A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a machine that offers you a service that will provide you with complete access to host your files install software, execute come apps, and lots more on it.

VPS is becoming increasingly popular by the day. Different regions of the planet have providers offering VPS services to their various clients.

For Canada, there are very competent providers out there that a simple internet search will show you. Most of these providers run their VPS servers on VMware, and also, their hardware is built on enterprise-grade.

Most of these Canadian VPS servers are:

  • Enriched with a hardware RAID system that ensures the safety of your data.
  • Configured to automatically deploy when the order is completed.

Canadian VPS providers feature root/administrator privileges, giving immense control over the server. Most of these providers have been in operation for a very long time, and as a result, they have mastered the art of fast and smooth delivery of their products to their customers using top-notch hardware.

When you are settling down for a VPS plan, you can opt for any preferable operating system of your choice. There are VPS services that run on Windows ad Linux machines, so it is important for you to know what you want.

There are different payment gateways that you can use to buy these hosting plans, such as cryptocurrencies, Webmoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, of course, Credit Cards.

Immediately the providers confirm your payments; it’ll provide you access to the VPS. Most Canadian VPS service providers have a top-notch data security infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about your data loss or theft.

How to Choose A Web Hosting Provider

What is really important to hosting providers?

A good hosting service can be summarized in three S’s: security, support, and speed. Also important is scalability. A good hosting service provider must provide you with what it takes to quickly scale your site as our keeps increase, and it should also provide you with the flexibility to take care of the unexpected increase in web traffic.

VPS hosting services are accessible in different price amounts, starting from a few bucks to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Assuming you’re only getting started on your business, opting for a cloud-based solution may be what you need. Or you can also opt for managed VPS services. They typically range from $10/month - $100/month.

That said, you’re probably asking, “how can I choose the best web hosting service?” The points below will answer this question.

1. Decide the Amount of Hand-Holding that You Want

Normal customer support will provide you access to a phone, ticket, and email support. What changes is the turnaround time. There are some service providers that will give you 24/7 customer support. One of the downsides of the non-managed VPS service is the fact that while a provider may provide you with answers about the basic setup of your VPS systems, it will not directly manage your system.

If what is one, your mind is the total delegation of your website’s management, then what you should be thinking about is the managed service. Managed service VPS providers will ensure that your system is properly configured for the files, provide you with greater security measures, manage your backups, and patch your apps if you need them to.

2. Estimate Your Expected Traffic Amount

VPS hosting service providers will charge you based on the bandwidth and storage space you use. Bandwidth is an estimate of the amount of data you serve to your customer over a period of time. Your bandwidth has no business being high if what you provide to your web visitors is low. But if your website hit the clouds and get featured in a very popular platform, then you may want to increase its bandwidth to make sure it serves the great influx of people into it.

There is a very small risk involved in this, provided that you are honest. If, for instance, you want to serve your local customers a few pages on your website, you will not go afoul of all restrictions.

If, on the other hand, you are developing a website that’ll not be too complicated for low-end shared operators, ensure that you settle for a cloud-based or dedicated server.

3. Understand the Types of Server

The most inexpensive hosting service is what you’ll get on shared servers. Your website’s performance is contingent on the volume of information that other website owners are pitching on the host. With this type of hosting solution, your access to the capabilities of the server will also be limited, meaning that you’ll be fairly limited to uploading data through SFTP or FTP, limiting the type of programs that you execute on the host, preventing admin access, and limiting the volume of the database that you can site can access.

Next is VPS. Normally a lot of hosting service providers execute different VPS services in a box, but efficiency is frequently better than what is obtainable with the shared hosting services. You ought to have experience with the basic server management and maintenance if you are using a VPS service prior.

You may want to opt for a dedicated server if you are not looking to share the space with other website owners. It is identical to having a server seated somewhere behind your table, only that it is situated in the data center of the service provider. Go for this if you have some of the related technical skills.

It may even be better for you if you opt for cloud servers. These servers normally run on gigantic clouds like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Hosting service providers may develop very setup modules that are perfect for their customer’s needs.

The huge advantage of this type of hosting service is the fact that it is built to scale seamlessly. To take care of a great increase in traffic, you need to add more money for your provide t cater for this. You do not need to rebuild or move anything.

4. Be Careful of Endless Offers

There are some hosting service providers that’ll offer you some so-called endless bandwidth and storage capabilities for just a few bucks in one month. Most time, it is not always as it was advertised. If, for instance, you commit $3/month for a hosting service, then there is probably a clause in your terms of service that permits your provider to shut down or throttle your website after using it for a certain amount of time.

5. Select A Handy Content Management Scheme To Prevent Lock-In

Most hosting providers are good at what they do, but the truth is that time can change many things. Technology and acquisitions shifts, management changes can take a toll on your hosting plans. Ensure that your website is not locked to only one host, and also make sure that your backup practice is not lacking.

A lot of people utilize WordPress in addition to PHP, which is executable on just any platform. Do site backups and regular updates to help you access your website’s structure, media, and data. This method indicates that you should store your backup on the service of another provider and make sure that the provider gets your domain name.

6. Have Exclusive Access to Your Domain Name

It is important that all starting businesses have exclusive access to their own domains. This way, you can claim your earned SEO advantages and change providers when there is a need for it.

You’re all prepared to launch your site now that you know how to get it on the internet. Go and do something great with your website. You may want to peep at other web providers and compare services so that you can decide what is great for your website.

Cons and Pros of Windows VPS Hosting

It can be a bit of a challenge to get a dependable Windows VPS hosting service in the midst of different options out there. It is particularly true in instances where there are many of them claiming that their services are multi-platform supported. To have this problem solved, it is contingent that you know the intricate advantages and disadvantages of the Windows VPS hosting service.


  • This type of hosting service will provide you with better control of the configuration needed during Windows installation. In a great majority of the cases, you’ll enjoy complete admin access to the server to help you indicate the precise configuration to make sure that your apps run to their full potential on the Windows VPS.
  • This type of hosting service will provide you with a better user experience and speed while also reducing the downtime when compared to the shared hosting, ASP.NET. Because of this, there is no need to worry about your guest having trouble visiting your website.


  • It makes sense that the finest Windows hosting plan is frequently more expensive than a plan from shared ASP.NET.
  • If you decide to settle for low quality or common Windows VPS hosting service, then it may not be as expensive as your web resources might not be correctly allocated, and this can lead to some serious issues for you and your website.

When Should You Upgrade to a Windows VPS Hosting Service?

If you just launched your own website where you upload blog posts, then getting a Windows VPS hosting plan may not be necessary. This is because your needs will be completely met with a shared hosting plan.

Also, there are some other things that you have to consider when you are contemplating whether it is suitable for you to use Windows VPS hosting plans or not. These factors are:

  • Website Security

If you are looking for improved security inclusions, enhanced tracking capabilities, greater backup space, or enhanced website dependability, then you want to opt for Windows VPS hosting. This is because it will provide you with high-end security features and dependable resources.

  • Site Traffic
If you have an audience that is constantly increasing and you discovered that your website is becoming slower, then a Windows VPS hosting solution is what you need.
  • E-Commerce
The very instant you scheme to own an online retail store is the instant you should think about upgrading your previous hosting plan to a better one. You’ll have access to a dedicated and more secure hosting setting with Windows VPS hosting. Also, you’ll enjoy a greater possibility to scale the PCI compliance check.

Apart from that, your customers will only trust your website and submit their financial information, such as their credit card numbers, only when they see that your site is really safe, and they’ll not lose such information to the hands of hackers and cybercriminals.

  • Customized Software
If you have to utilize a customized server setting, install customized software, or engage in some sophisticated programming, then it is recommended that you host your website on a Windows VPS server.

In the same way, some billing, standard bookkeeping, tax-related interactive modules do not demand only ultra-fast internet, but they also demand 24/7 server availability. This means that you think about opting to upgrade your system to a Windows VPS hosting plan if you are running on these types of applications rather than remaining with a shared server.

  • Develop Sites for Your Clients
If what you do is developing websites for your customers and you do not like to buy single shared plans all over, you can opt for a Windows VPS hosting plan that will support the hosting of an endless number of different domains.

Also, this solution makes the management of each of the domains to be simpler. You’ll also get sufficient RAM to power your website efficiently.

  • Your Budget
All the issues listed prior can be addressed when you upgrade your hosting plan to Windows VPS hosting. But one thing can stand as a roadblock to you avoiding all of these problems, and that is your budget. When you are on a low budget, make sure you understand the features of any of the plans you’ll be going for to make sure that it covers the reason why you are going for it in the first place.

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