How Many VPS Hosting Websites Are There?

With the level of advancement the world has seen, there are many websites in existence. There are about 1.9 billion websites to be more specific. This figure has made web hosting extremely marketable as only more websites will come into existence. The importance of web hosting and the number of customers using its services has made investors and entrepreneurs turn their sight to it. This has led to the setting up of many web hosting service providers.

Also, amongst web hosting services, the VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is arguably considered as the most used. Although an entire physical server is shared with a few others, It provides a unique partition for each user and utilizes virtualization technology to provide you with private and dedicated resources on your partition. It is used by many, most especially smaller scale to medium-sized businesses because it is more secure and stable than shared hosting but is a lot cheaper than renting an entire server all to yourself. It is chosen usually by website owners whose websites start gaining too much traffic and require suitable web hosting, especially when a dedicated server hosting is too much for them.

Below are some of the reasons why VPS is very important, hence why it is widely preferred and has many websites offering its services.

  • It is much faster and more reliable than shared hosting.
  • Dedicated resources such as memory and processing power are guaranteed.
  • There are minimal fluctuations in operation.
  • Problems of other server users don’t affect you or your site.
  • You have root access to your server.
  • You get good control over your server.
  • Your files are kept private from other users, therefore, you have better privacy.
  • It has very good scalability. With it, you can easily upgrade your resources – such as RAM, CPU, disk space, bandwidth, etc, as your website grows.
  • Most importantly, it is relatively very affordable.

Due to all these benefits the VPS offers, it has been termed the best web hosting option. This has caused a spike in the number of users of VPS, hence the number of service providers. Therefore, the number of VPS hosting websites has seen a significant increase as well.

Many websites offer VPS hosting, and they all differ in price, features, resources given, and so on. Some sites are more expensive than others, some give more resources than others, and some have more interesting resources than others. All this is a result of different hosting companies being run by people with different mindsets.

Finding the best or a perfect VPS hosting plan has now become a daunting task because of this. In essence, there are so many VPS hosting websites out there, and it will take you weeks to review them all.

Fortunately, I have done all the research and discovered the best and what is expected of a genuine VPS hosting plan. This has now narrowed down the options you should consider. Among all the various hosting websites there are, their plans and pricing always differ and that is one thing you should always look out for when searching for which to use. You should also look into some of the potential downsides or weaknesses these providers have.

Among all the numerous amount of VPS hosting websites there are, the most highly recommended is They offer plans which bring affordability and performance together. Their plans will suit your budget perfectly and ensure that you do not regret your decision. Contact today to see why they are the best among the very many VPS hosting websites in existence.

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost?

The price of VPS hosting differs according to the hosting company. Some are relatively very cheap while others are a little more expensive. You might be wondering why some of these VPS hostings costs a bit more than you must’ve expected. This is because websites and apps, in general, all contain very huge and complex materials that can be difficult to maintain, making web hosting, VPS in particular very important. The apps and websites themselves are seen as very valuable in the society we’re in today and are very good sources of income. It is only fair that VPS hosting providers will want to generate income from them.

Another very important reason is for the part of the hosting company. They must have invested a large capital into the provision of quality services. To conveniently provide these services, the company had had to set up resources such as CPU, RAM, etc. Setting up all these resources as well as getting the perfect staff can be difficult and very expensive. So it is quite expected that they use their pricing to try and cover-up. For other providers, it’s just business.

Now, you might be asking how much does VPS hosting costs exactly?. Well, the thing is, not every provider offers the same type of service, neither do they operate with the same pricing system. It widely differs from provider to provider.

In most cases, offers are starting from $5 monthly and above. For some, rather a few, you can even find offers that are lesser than that price. While many are much more expensive than others.

It will be difficult to analyze all the pricing of all the providers, but for, you can get some of the cheapest plans you can find anywhere. You get to enjoy many benefits for just at least $5. There is even a free 7-day trial available for you.

Going for plans from is a very good choice, in fact, choosing a cheap VPS hosting option, in general, is a definite plus. You should go for cheap plans with very useful features such as accessibility, security, and most importantly, cost-effectiveness.

A cheap VPS hosting is ideal for many businesses because of many reasons. The first is that it saves you more capital by saving you from too many costs. This is because you can save the extra money you would have had to spend on an expensive alternative. If all these regular extra savings are combined, you can do a lot more for your business. You can get better staff, build better facilities, and infrastructures to help fuel the growth of your business.

A cheap VPS alternative also increases your total revenue. Without a doubt, it leads to profit maximization. Profit maximization is seen simply as the event of a business making as many profits as possible using their resources within a given time. It is the major aim of setting up any business. As you go for a cheap VPS hosting option, the money you would have spent for extra costs for an expensive alternative can be saved, accumulated in the long run, and added to your total revenue. This addition will help you earn a lot more than with an expensive plan.

Another important advantage you can enjoy with a cheap VPS alternative is that with it, you can easily take risks and endure setbacks better too. This means that even if the option you go for ends up not worth it, you can easily move on. Let’s say you end up subscribing for a poor VPS service, for instance, you will endure it better than when the plan was expensive and ends up below standard. With this mindset, you can experiment with different providers and see which is best for you.

In conclusion, VPS hosting costs depend entirely on the provider you choose to work with. It can range from plans that are very affordable to those that cost a bit more. However, the main thing you should be focusing on is the type and quality of service that is offered by the plans. See if it is worth whatever price it costs. With this in mind, is highly recommended if you are looking for a VPS web hosting that has just the right price and offers incomparable services.

How Much Faster Is VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting?

We have already gotten a little idea about what VPS hosting is. Shared hosting however is a bit similar but is a lot more different than VPS hosting. When using shared hosting, you will have your site share one single server with other sites like with VPS hosting. The difference is that in this case, you will be sharing the server with a lot more websites. You can look at it as an apartment building, where you get one unit rented to you and have many neighbors. It is limiting but it is the cheapest hosting option since providers have many customers just on one single machine. This hosting option offers fewer resources and features than VPS hosting. By resources and features, I mean bandwidth, flexibility, scalability, RAM, CPU, and performance in general. Also, the provider company is responsible for the maintenance and security of the server.

The VPS hosting as we have seen is a step up or upgrade for the shared hosting. It has a lesser restriction than the latter and supports more growth of your website as well. This type of hosting is like using a rented apartment, one with very few neighbors. Also, although you will still be sharing an entire physical server with a few other customers, you will have your resources dedicated and made private to you. Therefore, you won’t be competing for computing power, and you do not care about the activities of your neighbors as they don’t affect you like with shared hosting. VPS hosting is always more expensive than shared hosting but is still very affordable.

There are some performance differences between the two hosting options. They have different resources available to them, therefore, some variations in performance. Some of these performance differences include that between spinning hard drives and SSD storage. VPS hosting also gives users more resources as well as processing power. This will significantly boost the performance of users’ websites, making them widely preferred to customers.

When it comes to speed, without a doubt, VPS hosting is always much faster than shared hosting. It is mainly because you do not share resources, and therefore don’t have your website users queue up with other site’s users before they can access yours.

Another reason why VPS hosting is much faster than shared hosting because it has more memory and a better CPU. With this, it can handle many requests at once and perform more actions at the same time. It can also access website contents much faster than with shared hosting. In fact, if you are to compare the VPS hosting plans of a company to the same company’s shared hosting, the results will show that the VPS is much faster 99% of the time, mainly because of the better resources it has.

To be more specific, a basic VPS with its standard resources is about four times more powerful, giving it a speed of about the same amount when compared to shared hosting.

Although shared hosting is much slower, it is still very useful, mostly if your website is relatively small. If you operate a bigger site, however, it could be dissatisfactory to you. You will need VPS hosting in such a case.

One of the best ways of getting fast hosting is to choose one from a highly rated hosting provider such as which employs a far better speed and convenience than shared hosting. Check out their plans to have a taste of their speed today, and you will not be disappointed in any way.

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