency.
  4. Script Versions Upgrade
    As the base of our blogs, many of us today use web apps like WordPress. These, in essence, use PHP scripts to run. You will speed up your web with little effort by upgrading to a newer PHP version on your hosting account. On your web hosting control panel, this can be achieved through minor tweaks.
  5. Reduce Unwanted Functionality
    You might want to do too much for too little occasionally. If you are running modular web applications like Joomla or WordPress, this is particularly true. Your site can get bogged down by having too much functionality via plugins. Think of lightening the load and running the ones you just really like.
  6. Switch to Hosting for VPS
    VPS hosting, as described, has become a lot more affordable today. Changing to VPS hosting at a slight rise in cost will offer several efficiency advantages. You can also appreciate improved protection and the opportunity for greater scalability, aside from efficiency.

Exclusive Tips to Enhance the VPS Performance

Virtual private server (VPS) technology creates considerable cost advantages for hosting providers and end-users of hosted applications. It delivers the anonymity and reliability of a dedicated server without any of the costs of reserving an entire server's capacity for use by one customer, enabling end-users to experience the ultimate experience. Many of the issues that come with shared servers, including device slowdowns triggered by other users on servers, are avoided by VPS hosting services; resources assigned to a single subscriber are often reserved for their exclusive use. This eliminates downtime, removes excessive lags, and increases the system's overall performance. There are a few guides to help maximize speed and efficiency for Linux and Windows VPS hosting subscribers to boost VPS performance even more.

  1. Track efficiency
  2. It may sound obvious, but to ensure optimum efficiency, subscribers should regularly monitor the speed and performance of applications hosted on the VPS. Program conflicts can also cause slowdowns; hardware faults, lack of space and energy for processing, and bandwidth difficulties cause bad performance, either at the root or leading up to the end-user. Early detection of these issues will enhance efficiency and prevent needless downtime if these issues remain unaddressed. Broadening the storage capacity accessible by the VPS host could be the best option in some situations. Usually, the expansion expense is smaller than the missed sales suffered by firms who delay this move until they face severe difficulties and downtime as a function.

  3. Improving the performance of Apache on VPS servers
    Choosing dynamic module control over static, often resident web server module loading settings on Linux implementations will boost overall VPS environment performance. Since dynamic module loading allows modules to run only when they are actively needed, this setting requires fewer resources from the server. It can provide other programs on the server with increased speed and performance. On servers that already run MySQL or other software known to demand a significant proportion of accessible server resources, this may be particularly significant. Many businesses can boost their overall VPS performance by downloading and retaining only the core Apache functions and components and removing less valuable items. Disabling certain portions of Apache's built-in features will also increase loading times and influence the general VPS device performance.
  4. Managing the Memory Use of MySQL
    Optimizing the database's implementation is a must for businesses who use the MySQL open-source database framework to achieve quicker page load times and better efficiency from this high system. MySQL is also combined with web server tools from Apache. In reduced resource VPS environments, this combination can produce severe slowdowns. The computing capacity of the MySQL database can be speeded up by making sure that the dynamic longevity settings for MySQL are activated. In comparison, decreasing the main buffer size to the smallest possible percentage will also free up precious device resources for page loads and other applications within the MySQL environment, improving speed and efficiency. And you might also want to transfer the database server entirely to a different server in some situations.
  5. Keep it Lean
    As part of their initial deployment service, many VPS hosting services provide an assortment of pre-installed software. Erasing them from the server will free up precious space and offer a quicker, more streamlined platform for critical applications and data management needs for enterprises that don't require and don't need this software. Streamlining Apache web server programs, MySQL database tools, and other server environment elements will maximize VPS efficiency. While effectively handling costs and space availability, helping businesses attain higher productivity and improved sales without wasting a lot on server storage space.

Advantages of cPanel for VPS Server

When websites execute resource-intensive programs, memory use and allocation are crucial to overall success. The website or software can run a lot sluggish as more resources are used. This is where you have bugs in the server and long loading times.

A resource planner is cPanel VPS. Without a decrease in traffic or results, it will configure your site to work the way you need it. You need the resources dedicated to the website, so the feedback of the customers is great.

Using cPanel, you can handle your resources effectively, but that is not all. You can conveniently maintain web archives and archives, install new domains, subdomains, and email addresses, improve security capabilities, and maximize performance and reliability.

  1. Site Backups and Files Management
  2. Nothing's worse than a malfunction on a server where there are no suitable backups. Through cPanel, you can conveniently handle site backups and file downloads. We've made it much simpler to back up the website, though.

  3. Include new domains, subdomains, email accounts, applications
    You've got root access to the server. This suggests that you can do any of the above by cPanel without having to wait for your hosting provider's help. This kind of freedom ensures that you can operate at your speed without the limitations of waiting for your hosting company to help or allow it, delivering the sites and services your business, your clients, and your customers need.
  4. Boost your security
    Did you know that user data can be kept secure by cPanel? With HTTPS and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), Google's rating will also improve. For any website that you host on your server, you can also create an SSL. It is highly important to have an SSL Credential because Google and other search engines have penalized those who don't have it. Security breaches are becoming too frequent, and Google is eager to support its customers by ensuring that those with SSL credentials in search engine results rise above others. By digitally encrypting personal data such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, and more, SSL defends you from cybercriminals.
  5. Enhance reliability and efficiency
    Did you know that cPanel VPS enables you to use your software in a simple way to improve the performance of your website? It also makes website setup much easier with its easy-to-use graphic interface. If you want to know anything about cPanel or how to use it, we have a dedicated cPanel Education Channel full of tips to help you.

Best Cheap Windows VPS

The acronym VPS represents Virtual Private Server, which stores only your website data within virtual servers. For activity, VPS servers use virtualized servers and independently assign an independent virtual world for each user. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting provides customers with the highest technological resource power, making it a unique and affordable option for VPS hosting. Customers do not share RAM, CPU, and bandwidth capability in this form of hosting. These details suggest VPS servers a web hosting service that is more efficient, secure, and hassle-free. Users will appreciate the advantages of VPS hosting, such as better server performance, enhanced security, better distribution of technological resources, etc., as opposed to shared hosting. One of the leading platforms offering cheap VPS Windows servers helps VPS hosting get better, so, sign up now for your Best Cheap Windows VPS and get a free 1/7-day trialThe introduction of the same practice within Windows technologies is Windows VPS hosting. Suppose you are acquainted with the Windows operating system and search for a cheap and straightforward VPS hosting service. In that case, the right solution for you and your organization is Best Cheap Windows VPS hosting.

You are still looking for a hosting server that can keep you and your data secure, and you can try buying a Best Cheap Windows VPS to store your data to satisfy all your desires. But often, it gets complicated for you to understand which type is excellent for several different servers offering VPS hosting services. It is entirely up to you to settle about the kind of affordable Windows VPS hosting solution for your webmaster or company goals that you like.

When opting for Best Cheap Windows VPS hosting, you need to remember the sort of CPU and RAM that will be issued to you. The affordable efficiency of the private Windows server relies on these two things, so you must get RAM and Processor knowledge. You would also see that the vendor's VPS hosting has a control panel that you can conveniently access. Select a vendor that helps you to have full access to all of the server's services.

Before you purchase a Best Cheap Windows VPS for your website, make sure your VPS hosting service is a reputable one and has a brand name in the market. You may also find important information about the supplier, if applicable. Best Cheap Windows VPS hosting must be such that it is often possible to back up all data and details and recover it without any fault or technological difficulty.

As it is cheap and dedicated, for most website owners who have a simple command of the Windows operating system, purchasing VPS Windows is an ideal option. Nonetheless, nearly everybody has the skill and precise knowledge about working and using Windows, and Microsoft also offers daily advice on car updates and approaches. Managing and tracking Best Cheap Windows VPS hosting is merely superficial, such as installing an application on the Windows operating system. You will be equipped with a fully integrated Plesk control panel and all of your private server's administrative privileges. Best Cheap Windows private servers would be the most comfortable and most economical choice for you and your website because of all these benefits and advantages.

Inside the new server hardware, the inexpensive VPS Windows storage is supported. It comes with frequent updates and a vast bandwidth service to keep the data backed up and maintained protected regularly in the event of periodic delays. Windows VPS servers are arguably one of the most excellent web hosting options available at competitive prices, with all of these capabilities listed above. If, aside from high-level encryption and hassle-free data backups, you want to achieve premium consistency and speed, then purchase Best Cheap Windows VPS servers to reap the perfect hosting perks for you or your website.

You should select the one that fits best with your needs, budget, and priorities since many VPS hosting options are currently on the market.

The Major Benefits of Using the Windows VPS

Hosting Windows VPS indicates the type of managed hosting in which Windows is the operating system that is required. Through Windows, the server can be best controlled. Windows is easier to use than Linux because it installs instantly. You might also share obligations with the hosting provider throughout the procedure. This is the crucial advantage of the hosting kit for VPS, which helps manage the server. The choice is better than Linux and ideal for many organizations and corporations because VPS is compliant with programs and applications. Beyond other networking options, you should select VPS hosting.

1. The benefits of Upgrade

You can update or migrate from your simple hosting options as an enterprise to specific resources that help deploy full-fledged eCommerce models and full sites without risking the expense of dedicated hosting servers or hosting arrangements. Window VPS hosting means app hosting, where window technology is employed. Windows hosting is beneficial as compared with other VPS hosting options.

2. Develop several digital servers

You would be aware of the advantages of VPS Windows hosting if you are the hosting company. You can build multiple digital servers using only a single server computer. This encourages hosting services to be sold at lower prices, while consumers can run or build complicated websites. Customers can store vast quantities of data and stream adaptable services.

3. Maximum scalability and savings in costs

There are additional cost savings, expanded resources, and optimum scalability for Windows VPS hosting. It can be quickly or rapidly supplemented as VPS is in the simulated state. For businesses who don't know how much traffic to schedule for, it is helpful. Whenever an enterprise needs to upgrade to a more excellent pool of resources, it can be easily achieved. The updating process is relatively straightforward. As a result of shared hosting, even the services receive a significant boost. Bandwidth grows because of this and becomes more and more adjustable. Without the risk of web failures, a business will set up rich media and choose streaming services.

How do big stores gain from it?

The design of the virtual server using Windows technologies or the Windows interface often supports big brands. Microsoft and other large brands, for example, provide software that offers a lot of experience. The final result is a much-improved server, much more sophisticated applications with most guides and videos to help you get the best out of the application. Only Microsoft allows businesses to use different installations on the device right from Windows 2003, Windows 2004, and so on because of this ease.

Complementary features

Windows VPS has additional features that serve as the icing on the cake. These features do, however, differ from host to host. By having the ability to take advantage of numerous features and resources, inexpensive Windows VPS hosting helps organizations and people. A virtual server that functions as a dedicated server is formed. Cheap VPS hosting provides the same form of the outcome as VPS hosting. As the hosting provider handles it, there's no need to think about server upkeep. One can host several accounts on only a single server.

So we will see how useful a Best Cheap Windows VPS is. There are so many more options for services when using VPS on Windows. In a server that is not exchanged with any third party, even the information and data remain secure.

Uses of VPS Hosting

VPS servers have a variety of other applications beyond running a website. You will want to try out VPS hosting for the different types of situations it offers, even though you are currently satisfied with your existing hosting service.

Beyond your standard hosting package, these are the most famous cases of VPS use:

  1. Your online server hosting
  2. Instead of merely hosting your website, there are several explanations for running your server environment. For extra gaming activities, a VPS server offers you your interactive sandbox.

    Perhaps you want your dedicated servers for sports, for instance? A dedicated server's price could be costly for certain persons, but you could run a VPS server to host fewer game matches or build your own custom game experience instead.

    Not every hosting provider will allow you to run a gaming server through VPS, so before you plan to go this path, make sure you study the terms and conditions or contact support.

  3. Fresh Applications evaluation
  4. To try this stuff out, you would need your cloud environment if you routinely deploy web applications or test custom server configurations. But to justify basic checking, an entire dedicated server may be too costly.

    A VPS would suit the bill nicely in this scenario. This will give you space without incurring hefty monthly expenses to do as you want.

  5. Additional Storage of Files
  6. Often you want to make another backup of your files, but it may become costly to use cloud storage accounts. So try using a VPS server if you're going to make regular and readily available backups. Overall, based on the overall amount of data you need to store, this could end up being cheaper than a cloud storage account.

    Bear in mind, though, that not every hosting company would permit their VPS accounts to be used for mere file storage, so before you go on, carefully read the terms and conditions.

Why do you Need VPS Hosting or a Windows Virtual Server?

These are the benefits of using a VPS Hosting or a Windows Virtual Server:

  1. It's a cost-effective strategy
    Budgeting will get more difficult as the website continues to expand. It can be a bad investment to bring time and resources into shared hosting until the platform is outgrown. Around the same time, on a website that doesn't need one, you don't want to overspend to have a dedicated server. For sites that are only starting to grow, VPS hosting offers an optimum middle choice.
  2. There is No More 'Neighbor Capital Drain'
    One of the drawbacks of shared hosting is the fact that many sites access the same services. This suggests that, for instance, if another site on your server gets a rapid traffic surge, you will have less money to deal with. Consequently, the guests may encounter long loading times, which may result in a decrease in traffic and conversions in exchange. For websites that can expand, this is not an optimal environment, nor does it give your site and organization a professional appearance.
    With VPS hosting, the resources will not be depleted by the actions of your neighbor. Therefore, with all your guests, you're able to deliver a quicker, smoother experience. VPS hosting is, in a general context, considered more secure than shared hosting. This is primarily attributed to the fact that all devices are removed from the applications and data stored on a virtual cloud. In a sharing plan, likely, this will also impact your site if another site on your server results from a malware infection or another form of a security violation. The independent storage accessible on a virtual server, on the other hand, means that conditions are far more difficult to transmit between users.
  3. More influence over your site is provided to you.

You have greater power over your partition, as a VPS hosting service is exclusive of other accounts using the same physical server. You get yourself the whole operating system, with complete access to the tools and files available.

Windows-based VPS plans come with complete administrative autonomy. This helps you set up your server and configure it the way you like it and install additional applications and use it. Your platform's added power also ensures that you can more easily carry out more technical coding and test apps.

Lastly, as the company continues to expand, VPS hosting plans are also straightforward to amend. Several hosting packages are available to select from, each providing different computing capacity, storage, and memory speeds. That suggests that you have to pay for what you want without hamstringing the site in the process.

Register now for Fast, Scalable, Affordable Windows VPS and get a free 1/7-day trial

A virtual machine (VM) is a software-installed operating system (OS) or application environment which mimics dedicated hardware. On a virtual machine, the end-user has the same performance they would have on hardware devices.

Specialized software, called a hypervisor, fully emulates the CPU, memory, hard disk, network, and other hardware resources of the PC client or server, allowing the resources to be shared by virtual machines. Enabling virtual machines to run Linux and Windows Server operating systems on the same intertwined physical host, the hypervisor can simulate several virtual hardware platforms that are separated from each other. By reducing the need for physical hardware schemes, virtualization limits costs. Hardware is used more effectively by virtual machines, which decreases the amount of hardware and related maintenance costs and lowers the need for power and cooling. They also ease management as there is no malfunction of virtual hardware.

Windows VPS hosting has been built to be lightning-fast, conveniently portable, and safe down to the source code unit itself. It is possible to run your own Windows computer virtually using our very own Windows VPS. The best Most-affordable Windows VPS hosting package can support you for only $4.99 a month, even if this does not fulfill the exact specifications, there are even other offers and options available. There is no need for a physical computer, and none of the technical barriers to keeping your program running indefinitely. Register now for Fast, Scalable, Affordable Windows VPS, and get a free 1/7-day trial to browse through the internet with ease.

Know All about VPS and Dedicated Servers

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is where many websites utilize a single server but have restrictions on RAM and bandwidth items set on their tools. It also operates what is regarded as a hypervisor (specialist software) if you're maxed out, and others are not using their full share to borrow services from the other pages on the server.

VPS hosting is typically ideal for small companies or large personal sites that require decent resource restrictions. On their website, no one needs the frustration of sluggish loading times, or even worse, to see their site crash regularly. And that is why VPS hosting works well because it's scalable and not too pricey to tackle traffic spikes.

Like ordering a pizza, that is the best way to learn about allocating resources. You're all sharing the resources with VPS hosting, each slice, all edges, as well as the dips. If you need anything special, there's always a possibility that someone could leave some for you, but that's not a promise.

Hosting for VPS is less constrained. Since you have a more significant part of the System's Hardware, you've got more resources. The server environment can also grant you root access, which ensures you can install additional applications and edit any files on the server.

Significant success in web hosting is all about how easily and how well the website loads and operates for users.

The output is like a bus path in the sense of transport. The driver only has to stop periodically if only a few passengers get on the bus, ensuring you can arrive even faster (quick loading speeds). The driver will pause at each destination if loads of people get on (visit your page), which eventually slows down your trip (website).

VPS hosting provides you with a bus of your own. So if your bus gets loaded, there's a possibility you can get a second bus in service as well (data traffic from another site).

Scalability is the degree to which your website will expand with your hosting contract. You can think of this as the growth of a tree.

There's potential to expand, but you'll never reach the same peaks as a great oak. VPS hosting is a little like a budding olive tree.

An excellent selection of prices is offered by VPS hosting. There are various plans at different levels that allow you access to specific resource constraints at different levels.

Dedicated hosting

This is the top guy in the space for web hosting. You don't just get a slice of stilton, or a bit of cheddar-you get the entire thing.

You have a whole server to yourself in principle.

From the start, you're in complete control and can choose your resource restrictions. Dedicated hosting appears to be for medium to large business pages, so if you're optimistic, by signing up for a reliable package (safe in the confidence that your platform can expand to that level), you can save time and energy in the long run.

Making the decision, though, isn't fast. Many can find themselves stuck in two minds about which method of hosting to go for. Don't fret. There are hosting websites you can take a look at.

For dedicated hosting, you have a whole pizza of your own. Depending on the amount you need, it may be a small, medium, or a big one, but it's all there either way. Naturally, you'll spend extra, but you've got 100 percent of the sweetness in exchange.

Talk of security, as opposed to your own home, like staying in a block of flats. If anyone leaves the door to your building open (that is, there is a security violation on another site on your server), you might be at risk. Yeah, they do have to break into your flat, but indeed, there is a security risk.

Dedicated hosting is like owning a house of your own. It can always be broken into because of others' recklessness, so be careful, or it might endanger you.

Dedicated hosting provides you with a turbo-charged, double-decker bus, expected to supply loads of traffic at rapid speed to your location.

On the other extreme, dedicated hosting is precisely a terrific oak. You have the tools you may wish for, security and efficiency, so there's no need to scale. Your restrictions can be changed month-to-month, but you have reached an obstacle.

Dedicated hosting is pricey than VPS hosting, as you'd expect. You have the best hosting level out there, so it's no wonder these are the packages you're paying the most for.

Difference between VPS Servers and Dedicated Servers

Let's build an example from home. We contrasted mutual hospitality to living in an apartment building where the tenants share the same location and services. With shared hosting, one house's benefits (a single specific server) are shared among multiple occupants. It's very cheap, this form of hosting. Trained experts control the collaborative hosting environment, and a control panel is accessible for clients to monitor their site. The biggest concern with this hosting style is the bandwidth required and space included. It's more than enough for most new websites, but inevitably websites will need something that grows as they expand. Another big downside to shared hosting is that it does not manage traffic spikes very well in this setting.

The issues of scalability and restricted resources are solved by VPS hosting. This hosting style is like buying a condo within a house with fewer tenants. Inside a server, a VPS is broken into various virtual cubicles, and each account will obtain amounts of these delegated sources, for instance, a fraction of the server's CPU, storage space, memory, and bandwidth) plus maximum root entry. You still share with other people the server (building), and then you'll have more power over your area, using it as you see appropriate.

A much more efficient set up than shared hosting is VPS. The best part about VPS is that it imitates a dedicated hosting environment but is distributed between individual sites with assigned system resources. The next choice is the costliest option; a dedicated server where a single person (owning a home) is dedicated to all of a server's services.

Benefits of Selecting Cheap Windows VPS Services

Cheap hosting for Windows VPS refers to hosting software that uses Windows technologies. The cheap Windows VPS hosting offers essential benefits for most users, especially when it comes to occupations of various types. Any of which are referred to below:

  • In the current situation, VPS Hosting is already one of the most common and most straightforward hosting plans available, preferred by individuals and almost all organizations. This relies entirely on technology virtualizations in which, by building a virtual enclosure, a high-end physical server is broken into numerous smaller servers.
  • Also, individuals who want to build their setup and reputation are attracted to VPS Hosting, mainly because of improved server treatments and performances. It also makes the possible upgrade from which it has become the most suitable part for businesses.
  • All that names it the best VPS or a cheap VPS is incredibly economical.
  • On your Home Windows Virtual Server, you can easily hold your records, which is also wholly protected and fully guaranteed.
  • Different from a dedicated server, a private server is a virtual server.
  • Improvement is a cumulative result that is guaranteed. Therefore, to ensure the highest efficiency and capacity, it also gets its operating system.
  • It has proven to be the most acceptable VPS for end-users thanks to those specialties and assistance.
  • One of the most significant outstanding advantages of this server is that it gets a more substantial rise or decline in its properties based on its needs. Therefore, for potential growth, it offers consumers an alternative to choose from.
  • Remain calm and comfortable because when backup copies can be located, the VPS hosting service can automatically backup your entire virtual server by upgrading it.

Now, you don't need to think or deal with many of its advantages since this server takes your backup copies on a daily run. Cheap Windows VPS hosting servers are, therefore, seriously a brand in one solution, particularly for all those who are looking for full dedicated server functionality at reasonable prices. So, since they are both extremely secure, stable, and reliable, virtual servers have proved to be satisfied with the technology. The best thing is that it helps the user with full flexibility and root access to be uninstalled and set up conveniently anytime or anywhere desired. A pool of functionality and specialties that are not supported by the shared hosting system but are included in the VPS Hosting solution can also be found. This form of hosting is also incredibly low in compliance with the VPS hosting, which will also help save time.

Therefore, due to certain forms of the digital server's presence in the center of a single server device, all the hosting companies can often get valued. With the support of pocket-sounding packages, its specialty often serves customers and the appropriate organization, encouraging individuals or end-users to build the following:

  • Create and manage complex websites
  • Store large volumes of data
  • Flow and even more with a range of adaptable services. Also, in the virtual state, VPS still exists and can be efficiently and regularly increased as desired. For the confused company and unsure about the amount of web traffic to prepare for, this quality is perfect.

Stated below are other prominent benefits:

Significant Rewards for Brands:

  • Windows VPS hosting configurations that use a Windows platform have their unique benefits from which businesses can consider the user's needs and have a pool of expertise with those apps.

Job benefits:

  • The other primary benefit of using Windows VPS hosting is its long-standing association with the Windows operating system and also the jobs. Some enterprises run a purely Windows-only environment at a specific point in time and execute several tasks.

Administrator's Benefits:

  • The Windows VPS framework also must make a broader range of performances with full upgrade control and in-depth optimization of all settings. Thus, if such a server satisfies strict criteria, you will hold your data and other related information on the right track.

Low-Cost Windows VPS

Introduction to Cheap Windows VPS

In recent times, Web hosting has become very essential to the world. With the internet becoming a large source of employment and income, it has become a necessity for almost any kind of business to have a website. The internet also helps the management to keep social contact with their customers and help them satisfy their customers better. Knowing how beneficial owning a website is for business owners, it is also imperative that there are VPS hosting services suitable for any budget.

Looking at a dedicated server, you can see it is too expensive, especially for a medium-sized business. Therefore, going for a VPS server, preferably Windows VPS will go a long way to help you out. You should have it in mind that even after deciding to go for Windows VPS, you will gain even more going for a cheap one. It costs a little more than shared hosting but is not too far behind a dedicated server in terms of performance, flexibility, connectivity, control and maintenance. Although Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are cheaper than Dedicated Servers, many VPS services are usually relatively expensive. This can be because websites contain very valuable assets and it is now easy to make money with them, and also because of the capital the server company had spent in getting quality resources such as CPU, storage etc. Others are simply just trying to maximize their profits.

As we pointed out earlier, price, as well as quality, must go hand in hand. Many business websites have failed simply because they paid too much for the wrong services. Therefore, when choosing a hosting provider, make sure to not only work with your budget alone but with trustworthy providers. You won’t want to end up sacrificing the progress of your business for gaining cheap Windows VPS. There are many criticisms and reviews online that can help you get an insight into a provider’s integrity, so make sure to carry out researches before partnering with any.

Knowing now about cheap Windows VPS, you might be wondering if there are any cheap Windows VPS out there. Well, there are many as many companies like us offer cheap and lucrative deals. With us at VPSserver, you get to enjoy Windows VPS service for as low as $5. Our deals also contain many attractive and beneficial features as well as a 7-day free trial. With us, you can choose the most comfortable payment method for you from any of Payment by Credit Card, Paypal, Wire transfer, cryptocurrency and others. Contact us for more details on each of the methods.

Your next question now might be “How can I order a cheap Windows VPS?”. You can do this on our site using a very fast, easy and convenient method that can be done in less than a minute.

  1. Open our website.
  2. Tap the menu bar at the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose Pricing.
  3. You should be presented next with all our standard plans. These plans include the following:
    • $ 4,99 plan: 1 GB Memory/ 1 core, 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer
    • $ 9,99: 2 GB memory / 2 cores, 50 GB disk / 2 TB transfer
    • $ 14,99: 3 GB memory / 2 cores, 75 GB disk / 3 TB transfer
    • $ 19,99: 4 GB memory / 3 cores, 100 GB disk / 4 TB transfer
    • $ 29,99: 6 GB memory / 4 cores, 150 GB disk / 5 TB transfer
    • $ 39,99: 8 GB memory / 6 cores, 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer.
  4. Your budget and requirements should be the primary factors deciding the plan you choose. Also, note that there is a 7-day free trial available for the first four plans.

  5. To choose a plan, select “Start VPS” below the plan you desire. For plans with a free 7-day trial available, you’ll see “Start 7-day trial” instead.
  6. You will then be required to log in with your email and password and confirm that you’re not a robot.
  7. You will now proceed to fill in an easy form requesting details like your contact address, region, payment method and billing cycle.
  8. After proceeding to make payments and confirming your order, the server will take less than 20 minutes to install.
  9. You are now ready to enjoy your cheap Windows VPS.

Your budget and requirements should be the primary factors deciding the plan you choose. Also, note that there is a 7-day free trial available for the first four plans.

What are the Advantages of a Cheap Windows VPS Hosting?

Using VPS hosting on its own has already proved very advantageous because of its great improvement to shared server in terms of security, safety, reliability, its functionality amongst a host of others. Furthermore, without doubt, if your business requires it, then a Cheap VPS goes further to add more important benefits. Some advantages of using a cheap Windows VPS hosting include:

  1. More capital: When you invest little money into getting a cheap Windows VPS Hosting, rather than going for costly ones, you have a good part of your capital left to invest in other areas of business. There are many other things you can do with this extra capital to make your business grow. You can hire better staff, improve your infrastructure or set up various essential functionalities. All this can help make your business stronger, increasing your chances of success too.
  2. Profit maximization: This is simply the capability of businesses to make as much profit as possible with as little cost as possible. It is the main aim of setting up any business. When you are operating with a cheap Windows VPS hosting, you get to save yourself extra costs. Saving this money which would have gone in as additional cost for expensive hosting services adds to the total revenue or income you receive at the end.
  3. Risk reduction: Investing in cheap Windows VPS can help reduce risks in your business. For instance, if you pay for a cheap Windows VPS and it turns out to be below your expectations, you will not be too bothered as you didn’t spend much on it. With this in mind, you can also use this cheap Windows VPS to test providers. You can try out the provider’s services and even check out others to see which one satisfy your needs better without having to spend too much.

Taking all these advantages into consideration, it only shows how much you can benefit from starting with or using a cheap Windows VPS hosting.

5 Reasons You Should Prefer Windows VPS Hosting

Internet technologies are now seeing many improvements daily, most especially that of Virtual Private Servers. VPS hosting is becoming more popular among current and intending website owners these days. With VPS combining both benefits of shared and dedicated hosting, it is now the most preferred option. Therefore, it is only expected that different types of VPS rival and compete against each other. Depending on the Operating System of your server, there are majorly two types of VPS hosting — Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. Many people, however, go for the Windows VPS hosting because of its many advantages which we shall now discuss.

Microsoft is highly reputable when it comes to providing the best technologies. It has a huge experience in satisfying users. They know just what a user wants and how they want it. This is why their products are always the most preferred, globally. From full control to amazing customizations, Windows VPS hosting is for IT specialists. The main advantages of Windows VPS hosting include the following:

  1. It is Cost-effective and Budget-friendly
    As your business grows and your site gets more traffic, you may need an upgrade as soon as possible. You may have to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS. Whether it’s urgent or not, opting for a Windows VPS hosting plan can be the best decision if you are looking to save cost. Switching Windows VPS is basically paying prices close to that of shared hosting for a significant improvement. With us, you can get ideal Windows VPS hosting for small and medium-sized business for as low as only $25 per month.
  2. No Sharing of Resources
    One huge disadvantage you will encounter with shared hosting is the fact that multiple sites are using the same resources. This means that if a neighboring site is to get an increase in traffic, the resources you will get to work with becomes very limited. This can lead to slower loading of your site, which can, in turn, discourage current and potential customers. In the long run, your revenue not only drops, but you may attract a poor image to your enterprise as well.

    Upgrading to Windows VPS hosting fixes all this as your resources are not shared nor drained by other sites hosted on the same server. Since every site is operating on a different environment, your website can run without interruptions, saving you from one of the major disadvantages of shared hosting. There might also be situations such as special seasons when you might expect a sudden rise in the traffic of your website. Windows VPS will be there to ensure all goes well.
  3. Security
    We all know that when it comes to security, Microsoft has an excellent reputation. Therefore, when you get Windows VPS hosting from a reliable provider, you will definitely get the best level of security for your data. Windows comes with tools which are designed to equip your system with a certain level of protection from attacks and unauthorized access. This goes a long way to keep your personal and business data safe.

    Also, in shared hosting, your site can be affected when a neighboring site on your server gets infected by malware or face any other security threat. With the modifications of Windows VPS hosting, since your data is isolated and protected on the server, it is almost impossible for infections or security breaches from other sites to affect you.
  4. Better Control over Site
    Windows also has a public recognition in functionality options. All Windows server comes with a default Internet Information Services (IIS) making it possible to make use of almost all the standard web-based technologies. Windows also comes with SQL and others, which provide users with excellent options of database connectivity. Again, since your Windows VPS is independent of other sites, you have better control over your website. You are also given the capability of accessing all the resources and files available to your site. This means that you can set up your server to your need and install necessary additional software.
  5. Ease of Use
    Another reputation Microsoft has is the user-friendliness and ease of use of its products. This is one of the reasons why their products are usually the most preferred. Windows VPS hosting is not an exception in this Microsoft trend. The VPS comes with a graphic user interface, making it easier for beginners.
With all the advantages mentioned above and more, it is clear that Windows VPS hosting is an excellent choice. After making this choice, we at Vpsserver provides some of the cheapest and best Windows VPS hosting. Pay us a visit today!

Windows 10 VPS

Windows 10 VPS and Remote Desktop Hosting

Remote Desktop Hosting can be seen as a collection of methods, practices, procedures and rules that houses files, databases, and applications servers instead of just storing it into your laptop, PCs or hardware directly. Some small businesses also use it as a form of terminal server hosting. With it, you will be required to log in to your remote server whenever you wish to access any of your files or run any application. Remote Desktop hosting enables you to gain access to the host computer remotely over the internet. Generally, it is used extensively in corporates because it provides easy access to a device or a network from a considerable distance or from home networks. In this digital age that we are in, it is essential that employees are able to access their work servers without being physically present at the workplace. Remote desktop hosting has made this possible, hence, its importance.

You may be wondering how the Remote Desktop hosting works. It is actually based on virtualization technology. Although this is quite complex, it can be explained in simpler terms as the computer desktop being duplicated in the hosting server platform and creates a virtual desktop. This virtual desktop is stored in a remote server and is from where you or your team can access your files at any time from anywhere.

Another way you can see the working principle of the remote desktop hosting is as using a remote-controlled software. This makes it possible for you to access your company files from your home without any external hardware being set up at your place. Also, a project's data can be saved on the server, and multiple people can work together on that same project. This dramatically helps company workers to work together more conveniently, ultimately leading to better development.

Remote desktop hosting comes with many advantages among which is that it allows people to log in to the server an access company information, submit reports and update files from any part of the world. I.e. there is no geographical restriction imposed on them, therefore playing a vital role in the reduction of stress. Aside from this, Remote desktop hosting offers many other benefits which include the following:

  • Easy Integration: Remote desktop hosting allows easy and effortless integration between various platforms.
  • Support: This, which is as important as maintenance itself is provided by the hosting service provider, enabling you to take your mind off somethings, therefore giving you the avenue to focus better on your business.
  • Working Remotely: Remote desktop hosting provides your company with a BYOD environment as well as the resources to make it efficient. When you virtualize your computer, your desktop will be accessible to you from home or any other place. This can help your staff to be more productive.
  • Security: Ordering a service to get a remote desktop connection usually requires the best security. A team of professionals is put together by your provider to maintain your server. Your environment also backs up your data, and you can recover lost information at any point in time. Also, the service comes with its own enhanced security features which protect your data always and shows you everyone remotely connected to your business.
  • Savings: With the remote desktop hosting service, you don't need to spend on servers or workers to maintain the servers. You get to save the money you would have used to build up a reliable tech solution. This development can ultimately lead to profit maximization.
  • Easy Access and Management: One of the best benefits of a remote desktop connection is the fact that you can access your data from any part of the world. With your data in one place, easy to access at any time, anywhere, you no longer need to walk around with hardware copies of your information. You can also grant or restrict users access, make due modifications and carry out other managerial activities easily using a remote desktop connection.

When you finally decide to go for Remote desktop hosting, your decision should be to going for a reputable web hosting company because it is where your private and public files will be stored. Windows 10 VPS is arguably your best option if you want to maintain the competence of your site without having to spend too much. Windows 10 VPS is not only cost-effective but also has very reliable performance and security. Another great benefit is that even though many sites are being hosted, any problem that arises in one will not affect the others. For example, if a neighboring website is suffering from malware attack, low speed or has been hacked, it will not affect you in any way.

With all these advantages, the demand for Windows hosting with Remote Desktop services keeps increasing on a daily basis, and the market is now filled with several providers offering these services. Make sure to try it out now, and remember to use a reputable vendor.

With Windows 10, you can use VPS hosting to log into the server as an Administrator. This grants you access to a huge number of functionalities. You can also make a lot of changes in the server, control your site and any software installation as well as other customizations. The windows operating system usually comes with inbuilt RDP servers with RDP ports TCP/UDP 3389. Though RDP usually comes turned on in a Windows OS, there are some situations when some other App turns it off. Therefore, you need to be equipped with the steps to turn it on. This is very easy and takes only a few steps, which are:

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on System.
  • Check on the left menu and select Remote Settings.
  • Check the box that says Allow Remote Assistance connection to this computer.
  • Click on Advanced button.
  • A new window should pop-up.
  • Check the box that says Allow this computer to be controlled remotely and hit OK.

After this has been done, you can now make use of RDP. Next, you might want to use this RDP to connect to another machine. This can be easily achieved using the following steps:

  • Go to start and search "Remote Desktop Connection."
  • Click on it to open.
  • Enter the domain name or the IP address of the machine you wish to connect to.
  • Click on connect.
  • When the connection is successful, you can now control the machine remotely.

How to Set Up VPS on Windows 10?

We have seen RDP use network connections for applications based on Windows to provide remote display and input capabilities over network connections. This is its difference with a VPS. A VPS, on the other hand, is basically just a virtual machine used to host your data and can be used on either Windows or Linux. Therefore, the two should not be mistaken.

Windows 10 is undoubtedly the best desktop operating system by Microsoft yet. It is an improvement to its predecessors in many areas, including speed and stability. It is also much lighter. This version came with many modifications on almost all aspects, and this includes the VPS technology. Virtualization technology used in Windows 10 VPS server has also become so much advanced that the setup time is now shorter than it has ever been. You can easily set up your Windows 10 VPS in a few minutes. You can finish the entire process in less than 2 minutes.

The VPS technology is available on Windows 10 and can be purchased from several vendors conveniently using Credit Cards, Wire transfer, Paypal, Cryptocurrency and other payment methods. After purchase, you can now set up the VPS on your Windows 10 by following these steps:

  • Click on the start button.
  • Click on the search button.
  • Type in "remote desktop".
  • Choose "Remote Desktop Connection".
  • Type in the IP address of your Windows 10 VPS.
  • Insert your username and password in the new Windows that appears.

How to Connect Your Forex VPS to Windows 10

The Foreign Exchange (or Forex) market is the world's largest and most liquid market by trading volume with trillions of dollars being traded in it every day. It has no centralized location and is entirely electronic. Mobile trading first came into limelight when Google released the first trading app on play store. With it, a user could monitor his account and trade on the go. PC users were initially limited to trading from their desktops until the point where Microsoft released Windows phone. This development has since made room for the rapid advancement of Forex for windows technology.

Windows phones were first used to develop Forex on the Windows 8 OS. It was fast and had a tiled interface. This development journey started from Windows 8 and has now graduated to Windows 10. The dawn of windows 10 brought a more advanced interface as well as better experience and new options to implement strategies.

As a forex trader, your aim is always making profits. With the right information through the forex app for Windows, you will be able to make your profits while enjoying many benefits, including comfort at the same time. For the best trading experience, you should consider connecting your Forex to Windows 10. Also, all Windows versions from XP all come with Windows Remote Desktop Protocol, so you do not need to install any additional programs. All you need to do to connect your Forex to Windows 10 is simply to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is buy a Forex VPS server. You will get an IP address, Username, Password from your VPS provider after purchase. You should receive an email confirming your purchase and your login info.
  • In the email, take note of your FXVM VPS/Server IP address (IP; port), your username and password.
  • Go to your Windows 10 system and click the Start Menu.
  • Type in Remote Desktop Connection and press enter.
  • Your desired Remote Desktop Connection should be presented to you. Click on Show Options afterwards.
  • Go to Display tab and set up your desired resolution for your RDPconnection.
  • In the next tab, which should be Local Resources, you can share your clipboard. With this, you should then be able to copy/paste between your local machine and VPS.
  • You can share your Local Disk if you wish to copy files to/from your VPS. Click on More to do this.
  • Go back to General tab.
  • You can choose to agree to "Allow me to save credentials" if you don't want to go through the process of entering your VPS username and password next time you wish to log in.
  • Type in the VPS IP address (IP; port) and username you received earlier in the email into the fields provided and click connect.
  • You will then be asked to accept the FXM VPS certificate.
  • Agree to "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" to make things easier next time and click on Yes.
  • You will then be taken to your VPS desktop. This is a Windows Desktop having a great background and FXVM logo.
  • Now, you will have to install your trading platform (e.g. Broker's MetaTrader 4).

Cheap Windows VPS Server

Is There any Cheap VPS?

You might have been wondering why VPS servers are usually expensive. This is most probably because of two main reasons:

  • First, you should know that your website or app contains tremendous materials and needs valuable VPS. Websites and Applications are widely considered as some of the most valuable assets of a person in the age we are in, and it is now straightforward to make money through them.
  • The second reason is because of the invested capital of the server company. For these companies to provide better quality service, it requires better quality hardware resources. Examples of these resources are CPU, Storage, software or hardware firewalls etc. Gathering all these resources together requires much capital, so it's only fair that many server providers make their services quite expensive.

However, to answer the question of whether there are any cheap VPS, it's YES. Like I mentioned earlier, there are many cheap VPS servers out there. Many companies like offer some of the cheapest and most lucrative deals you can find anywhere.

You can find many offers ranging from $5 (some might even be less) and above. Imagine having to enjoy a wide variety of advantages for a relatively low cost. With our cheap cost of plans starting from $5, you get to enjoy these interesting features:

  • High performance and security with hosting redundancy.
  • Light speed VPS hosting services with native NVMe SSD.
  • NVMe 5 times faster than regular SSD hosting.
  • Fast and reliable 40Gb network with elite-level intel Gold processors.
  • No bottlenecks and downtime.
  • Guaranteed non-stop availability of cloud VPS.
  • Control panel features including viewing your console, reboot, restart, full root access, change your OS, firewall and more.
  • Easily deploy your VPS hosting plan.
  • Over 100 templates supporting Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, and several more.
  • Huge amount of resources from the VPS server community for almost every operating system.
  • Being able to deposit your scalable and managed VPS within 55 seconds on our cloud infrastructure platform.
  • Over 100 fully pre-configured templates available to deploy server in just seconds.
  • Our VPS can be launched with IPv6 and is completely free of charge.
  • Firewall configuration and rule additions that are easy and quick to setup and manage.
  • Usage of our private network function and joining VPSs in the same location.
  • You can choose how long you keep your server without any contracts, and it can be destroyed on-demand.
  • Backing up your VPS while the server is running. No scheduled downtime needed.
  • Get 3-way simultaneous storage on our cloud VPS hosting platform for websites of any size.
  • Much safer than a RAID system, which only stores on one shared hosting server. Better than a dedicated server.
  • VPS Server that scales up your bandwidth as your site grows so that your site will never again annoy you by being too slow.
  • Provision of 24/7/365 live chat support service.

You get all this for dealing with us for just at least $5. A free 7-day trial is also available for the cheapest plans, meaning you can enjoy these services for free for a full week before making an official purchase. All this proves that paying for our plans is a good investment plan which will be highly beneficial to your business.

How Can I Get a Cheap VPS Without a Credit Card?

In this current age, people now want more convenience when shopping online. If we wish to buy a product or pay for a service, we always desire a safe and convenient method. There are some situations you may not want to use your Credit Card because of the stress and/or lengthy process, or maybe it is unavailable. Whatever the reason, we are flexible in payment methods and have made available several options for you to get our Cheap VPS without a Credit Card.

We have free trials which will allow you to make the most of our extensive VPS hosting services. We aim to give our customers a peek of our services and let them experience our quality for a limited period. These trials are available in both a single or a 7-day format. You can get these free trials on our site today.

Another way you can order a Cheap VPN plan without Credit Card is by using Bitcoin. In this century, we have experienced various innovations, and one is the development of cryptocurrency. It is a means of exchange without any authority, transferable through the world wide web in a secure and trusted way. Its popularity has increased significantly with more and more markets adopting its use. We have included payment by bitcoin to assist customers who want to purchase our cheap VPS without a Credit Card. We use a payment provider which supports the transaction to order a VPS with instant deployment. Consider using payment by Bitcoin to get a cheap VPS when your Credit Card is Unavailable today.

For many reasons, you should consider a few things before you buy a cheap VPS from our hosting service, or any other to avoid losing money.

  • First, you should, of course, get Bitcoins. You can do this by buying or mining them. Bitcoins can be purchased through several vendors, make sure you buy from one who is tested and trusted. Your second option is to mine your bitcoins. This can be done using your PC or server (this is not highly recommended though as it may not be worth it). Alternatively, the best option is for you to join a Bitcoin mining pool, where a large network of people provided resources or services for the aim of earning Bitcoins.
  • Next is to get a VPS provider who accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. While there are several VPS providers who offer Bitcoin payments, not all of them can be trusted. So make sure you decide well on the provider you want to partner with.
  • Once you have found a provider, next is to verify them. Don't just go ahead and buy products because there is usually no way to issue a chargeback or revert the transfer, and it is also an anonymous payment method. Fraudsters may want to capitalize on this and dupe you. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make a research on the provider you have chosen before making payments.

In conclusion, Bitcoins are a great and secure way to pay for services when working with a trusted provider. The payments are instant, very easy and convenient. The only risk attached is the inability to revert payments. This is why it is crucial to work with trustworthy providers like us at

Paypal is one of the safest and most popular ways of paying for online purchases. With its use, we have made it possible to get a cheap VPS without a credit card. With it, you can use funds from your bank account and feel safe because Paypal's fraud prevention system protects your transaction. All you need is a Paypal account. Even without an account, you can create one when you choose payment by Paypal on our site as it is very fast and easy to set up. After selection, you will be redirected to Paypal's website to login your account and choose your funding source, after which you'll be brought back to our site to complete the payment.

Another very good way of getting a cheap VPS without a credit card is through wire transfer. Wire transfer is arguably one of the best methods of completing payment between two parties. When it comes to transferring money between two different accounts, Wire Transfer is always the most preferred option. This is why we have made it possible and super easy for you to buy VPS with bank wire from us. It is also safe and convenient to pay for your required VPS service. When you are looking to hire the best cheap VPS service from us with convenience, the use of Wire Transfer can come in handy. With it, you can easily transfer money to our account. It takes less time, is much safer, convenient, and most importantly, with it, you can get a cheap VPS without a Credit Card. The process will be completed in very few steps, and you'll only need to pay a nominal fee.

With the aim of better satisfying our customers, we have also introduced six (6) new payment methods to our site which use the principle of wire transfer. They include Sofort, Giropay, MyBank, EPS, Przelewy24 and Bancontact. They are each made available to help our customers decide which is best suited for them and are all developed across Europe.

Sofort banking is available in eight countries across Europe (including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands). Giropay is a very popular payment method in Germany and reaches over 40 million shoppers. All payments made with it is 100% guaranteed. MyBank is preferred by many in Italy, Przelewy24 is the most widely used method in Poland and supports 164 British banks. EPS was created through a collaboration between Austrian banks and their government; it is also very safe and secure. While Bancontact is a market leader in electronic payments in Belgium.

They are all basically like the traditional bank transfer, but details such as the beneficiary and amount have already been filled out. You are only required to verify the actual payment. They are completely safe and secure as your sensitive details are not being saved and are never made visible to any third parties. With these, you can get cheap VPS without a Credit Card and don't have to waste time entering lengthy card numbers and the other steps. It also eliminates the human error of inputting wrong details, making it more accurate.

If you are interested in a VPS server host and/or you want to get a cheap VPS without a credit card, do not hesitate to contact us on our site or live chat for more information on these payment methods and how to make transactions with them.

How do I Create a VPS Server?

If you have gotten a VPSServer account and you want to create a VPS server, the process is very easy. It can take as little as a minute to walk through all the steps. Once your account has been created and set up, follow the following steps to create a VPS Server:

  • Login using your registered email and password.
  • Once you are inside, click on Add Server on the left Menu. You will then be redirected to another page.
  • Enter the hostname of the server you will create in the hostname.
  • Select the size of the VPS server based on your requirements, and should your needs change at a future point, you can adjust your Droplet's plan using the flexible and permanent resize options.
  • Select image. Create from several operating systems, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Archlinux and CentOS. Be sure to select the image of your choice (specifying the version and 64 bit or 32 bit) in the dropdown.
  • For the additional options, you can select the backup plan for daily and weekly as well as IPV6 connection.
  • Once you are satisfied with the result, click on the Create Server button below to start the server creation process.
  • Once the server creation is complete, you can click on the Servers menu on the left to manage your server. You can reboot, resize, schedule backups, modify the network, open the console or even destroy the server.

Windows VPS Server Hosting

How to Order Cheap VPS Server Hosting

Many clients are now accustomed to different hosting platforms. As much as this is a good thing, it also has a disadvantage as it may cloud your deductive skills. This makes it a necessity to understand which platform suits your business best. How do you know when it’s time to switch to VPS hosting you may ask? Look out for these signs below:

  • Check if your traffic surge rate has gone over 30% and if your website has crossed 5K page views per day.
  • Ensure your website is now generating enough revenue (I.e. when the growth rate is around 30%).
  • Decide if you want complete control to server & resources or not.
  • Check if your website is gradually becoming reluctant.
  • Decide how much of priority privacy of applications and websites is to you.
  • Finalize if you want to keep your website private and separate from neighboring websites.
  • Ensure you are willing to run a customized operating system as well as applications.
  • Check if the notification you receive for monthly consumption of shared hosting provider resources shows that you have consumed everything.
  • Check how much heavy multimedia contents your website contains.
  • Be sure you’re willing to enjoy some of the great features of VPS server.

When it becomes clear you have to move your business from a shared server hosting to Virtual Private Server hosting, you should always consider going for the cheapest out there. I know that at this point, the next and final question that will be on your mind is; how can I order a cheap VPS server hosting?

In this section, we will teach you the steps to order a cheap VPS server. The entire process is straightforward and takes only about a minute, though you might have to wait up to 20 minutes or less for the creation process to be completed.

  1. The first thing you’ll be needed to do is to select the operating system you want for your VPS server (we’ll be using Windows VPS server throughout this example. However, the same steps are used with Linux VPS server).
  2. The next thing is to choose which plan you wish to use. You’re provided with many different plans. Standard plans are perfect for an average VPS. They are packed with plenty of power and are well balanced. Below are some examples of the standard plans:
    • $ 4,99 plan: 1 GB Memory/ 1 core, 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer
    • $ 9,99: 2 GB memory / 2 cores, 50 GB disk / 2 TB transfer
    • $ 14,99: 3 GB memory / 2 cores, 75 GB disk / 3 TB transfer
    • $ 19,99: 4 GB memory / 3 cores, 100 GB disk / 4 TB transfer
    • $ 29,99: 6 GB memory / 4 cores, 150 GB disk / 5 TB transfer
    • $ 39,99: 8 GB memory / 6 cores, 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer
  3. You select the plan of your choice according to your budget and requirements (note that there is a free 7-day trial for the first four standard plans). If you are tight on budget, then go for something less expensive. If however, you are looking for more CPU power or more Memory, you can look at our CPU Optimized and Memory Optimized plans (they are of course more expensive though). Also, have it in mind that Windows’ process is quite heavy, so it is advisable to have at least 4GB of RAM or higher.
  4. Popular plan:4 GB Memory, 3 CORES Processor, 100 GB Disk, 4 TB Transfer. Pricing for this starts at $ 19,99
  5. Next, you click on “Start VPS” below your desired plan (you’ll see “start 7-day trial” if it’s among the first four standard plans).
  6. You will then be required to fill a straightforward form, enter your contact address, choose your region, select your billing cycle and payment method.
  7. When you are done confirming your order, try and be patient because the server usually takes between 2-20 minutes to install.

Managed Windows VPS

One major confusion that arises when clients want to buy a Windows VPS hosting is whether to buy Managed VPS hosting or Unmanaged VPS hosting. Many find it challenging to decide on which to go for, so in this section, we will explain the differences between the two, focusing mainly on the Managed Windows VPS. Have it in mind that a poor decision will ultimately lead to the poor performance of your website.

An unmanaged Windows VPS account is one where the web hosting provider sets up only the server for the client leaving full control over the system to them (the client). That means that the client is responsible for security hardening, installation of apps, and so on.

When using a managed Windows VPS on the other hand, the VPS service provider offers a broader range of service. It takes full control and responsibility for all installations, software updates, configurations, setups as well as maintenance. It supports the client where there is an operational issue. This means that you will have peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on your business without having to worry about the performance of your VPS.

In case you might be wondering what services managed VPS providers offer, beware that different hosts have their own services, so you are advised to check the support option of the plan before you sign up for it. Though some services may differ, essentially, all Windows VPS servers offer the following services:

  • They ensure the highest availability.
  • They take appropriate security measures to prevent vulnerability.
  • They monitor alerts for low disk space, High CPU and RAM usage, as well as potential security risks.
  • They update OS, server patches, and security on regular basis.
  • They provide technical support at every hour of the day.
  • They backup and maintain your resources regularly.
  • They Install the necessary software and SSL certificates.
  • Other services that can be offered include 24/7 technical and control panel support, migrating domain name, databases and other site resources, troubleshooting and fine-tuning, maximum security from virus, malware and DDOS attacks and anti-spam server monitoring and protection.

Knowing well the difference between the two offers, it is evident that the managed Windows VPS is by far more advantageous. However, the unmanaged plan is still beneficial in some cases. Now, you may ask, “when should I choose a Managed Windows VPS hosting?”. If you want to purchase a plan, your decision should be made after considering the following factors:

  • Budget: Make sure you put your budget into consideration before you make a decision. You should consider the difference in cost between the two hosting plans. Unmanaged hosting is available for a lower price while Managed hosting is more expensive since the service provider offers a higher level of services. However, have it in mind that even though the Managed VPS hosting might be more expensive, it is without doubt worth every extra cost.
  • Competence of your workers: Before you decided on choosing Managed Windows VPS hosting or not, consider the level of expertise of your workers. For instance, if you have workers who can perform installations, maintenance, and so on when the need arises, there is no need for you to shift all this to an external party and pay extra. If on the other hand, you lack these workers, obtaining the managed Windows VPS is a very good investment.
  • Customization: When getting a managed Windows VPS, there are usually some conditions the service provider will require you to meet. Most usually, you will be compelled to buy a control panel with it. This means that it may come with several softwares which you might not need. Therefore, you should consider if you or your company has any unique need and if you want to customize your server in a way that is not possible with the managed VPS.
  • Level of desired access: you should make a decision considering the level or amount of access control you or your IT team needs. If you do not run a business where you’ll need unlimited control and you can still operate even when being a little restricted from deciding some issues concerning the VPS hosting, then the Managed Windows VPS is the better choice.
  • Scalability and performance: If you are operating on the managed support option, your service provider will be responsible for monitoring your VPS daily and advising you when to scale up or down your VPS resources. If you are not willing to constantly monitor your VPS on your own, then getting a managed VPS should be your decision. Also, if the nature of your business requires higher bandwidths, unmanaged VPS servers may be more suitable for you.

Generally, the Managed VPS hosting is a more expensive alternative for the Unmanaged hosting since you are charged for technical support and assistance and other beneficial services in the plan. However, it can be very valuable if you lack the knowledge or expertise of managing servers. There is also the possibility of you finding yourself in a situation where you need technical assistance at midnight. The avoidance of situations like these is good proofs that your extra dollar was well invested.

3 Ways to Get Cheap VPS For Students 2020

Most VPS service providers provide only plans for commercial uses. However, when you do not have a big business and really need to use a VPS, you can get it in various ways. Students are good examples of users of VPS who fall under the group of people who need VPS services at a lesser scale. They make use of it for several purposes, mainly education activities. Although only students who study computer science and other computer-related courses are likely to get a topic or subject related to VPS, many others are still eager to learn about VPS irrespective of their educational background. Whatever group you may be in, you may have asked about how you can get cheap VPS. Below are ways with which you can achieve this goal:

  1. Amazon AWS Educate Program: with the goal of getting into every online business, the top retailer Amazon has also created an education program to provide easy education tools to students and teachers. This new service is also dedicated to offering servers to do remote work, database management, cloud storage, hosting, as well as other related tasks. The service can be used for hosting remotely and provides enough space for keeping files virtually. The most attractive aspect of this service is that it offers a year of free service, which is enough for a student. With this, you can consider Amazon AWS as a source for obtaining free VPS.
  2. Microsoft Azure VPS: This is a service release by Microsoft to compete in cloud computing business. It has a complex system and network and is convenient for managing vast and large networks. Microsoft Azure has some services which are free for students via their school, allowing you to access VPS without having to spend anything. It, however, has limited storage and specs but is enough to fulfill basic requirements.
  3. GiftHub Student Developer pack: This is one of the most popular open-source platforms, and it has been doing collaborations with most of the famous VPS providers, including the two we mentioned earlier. It provides many free plans and offers numerous promo codes which can be used to get a very good amount of discount on your hosting plans. If you receive these coupon codes, you can also use it to get free VPS for as long as a few months. Therefore, it is one of the cheapest VPS you can get in 2020.

Best Windows VPS Server

Best Windows VPS Server

A Best Windows VPS server is a Virtual Private Server that runs on Windows technology and offers webmasters the opportunity to host their websites independently. Best Windows VPS Servers are the most user-friendly VPS. Just like the Windows Operating System, the Best Windows VPS Server uses Microsoft Office Suite and other similar software. So, most users find it easy to use because they are already familiar with its interface.

Other benefits that the Best Windows VPS Server offers include:

  1. Increased Website Performance: Websites on the Windows VPS spend less time loading because the server is not crowded with other websites and applications. If you run an online business, your audience will be drawn to your site because it works faster.
  2. Cheaper Costs: With shared servers and dedicated hosting service, you may incur huge costs if you decide to upgrade your website. Our Windows VPS offers you the opportunity to scale your website without breaking the bank. Our payment plans are some of the lowest for Windows VPS in the market:
  3. Standard Package: This package offers a balanced ratio in the supply of CPU power and Memory.

    • For $9.99, you get 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
    • For $14.99, you get 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
    • For $19.99, you get 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
    • CPU Optimized Plan: This package prioritizes CPU power over Memory.

    • For $69.99, you enjoy 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
    • For $139.99, you enjoy 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
    • For $159.99, you enjoy 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.

    Memory-Optimized plan: This package supplies more Memory at the expense of other resources.

    • For $7.49, you get 2gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk and 1tb transfer.
    • For $14.99, you get 4gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
    • For $22.49, you get 6gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  4. Security Enhancements: We offer several security features to ensure that your data is well protected. Our 3-way storage method help to restrict data access and prevent data losses. Our Native IPv6 infrastructure safeguards your data against hacking.
  5. 24-hour Operation: The websites and applications on our Windows VPS are always available. Our servers are pre-installed with Worldwide DDOS protection, which defends the VPS against network failures caused by website traffic. In addition, we organize live backups. So, there is no need to arrange a downtime to back up the system.
  6. Flexibility with Operating Systems: You do not have to stay confined to a single Operating System any longer. Our Windows VPS supports a variety of Operating Systems, ranging from Debian to Scientific Linux.

Installing Windows Server on Your VPS

The Windows Operating System is the most popular operating system in the world. There is a high chance that you are more familiar with this OS than any other kind. Having a familiar Operating System on your VPS will make it easier to use. If you do not have Windows Server installed on your VPS, you might need to learn how to set it up on your own. Follow these steps to install Windows Server on your VPS:

  1. Log into your account on our website.
  2. Select your current plan to view details.
  3. Next, hit the ‘Services’ button and click on ‘My Services’.
  4. Select ‘VPS Configuration’
  5. A new window will appear. Under ‘Boot Order’, change the first button to ‘CD Drive’, and the second button to ‘Hard disk’.
  6. Under Select ISO, pick the Windows Server you would like to set up. Our VPS only supports Windows Server 2012, 2016 & 2019.
  7. In the space for Secondary CD-ROM, select ‘virtio drivers’.
  8. Now, hit ‘Submit’ and wait for the response message to load.
  9. Once the response message has appeared, click on the ‘Close’ button to close the window.
  10. Next, click the ‘VNC’ button and select ‘Launch HTML 5 VNC’.
  11. Another window will pop up.
  12. Move to the Power Options box and select the ‘Power off VPS’ button. Immediately, click on ‘Start VPS.
  13. After you click the ‘Start’ button, hit ‘Connect’. Then, wait for the first text to appear. Now, press any key.
  14. The instructions for your Windows installation will appear.
  15. Type in your language, currency, and input method.
  16. Hit ‘Next’.
  17. Click ‘Install now’.
  18. You have completed the installation of your Windows Server on your VPS.

Windows VPS Roles

Windows VPS Roles are the significant functions of the Windows VPS. Examples of Windows VPS roles are:

  • File Services: This role refers to technologies that help webmasters install and manage file servers. File servers are servers where developers can store files and share them with their website users. If you have files on your website that you want your audience to access, or your job involves file management, Windows VPS can host your files.
  • Virtualization: This role deals with how the Windows VPS divides a physical server into virtual private servers, through a hypervisor, to enable website developers to run their websites independently. The VPS implements the process of virtualization through the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), a machine which offers Best Windows VPS Servers the ability to run a variety of Operating Systems.
  • Remote Desktop Services: This role allows users from different locations across the world access games, files or even applications over a virtual desktop. Remote Desktop Services describes how developers or server users input information into their client accounts through the server, and how information recorded by the client is transmitted to the server operator.
  • DNS Server: The DNS server, or the Domain Name System server, deals with the process of matching domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. The DNS server is essential because humans remember websites by their names, while computers identify websites by their IP addresses. The DNS server is how your website appears, when people search for your domain name, even though computers cannot identify them.
  • Streaming Media Services: Your Best Windows VPS Server is the reason why you can host a video and get your audience to stream it on your website.
  • Active Directory Domain Services: This function lets admins manage, store and organize website information and application data into hierarchies. The purpose of this role is to authorize users or admin access to a website. Usernames, passwords, login policies fall under the sphere of this role.
  • Print Services: This role permits users to print files from the website.
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server (DHCPS): This server creates and assigns IP addresses and other network parameters to use websites. Instead of the VPS hosting service providers to manually set up each new user, the server automates their registration on the VPS and assigns IP addresses to them.If the IP address of an existing client expires, the server provides them with new IP addresses.
  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS): This service is a flexible alternative to the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). It offers directory services which cannot be provided by the ADDs because of domain and cost restrictions.
  • Web Server (IIS): This is the most basic function of the Best Windows VPS Server. Just like its name implies, this server hosts websites.
  • Active Directory Rights Management Service: This server software deals with information rights. This service deploys end-to-end encryption to restrict access to confidential information stored in documents, corporate emails and web pages. This server also gives and denies permissions to print, copy, edit or delete documents on websites.
  • Licensing: This service organizes the purchase of licenses for the website.
  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS): This service lets administrators manage and distribute software updates and bugfixes across websites.
  • Active Directory Certificate Services: This service is meant for building certificates on websites with tools such as OpenSSL. It also provides a means for organizations to distribute certificates across a myriad of holders.

Windows VPS Features

The Windows VPS are the add-ons that come with the server.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework:This framework is responsible for developing and running vital web applications.
  • BranchCache: This feature allows the user to transfer cache and applications from his primary virtual desktop to Cloud, to reduce network traffic. The Windows VPS BranchCache is designed in such a way that if the user requires the cache in future, he can retrieve it easily from the remote location.
  • Data Center Bridging: This feature points to a collection of upgraded Ethernet extensions which reduces data losses and latency. It also promotes the sharing of bandwidth within datacenters.
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption: This is a security feature which is built to safeguard user data on Windows through end-to-end encryption.
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS): This feature enables programmers to download files or upload files to HTTP web servers. Before a user uploads tor downloads a file, BITS analyses the cost of the transfer and the extent of network usage to minimize the impact of the administrator’s actions on the website’s performance. BITS also manages network interruptions during a download or upload of files.
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Server: An SMTP server accounts for every part of the mail delivery. Every business with an independent mail service must configure their SMTP settings before usage.
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Service: This feature connects different devices on the same network to enable them to share information. SNMP also monitors website performance.
  • Transmission Control Protocol/IP Services: It is a communication protocol that allows users to send and receive messages in the form of bytes.
  • Remote Procedure Calls over HTTP Proxy: The RPC over HTTP is a feature that allows RPC clients to connect securely over the internet and launch remote procedure calls. The procedure calls are made possible through an intermediary called the RPC Proxy. The RPC Proxy accept call requests from the internet, validates them to check that they are secure, and then connects the call if they pass the checks.
  • Telnet server: Telnet server is a two-way interactive program built for remote communication or data exchanges.
  • Windows Internal Database: Windows Internal Database works only as a database for applications like Windows Server Update Services and Windows System Resource Manager.
  • Trivial File Transfer Protocol client: This feature enables users to transfer files between network devices. A TFTP client uploads the files on a TCP server, and another client requests the files from the server.
  • Remote Differential Compression (RDC): The RDC is a server algorithm that compresses the content of two files by identifying their differences. This feature is often used to reduce the amount of data transmitted across a network.
  • Network Load Balancing (NLB): This technology distributes traffic across two or more servers to improve website performance across the servers. NLB allows for a balance of network traffic, especially when a particular server is overloaded with traffic.
  • Failover Clustering: Failover clustering is a group of computers that work together to improve the availability of server applications. When a server crashes, these clusters host the applications until the server is fixed. However, the clusters can only provide this service for a short while.
  • Enhanced Storage: Enhanced Storage refers to external storage devices such as a hard disk or flash drive. These devices have pre-installed security features that let the owner restrict data access.
  • WINS (Windows Internet Naming System) server: This service converts computer network names, or NetBIOS names, into IP addresses, so that computers within the same network can quickly locate each other.
  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol: This is a service that helps computers within the same network identify each other to ensure reliable and stable connections between them.

Free VPS Server Windows| Instant Setup for Windows VPS Hosting Service

Free VPS Server Windows

The Free VPS Server Windows is a virtual private server for Windows technology that gives webmasters that allow webmasters to host and run their websites on isolated servers. The Windows VPS service provider divides a physical server into multiple virtual servers, using a hypervisor so that each webmaster can run their websites independently without interference. Each webmaster enjoys total control over his server; he can choose which application to run and switch Operating Systems at will.

Here are other benefits a website developer enjoys when he uses a Free VPS Server Windows:

  1. Live Backups: You do not need to shut down all server operations to backup your server. You can back up your VPS even while it is running.
  2. Simple Firewall setup: You don't have to be a tech expert to set up the firewall of your VPS. The Windows VPS firewall is easy to setup.
  3. Scalable Server: Windows VPS offers you the option to upgrade your server at will directly from the control panel.
  4. Non-stop Technical Support: Our live chat support is always available at any moment of the day. You can contact us if you have any probing questions.
  5. High Website Performance: Windows VPS is powered by Intel E5 Processor that decrease the response time of the server. Also, the Windows VPS performs better than shared servers because you do not have to share it with anyone.
  6. Supports a Variety of Operating Systems: The Windows VPS supports operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Mageia, Windows Server 2016,2012, and 2019, Scientific Linux, Forex VPS and Clearos. So, webmasters can easily switch between these operating systems whenever he wishes.
  7. Full Root Access: Web developers enjoy full access to the data on the servers, and all the privileges that come with it.
  8. Functional and Accessible Control Panel: The control panel simplifies actions like booting, restarting the server, managing payments and earnings, such that even technology novices can peruse the panel with ease.
  9. Earning Money: When you perform any action on the server, you will receive rewards in credits. After you’ve accumulated these credits, we would accept it as payment for our services. Some of the actions that can earn you credits are:
    • Valuable Comments: When you reply to a question in our community of users with information that we consider useful, you can earn credits.
    • Short tutorials: If you share knowledge on hot topics in the community, we will give you some credits.
    • Asking Relevant Questions: You can gain some credits by asking questions that the community will learn from.
    • Referrals: Each time you inform a friend of our services and they make a purchase, you will earn some credits.
    • Placing Orders: For each 5 running VPS you purchase, you will gain extra credits.

How to Setup a Free VPS Server Windows

Placing the order for your Free VPS Server Windows is the easy part. Getting it ready for use, however, might be a little tricky, especially if it’s your first VPS. Discover how you can install your Free VPS Server Windows with these easy steps.

  1. After you’ve successfully placed the order for your Free VPS Server Windows, you will receive login details through email. Use the details in your email to log in to your control panel.
  2. Once you’ve signed in, click on the icon that says ‘ Virtual Private Server’.
  3. Next, click on the ‘create VPS’ button that will appear.
  4. Now, you can configure your VPS to your preferences.
  5. You need to type in your VPS name and set your domain URL. For your VPS name, input the panel username that you received as part of the login details in your email. The domain you input should be your website URL.
  6. Choose the Operating System you want to run your VPS with. Our Windows VPS supports a range of Operating Systems, including Ubuntu, Debian and Scientific Linux.
  7. Next, type in your VPS administrator password to restrict access to your VPS.
  8. You will receive a notification email to confirm your configuration.
  9. After you’ve confirmed your configuration, you will need to fill in the rest of the resources, like the CPU power and Memory, that come with your VPS order.
  10. Then, input the IP address for your VPS. You can pick one from our IP pool or select one of your choosing.
  11. You will receive a summary of your Windows configuration. Click ‘ Next’ to complete your setup. Your VPS will be available in a matter of minutes.
  12. When your Free VPS Server Windows is ready, the server will direct you to move to the control panel to manage your VPS.
  13. Whenever you need to access your VPS, get a remote desktop connection and input your login details.

That said, you need to learn how to connect your VPS to a Remote Desktop:

  1. Log on to our website and click on the ‘Control Panel’ button.
  2. Next, click on the ‘System’ button in the Control Panel.
  3. Now, go to the left menu and click on ‘Remote Settings’
  4. Check the box that says ‘Allow the Remote Assistance connection to this computer’.
  5. On the new dialogue box that pops up, click on the ‘Advanced’ button located at the right bottom of the box.
  6. A new window will appear. Mark the box that says ‘Allow this computer to be controlled remotely’, and click ‘OK’.
  7. You have successfully connected your VPS to your remote desktop connection.

Instant Setup KVM Windows VPS Hosting Cloud

KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. KVM is virtualization built into the Linux Operating System. A virtualization hypervisor divides a physical server into multiple virtual servers so that webmasters can enjoy full control of each partition and host their websites without sharing a server. The primary purpose of the KVM is to offer a hardware server that lets multiple operating systems run on the VPS at the same time.Even though KVM was initially designed for Linux, our Windows VPS can run on KVM because the Linux OS is supported on the VPS, alongside a host of other operating systems.

Windows VPS KVM lets you operate your remote desktop on Windows OS. With the Remote Desktop Connection, you can access your saved programs and files from multiple locations around the world. KVM comes with various benefits:

  • KVM provides better website and application performance when compared to its rival hardware technology.
  • KVM takes the shortest time in scaling your VPS. You only need to schedule a minimal downtime, to help the machine modify your CPU power, Memory and disk storage to your larger VPS.
  • It offers security features to its virtual host servers. For instance, the machine applies sVirt, a security layer which creates security boundaries and limits, to virtual machines.
  • KVM offers APIs that promote remote configuration of virtual machines.
  • It lets your VPS migrate quickly to different CPU channels without losing data.

All our VPS plans come with pre-installed KVM VPS. You can purchase our starter plan for as low as $4.99. This plan only offers you 1gb memory,25gb disk, and 1tb transfer. However, if you want to enjoy more resources, you can check out other plans like:

Standard package:

  • For $9.99, you get 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $14.99, you get 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $19.99, you get 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $29.99, you get 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
  • For $39.99, you get 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
  • For $69.99, you get 16gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.

CPU Optimized Plan

  • For $69.99, you enjoy 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
  • For $139.99, you enjoy 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $159.99, you enjoy 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $219.99, you enjoy 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $279.99, you enjoy 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.

Memory-Optimized plan:

  • For $7.49, you get 2gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk and 1tb transfer.
  • For $14.99, you get 4gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
  • For $22.49, you get 6gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
  • For $29.99, you get 8gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
  • For $44.99, you get 12gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.

    Windows VPS Hosting Solutions with Most Important Functions

    We offer the best Windows VPS hosting solutions at the lowest prices. A Windows VPS is a private server running on Windows Technology that lets you host your websites independently. All website owners enjoy full control and total access to the server.

    Our Windows VPS Hosting Solutions offer essential functions that shared servers lack. These features are:

    1. Host your Websites: Our Windows VPS will offer host your websites even if you are on a low budget. With our Worldwide DDOS protection, you can rest assured that your website will not be affected by network failures.
    2. Boost your Website Performance: Our Windows VPS provide Intel E5 Processors that improve the speed of websites and vital applications. Also, because our servers have less workload that shared servers, they often take less time in loading websites.
    3. Provide security for your business: Our Windows VPS are built with several infrastructures that secure the information of our customers. We offer Native IPv6 infrastructure to ensure enhanced safety of server data. We use a 3-way storage system to defend the server information against virus attacks or hacking.
    4. Organize daily, live backups on your server: Our system implements live backups to ensure that no data is lost. What’s more, you don’t even have to arrange a downtime for the backup. You can backup your server as it runs.
    5. Enable 24-hour availability of your website: Our Windows VPS is always available. This is the reason why Forex traders prefer using our servers. Due to the sensitivity of their trade, any network failure during a trade session may cost them millions of dollars. However, our reliable service has earned them huge profits in their trade.
    6. Offer Live Chat Support: If you encounter any problem while setting up or deploying your VPS, you can contact us through our live chat support at any hour of the day.
    7. Provide full control of servers to users: Our users enjoy total control over the applications they run and the operating systems they use.
    8. Host your Database: Our VPS runs databases like SQL and ASP, for businesses who want to utilize them for storage, organization and retrieval of data.
    9. Host Email Servers: No need to depend on cumbersome email systems. Our servers will give you total control over your emails. The Windows VPS will send your emails directly to your customers.
    10. Facilitate Remote Working: Our VPS offer the remote desktop access feature, which lets you communicate, send and receive programs and files on teamwork application from multiple locations in the world.
    11. Host Vital Applications: For businesses which rely on specific applications to operate effectively, our VPS works to ensure that their applications are always accessible. Reliable applications will increase your business efficiency and improve the online experience of your clients, thus earning you more profits.
    12. Reduce the complexity of tasks: Our control panel is designed with the newbie in mind. Our administrative tasks are easily accessible, and actions are explained clearly. You can also set up the firewall in a few seconds.

    Cheap VPS Windows Servers

    Cheap VPS Windows Servers

    There are very few Windows VPS hosting service providers on the market. So, it is often scarce to find a Windows VPS hosting with affordable pricing.

    Notwithstanding the prices, many online small business owners prefer Windows VPS to Linux-based VPS because of the remote desktop access feature exclusive to Windows VPS. Also, their familiarity with Windows technology and Microsoft Office Suite influences their preference for Windows VPS. Unfortunately, many are unable to afford Windows VPS because of their relatively high costs, as compared to other forms of VPS hosting.

    Our Windows VPS is one of the cheapest and most reliable VPS hosting services. Our monthly server plans start at $4.99. The rest of the plans are as follows:

    • Standard Package: The standard package is for webmasters who want a balanced supply of CPU power and Memory. There are 12 plans in this category:
      • $4.99 for 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk and 1tb transfer.
      • $9.99 for 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
      • $14.99 for 3gb memory, 2cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
      • $19.99 for 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
      • $29.99 for 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
      • $39.99 for 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
      • $79.99 for 16gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.
      • $139.99 for 24gb memory, 10 cores, 600gb disk, and 8tb transfer.
      • $179.99 for 32gb memory, 12 cores, 800gb disk, and 9tb transfer.
      • $319.99 for 64gb memory, 20 cores, 1600gb disk, and 10tb transfer.
      • $499.99 for 96gb memory, 24 cores, 2400gb disk, and 11tb transfer.
      • $899.99 for 192gb memory, 32 cores, 4800gb disk, and 12tb transfer.
    • CPU-Optimized Package: The CPU-optimized package is an excellent choice for web developers who use excess CPU power. The plans in this category offer a vast supply of CPU power and provide other resources in minimal quantities:
      • $69.99 for 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
      • $139.99 for 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
      • $159.99 for 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
      • $219.99 for 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
      • $279.99 for 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
      • $419.99 for 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
      • $559.99 for 16gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.
      • $699.99 for 24gb memory, 10 cores, 600gb disk, and 8tb transfer.
      • $839.99 for 32gb memory, 12 cores, 800gb disk, and 9tb transfer.
      • $1399.99 for 64gb memory, 20 cores, 1600gb disk, and 10tb transfer.
      • $1679.99 for 96gb memory, 24 cores, 2400gb disk, and 11tb transfer.
      • $2239.99 for 192gb memory, 32 cores, 4800gb disk, and 12tb transfer.
    • Memory-optimized package: This package was created for developers who use applications that take up a lot of Memory. The plans offer an excess supply of Memory at the expense of other resources:
      • $7.49 for 2gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
      • $14.99 for 4gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
      • $22.49 for 6gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
      • $29.99 for 8gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
      • $44.99 for 12gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.

    Despite its low pricing, our Windows VPS offers the same features as its more expensive counterparts. These features are:

    1. VPS Duplication: We store your VPS on 3 different servers. This method is called the 3-way storage, and it provides enhanced security for the information on your servers.
    2. Powerful Infrastructure: Our VPS is pre-installed with efficient switches to protect the servers against physical damage. We have also integrated the system with vital applications and storage to ensure that you can adjust the VPS to your preferences in a matter of seconds.
    3. Updated & Reliable Server Technology: Our VPS are powered by reliable Intel E5 Processors. Our network also comes with a 40gb connection that is guaranteed to improve the responsiveness of our servers.
    4. Operating System Templates: Our plans offer you a variety of Linux OS and Windows templates for you to choose from. You can then use this template to create a VPS with a few clicks.
    5. Protection against DDOS attacks: DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. A DDOS attack occurs when a network of computers cause website traffic, leading to network failures. Through our plans, we protect websites against DDOS attacks. Our network detects disruptive website traffic, counters such attacks, and defends the VPS against future attacks.
    6. Private Networking: You can set up a virtual private network with other customers in your datacenter.

    What can you do with Windows VPS

    Although most of the VPS on the market are Linux-based, the Windows VPS remains the most popular kind of VPS. One of the reasons why it is so popular is the myriad of uses the VPS offers. Let’s take a look at some of these uses:

    1. Web Hosting: You can use your Windows VPS to host websites and online platforms. Windows VPS hosting organizes backups while the system is running, so there is no need to schedule a downtime for the backup. For this reason, eCommerce business owners and Forex traders, who require that their websites run for 24 hours everyday favour Windows VPS hosting.
    2. In addition, you can use Windows VPS to host and update business information, as well as store user data in secure formats. This hosting service supports website content via HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP and NNTP.

    3. Database Hosting: Today, most businesses deploy database platforms like SQL to organize, store and retrieve data from the database. Windows VPS offer flexible features that enable the servers to host a variety of database platforms like SQL, or even as backend technology for websites.
    4. Host Important Applications: Another essential usage of Windows VPS is hosting vital applications that affect your business operations. If you have an online business, you may need these applications to run non-stop throughout the day. Since the Windows VPS offers every website developer full control over their private servers, it is an ideal method to ensure 24-hour delivery from essential business applications.
    5. If you run an online logistics and transport business, for instance, the Windows VPS would ensure that your applications always remain available, so that your customers can place their shipping or transport orders at any moment of the day. This way, you can minimize losses in your business and establish your organization as a reliable brand in your field. Besides, you can rest assured that your clients will enjoy quality experience whenever they visit your online platform.

    6. Remote Desktop Access: The remote desktop access feature is one of the unique features of the Windows VPS. This feature allows website users to log on to the website from multiple locations around the world.
    7. Mail Servers:Windows VPS can be used to run email servers. Unlike traditional email services that send emails to the end-user through a series of shared service systems, the Windows VPS sends the email from an organization directly to the user. Every Windows VPS is made up of end-to-end encryption which ensures that confidential information in emails remains secure. Because of this, many organizations now utilize the Windows VPS as their email server.
    8. Backups: Windows VPS can be used to back up information on your websites. It is essential that you back up your system regularly to safeguard data in case of system failures. The Windows VPS organizes backups daily so that that website developers can recover files quickly in the event of system failures.
    9. Host Multiplayer Games: The windows VPS provides connectivity features which online gamers can deploy to hold virtual multiplayer games among players from various locations across the world.

    What are VPS Used for?

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a form of website hosting that lets webmasters host their websites independently, using a private server, as opposed to relying on shared servers or dedicated hosting. Here are some of the common uses of a VPS:

    1. Running a Website: The VPS is an ideal choice for scaling your websites. Because the VPS is exclusive to each user, websites hosted on the private server are often more responsive than websites on shared servers. VPS also offers resources like CPU, RAM, and a host of other resources that are absent in shared hosting.
    2. Hosting your Server: A website is not the only infrastructure you can host on a VPS. You can also host online games, or even design the virtual environment for your games. Nevertheless, some VPS hosting services do not permit their users to run online games. So, study the terms of your VPS contract before hosting a game,
    3. Testing Applications for your online business: If your company relies heavily on applications for your business operations, you may need to test the applications before you use them. Testing these applications on a dedicated or shared server may incur huge bills.
    4. File backups: VPS can help you back up your files to protect them ahead of possible system failures. If you use cloud storage for your backup, you may incur high bills. But with VPS, you can secure your files without breaking the bank.

    5 Ways to Use a Windows VPS for your business

    The Windows VPS is the subject of concern for many small businesses and large organizations around the world. These organizations are curious to discover ways to enhance their business with Windows VPS.

    Take a look at the variety of ways you can utilize Windows VPS for your business:

    1. Host your website and email: If your business website is currently being hosted on a shared server, you can purchase a VPS and move your website to the VPS. This transfer will increase your website performance and reduce the amount you would have spent on website hosting.
      You can also host your mail service on the VPS instead of using a shared mail service system. Windows VPS will give you total control over your mail service and website, and help you improve the online experience of customers on your website.
    2. Set Up a Virtual Desktop: After you have purchased and installed your VPS, you can decide the applications and features you would want on your server. This group of applications make up the virtual desktop. You may choose to duplicate the applications on your physical desktop on your virtual desktop. Just like your physical desktop, the virtual desktop supports the Microsoft Office software. Even accounting software like Quicken will function on the desktop.
    3. Access your Business Applications from multiple locations: The pandemic has encouraged many organizations to embrace remote work culture. Do you want your employees to access work files remotely on an application? Host the application on your Windows VPS. Your Workers will make adjustments to the files, and submit their projects on the server so that anyone can access it from various locations in the world.
    4. Host Vital Business Applications: Windows VPS offers pre-installed performance and redundancy features that will ensure that your vital applications are always available for use. The VPS organizes backups while the system is running, and offers DDOS protection to defend the servers against network failures. Once the Windows VPS is installed, your business will run smoothly even during power outages.
    5. Minimalize your power usage on your Physical Desktops and move your files to Cloud: Since most of the applications on your physical desktop will be on your virtual desktop after you purchase a VPS, you can quit investing in high-powered physical infrastructure and move most of your files to Cloud.

    What is Windows VPS

    What is Windows VPS?

    A Windows VPS is a Virtual Private Server for Windows that lets you host your domains without relying on dedicated hosting from shared servers. Windows VPS divides physical servers into virtual servers using server virtualization and provides root access to its users so that each of them can work independently.

    Here’s why you should use a Windows VPS:

    1. Customized Operating Systems and API: Unlike in shared servers where you are restricted to the Operating System the shared server deploys at a particular time, Windows VPS hosting allows you to choose and switch Operating Systems at will.
    2. Enhanced Security: Because each website uses a private server, the Windows VPS ensures greater security of the information of website users than in shared servers or dedicated hosting.
    3. User-friendly Interface: Window VPS hosting services offer a user-friendly interface. If you are already familiar with Windows and Microsoft Office, using the VPS will be a walk in the park for you. It also offers database platforms like ASP, SQL that help you create standard websites. You even get to customize your online platform if you wish.
    4. Cost-Effective Option: Every website developer reaches a point where they have to expand. Acquiring a Windows VPS will cost a lot less than upgrading your shared server plan or purchasing dedicated hosting service for your websites. Besides, the benefits you enjoy while using a Windows VPS trumps the advantages of dedicated hosting and shared servers. Our VPS hosting starter plan cost as low as $4.99 per month.
    5. Greater Control of your websites: Windows VPS offers full root access to its users so they can possess ultimate control on their websites.
    6. Regular Backups: Windows VPS backups data daily, so you are assured that you will not lose website data.
    7. Increased Website Performance: Unlike with shared servers, each website developer works with a personal server. So, websites that operate using Windows VPS spend less time loading or approving user actions.

    Also, Windows VPS hosting offers one or more security enhancements such as IPv6 and DDOS protection to ensure that the data of your website users are protected.

    A guide to all the Cheap VPS

    A lot of people assume that cheap items often offer substandard quality. However, this is not always the case. That said, here are the most affordable VPS providers with excellent service:

    1. Bluehost
    2. InMotion
    3. DreamHost
    4. Digital Ocean
    1. Bluehost: The Bluehost VPS is a great choice for both beginner and experienced webmasters. It has a range of features such as:
      • Server Virtualization
      • WebHost manager with full root access
      • CentOs for people who use Linux OS
      • 1TB-2TB of bandwidth
    2. Most on the payment plans on the Bluehost VPS are competitive and reliable. The cheapest payment plan, the Standard plan, costs as low as $18.99. Other plans, the Enhanced and Ultimate plans, are priced at $29.99 and $59.99 respectively.

      The pricing for Enhanced and Ultimate plans are very competitive. However, the price for the Standard package is a little too expensive, considering it was designed for beginner web developers. Also, the bandwidth offered to advanced webmasters (2-3TB) in the Enhanced and Ultimate plans may be insufficient.

    3. InMotion Hosting: Compared to the rest of the VPS on this list, this VPS is a little expensive. Its basic plan costs $36.34. However, in relation to most VPS on the market, the prices of InMotion plans are quite competitive.
    4. For a cheap VPS, the features InMotion offers are exceptional. The VPScomes with CPU cores, full root access, live chat support and free backups. That said, the InMotion VPS is an excellent choice for large websites.

      Other features of this VPS include:

      • Centos for Linux servers
      • Server Virtualization
      • 4TB -6TB plans.

      The monthly payment plans are:

      • VPS 1000 HA-S: $36.34
      • VPS 2000 HA-S: $57.84
      • VPS 3000 HA-S:$84.64

      While this VPS works for large websites, it is not the best choice of VPS for small websites due to its complexity and relatively expensive cost.

    5. DreamHost: DreamHost is another cheap VPS with low prices. It is most suitable for webmasters who are willing to compromise on essential VPS features for the lowest prices. The basic plan for the DreamHost VPS costs just $10. Despite its low prices, this VPS is one of the few servers that provide unlimited bandwidth to its users.
    6. Its features are:

      • Custom control panel
      • Server virtualization
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Adaptability to the Ubuntu Operating System

      Payment plans

      • VPS Basic -$10
      • VPS Business- $20
      • VPS Professional- $40
      • VPS Enterprise- $80

      This VPS has a few shortcomings. The server lacks root access. In addition, users may find it difficult contacting the admin for help because the DreamHost VPS does not offer live chat support.

    7. Digital Ocean: This VPS charges at hourly rates instead of monthly rates. So, it is a convenient choice for both developers and newbies. The cheapest plan on this VPS is $0.007 per hour, which sums up to $4.71 per month.
    8. The features of this VPS are:

      • A variety of control panels to choose from
      • Adaptability to a wide range of Operating systems
      • 1TB-12TB of bandwidth

      Overall Monthly Costs

      • Standard-$5
      • CPU-Optimized-$40
      • General Purpose-$60

      Because the hours a web developer spends running the server may vary from day to day, it might be difficult to allocate a monthly budget for VPS billings.

    9. A2 Hosting: Like Digital Ocean, the plans on A2 Hosting are more expensive than most VPS in this guide. Its cheapest plan costs $25. Nevertheless, the price is still reasonable.
    10. To compensate for its relatively high costs, A2 Hosting offers excellent customer service, root access and free backups.


      • Server virtualization
      • Adaptability to a variety of Operating Systems, from which you can switch at will
      • 2TB bandwidth
      • Web Host manager
      • Root access
      • World-class support

      Pricing Plans

      • Power-$25
      • Prestige-$35
      • Pinnacle-$50

      The A2Hosting has one flaw. It supplies less bandwidth than its rivals. Even if you purchase the most expensive plan, you still won't enjoy more than 2TB of bandwidth.

    Our Windows VPS hosting plans are just as cheap as the VPS hosting services in this category. Also, we offer several benefits, like root access, that is absent in some of these hosting services.

    How to Get Cheap VPS Windows Hosting

    Most VPS hosting services only offer Linux-based plans. It takes extra effort to find a Windows VPS hosting. Our VPS provides all you need to host your website with the Windows software at unbelievable prices. Our server payment plans begin at the cost of $4.99 per month. Regardless of our low pricing, the benefits our server offers are just as reliable as more expensive VPS hosting services. The benefits you enjoy with our VPS include:

    1. A large number of OS options and API: The Windows VPS comes with over 100 pre-configured templates for API and Operating System functions, so that you can utilize your server for your personal needs. Unlike shared servers, you enjoy full control over the application or operating system your server works with.
    2. Adaptability to several Operating Systems: The Windows VPS works with several Operating Systems, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and a host of other Operating Systems.
    3. Live Backups: You can backup your server while your system is running. You do not need to schedule a downtime for your website domains before you can back up your server.
    4. Flexible Billing: There are no billing contracts to keep you confined to using this server. You can quit using the Windows VPS at will without suffering any penalties.
    5. Worldwide DDOS Protection: DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a kind of attack on servers that occurs when a network of computers causes traffic and temporarily disrupts the operation of servers.When this happens, webmasters may be unable to run their website domains system with their servers. The Windows VPS offers pre-installed protection to defend your server against DDOS attacks and prevent future network failures.
    6. Fast NVMe SSD hosting: Windows VPS use NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) SSD hosting, which is 5 times faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly than regular SSD hosting.
    7. Easy and Quick Firewall Setup: The Windows VPS lets you set up your firewall quickly within a short period so that you can provide security for your servers.
    8. Multi-functional Control Panel: The control panel for the Windows VPS offers a variety of functions which include:
      • Reducing the complexity of administrative tasks on the server
      • Booting and Rebooting of the server
      • Scaling your VPS
      • Full root access to your Virtual Private Server, with all the possible benefits.
      • Billing, payments and referrals on the VPS.

    Cheap VPS server plans

    We offer 3 payment plans on your Windows VPS:

    • Standard
    • CPU power-optimized
    • Memory-Optimized
    • Standard package: The standard package is perfect for web developers who require an equal supply of CPU power and Memory. The plans in this section provide similar levels of CPU power and Memory. You get the opportunity to enjoy a 7-day trial before you pay for your VPS plan.There are 12 plans under this package:
      • For $4.99, you get 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
      • For $9.99, you get 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
      • For $14.99, you get 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
      • For $19.99, you get 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
      • For $29.99, you get 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
      • For $39.99, you get 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
      • For $79.99, you get 16gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.
      • For $139.99, you get 24gb memory, 10 cores, 600gb disk, and 8tb transfer.
    • CPU Optimized Plan: CPU-optimized plans are most suitable for servers that need additional CPU power. These plans provide huge CPU power and stable CPU performance, but at the expense of the memory capacity of the server. Some of the plans in this package include:
      • For $69.99, you enjoy 1gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk, and 1tb transfer.
      • For $139.99, you enjoy 2gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
      • For $159.99, you enjoy 3gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
      • For $219.99, you enjoy 4gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
      • For $279.99, you enjoy 6gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
      • For $419.99, you enjoy 8gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
      • For $559.99, you enjoy 16gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.
      • For $699.99, you enjoy 24gb memory, 10 cores, 600gb disk, and 8tb transfer.
    • Memory-Optimized plan: If your website uses a lot of applications that require large Memory, this is the package for you. The plans offer a lot of Memory and supply other resources in fewer quantities, so you don't have to acquire the Memory you need at an extra cost. Some of the plans in this category are:
      • For $7.49, you get 2gb memory, 1 core, 25gb disk and 1tb transfer.
      • For $14.99, you get 4gb memory, 2 cores, 50gb disk, and 2tb transfer.
      • For $22.49, you get 6gb memory, 2 cores, 75gb disk, and 3tb transfer.
      • For $29.99, you get 8gb memory, 3 cores, 100gb disk, and 4tb transfer.
      • For $44.99, you get 12gb memory, 4 cores, 150gb disk, and 5tb transfer.
      • For $69.99, you get 16gb memory, 6 cores, 200gb disk, and 6tb transfer.
      • For $119.99, you get 32gb memory, 8 cores, 400gb disk, and 7tb transfer.

    VPS Servers

    Want To Book VPS Servers? Get A Descriptive Guide On VPS

    With the modernization and progression in innovation, new creations have gotten radically transformed, individuals. Today, in this reviewing piece, we will divulge the data concerning the virtual private server and access modest VPS in the realm of web facilitating administrations. VPS represents Virtual Private Server is a web facilitating procedure utilized by many administrations on the web. Next are some nitty-gritty data concerning what is VPS facilitating and its significance in the private area. It is one of the web hosting methods, apart from shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Let us familiarize ourselves with the VPS's various focal points over the explicitly devoted server and shared server. These committed servers are truly useful in giving precise data that is gathered from the web. There are a lot more advantages of VPS facilitating.

    What is VPS servers?

    It is a web facilitating server that effectively hosts, which is refined by isolating ahead or boss actual server into various virtual servers. In light of explicit client prerequisites, each server in the specific framework gets its due piece of accessible assets. The VPS contains an exceptional component that its particular part can perform conveniently with its working framework and available equipment. You can conclude that distinctive virtual pros can be gone after just one host server or a genuine web hosting server. It is in like way essential to comprehend that you are required to use VPS for a particular purpose. They have provided some servers which are shared by different clients fundamentally.

    In this way, regardless of whether you want your site in disconnection or choose to enroll an empowering supplier, a virtual private server is a correct choice, in any case. When you are using any web hosting medium for your online business, you have to think about using it and ideal conditions for maintenance. It is a certified server advancement, which is subject to separating real masters into various virtual machines. They are the private servers, which must be sufficiently introduced on a P.C. These servers will serve various areas simultaneously. A VPS is such a master that works like a free and individual devoted pro. Its specific clients and applications can solely utilize this work.

    Do I need a VPS servers?

    There is no compelling reason to leave for your usual range of familiarity any longer and take a visit to the closest monopolist in the road, basically take help and backing the client audits at the site stage. If you can't tackle the site issue at any time, you can discuss 24x7 with the facilitating supplier and get live help without putting anything extra in charges. Aside from the modest windows vps, there are a few different Vps facilitating suppliers that serve the availability of vps at sensible costs. In this way, it would not be right to state that the virtual private server or the modest vps is the essential answer for the costly protecting web servers.

    Choose the best VPS hosting server for having the best experiences of a lifetime. The high quality and managed VPS hosting servers are available, picked up following your choice. Their hosting plans are designed and created for giving one the best performance at reasonable prices.

    As the world moves extremely quickly towards the World Wide Web innovation, pretty much every corporate body is keen on facilitating their site for business purposes. The extra administrations are added to the corporate administrations which business site clients own. As different associations have gotten comfortable low and medium levels, the mutual web facilitating office is critical in useful terms. There is no limit in the low and medium level organizations to purchase and keep up an individual committed server. Notwithstanding, the virtual private server is the best answer for a particular degree of organization.

    Well! The vps servers act correspondingly as a private committed server while the client gets the equivalent advantage that, as well, at a lower cost. With the utilization of the vps server framework, which is offered effortlessly, numerous elements increase virtual advantages. Like this, customers can do cost-cutting, keep up server facilitating effectively, and diminish undesirable staff individuals' necessities.

    How can I get a VPS servers?

    Nowadays, different associations or associations are running worldwide on the web. Different business visionaries have different necessities and objectives, to the extent of improvement and accomplishment. A huge segment of the business people oversees cycles or approaches, which lead them to speedier advancement in their associations. Other than the turn of events, they need to have higher site traffic or run many tangled applications. Here, you should have a virtual private specialist to present, which makes you gain ground in the business essentially and rapidly. As of now, on the off chance that you are using a typical encouraging platform, it is ordinary that you might need a substitute for it or the one better than this, which is the fortunate opportunity to transfer to VPS organizations. With the shared encouraging organizations, you are relied upon to work your online page insufficiently.

    While using a typical encouraging stage with which you are provided with a single specialist to offer different customer organizations. The equal happens with the VPS. Taking everything into account, where the problem exists? The problem is when another site uses up your resources in a typical sum. In the VPS, nothing is different until they have utilized the shared hosting. They are dedicated servers. Thus, get ready to present a virtual private server or enroll such organizations for your preferred position. Whether or not your website is encouraged on the internet with various areas, the VPS provides a protected and versatile game plan. Like this, you can buy a moderate, straightforward, and safe server for your website’s requirements and tendencies. Overall, the VPS servers can be used by associations enthused about improving their improvement plans successfully and gainfully.

    How is the VPS advantageous for your business?

    The virtual private server has been in incredible interest for a long time, and the pattern is on-going. It can fit the different needs and inclinations of any site. The underneath referenced are the advantages of VPS facilitating administrations:

    • The facilitating type is adaptable. As your site develops, the presentation size of your site likewise rises. This server provides a fast and free arrangement system along with the two most committed IP address.
    • The server can help you appreciate the advantages of shared facilitating administrations without contributing any higher measure of cash. You can get free charge relocation administration. It has an uptime of 99.99% and a free reinforcement framework.
    • As contrasted with shared servers, the VPS can give you unlimited authority over your site. It also has an equally shared CPU and CentOS operating framework.
    • This committed server facilitating can give you complete security regarding an actual individual PC. It is an extreme trade-off among devoted and shared facilitating.
    • It is Easily and reasonable to buy, and One can set up the VPS facilitating inside no less time and exertion. It is more solid in contrast with shared facilitating, as nobody can influence your site.
    • At your own will, you can eliminate or makes locales from your Virtual private server facilitating. Every site comprises its own and appropriate control board. The programming can be effortlessly adjusted and introduced.
    • It is made sure about and simply safe to utilize. It holds the capacity to redo the working framework suitably. With their versatile framework, all requests of clients get satisfied with no problem.

    All in all, VPS servers are an extraordinary choice for various organizations, either close to home or expert use.

    Some key features of VPS web hosting

    Individuals paying special mind to the best VPS facilitating must experience every one of its highlights before settling on the last decision. Commonly, the web has offered unique and best VPS plans, comprising of the month to month information move, area facilitating, CPU powers, stockpiles, RAM, messages, and so forth. If you pay a special mind to the best development rate, you should consider a web have that remembers a boundless number of contributions for the non-equipment classifications. In any case, VPS's working frameworks are restricted, and different VPS has an offer just the Linux-based working framework.

    A decent and best VPS facilitating gives your site a definitive glove treatment, legitimate updates, patches, treatment of reinforcements, and considerably more. Another motivation to have VPS facilitating is that it is accessible at a much sensible value that doesn't set aside much space and effort to stack pages regardless of whether there is enormous web traffic. These web has significantly offer exceptionally versatile and adaptable plans and join the fast organization of new updates and new plans. The VPS gets situated at a made sure about and a-list focus of information, permitting you to get specialized help and a top to bottom comprehension of various server setups.

    How do you use a VPS servers?

    You get a reliably devoted server, which gives you another space, memory for information putting away, and a fruitful game plan power, which gives a wide expansion to gather the unimportant preferences. The perceptible quality extends, traffic quickly makes, and an open entryway for the site associations' changes. Despite your neighbor begins using an abundance of RAM or a space in the hard drive, and a short time later, it won't affect your record pure and simple on the off chance that you are enrolled in the virtual private specialists.

    Hence it is straightforward and accommodating to find the most useful virtual private specialist encouraging provider online. It isn't doable for you to wander in the close-by business areas for securing the PC nerd's capacity at an effective cost. You have various associations overwhelming the different offices in the online market. Regardless of anything else, select an encouraging entryway and a while later present your essentials in the manner provided by the site page. By then, you will be provided with a worth statement and a compact description of the organizations. For dedicated server and VPS encouragement, you get different providers to buy the best VPS service provider of your choice.

    Which is the best VPS server?

    The following is all about the best VPS servers-

    • Cheap windows vps offers incredible administrations and comes in along standard with improved 1 Gpbs association. With a predominant and solid 1 Gpbs port, the office can recover the VPS and transfer information in a flash with no bottlenecks.
    • The windows VPS can be completely regulated by RDP and Solus V.M. Go for the profound investigation of the VPS and the total managerial limits by getting the Solus V.M dashboard.
    • The modest windows vps give the quality and best administrations to assist you with night during odd hours. They are gladly acquainted with the modest vps arrangement and reported the 24-hour administration to its clients. About under thirty minutes is viewed as the normal goal time for their VPS.
    • The uptime and the introduction of the VPS frameworks are firmly observed, and they give an assurance along with a modest vps highlight for the accessibility of VPS 99.99% consistently. For additional subtleties and other data identified with the VPS, administration level understanding of the modest windows, vps suppliers can be checked.
    • They give customization in like manner to meet the customers' expected requirements, which will likewise be productive for the concerned association. Devoted vps is likewise being utilized as a virtual work area by a few customers.
    To begin a web facilitating corporate capacity, you should employ the best specialist server from the online market. These specialists are experienced and qualified in the facilitating highlights. The group works day and night to accomplish a reasonable specialty for the customer's site. There are various bundles accessible, as indicated by the utilization and necessity of a customer. The individuals who have restricted information about web facilitating qualities and its usefulness should depend upon their facilitating supplier. It is difficult to make a site; however, keeping it up for the long haul is very troublesome. It requires a great deal of information, and this is given proficiently by the vps facilitating specialist co-ops in the market at a moderate expense.

    VPS Servers

    Learn more :

    VPS Hosting

    Basic SSH Commands That You Should Know About

    VPS Host

    Witnessing the perfect website growth with VPS host

    With the age of the internet, passing down of information has become very easy and effortless. You would not rest finding several websites associated with one single server and how the latter is hosting conveniently to define the loading speeds. With time, the technology has advanced to many levels and thus now you can find different types of hosting by the server.

    The most popular one amongst those is VPS hosting. Thus, the upcoming content discusses the vps host's further detail and how it could be used to witness the ideal website growth of any organization.

    What is a VPS host?

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As defined by the abbreviation, it uses a virtual medium or technology platform to host the dedicated resources meant for a single server with multiple users. In simple words, this concept comes handy for those users who do not want to face the limitations of shared hosting services and thus prefer to have their own dedicated storage space, hard drive, and processor.

    Due to this virtual nature, now each of the machines runs its OS that segregates the big server into many miniature pieces. Thus, a dedicated portion of the server can be used to retrieve the information specific to a particular website. The VPS hosts can easily manage their databases without having to depend on the main one.

    The major advantage of the vps host is that now all of these resources are segregated and limited to the individuals. No one can interfere in each other's database and there might be a few resources to be shared.

    How do you use a VPS host?

    The detailed working mechanism may sound a bit tough initially. But the following points would ease out the understanding:

    • VPS hosting simulates the behavior of a physical server, where the latter is used by many users to process their requests for data file access to different websites. But the former limits the virtual setup to only a single person.
    • The VPS creates different partitions in the OS of the server computer and thus allows each of these to run as a separate OS and software in the individual computers or devices.
    • VPS creates a safe space dedicated only for you to handle the data files. Disk space, cache data, and other factors deciding the overall running of the website.
    • Privacy and limited sharing with others are the two key coins running behind the concept.

    Do I need a VPS host?

    Now, this is a very interesting question to be answered. The perfect alternative to VPS is Shared hosting, where several resources are shared between different websites and thus the loading and opening times are adjusted accordingly. Now, if your business is growing at a faster rate and requires extra features and resources, then it is the point where it needs to get upgraded to the next level.

    In simple words, the hosting type needs to be changed to accommodate the changing requirements. Along with this, some of the other reasons which can justify your requirement for vps host include the following:

    • Handling of the spikes in the air traffic perfectly, without entering into the worst-case scenario of website crash and eventually disappointing the visitors.
    • More control over the individual space to handle the file types and work on upgrading the website, without having to consider the compromise in the quality.
    • An investment that would give you more than required returns in the future i.e. higher cost of initial setup but the lesser cost of maintenance.

    Thus, on a crisper note, if you belong to a growing business, then it is highly required of you to shift towards VPS hosting.

    The types of VPS hosting

    The following are two major categories of VPS hosting. You can select the one basis your requirements and budget constraints:

    • Unmanaged VPS, where the web hosting service itself takes up the space of installing the new operating system and thus starts managing the different parts of a website. Some of the important ones under it include:
      1. Installing the new software and taking care of the upgrades that keep coming for it.
      2. Installing the security patches and accordingly monitoring the different points that might affect the overall system security.
      3. Configuration of the server as per the individual requirements.
      4. Backup services at regular intervals to support the website.

    Therefore, this variety is recommended if your team has its skilled individual and can handle the troubleshooting of its own at times of distress.

    • Managed VPS, where the website owners can hire an external support team to set up and maintain the website's virtual server. Since the new team takes up the critical activities, you can expect relaxation on the following aspects:
      1. Initial server setup
      2. Looking after the different software updates and security patches
      3. Monitoring the performance parameters of the website
      4. Automatic backups in case of optimized storage space

    Accordingly, the external team's cost of investment would be quite high compared to the previous type.

    How does VPS hosting stand out apart from others?

    When compared to the other hosting types, VPS hosting stands out perfectly in the following ways:

    • Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting can handle the air traffic in a more customized and regulated manner. In simple terms, the hosting environment gets completely under the business, and you can easily tweak the parameters accordingly.
    • Cloud hosting can be considered as an equivalent upgrade to the VPS type. Here, a cluster of cloud servers aids in maintaining the website and preventing slowdown or downtime if anyone server gets down (the switching happens automatically and instantaneously). It's just that VPS would turn out to be an economical choice when compared to the former.
    • Compared to WordPress hosting, VPS offers more options, choices, and customization to the server environment. Though the former acts perfectly fine for the websites based out of WordPress, the controls over the tools get very limited, and you would have to adjust as per the default settings.
    • When compared to dedicated hosting, VPS hosting misses out on the part of the configuration of the hardware. In other words, the former even allows setting up of own hardware that can match the higher ends of the demands of switching to upgraded servers. In this case, the support of an external team is not extended, and the cost increases (which matters of the website belongs to a small or medium enterprise).

    Therefore, the vps host justifies every penny of its investment and stays up even for the types that offer upgraded features when compared to it.

    How can I get a VPS host?

    After learning about the different features under VPS hosting, your growing business might think about shifting to it. But, again, the choice of VPS hosting provider needs to be done very carefully. You do not want your investment to go in vain by choosing the services that stay incompatible with your requirements.

    Thus, to answer the question above, the following factors or requirements need to be assessed perfectly:

    • A good brand name in the market for dealing with different VPS hosting services speaks volumes about the overall reliability to the budding customers.
    • Offers a reliable three-way storage service. The data gets updated and backed up at three different locations to avoid any loss and permanent access to the same in events of failure of the main drive. This works perfectly well in case of a lower version of the hardware used by the website server.
    • Does not create any slowdown or dropout during the overall performance. In simple terms, the services should stay compatible with different combinations of software and hardware, and the data must always stay available (even during the times of server maintenance).
    • Flexible and customized billing cycle can easily match the customer requirements and suit the IT services as per the developer's interests. It aids in proper planning of the overall website budget and not keeping it focused only on paying out the expenses for VPS.
    • Perfect guarantee to the uptime of the server even in the worst-case scenarios, to handle any losses in the business that might happen due to the eventual slowing down of the server. Generally, this uptime percent can be kept at a maximum of 99.9% guarantee.
    • Complete customization when it comes to handling the different parameters of the server management, where everything can be completed within just a few clicks and the service team can give necessary focus to other aspects of the website management.
    • A perfect chat support system to answer out all of the queries faced by the client quickly and thus reduces the waiting time for the resolution of the issue. This comes quite handy when the client is a medium to large enterprise and cannot handle any delays in issue resolution.
    • Complete security provided in the package to prevent anyone from easily hacking the server and leaking out sensitive data to the internet's dark world. It is something that needs to be given very special care in today's time where internet crimes are at an all-time high.
    • Faster access to the server with a stable internet connection and offers quicker benefits to a reliable source of connection.

    All of these requirements might seem to be overwhelming, but they are the ones that can help out in finding the perfect vps host for you to match the requirements and demands.

    The merits of VPS hosting

    Therefore, when it comes to enjoying out the merits of VPS hosting, the following points would speak volumes about it:

    • It offers a high degree of customization to the self-owned OS and can thus easily fit the server requirements, basis the applications ranging from PHP to MySQL. Go for it and you would not have to worry further about downtime or uptime compatibility.
    • It gives full control to the individual for the hosting environment, as it can control its parameters and tweak accordingly to enhance the performance and user compatibility. In cases of any major repairs, it would not have to think about the other websites under the shared domain and can do the restart without interrupting others.
    • It comes at affordable prices compared to other hosting types and thus stays majorly within the clients' budgeting limits.
    • The number of dedicated resources under it would increase, where you would not have to compromise with the overall storage space and allow perfect allotment for enhanced website action.
    • The scalability or switching to new upgrades is pretty easy in VPS hosting and does not change any website's overall aspect.

    So with all of these benefits, the clients are sure to enjoy more than optimized air traffic expectations.

    The cons

    Just like two sides of the same coin, VPS hosting also has its share of cons. Even though they are very less compared to the benefits, they would still matter in taking up the final decision:

    • The level of technical expertise required in handling VPS hosting is quite high when compared to other types. Thus you cannot rely upon the low skill acumen to handle such complex issues.
    • The server configuration needs to be perfectly fine to avoid any incompatibility or security vulnerability to the website.
    • The initial cost of investment would be quite high than the other types.

    All in one solution

    Thus, it can be concluded by saying that VPS hosting provides all in one solution for guaranteed resources and full control over the server without compromising the website performance. It is the ideal tool for medium to large enterprises' websites and includes the budding ones showing good signs of future growth.

    The client must consider upgrading the current server sharing to VPS type to thrive in a business-scale environment at an affordable price and highly optimized values in terms of reliability and net output traffic.

    VPS Host

    Learn more :

    VPS Hosting

    VPS Servers - Get A 7 Day Trial VPS Server with SSD Storage

    Free Windows VPS

    Get Your Free Windows VPS Trial And Know Why It Is The Most Popular Choice.

    A virtual private server also called a VPS, is completely different from shared hosting. It is a type of dedicated server even though it is used by multiple users. The way of creating private spaces for each user is the unique feature of a VPS. If your website traffic has passed the shared hosting limit, it is better you upgrade it to a VPS hosting server.

    Everyone knows the incredible performance of windows, and the same goes for windows VPS, and because of the friendly graphic interface, it has a lot of features that are worth a try. All new website owners start with the commonly shared hosting plan, but as the traffic increases, the limit on the shared platform will start having problems, so this indicates that it is time to upgrade. If your system is windows, then try the free windows vps just to know how compatible it is with your website.

    About VPS hosting

    When you are the owner of a website, then your files and database need to be stored in a server; either you can opt for shared hosting, or VPS hosting is up to you. With shared hosting, you share the resources with other users, whereas in dedicated hosting, a single website is supported by one or more servers. Here you are not disturbed by other users, and you have full control over the server.

    VPS hosting is the mix of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting put together. It is shared by multiple users but has the privacy of a dedicated server because each VPS account is partitioned by a virtual wall, and every virtual server has its operating system. All this makes VPS the best hosting system at affordable prices.

    Your server's performance will depend upon which hosting you choose. Windows VPS hosting is one of the popular options because of its high level of technical support and security.

    Benefits of Windows VPS hosting

    Many hosting services are providing with VPS, but not all have the proper criteria that your website needs; windows are used worldwide and the windows VPS hosting has all the benefits that users of windows can understand:

    • Windows VPS is a solution that is very cost-effective:

    Until your website has low traffic, any hosting services can help you do your job, but once it starts growing and traffic becomes heavier, then it is good that you upgrade your server to one of the best in the market. Investing your money in shared hosting with a good amount of traffic is not a good idea; your performance decreases, and your security too will be on the vulnerable side.

    You don't need to spend too much money on dedicated hosting as you can get the benefits of a dedicated server with a VPS provided by windows. Though it is slightly expensive than shared hosting, it is still a viable option than a dedicated server that is going to drain out your pockets.

    • There is no drain of resources:

    With shared hosting, the problem is that when a site has a traffic surge, it will start using all the resources, and you will have to be satisfied with what is remaining, but it is not the case with windows VPS. Even if it has multiple uses, you still have your own resources. Even if there is a surge in traffic, you will not be disturbed. Your customers can browse your website without any difficulty, and this will be a reason for your website to attract more traffic. In short, with windows VPS, you can give your customers a smoother and faster experience.

    • Your website will enjoy a higher level of security:

    When you are using a shared hosting server, you are vulnerable to security breaches. If one of the users gets infected with a virus or malware, then there is a chance that you will also be infected. But on the other hand, if you are using VPS, then you get added security as your files and data on a virtual server are completely isolated from other users, and there is a lesser chance of having a security breach.

    With windows, VPS plans, your server is managed, and you have the benefit of additional security, like firewalls, monitoring intrusion, and regular backups. If you have a regular VPS, then all the security measures and maintenance are the user's responsibility. If you want to know how helpful windows VPS can be then, you can just try free windows vps and check how perfect it is for your system.

    • You can control your site more:

    Even though multiple users use the VPS server, you still have got your own independent space, and you have all control over your space. The entire operating system is yours, which includes all the resources and files. When you are using the Windows VPS system, then you get full administrative control, and you can customize your server according to your needs. This way, you are free to test applications more effectively, and also you have the benefit of trying out more advanced coding.

    Why use windows VPS?

    If you are using a shared hosting server, you have to adjust as per the requirements of the other users, and sometimes security breach is a big problem. Windows, with its friendly interface, is used by millions worldwide, and windows VPS is managed, so the user does not have to worry about managing the server. Windows VPS gives you technical support as well as added security.

    You have full control over your site, and you can do everything from customizing your server to advanced coding without any difficulty. Your windows VPS is a great tool when it comes to your website that is growing and needs high-performance levels.

    • It is cost-effective than dedicated servers and much better than the shared server hosting
    • You don'tdon't have to bear the grunt when other users are experiencing traffic
    • You have advanced security measures
    • You are able to control your site as well as your server more

    All these reasons are more than enough for a person to switch over to windows VPS.

    Free Windows VPS

    What is Windows VPS, and how do you use it?

    Virtual private server or VPS hosting is becoming the popular option because it offers the affordability of shared server hosting, and it is reliable as dedicated servers. With different operating systems, the VPS works differently. Windows is one of the popular VPS in the market. Because windows are used by many, it naturally becomes the popular choice. What is different about windows VPS?

    • Control panel: the main control panel is a friendly interface called Plesk
    • Compatibility: if you are using platforms that are windows friendly like ASP.NET, MySQL, MS Access, and VB Development, then windows VPS is the most compatible choice.
    • Support: the greatest advantage of using windows VPS is that you get support from Microsoft
    • Easy to use: with windows VPS, there are no complications, and running is very easy

    Windows VPS hosting is powered by the most advanced software available, and still, it is one of the most user-friendly interfaces available in the market. The features of windows VPS makes even inexperienced users use the server without any complications. So if you are upgrading to windows VPS, then there is no problem in running it as it is designed as the friendliest interface with no complications.

    When would you use a windows VPS?

    If you are new to the business and you have a growing website, then shared hosting is not the right choice. Your website performance will depend on the traffic surge of other sites, and you will have to be satisfied with the available resources. So running a website or your E-commerce business becomes rather complicated.

    If you are using windows, friendly platforms, then upgrading your server to windows VPS is the best idea. If you have growing traffic and it is going beyond the limits of a shared server and because you are new to the business and investing in a dedicated server is beyond your capacity, then it is good to switch to windows VPS.

    You can get full administrative access, and you can make sure that your performance runs at its peak. You can also get the advantage of enhanced security features, and you will not have to worry about any security breaches. Consumers need to trust a website when they provide you with personal information like credit details etc.

    Windows VPS is just the server you need for your business or your website to perform at its maximum. Your continuously growing audiences need to have a faster website, and windows VPS will give your customers the best experience, so they don'tdon't have to hop around looking for better websites.

    In short, if you are looking for optimum performance levels, greater security, full control over the server, you need to switch over to Windows VPS, and if you want to check out its performance, it is easy to get a free windows vps trial and see why it is the most popular choice of the people.

    Get the best hosting server for your website.

    As you have an expanding site, it is important that you start thinking of upgrading your server to a better one. Or else it will negatively affect your performance, and traffic is bound to go to greener pastures. And using Windows VPS hosting, it will give you the windows that are familiar to you as well as the flexibility of a virtual server.

    If you are using windows VPS hosting, you get the advantage and support of the giant Microsoft, and you get to use the software that has a good amount of experience behind it. You get additional customer service, faster updates, and you can also provide answers to your customer queries with informative information.

    What is VPS all about?

    Virtual private network hosting allows business entities or E-commerce websites to upgrade their present hosting server to a better and more viable option without paying a higher price.

    VPS gives you a hosting server that is affordable as shared hosting and the privacy and reliability of dedicated hosting. When you are using VPS, it gives you full control over your space, and you have the freedom to customize the server according to your choice and needs.

    Windows VPS is a hosting server or software that uses windows technology, and because windows are used by many worldwide, it becomes the most popular choice. VPS hosting is the best way to make your website work at the optimum level, and also, the customers are happy with your site as they need not spend time just have the page loaded. This, in turn, will give you a better audience.

    VPS is ideal for companies that are in a state where they do not know how to handle traffic and how much traffic they need to plan for. So upgrading your server to a better and resourceful server is the right option.

    Get your windows VPS now.

    All the above reasons are more than enough for you to understand why you need to upgrade to a better server and why windows are the best VPS hosting available in the market.

    In order to get all the benefits of the windows VPS server and let your business get to its optimum level, you will have to upgrade it now with the best windows VPS that is completely managed and has the support of Microsoft.

    You get all the technical support and the advantage of enhanced security that no other VPS server has. Your server is managed and is updated automatically, and you don'tdon't have to be responsible for any of this. You get the added benefit of customizing your server the way you want and running any number of applications and coding benefits. So get your free windows vps and give your business or website the traffic it needs. Gain your customer's trust and make your website the choice of millions.

    Free Windows VPS

    Learn more :

    Free Windows VPS

    Start now for as low as $4,99 a month!

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