While Growing up, you would have most likely heard the phrase"nothing good comes easy" while getting the hard work pep talk. If you're from some parts of the world, you'll probably also think that only expensive things are quality. In actual fact, that hard work-pep-talk phrase is not necessarily true in all cases. And yes, there are quality products that come at affordable prices. In essence, good things are not always characterized by toil, neither is quality stuff identified by cost. On the contrary, quality is always defined by a commodity's effectiveness and efficiency in terms of the need it was designed to Service.

Bringing this to the tech world, it is safe to say that a quality web hosting service is not necessarily identified by its cost. Flipping it over, one can also say that cheap web hosting services can offer quality. Thus, one must judge the quality of a web hosting service by its ability to host websites in the most efficient way possible, which is why it was designed in the first place.

The next question would be; what determines the efficiency of a web hosting service?

To start with, a web site is a set of web pages (which may or may not contain graphic files such as videos and images) tied around related content which is registered by one domain name and published on at least one server. Such websites are made to be open to public access through the world wide web or kept within private access.

A website can be easily compared to a column in a magazine or newspaper. Every article published in that column may run along the same lines; politics, economy, movies, celebrity gossip, fashion, health, or just general phenomena of life. However, every article in this column is identified as another publication under the name of that column. However, got this column to be available to its readers, it must be published in a newspaper or magazine that people can easily access at libraries or bookstores.

What this means is that no matter how awesome a column and its content may be, it will be unavailable and inaccessible if it is not published. Thus, it can be deduced that the relevance of such a column is in its publication, which makes the magazine very important.

While the website is like the column, its web pages are the articles while the server on which it is published is the magazine or newspaper that makes it available to online visitors on the world wide web which can be likened to the library or bookstore. Therefore, if a website is not published or hosted on a server, then it will not be available to online visitors on the world wide web. the process of publishing or storing this website on a server for accessibility is known as web hosting. This analogy, therefore, goes to show the importance of a web hosting service to any website.

Apart from the implication of not hosting your website on any server, there are also the consequences of hosting on just any server.The magazine example illustrates this better.Two fashion journalists have a fashion column each but in two different magazines. One has his column in a magazine that is published only once in three months. This magazine also prints limited copies such that only a few persons can buy it at a time, and other interested readers have to wait till the next three months to "try their luck."

The other journalist has a column in a magazine that not only publishes every week but also has enough copies to go round. Even though they write about the same thing, you'll agree that the second journalists will have more readers. This is because his articles are not just available, but they are consistently available.

The same applies to web hosting. If you just in a website that is either unavailable or takes time to load, you'll lose online visitors who will be diverted to your competitors since their webpages are more available and accessible.

Now has to be a good time to talk about Amazon's 13-minute downtime earlier in the year. For the year 2015, Amazon was reported to have raked in about $107 billion. If Amazon was to maintain that figure for this year, the breakdown shows that Amazon earned which about $203,577 per minute. Thus, when it's server went inaccessible for about 13 minutes, Amazon could have lost $203,577in thirteen places, which is over 2.6 million dollars in just 13 minutes!

That shows you how important the quality of your web hosting service is to your business. Now to elements that affect the quality of your web hosting service:

1. Suitability: How well do you think a Size 8 Jean looks in a size 14 lady? Not so good right? Well, the wrong web hosting type looks even worse on your website than the picture you have in your head right now.Typically, there are different web hosting types to cater to the capacity of different websites. Generally, what determines the particular option that works for you is the intensity of your online traffic, your webpage type, the size of your files, and the amount you can afford to spend. Here are the basic types of Web hosting services.

Shared Hosting

If web hosting were a family, then Shared hosting would probably be the youngest. It is the smallest option available in terms of traffic and budget, and here's why. Shared hosting offers one single physical server, with the same set of resources to every user. Think of it like an events center where several people have their parties all at once. Not only do they share the hall but also the band, the interior, the food, the servers, and every other service that is to be rendered in that hall. Of course, the major advantage is that they all get to share the cost of everything, so they have parties without spending as much as it will necessarily require. However, this can only work peacefully if each of the events within that hall does not have to cater for so many guests. That way, the food, and the chairs will go round. However, it's not always exactly hitch-free too.

Imagine that four events held within that hall at the same time; a traditional Indian wedding, A retro-themed birthday party for an 80-year-old Jamaican, a hangout for African students in the diaspora, as well as a cocktail evening for Spanish Executives. While the Indian couple wants a nice Indian serenade, the birthday celebrant wants Jamaican old school jams. The students want some young and hippie African hits while the Spanish executives want soft Spanish music. In such conflict of preference, whose choice takes preeminence? There's also the part where each event comes with its feeding peculiarities as well as matching interior decor. To solve the issue of such conflicting interests, the manager of the event center then gains the sole power to determine which meals will be served, what kind of music will be played, and what decor will be used, without consideration for each event's preference.

This won't be a problem as much as having more guests than the hall can take. In case the African students turned out to have 4 times more attendees than they planned to, then their guests alone could occupy the whole hall, not to talk of guests from the other events. Thus, everywhere becomes cramped, there are not enough chairs to sit, neither is their extra space to take more chairs, there's poor ventilation, the waiters take more time to attend to guests since they are more than the capacity they can comfortably serve, the food becomes insufficient and several other logistic issues come up.

This situation typifies shared hosting services. It's by far the best option to run if only a few online visiting come to your site. You get to share the server with low-traffic website owners like yourself so there's not much weight in the server. You all also share the cost of maintenance, updates, and every other fee, which makes it the cheapest. However, users do not have the liberty to configure or set the server as it suits them because they are not the only ones on it. Since the hosting provider makes the choice, each person has to make do with whatever the server has to offer.

The server could also have issues of one website suddenly hits unusual traffic. Since all users are on the same software and hardware, traffic from one user slows down the load time of every other user of the server

WordPress Hosting

The major highlight of this server is the website type. WordPress hosting is designed primarily for WordPress hosting sites. Using the event center example, it can be likened to a hall that is designed strictly for conferences, such that its lighting, stage, sound, projection, decor, and others are stationed to suit conferences so well that other forms of events look so awkward in it. While conferences can hold in other general halls, they sit better in designated spaces like this.

In the same way, WordPress sites can be hosted on other servers, but the plugins, APIs, templates, and configuration settings of WordPress Servers make WordPress sites feel more at home.

Dedicated server;

Dedicated hosting is a form of hosting that commits a whole server to only one user. Normally this option comes to play based on the intensity of traffic as well as the projected fees in budget. Apart from its large storage, it also gives users the choice to either manage the server as they wish to hand it over to the hosting provider. Users also have the right to pick their preferred operating systems, plugins, APIs, and other resources as needed to run their sites.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is known to have the copy and paste vibe. It simply duplicated your resources on several servers, giving you a stronger backup, uptime security, and better speed. with Cloud hosting, your website is no longer at the mercy of one server since others can step up to supply your clients the requested pages if one server is down or slow. Cloud hosting can either be a duplication of dedicated server hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows Virtual Private hosting is perhaps the best hosting option available. While it shares a hardware Server among many users, it gives them individual use and control of their software resources. That way users get to enjoy the quality as high as that l of dedicated servers while bearing the costs as low as that of shared servers.

VPS Services for $1 Monthly Rates

There are web hosting services that offer VPS hosting for as low as $1 per month.

  • Hosten offers 1 x 2.60 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth, and other features for $12 annually.
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  • Hudsonvalley host offers 128GB RAM, 15GB HDD Space, 200GB Bandwidth, lined templates, and other features for about 1.25 dollars monthly.
  • Cloud Surph promos also offer CPU vCore: 2, RAM: 2 GB, Storage: 40 SSD GB, 1 Gbps port for bur-stable traffic flow, Bandwidth of 1 TB, and other awesome backup and security services for $1 monthly.

Finally, nothing serves as a better rebuttal to the idea that paints cost and quality as Siamese twins.Even if they were, it is typical of the Techworld to make the impossible a reality. With awesome VPS offers like this, web hosting has separated quality from high costs, such that one can boldly say, that good things so come easy every now and then.

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