Many factors can be responsible for the success of a website, and one of those factors is your choice of hosting provider and the hosting plan you are using. These two factors can have a significant impact on the speed, dependability, and security of your website.

One of the solutions to addressing that can determine the speed, dependability, and security of any website is what we call Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, especially when it comes to medium-to-high traffic websites.

In the world of internet today, where cloud-based hosting which has similar features with WP Engine, is the order of order day because of its enhanced flexibility, scalability, and security

In this post, you will be learning everything that has to do with VPS WordPress hosting, and it remained the preferred technology for many website owners.

At the end of this article, you will also be able to compare VPS WordPress hosting with other website hosting options like shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting plans.

Let’s begin!

What Is VPS WordPress Hosting?

WordPress web hosting can be described as an optimized type of web hosting that used in running WordPress websites. Depending on the hosting plan you are going for, there will be variance in the features of each WordPress hosting plan.

But irrespective of the plan you are opting for; each plan is equipped with various features including click-and-install which allows you to install WordPress quickly on your website, and another feature is the automatic update of the core of WordPress

Another thing is that there will be very viable support that is capable of handling every technical issue related toWordPress hosting when compared to your traditional hosting support held by your staff.

It is essential to note that WordPress hosting is not a prerequisite for running WordPress. WordPress can be run on any web hosting plan because running a WordPress site has relatively minimal requirements.

The only requirement needed for running a WordPress website is having MySQL 5.0.15 or higher version in addition to PHP 5.2.4 or advanced version.

On the other hand, for the fact that a WordPress website can be run on any website hosting plan doesn't necessarily mean that you should run a WordPress site.

Hosting a WordPress site will help you to maximize your website to the fullest with maximum performance levels across the board. When we talk about employing web hosting using VPS, it makes use of a dedicated physical server virtual partitions meaning that VPS hosting translates to a shared solution.

Meanwhile, the only difference you will notice is that you will enjoy your actual personal server space. Still, you will experience limited scalability as you will need a substantial server migration if you wish to scale up in the nearest future.

Having established what WordPress hosting is all about, lets quickly look into various types of WordPress Hosting that exist; features od each as well as pros and cons of each.

Hosting Type

Traffic Level



Shared WordPress Hosting


  • Cost-effective
  • broadly accessible
  • Aside from WordPress scripts can be used
  • Swift configuration

  • Delayed response from vendor’s support.
  • your website is at risk if the security of other users on the network is security porous or not useful and up to date
  • shared IP address with other users meaning that any illegal/unethical activities by any of them will flag down your website too


WordPress Hosting


  • High control level
  • customer privacy
  • Your security unaffected by other users on the server
  • There are fewer users on each server compared to shared hosting servers
  • There is no support from the service providers
  • Immense responsibility like web and database server software installations lies on you
  • Unequal allocation of Resources between the server's clients

Dedicated WordPress Server

Very High

  • Access to the dedicated personal server which can sublease to other websites
  • absolute control over the server
  • High-performance level and dependability
  • Speedy websiteload time with good accessibility
  • Costly
  • high technical skills level is required to run your server and solve any problems you may encounter.
  • Intermittent hardware failures which can result in website downtime

Managed WordPress Hosting


  • Swift website speeds
  • Enhanced security
  • Your website is updated automatically and backed up regularly.
  • Full technical support
  • Little to no technical control
  • Slightly higher investment than other low-cost options
  • You are limited to using only WordPress, not other platforms.


Definitely yes! You can host your website via WordPress, but if you're to do that, you must use the self-hosted version of WordPress.

Of a truth, using the gives you the opportunity of building your website and makes it go live faster but mind you you'll have to sacrifice a lot to resources.

For Self Hosting your website on WordPress has many benefits. Some of them are discussed below;

1. You’re Completely in Charge of your Theme And Plugins

One fact is that, when building a website, you'll it to appear the way you want. Using to develop your website restricts your selections of theme and plugins as you'll only be able to make minimal customization of your website.

On the other hand, if you self-host your WordPress website, you’ll be opening yourself up to WordPress' suites of the great library of free plugins and themes aside premium themes and plugins that can be purchased for a price.

2. Superior Website Performance

Self-hosting your WordPress website gives you the opportunity of choosing the best hosting platform that meets your needs meaning that this feature allows you to maximize your WordPress website.

Aside from that, self-hosting WordPress website avail you the opportunity of having control of any plugins you install on your website as well as optimizing the load time of your site and the overall performance of your website.

Another unique about self-hosting of WordPress website is that the websites tend to outperform other websites exiting as subdomains of the main site in the search engine results and overall user experience.

3. Your Website Becomes a Business Hub

Another stunning thing about self-hosted WordPress website is monetization tendency on the site. Using restricts you to monetization and advertising features of your website.A good example is the limited use of incorporated advertising platform which requires a certain traffic level before you can use them.

On the contrary, self-hosted WordPress site gives you open hands to choose how you make money with your site with no restriction. You have the opportunity to select your advertising networks to be incorporated into your website. You will also have the chance of installing affiliate, marketing plugins to your site, create and sell your online courses. Whether you plan to turn your website into a full-fledged eCommerce store, grow your WordPress site, scale up your website traffic, it is possible through the self-hosted WordPress website!


Why not? You can learn how to design websites using WordPress without buying any hosting plan or domain name. All you need to do is install and configure a software called Bitnami WordPress Stack on your PC. Software is entirely free, and you can use it to learn everything from scratch. After installing the Software, you can download free WP themes and plugins for practice.

Once you’ve mastered the craft, you can upgrade to premium tools. But one fascinating thing about this si that you can design great websites with the free mode!

Won't you instead give it a shot now?


This is one of the most asked questions about WordPress. When we tell people that WordPress is free, open-source Software, the usual problem that follows is that, Why is WordPress made free for all?

Let me quickly let you know why it is free and the cost implication of ruining a WordPress website.

Being open-source Software, WordPress is in the sense of freedom, not in the sense of free beer. Are you confused about the difference between the two?Read on!

Features of open source applications go hand-in-hand with freedom of use, modification, build upon and redistribution without in any way having to pay any form of fees.

Meanwhile, you may have to pay some fees for using some premium tools for WordPress.

Why Don’t the Developers of WordPress Sell it as Software?

This is one question that uses to bothers everyone using this fantastic Software. If the application is as good the way everyone is saying, why can’t the developers monetize it and make good money from its sales?

This statement will have a lot of sense if an individual or a company owns WordPress.

The platform is a project of an open-source community that allows more than ten thousand of gifted hands to make outstanding contributions to turn it into a massive software that we all enjoy today.

Though WordPress has the leading team of developers that take the lead in the project development, there is room for contribution from anyone who has one thing the other to add to the patches, fixing of bugs, creating new features and also suggest what can be added to further improved its features.

Also, project lead change as we move from one version of WordPress to another. Peradventures you become deeply involved in the long run,you can become of the significant contributors.

Cost Implication for using WordPress

Like I established in the opening lines that WordPress remains an open-source application that can be downloaded and used by anyone, for you to use the Software in hosting your website online, you will need to buy a WordPress hosting plan and a domain name. can be used to create free blogs, but it is not the same as using

You might want to look at the major compare and quickly.

But I have broken the differences down below: take a look!

The cost of using WordPress is relatively low compared to running any other kind of website. The only costs you are incurring using WordPress to develop websites and blogs the web hosting which can cost as low as $7.99/month and domain name which cause as low $14 / year. Mind you, the price for these two varies from one vendor to another.

Nevertheless, users of WPBeginner can get a free domain name for one year while also getting up to 60% off web hosting from vendors like Bluehost. What this means is that you can become website owner for a monthly budget of as low as $2.75.

The official recommended WordPress hosting provider is Bluehost though there are other service providers too, we strongly recommended Bluehost.

Another cost that can be incurred aside those above can be for getting premium themes and plugins. Though it is not compulsory to use premium WP tools if you have the financial capabilities to manage the investment, you can give it a shot!

Majority of people sometimes use these premium tools though not compulsory like I said as there are over 54,000+ free WordPress plugins available on the internet today.

We hope that this article has been able to answer all your questions on hosting and designing a website with WordPress to a certain extent, but if you still have other questions, you can drop them in the comment section, and we will be glad to attend to them all.


What's essential is that WordPress hosting is far better in meeting the performance and security needs of websites built on WordPress. You can also access WP specific features including pre-installed site templates, automatic WP updates, plus custom WP support.

VPS hosting gives you more control and flexibility over your server. Managed WordPress hosting is like a concierge service where your web hosting company handles technical aspects such as security, speed, WordPress updates, daily archives, website availability, and scalability are handled by your web hosting provider.

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