What Can You Do With VPS Hosting?

A VPS hosting is the most widely used web hosting option as it offers a wide range of uses. It can be used to do everything that is expected of a webhost. The VPS is a great platform for web hosting, but there are also other ways it can be very useful.

Below are some of the things you can do with VPS hosting.

  1. It can be used to run a high traffic website: This is of course, the most common use of the VPS. Since VPS provides more resources, such as RAM, CPU etc., to your website more than shared hosting, it is the perfect place to go when your site outgrows shared hosting. Making the switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting provides your website with all it needs to accommodate more traffic and grow.
  2. It can be used to host a personal or professional server: With a VPS, you are given the freedom to host a server. This server might be for professional use because anything that can run as a server can be run on a VPS.
    It could also be your personal server environment. This is a way of running your server outside of hosting your website with it. This gives you a virtual playground for additional online activities. The VPS can also be used to run a game server for your favorite multiplayer games.
  3. It can be used to test new applications: If you are the type of person who usually tests out custom server setups, it's best you have your own server environment to test these things more effectively. A VPS will provide the perfect playground for you to test new applications without having you spend too much.
  4. It can be used to gain access to additional file storage: There are times when you might want to carry out some administrative actions such as creating an extra backup for your files or other things that will need space. Most times, it will become challenging to do these things because you don't have adequate space. With a VPS, you are given a cheap option to upgrade to a server with more space and even more security for your backup and other activities. You can easily back up your website data with the adequate resources VPS hosting provides.
  5. You can create a private sync service: If you ever want to sync your private data to a third party server that you don't control, you can get a flexible and affordable solution with a VPS. With the VPS, you can create a syncing platform with similar functionality to Dropbox without any privacy concerns.
  6. You can deploy a personal cloud: With the VPS, you can host the ownCloud application to ensure that it is available at all times, is completely secure, and entirely under your control. An ownCloud app handles data syncing, including a calendar, galleries, task manager and document editing.
  7. You can run private analytics: you can make use of your VPS to run business analytics and large scale data without a dedicated server. This helps offer a far cheaper alternative to performing the task.
  8. You can easily manage your projects: If you run a business, especially one that employs remote workers, a useful project management tool that can grant you easy access to the web is very important. The VPS offers you the perfect platform to assist in the management of your projects.
  9. You can develop and test your code: If your business focuses more on development, a VPS is convenient as it provides you with the perfect sandbox to help in the development process. You can use the tools of the VPS to carry out your development with ease. Also, with your VPS, you can easily stimulate testing environments for your apps, so you can effectively deal with bugs and glitches.
    Also, with you having root access, you can remove apps you don't want instead of being stuck with what the host gives you. This helps clear up more space.
  10. You can manage your IoT devices: For a business which needs much of embedded sensors, you can make use of your VPS to act as a hub for the management of those type of devices. You are also provided with a wide variety of tools to analyze the data that is gathered by these devices.
  11. You can manage a VOIP server: With the VPS, you can install any VOIP application of your choosing and make quick calls without long term infrastructure. After use, you can turn the device down until when next you need it. With this, you don't have to spend extra to get any hardware.

The VPS offers all these uses and a lot more. You get to do all this without having to suffer any difficulties or spend too much. All you need to do is order a VPS hosting and you get the opportunity of enjoying all these benefits along with the help of using a reputable webhost.

Why You Should Choose VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server has become a generally accepted option for webhosting. It is seen as the right choice for a wide range of people, mostly including developers. It offers security and flexibility to your website, enables you the privilege of having full control over your hosting environment, isolates you from your neighbors so you won't have to suffer setbacks for their mistakes, and grants you power similar to that of a dedicated server but at a very affordable price.

You can think of VPS hosting as a bridge, balancing the benefits of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. It has many benefits, and below are some of the main reasons why you should choose VPS hosting:

  • It is very scalable: You should choose a VPS if your business is starting to expand or you expect it to soon. This is because it is designed to adapt to a wide variety of businesses and support their sizes while giving them the chance and room to continue expanding. With this, you can start using a VPS when your business is small and continue to use it as it grows without any inconvenience.
    To do this, the VPS allows you to authorize the cost of the upgrade, meaning you get more RAM and/or CPU if your business starts growing. It also downgrades or reduces these resources if your business starts depreciating. This helps ensure you do not waste resources.
  • It gives you adequate control: If you want to operate or manage your server yourself, the VPS is the perfect choice for you. It gives you root access, lets you install and update your software, make backups, and even customize your control panel to suit your taste.
    Also, since you're not sharing the server or its resources with many others like in shared hosting, your activities won't affect others, neither will theirs affect you. This gives you more control to do whatever you want without having to worry about your neighbors.
  • It has a very reliable uptime: With the VPS, you don't have to worry too much about your server going off. This is very important as downtime can be very costly to your business. This uptime that a VPS has is possible because of the defined memory and adequate bandwidth it has within its virtual environment.
  • It has high performance: with all the allocated resources to a VPS, your website is always running at high performance. Even when your business starts growing and starts getting more visitors, thereby experiencing a surge in traffic, your website doesn't suffer from slow loading, and your customers don't get frustrated. This is because a VPS is capable of withstanding high traffic and still continues to perform normally.
    This benefit can also help your SEO rating improve since google considers page loading time. The fast performance and high amount of resources a VPS has are perfect for increasing your SEO ranking.
  • It has very high security: One of the reasons VPS hosting is widely chosen is for the fact that it has one of the best protection in webhosting. Since your website is hosted on an isolated virtual space, the activities of your neighbors need not concern you. No matter how careless they may want to get with their security, you are still very safe since security threats cannot spread like in shared hosting.
    A VPS is also very secure because you are granted root access; therefore, you can use different security measures to secure your server environment. Your neighbors do not have any access to your resources or files also.
    With the VPS, you are given a dedicated IP address so that your website is not confused for another. It also offers security to your emails and e-commerce payments. This can be a great advantage for small businesses as they can use the benefit from this security without having to pay extra.
  • It is very affordable: the VPS is very cost-effective and budget-friendly. Although it is a little more expensive than shared hosting, its upgrade is worth the extra price. What this means is that when you look at all the benefits a VPS offers, it will be clear to you that you should not regret any little extra cost. Another thing to consider is the fact that it provides some of the benefits of a dedicated server while being far cheaper.
    Also, because you are given a range of plans and not forced to invest in upfront costs like a dedicated server hosting, you can pay for only what you need instead of paying for unwanted resources.

Powerful VPS Hosting Software

When it comes to web hosting, there are different options that we even find it difficult to choose. The most famous options are shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

Among the three, the VPS has the best hosting software. It is the right choice for your business when it comes to webhosting. After deciding on the VPS, you will still have to face many options to choose from. Choosing the most powerful VPS hosting software, in this case, becomes quite a task.

The decision to make concerning powerful VPS hosting software options all lies entirely with you. You are the one who has the power to decide, but we will guide you through what you should look for and make suggestions for you.

A powerful VPS hosting software is expected to have satisfied a few requirements before it can deserve that title. The first is that it scales and meets your hosting needs as your website grows. It is also very flexible and has very efficient customer support.

A powerful VPS hosting software has an excellent recovery strategy. If the worst happens, it will be able to get your website up and running in very little time. It also has perfect add on features that are suited to satisfy a wide range of needs.

Finally, the security of a powerful VPS hosting server is just as its name implies, powerful. It offers unmatched security set up to keep you safe from unauthorized logins and viruses, malware etc. The most potent VPS hosting software has very good reviews because of its outstanding and unique advantages.

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