Understanding How VPS Windows HostGator Works

What would you do if you could talk to the web for a day? Ask for a better hosting space? That's precisely what almost every web geek would do. There’s a safer and secure hosting plan plus tons of benefits than the last one you were using. Right! And yes, you won't be experiencing any sort of data limitations.

HostGator, a leading host provider worldwide, offers VPS hosting with extra flex. Although there are many providers out there, this, in particular, ensures you stand out among competitors.

It is purpose-driven and serves best for installing custom software and configurations. It has a broader range of size and scalability. How nice would it be to get a quick solution from the customer helpdesk? Indeed, it is a favorable choice.

What is VPS HostGator?

VPS HostGator is a webspace online with an eco-friendly selling environment. Just that, you get a couple of tools to deal with. VPS HostGator has been in place for a long time now, and it allows users to build their community while expanding their growth.

With this provider, you don't have to worry about a lot of things. And yes, securing your website is one of the top priorities. But not to worry; this hosting provider is ace when it comes to security. You'll find the most popular firms using this provider because of its simple user-interface accompanied by top-level tools.

The fun part is, you can order your VPS HostGator Plan right away. But first, you must become familiar with tools like Virtuozzo Panel, carry out an actual setup for WHM and cPanel, and configure Private Name Servers.

Virtuozzo for VPS

Here’s an authoritative panel for VPS, just the same way WHM and cPanel work for affiliates and dedicated servers. This serves as a maintenance tool and can be used to perform a variety of hosting operations.

Safe to say, you can initiate, decline, and reboot the container that you work with. Even better, it is possible to view resource pages and add new software.

Keep in mind that this tool isn’t entirely independent. You still need to get the WHM and cPanel for building new profiles and including domains to them. Virtuozzo is strictly for maintenance, and it does its job pretty well.

Understanding Web Host Manager (WHM)

Web Host Manager (WHM) is an authoritative program that permits you to use the back end of cPanel. Safe to say, it accompanies two adaptations: one for an affiliated record and root WHM (rWHM) for dedicated and VPS facilitating.

WHM plays a vital role in hosting operations, and its uses can’t be swept under the rug. In short, it’s a key factor holding many businesses down today. Ask me why?

Unlike regular hosting operations, you have no restrictions. It’s possible to manage numerous sites hassle-free and sell hosting services to prospects. And yes, it manages multiple cPanel accounts and gives you the tools to create and manage them.

Many businesses now work on separate cPanels, and WHM is responsible for that. Here are some other perks to get from this feature:

  • Secure Space: The fact that you can protect multiple sites from getting hacked makes it a favorable option. Say if a hacker penetrates one of your sites, the WHM prevents him from furthering his actions on other sites.
  • Ability to Work with Separate Panels: Some sites use SSL certificates, which is most common for any online transaction if you must tread safely. The rule is one certification per site. And to think of it, you don’t have a problem with that.
  • No Bandwidth Overages: The web penalizes websites that overgrow their bandwidth and desk space improperly. But if you have this installed, your site will be quick to grow without dealing with a suspension.

For clarity’s sake, avoiding using too many domains in one cPanel is possible but frustrating. You wouldn’t want to work in an unpleasant space, so you should make sure to minimize the level of use.

How WHM Initial VPS Setup Works

Once you request a VPS with cPanel, the next step is to create a setup system and simplify the process for future use. This setup is a piece of cake. Login to your profile, and you’re halfway through this stage. More importantly, familiarize yourself with these features:

  • User Agreement: This is what pops up before any other thing. You must, however, go through the given policy thoroughly. If sure of its instructions, agree to it.
  • Email Auto-Discovery: It works when enabled; this helps email clients spot their location for a quick configuration, depending on the server’s settings.
  • Security Tokens: This prevents attackers from carrying out a successful hack on your URL. Thus, it includes these tokens upon logging in.
  • Archiving: This allows you to control the retention of your mailing lists. It’s possible to activate this on a per-domain basis.
  • SMTP Connection: With this feature in place, no one can send an open email without the required permission. It holds a configuration that assigns only the Maling Transport Agent (MTA), mail listing software, and root user access.

Getting Started

Often resellers come across the word “Private name servers.” But for VPS users, it may sound new, but it’s the only means of getting name servers for your plan. Before you create these name servers, it’s better to access VZ, cPanel, and WHM through their URLs.

Once you implement this strategy, get the IP address needed with the Root User and password from the email right away. Once you log in and familiarize yourself with these panels, you can now create your private name servers, accessing your server through the domain name.

Is HostGator A Good Web Host?

The underlying question — which rings aloud in mind — but never ceases to create a working path for website owners. Using a VPS built by HostGator is one of the best approaches to securing a business website. Safe to say, you get to enjoy tons of benefits and additional resources.

What Are The Benefits Attached?

When migrating from a reseller account, you get exposed to even more benefits. But first, you need a brief on the three forms of VPS:

Fully Managed

A system with Snappy 500 or above and a cPanel arrives completely handled. This means that you can go about any technical problem or configuration. Techies can go as far as initiating outside-of-custom script. Practically, here’s just a small treat offered from wide varieties:

  • Security errors
  • Troubleshooting operations
  • Outside-custom server processing
  • Hardware breakdown
  • Software reboot issues and the like


What differentiates a semi-managed model from the former? Both come fully installed with benefits, and as said at the outset — Pro-Flex. The latter has no control panel but comes with all in-built features in the Fully Managed type. Even better, getting any software of your choice is a piece of cake. All you need is to access the SSH from the Yum Package.

If you prefer to implement this package on a web server, here are some pro features for you:

  • PHP
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • MySQL
  • FTP
  • Exim
  • Apache
  • Sendmail

If your Yum Package lacks the following functions, make your repository list. Better still, use the software script.

Unmanaged (VZ)

This is also a semi-managed type. Just that it comes with Virtuozzo only and Snappy 500 is the only level supported. When in use, you get to use the above-listed software alongside a few others. However, all will be installed on an unmanaged VPS. Don’t panic if you can’t seem to locate software. Instead, confirm if it’s on the semi-managed package. If yes, you must install it separately.

The fun part is, there are some freebies available for all packages. They both include:

  • Perl
  • Yum Manager
  • Root CLI

Preferably, it’s possible to check out each package's pricing and see the features available before choosing.

How Much Does HostGator Cost?

HostGator Pricing plans vary. The more you invest rightly, the better success you see. Speaking of its pricing plans, it starts at $2.64 per month. It is the most common plan with a 76% discount.

Other HostGator starting deals include:

  • WordPress Hosting $2.75 — 75% off
  • Site Building $3.46 — 23% off
  • VPS Hosting $19.95 — 75% off
  • Dedicated $118.99 — 37% off

HostGator VPS Hosting Plans

Here’s what you were craving a long time ago — Full root access & Flexible scaling hosting plans. As we mentioned earlier, the pricing starts from $19.95, and it is the Snappy 2000 package. It includes unmetered bandwidth, 120 GB disk size, two cores CPU, and 2GB RAM. Other plans include:

Snappy 4000 - $29.95/Mo

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 165 GB size
  • Two cores CPU
  • 4GB RAM

Snappy 8000 - $39.95/Mo

  • 240 GB size
  • 8GB RAM
  • Four cores CPU
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Crystal clear, in a cinch, you now know that HostGator plans are flexible. Your next motive should rely on a few crucial factors for practical use.

Does HostGator Support ASP.Net?

Most programmers prefer to build their website with ASP.Net. It holds tons of benefits, performing at a high peak. What is this ASP.Net we speak of?

This is an open-source framework, just like PHP and the like. Programmers can utilize its function to create apps, websites, and software on the .Net platform. Web designers also love to use it.

Three Perks of ASP.Net

Following PHP, the leading programming language of the moment, ASP.Net holds a smaller market. However, its benefits are enormous. They include:

High Speed

Using this platform means that you are heading for a much faster and efficient website processing. It uses a compiled code, compared to others.

Compiled code is entirely different from Interpreted code. The latter, when accessed, still needs an interpretation. Compiled codes are interpreted already, so they load much faster.

Building a website is a piece of cake, as this platform requires less coding while offering optimal functions. It means that you’re willing to bypass a long route of a complicated process.

Low Cost

ASP.Net costs nothing. You can get the newest update on the web for free. Preferably, you can write the code in a single text page, and it is compatible with Visual Studio.

As with Visual Studio, it’s possible to start with the basic plan. The paid package exposes you to more functional features. Spending some money is inevitable for getting the best services, but businesses on a budget can start freely.

Minimal Setup

If you use Window Products already, this might just be an added flex for use. Since Windows own ASP.Net, migrating it with other Windows apps will turn in a seamless operation. And you don’t have to worry about updated versions, as this integrates well and evolves.

HostGator’s ASP.Net has reasonable offers. As with its reliability, it comes with one of the top reputations in the industry.

Not sure which path to take? There’s a 24/7 customer team in place to help with your needs. Even better, you get an assigned rep that’ll help you with the whole process. Now it’s time to create your website on the .Net platform. Whatever hosting plan you seek, the team is willing to help pick the best for your business.


HostGator has retained a strong reputation for years now. It offers top-level services, rare ones, precisely. The hosting plans are enormous compared to others, and you get to use a free domain for a year.

Most of all, it is transparent enough to let your visitors know you take them seriously. Every plan comes with a free custom domain and an SSL certificate for clarification.

This platform hosts over two million websites. Newbies or pros, you get to use powerful hosting tools designed to help you grow. It also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

If you deal with ads, HostGator is ready to give you good credits for practical conversions. For example, the shared hosting plan provides new users with $100 credit. Create an online store and start earning right away.

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