The Ultimate Guide to the Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2020

It all started as a fairy tale. Now, you’ve put so much into your website, and business is booming. What’s next? You should expand your reach as your traffic grows. This, many people know about, but what they seem to forget is the technical handlings behind it. Still, expanding your online business is a piece of cake, thanks to the VPS hosting providers out there.

VPS hosting serves as a swift solution to all kinds of computer issues. It involves a local server and multiple connected virtual servers, with each one isolated from its peers. Today, many businesses retain it for one or two benefits, while the popular ones you see online make the best use of it. It’s high time you built your online platform by understanding how VPS hosting works.

How It Works

VPS facilitating is currently turning into a quick, versatile solution for each business. In reality, it is a checkpoint for evaluating your capacities. This facilitating type is positive for those transforming to a medium-sized business. As said before, it very well might be anything but difficult to accomplish this change. In any case, without appropriate specialized practices, the tables may turn in a flick.

VPS allows for user customization and analysis of data. It exposes you to a broader webspace. Unlike shared hosting, you have no problem with an increase in traffic.

The internet, as strict as it may appear, is very kind to those who abide by its policies and algorithms. A VPS hosting will project you upwards with style. More importantly, you’ll find keeping up with trends and analysis a piece of cake.

Types Of VPS Hosting

The secondary types of hosting are numerous. Each comes with benefits. What differentiates one from the other is the limit in services rendered. This doesn’t mean you won’t be exposed to tons of benefits.

You may come across different models of VPS hosting. Cloud VPS, Self-managed server, and the like—they all have other functions. Just know that they fall under these two types:

Fully Managed VPS

Here’s a hosting type providing complete maintenance and control over the system. It uses the cPanel of WHM and consists of an in-built administrative server. Though it allows for Linux hosting, here are some real benefits:

  • DoS protection
  • Optimal security
  • Secure data system
  • Anti-malware enabler
  • Server maintenance
  • System upgrades

Partnering with a reliable provider exposes you to even more benefits. You can get 24/7 support, including a swift solution to technical downtime.

Unmanaged VPS

This VPS has no built-in software for managing the hosting type. It is mostly useful for those capable of solving any technical doom. Therefore, it requires some skills and experience, as users get their cPanel, allowing for improved access to customization. These skills include the ability to use the following:

  • Secure Shell System
  • CLI
  • Web software
  • Disaster recovery and the like

Way to go with an unmanaged VPS if you’re good with Linux. If you prefer an easy-to-use, using the former would be of great help.

When is The Best Time to Upgrade?

The idea forms up when you’ve outgrown your bandwidths. To avoid a technical breakdown or vulnerability, adopt this hosting type. After graduating from shared hosting, this comes next. It performs well in what seemed like a godsend, helping to retain a successful height.

So if you feel you’ve surpassed your limits and would love to give this a try, examine what you have to offer. For an e-commerce store, it’s best to use a VPS, as you’d be transacting regularly. This is undoubtedly a must if you must act legally. You don’t want your customers on your neck because you expose their payment credentials to hackers.

All in all, having one installed is a smart way to go. It is even more helpful where you expect your traffic to skyrocket.

In some cases, you may think of starting with a VPS—definitely not a bad idea. But you must opt for a top-level provider, or perhaps, get someone to do the heavy lifting for you.

What Do You Get With A VPS?

A VPS is standard for web hosting, but it is most useful for other things. This server can run an operation on anything that runs in a typical Linux box. Thanks to the following services:

Pre-defined RAM

Unlike shared servers where you are limited to space, this gives you sufficient RAM. You aren’t sharing a RAM space with anyone, so you have it all to yourself.

Broad Web Resources

The web resources are easily accessible. It’s just like ordering something online. You can purchase any resource you want. And if you feel the size is too small, a VPS allows for an increase.

Authoritative Control

At times, there’s a need to install complex applications. Not necessarily complicated, but apps that require a system restart. Although you may share a VPS with others, it is possible to initiate this action without causing interference.

Your website requires optimal privacy and security, especially if dealing with customers’ credentials. This hosting type will provide premium scalability and webspace, thereby giving guests a welcoming experience.

10 Best VPS Hosting Companies of 2020 Reviewed (Pros & Cons)

The next stage is opting for a responsive hosting company. In the process of doing so, it’s likely to come across numerous hosting providers, both the good and bad. Going down this path on your own is a tough call.

Luckily, you can make the path clearer with some examining questions. You may ask yourself: how well do these VPS hosting providers perform? What do their plans offer? Do they have an active support team?

We’ve made things easier by listing the best providers of all time. Check out our top ten recommendations:


California based domain registrar Namecheap has been one of the leading platforms for years. It offers all kinds of web management resources for website owners.

The company offers only two VPS options: Quasar and Pulsar. They both come heavily endowed, yielding a 99.9% uptime. The management team is active and responsive to emergency issues. More importantly, it offers full storage space and RAID.

Both VPS plans come with SSD storage. The latter possesses two CPU computing power and a dedicated IP address, while the latter holds four CPU power and two addresses.


  • Cheap packages
  • Affordable domain services


  • Expensive add-ons


Another leading firm in the domain registration table — Utah’s Bluehost, has evolved and is now among the top choices. The company ensures all its plans are reliable and affordable.

This hosting type also offers an easy-to-use interface. A beginner can create a functional site and link it with his/her email in no time.

The company is highly effective with WordPress, and most of its plans run on the VPS servers. The VPS packages consist of three types, each holding an unlimited bandwidth, fully functional features, an enthusiastic support team, and a warranty policy.


  • Highly effective plans
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Restricted free tools


A little unpopular, this hosting provider stands upright in the industry. California’s Justhost holds a couple of extraordinary features. It offers tons of dedicated options.

The company went as far as creating a simple cPanel and control system. Also, you can choose to use a long-term contract, but it is optional.

All in all, Jushost is an excellent platform with a round-the-clock support team. It offers four VPS plans and is ideal for those who expect a traffic spike anytime soon.


  • Free tools available
  • Numerous features


  • Increased renewal cost


Here’s one of the top-level ancestors in the industry. Since 1997, Bluehost has been serving about 1.4 million websites with over 400,000 partners. The hosting plans are affordable.

If necessary, it exposes you to an accessible cPanel, which seems perfect for every web geek. About the novices, it ensures its user-interface comes with a simple design.

If you need any support, the help desk is an excellent place to visit. The representatives are willing to put you through the process.


  • Flexible plans
  • Sufficient bandwidth


  • Zero Windows server

Liquid Web

This Michigan-based hosting company has been in the game for over twenty years. Though it offers a list of useful features, Liquid Web is never for starters.

Small business owners can look somewhere else. However, this serves best for a website with heavy operations. It is in partnership with the likes of National Geographic and Home Depot.

If you want to enjoy using this hosting plan, get your capital ready. This provider has premium VPS packages to offer.


  • Optimal plans
  • Wide range of tools


  • Complicated interface


Hostinger offers cheap but powerful hosting services. Its starting price isn’t even up to a dollar. After purchase, you’ll be given a bulk of tools for growth.

This host holds a strong support team. There’s a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus, you can customize your website to suit your preference.

There’s a separate plan for just email hosting, and it works perfectly well. All Hostinger plans are affordable, even when subscribing to a renewal package.


  • Premium host
  • Affordable packages


  • None


If you’re a web geek, you should know well about this hosting company. It is always catering to beginners while also providing experts with full customization access.

This company comes with friendly hosting plans highly compatible with any website. Also, it allows for receiving a visitor’s contact info.

Its packages consist of broad and juicy offers: the company support Windows and Linux servers. For WordPress users, it serves as a plus, as they get to use the managed server system.


  • Multiple features
  • Friendly interface


  • None

A2 Hosting

This is yet another juicy hosting provider. It comes with three hosting tiers: shared, dedicated, and VPS. Each plan holds extraordinary features, plus it is quick to yield results.

Optimize your chances by using this hosting type. As soon as you migrate, you’ll notice some changes, and your pages will load faster.

A2 Hosting prides itself on the speed and functions it offers. The company continues to contribute to domain registration and website management as a whole.


  • High speed
  • Splendid performance


  • None


Siteground stands alongside Bluehost and the like in the best domain registrars for WordPress. It offers a quick solution to web hosting problems and helps to manage a website perfectly well.

Wholly optimized with WordPress, you have free access to all the platform’s plugins and customization tools.

For beginners, this might just be a perfect choice. Siteground rallies around shared hosting, thereby offering quick and secure updates.

The host is also known for offering optimal cloud hosting services. It has a free trial available for thirty days, and your first subscription is a bit high but cost-effective.


  • Premium plans
  • Pro features


  • Increased renewal costs

WP Engine

WP Engine is undoubtedly the best WordPress host. Its services and infrastructures are centered around WordPress users. The host provides an optimal solution to web issues.

The support team focuses on the needs of prospects. The rep can help you scale through a choice, as WP Engine offers multiple packages.

One thing you need to know, this is a WordPress-based host. In anticipation of what you might need, the company has top-notch maintenance tools. Most of all, you’ll be far from experiencing downtime.


  • No downtime
  • A broad range of features


  • None


A beginner is likely to opt for HostGator or any other hosting company. All in all, there must be a ready-made portfolio at hand for this. Even so, most hosting providers are flexible enough to serve both the experts and beginners.

Now that you know of the best VPS hosting providers in 2020, it’s high time you settled with a reliable company. How do you narrow your search?

First, you must consider the type of hosting plan that’s good for your site. Practically, if you’re a programmer, you may want to opt for one that allows for user customization.

VPS is more of a necessity than a trend, mostly if you’re selling something online. Save yourself further hassles by observing the plans or tiers in each host. Only then will you easily match a favorable choice with your needs.

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