VPS is a safe middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It gives users the experience of a dedicated server with the affordability of a shared physical server. It does this by combining the features of both kinds of hosting.

VPS hosting is suitable for sites with greater needs than what shared hosting can cater to. Simply put, they have outgrown the limitations of shared hosting.

There are many benefits of VPS hosting. They include; improved performance, Root access, Control and Customization, Better security, Scalability, cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses.

With VPS hosting, the user is at liberty to upgrade to a bigger plan when necessary.


Windows Server is a kind of server-like OS developed and sold by Microsoft. Windows Virtual Server is a scalable server virtualization program that enables multiple operating systems to run on one physical server. This virtual server is managed through a web-based interface that relies on IIS (internet information services) or through a windows client application tool called VMRCplus.

A Windows Virtual Server is a server that runs on the Windows Operating system. Virtual servers help resolve technological problems associated with the use of physical servers. Also, it conserves a lot of time, energy and money.

Features of Windows Server include:

  • FAST AND SIMPLE SETUP: Setting up a Windows server is so easy and fast. Setup is almost instant, same with activation. Activation occurs as soon as payment confirmation is received.
  • ADMINISTRATOR ACCESS AND SUPPORT: With Windows server, you get full administrator access with the capacity to install your own software. The service providers ensure you have all the administrator support you need at your beck and call. This enables you to adequately manage the server’s configuration. In addition to this, you are at liberty to customize the virtual environment so as to create an enjoyable work-space for yourself.
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Windows server gives you technical support thus, you do not need to be a technical expert before you can operate your system. The server is built in such a way that it is so easy to use. You don’t need a lot of knowledge about servers and how they work before you can use a windows server.
  • SECURE STORAGE: With Windows server, your data is safe and secure. The reason for this security is simple; multiple hard-drives are built to mirror each other so that if one array develops faults, the others continue with and ensure that the tasks are executed.

Windows server has a number of advantages. While some of these advantages are obvious, others are less obvious.

  • Being a server developed and marketed by Microsoft, Windows servers are never lacking in updates. Also, customer and technical support are top-notch. The server is both easy to use and user-friendly. Even customers with the least technical knowledge and expertise can comfortably navigate through it.
  • Another advantage is the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. This stands out as the most attractive feature of Windows Server hosting.
  • Also, Windows Server makes website development easy by offering users Microsoft tool interfaces that they are both familiar and comfortable with. This interfaces include; MS Access, MS FrontPage etc.
  • It also offers users tools and interfaces through which they can develop a database-driven website. These databases include MS Access and MS SQL. It does all these through the ASP technology.
  • Windows server is easy to setup, configure, maintain and support.
  • It has a lot of hardware support and is largely compatible with a lot of apps.
  • There are lots of Windows administrators and engineers thus, it is easier and cheaper to find one if you need their services.
  • Offers advanced virtualization and storage services
  • Windows Server has a lot of security vulnerabilities when compared to its counterparts.
  • It has a lot more downtime compared to Linux servers
  • More cost and expenses on Licensing, hardware installation and administration



VPS hosting is a kind of hosting that hosts a number of servers on the same physical server but, isolating or partitioning the servers into virtual spaces through virtualization. In this kind of hosting, each user gets the experience of dedicated hosting because there is no sharing of resources like operating system, RAM and CPU. In addition to this, each user gets root access to their operating system so, they can alter and customize things to suit their needs.

Since servers still share a single physical server but, get the experience of dedicated hosting, VPS hosting is said to be a hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It combines the features of both.


VPS hosting works by Virtualization technology. It is through this technology that you can partition your physical server into multiple virtual spaces. The popular virtualization software in this regard is called hypervisor. Its job is to draw resources out of the physical server and then, shares it out to your customers as a virtual copy of the original server.


There are some steps you need to take to set VPS hosting for your system or website. The following steps will help you set up your VPS hosting fast and with ease.

  • Sign in to your providers Control panel and login with your ID and password: you will see “buy purchase orders” at the top right hand corner of the dashboard. Click on it.
  • Place an order: for you to be able to purchase a VPS hosting, you must have a domain name connected to it. So, before you proceed, you will need to purchase a domain name if yuou don’t already have one.
  • Purchase a domain name: Simply click on ‘select product’, then click on ‘domain registration’. Enter your preferred domain and make sure it is available.
  • Purchase VPS hosting: this is the next step in setting up your VPS hosting. Make sure you refresh the page then, select your choice of hosting by clicking on ‘select product’. After you have done this, type in the domain name you want to link to your hosting, including all the specifics relating to the product. If you want any add-ons, you can select the ones you want.
  • To access everything you have purchased, simply click on ‘products’ on the dashboard. Next, click on ‘list all orders’. Now, select the order you would want to access. In this case, you will choose VPS Hosting.
  • Set up your VPS Hosting: With the following steps you can set up your VPS and get it ready for use.
  • Log in to your VPS via Secure Shell Access. You will need to use SSH because other protocols will not enable you to give commands to you VPS. Basically, you need your servers IP address, a root username and a password for this process.
  • Check for packages and security updates available and update your server. Outdated software may open up your system to attacks. The command to enter for this process is the ‘apt update’ command. Click on ‘enter’. When the upgrade is over, then click on ‘apt dist upgrade’ to update your server’s packages. Then, restart your server.
  • Set up a new user and modify its privileges to hyper privilege. Continuing with the root user can do a lot of harm to your system thus, making it imperative for you to create a new user.
  • Set up public key authentication. By this procedure, you generate a lot of public and private keys and this increases the security of your server to a large extent. Click on the ‘generate’ button and make sure you set up a paraphrase for the public key once it is generated. Also, ensure you save the private key too. Log in again into your server with your root user name then, switch to your new user name.
  • Enable extra security (firewall) for your VPS: This process ensure tighter security for your server. Also, this will limit access to your server and in the process, prevent a lot of malware attacks.


Generally, VPS hosting is not as cheap as shared hosting because, it possesses some dedicated features. Although fantastic, these features come at an extra cost. However, it pricing is not as high as that of dedicated hosting. This means that VPS hosting price is somewhere in-between the price for shared hosting and that of dedicated hosting.

For basic VPS hosting, you can pay between $20 to $100 per month. In the actual sense of it, pricing largely depends on configuration. Now, this is unlike Shared hosting which is relatively cheaper. It is the cheapest among the hosting options. You can set up shared hosting for a price as low as $10 per month. Thus, users whose budget do not exceed $10 per month can conveniently continue with shared hosting.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting is on the pricey side of the divide. Being on the expensive side, it may require a bit of planning and adjustment to upgrade to dedicated hosting. Typically, dedicated hosting costs about $100 per month and above.

There are two types of VPS hosting: the Linux-based VPS hosting and the Windows-based VPS hosting. Linux-based VPS hosting is a more popular hosting method since most hosts only offer servers that run on linux-based OS. In addition to this, Linux-based VPS is cheaper and more affordable than Windows-based hosting: most times, $10 to $20 less than the hosting price for the latter.

VPS hosting offers you dedicated resources and exclusivity from other sites. This is facilitated by the partitioning of the virtual space into distinct server areas; each area with its own OS, RAM, storage and monthly transfer limits for data. This improves server performance in no small way. Performance is smoother, more assured and downtimes are reduced to the barest minimum, if at all.

Some of the best web hosting services you may find useful for your hosting needs are:

  • HOSTGATOR WEB HOSTING: Hostgator services offer you excellent VPS hosting, great uptime, a myriad of feature-packed hosting plans, good customer service and technical support. You do not be highly skilled or tech-savvy. Regrettably, it does not offer Windows-based VPS hosting. Hostgator web hosting offers you great VPS hosting at a fantastic price of $6.95 per month.
  • DREAMHOST WEB HOSTING: You should consider the services of Dreamhost, if you expect heavy traffic on your site. It ensures unlimited transfer of data on your sites and eliminates all the challenges that come with traffic spike and congestion on sites. Some of its advantages include: Unlimited data transfer for your site, a good refund policy and guarantee, excellent domain-management and tight and secure security for your site.

Just like Hostgator, Dreamhost does not offer Windows-based VPS hosting.

  • HOSTINGER WEB HOSTING: The most outstanding feature of hostinger hosting services is its excellent customer service and support. Other advantages/features include: great uptime and monthly and annual plans from which customers can choose from depending on the individual needs of their websites. Some of its plans have Windows hosting while others do not. Prices for its various hosting plans range from $10-$16.
  • IONOS WEB HOSTING: IONOS offers you complete root access to your operating system. It gives you the opportunity to choose either a windows based or a Linux-based operating system thereby giving you an unlimited OS freedom. Its advantages include: excellent uptime, website creation tools that are both easy to understand and easy to use, a w3ide variety of hosting plans to choose from, ranging from basic to advanced plans. Finally, unlike some others, it offers both Linux and Windows-based servers. Its pricing is affordable ranging from $10-$20.
  • GODADDY WEB HOSTING: This hosting service offers users advanced DDoS protection and site security. Other advantages include: 24/7 customer service and support, Offers managed Word press Hosting. Just like IONOS, it offers both windows and Linux-based servers. Its pricing is from $9 per month. It also offers a variety of hosting plans for customers.


VPS hosting is a complete package with all the simplicity, security, performance, reliability, power and scalability your website needs. In addition to these, Windows server presents are lot of features that will be of great benefit to your site, placing your business on the pedestal to success.

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