Our plans and pricing will change

Our plans and pricing will change

We will introduce new plans as of April 1 (no joke). With these new plans It is also possible to set up long-term contracts with 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. With long-term contracts you can get a discount of up to 30%. You can find our new plans at Pricing.

If you remain on your current plan, we will apply a small surcharge due to inflation (equivalent to the new standard VPS prices). In the last years Power supply and Cooling prices of our data centers getting more expensive. Hardware has unfortunately become more expensive also because of global shortage.

The surcharge wil be as follow:

New regular plan price:

VPS 1GB [[currency]]5.99

VPS 2GB [[currency]]11.99

VPS 3GB [[currency]]17.99

VPS 4GB [[currency]]23.49

VPS 6GB [[currency]]34.99

VPS 8GB [[currency]]46.99

VPS 16GB [[currency]]94.99

VPS 24GB [[currency]]160.99

VPS 32GB [[currency]]209.99

VPS 64GB [[currency]]374.99

VPS 96GB [[currency]]579.99

VPS 192GB [[currency]]1049.99

New memory optimised plan price:

Memory 2GB [[currency]]8.99

Memory 4GB [[currency]]17.99

Memory 6GB [[currency]]28.99

Memory 8GB [[currency]]34.99

Memory 12GB [[currency]]52.99

Memory 16GB [[currency]]70.99

Memory 32GB [[currency]]139.99

Memory 48GB [[currency]]249.99

Memory 64GB [[currency]]319.99

Memory 128GB [[currency]]569.99

Memory 192GB [[currency]]869.99

Memory 384GB [[currency]]1649.99

For our Windows customers we also have to make a license price adjustment, this is due to an annual Microsoft license increasement. Last year we managed to improve our platform and did not have to increase license cost, but unfortunately this year we have to.

The New windows License will cost

Base Fee [[currency]]6 +([[currency]]6 x cores)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team. We are available 24/7.

Nexgen Digital

NexGen Digital was founded in the year 1998and has since then worked as an excellent service provider and a licensed distribution partner of scarce electronic component s to OEMs and Contract manufacturers. It has popularized its brand and services through its quality and excellent service. Its corporate business guiding principle over the years has been unrivaled quality and dedication to the satisfaction of Customers' needs down to the most minute detail.

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Software Specialist Inc

The corporate world has continued to advance in leaps and bounds especially with the advent of technology. Thus, businesses and their owners must keep abreast of recent developments to ensure that they are not left where the action was. They will constantly need to reinvent and re-educate themselves if they expect sustained growth in their business.

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Software Solutions Unlimited

There are a few commodities that are being consumed entirely where they are produced. That is why freighting is an essential part of the supply chain. However, transportation of goods from place to place is usually more complex than it appears on the surface. There are many means of transportation. Each one has its advantages and limitation, and each commodity has its most suitable method of transportation. In the past few years, online marketing has incredibly advanced and has become more popular. One of the crucial aspects of online shopping is shipping. When you buy online, you must also think about how it will get to you. That is why the shipping industry is equally booming as the online market is getting more popular.

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Intelligent Software Solution

Not many people believe machines that can take actions that will surpass human intelligence can be developed, but machines have been used in many ways to perform duties customary to humans. Yet, artificial intelligence is still evolving. Many computer programs can now function like the human brain. They can analyze data, make interpretation of information, and decide on the next action. These computer programs are called intelligent software.

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Corporate Software

Technology is now a significant part of everyday living in the world presently. There are several innovations produced by creative thinkers each day to ensure that businesses and lives are propelled forward using tools that are dedicated to this projection. The realization that these tools are pointers towards the future of business enterprises is the reason why many corporate organizations have employed various types not tools designed for their business needs. To add to this, information now plays a greater role than before and therefore, the competition is tougher.

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Florida Digital Networks

Imagine yourself in a very small room. Think of that room without windows or doors or any form of exit at all. Yeah? Now, how do you think you'd be able to get out of that room without any form of help from anybody? Impossible, right? That was exactly how communication must have felt in the beginning of time. People had little or no idea about what the rest of the world was doing and as such, were confined to their own beliefs, thoughts and actions alone.

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Digitek Computer Products

The fact that computer and technology services and supplies are something organizations, companies, and institutions use every day has made it easy for just anyone to have a say. Now, if you are familiar with the technology industry, you will agree with me that nothing beats purchasing a high-quality computer product that serves all your needs, meets your expectations, requirements, and lots more. Which other company does it better than digitek computer products?

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Are you looking for a training provider? Do you desire to horn your skills with online courses? Or perhaps busy and would not be able to take physical classes?

We understand the world's technological system requires advancements and further learning. There is hardly a stage where one says he has finished learning. This is to means we learn every day.

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Computer Services Inc

Talk about a software online service company and Computer services Inc will be mentioned. The world has gone global and online networking platforms are on the rise. Banks, schools, and even company's make use of online or internet solutions in their day-to-day activity.

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Computer Data Source

The computer data source is a technology company that offers you support services and enables you to store data. It works hand in hand in ensuring the availability of recycling services, maintenance, IT services, and cloud printing. Founded in the 1990s, the computer data source is a leading technology company that provides computer software, and technology services to users.

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ASI Computer Technology

If you are based in North America and also work there, chances are that you have come across ASI products in your workplace.

ASI computer technologies are reputed to be one of the top suppliers of IT equipment in the US and Canada and if you are tempted to ask exactly what they supply, a better question will be, what don’t they supply?

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ASI Computer Technologies

About ASI computer technologies

Recent technological advancements have led to the development of products and equipment to help solve our needs. Ranging from cars, helicopters, and even computers.

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Apex Computer Systems

Apex Computer Systems, Inc. (ACSI) was founded in 1983 by Dr. C. Philip Chen, Ph.D., an entrepreneur with a mission to help rising businesses profit from information technology. Our company now represents a diverse range of customers around the country, ranging from burgeoning small to medium-sized companies to Fortune 500 firms. We deliver a complete set of solutions to help our customers be more competitive and cost-effective by combining the best resources, procedures, and technologies. Our contribution to and implementation of solutions to our customers, industry partners, and society has given us a reputation for consistency and excellence.

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ASI Computer Systems

For over 30 years, ASI Computer Systems has become a vital part of the advertisement specialist industry. We are aware of the critical distinctions between promotional product suppliers and distributors. Our team has shaped ASI SmartBooks into the most effective business intelligence system possible for your business by combining this core market expertise with our relationship with ASI, the pioneer in information and advertisement solutions.

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Total Server Solutions LLC

Total Server Solutions, L.L.C. is a company that specializes in information management. E-commerce solutions, server administration, load balancing, app licenses, cloud storage, and managed services are all available through the company. Total Server Solutions serve customers in Georgia.

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Cyberthink Inc

CyberThink, Inc. is a Staffing company with a 685 Route 202/206 Ste. 101 in Bridgewater, NJ.

CyberThink is a leading professional staffing services company in the United States. Professional honesty, individual respect, and a dedication to quality service are the guiding values of our business. From emerging midsize companies to established multinational corporations, cyberThink offers to recruit resources to various elite customers. CyberThink's mission is to provide outstanding support, commitment, and cost-effectiveness to meet its customers' staffing needs truly.

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Axiom Cyber Solutions

Axiom Cyber Solutions, headquartered in the United States, is the only organization that offers Enterprise Level Firewall and Surveillance to small to medium-sized companies, which provides constant broad spectrum updating and surveillance. NASA, CERN, and the then-State Department have used chipsets in their firewalls.

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Securedservers shield communication from unwanted receivers by using the secure sockets layer protocol. Safe servers, also known as SSL servers, use encryption, encrypted and decrypted communication, and other Web servers and Web browsers.

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Host Plus

Hostplus is an established industry in Australia that provides superannuation funds for tourism, recreation, hospitality, and sports industries. Since its establishment in 1987, Hostplus provide support to industries in these categories to provide better services.

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