Have you ever punched some words into a search engine, and you were particularly fascinated by one of the search results? You clicked, hoping to access the article in a few seconds. The webpage keeps loading, and your enthusiasm begins to wane. You go back to the previous page and click again, choosing to believe that your network is playing pranks on you. This time, it’s different. It’s different not because the page loads faster, but because it takes longer this time. By now, you are more concerned about getting what you came in search of, rather than reading the content of this fascinating page. Eventually, you give up on the page and look through other pages to get what you want.

Upon clicking on another page, it opens instantly. That’s when you realize that the problem has been with that fascinating page the whole time! As fascinating as it is, it could not hold your attention for so long because of its slow speed. The chances are that such scenarios occur now and then, and you give up on people’s pages now and then. Here’s the question, how many people do you think have given up on your webpage because it is slow or inaccessible altogether? Could it be a fault of your web hosting option?

You’ll find out in a bit, but before you do, let’s start with the basics

A web site refers to a group of web pages (whether or not they include files such as motion graphics, recordings, and so on) centered on related topics. These webpages are to be identified by the same domain name. They are also to be hosted on one or more servers. These websites are made available for access by the public via the World Wide Web or restricted to private access.

A website is quite similar to a show on a TV channel. Every episode that airs on that show is centered on the major idea of the show. It may be a cooking show, a reality show, a talk show, travel, fashion, lifestyle, comedy, interviews, or even documentaries.

Every episode is seen as another production of the show since the episodes bear the name of the show. But there’s the part where this show has to air for viewers to even see it, get acquainted with it, love it, or even nominate it for awards. In essence, no matter how beautiful and mind-blowing a show may be, its availability or accessibility remains zero without a screen to air on. By implication, the impact of a show on viewers is largely determined by its ability to air. Thus, the TV channel is as important as the show itself.

As the website is similar to a show, its web pages represent each episode of the show. The channel that airs the show depicts the server that hosts websites. Now, these channels are mostly available on cables, which in the website’s context will be the worldwide web.

It seems bad enough if you don’t host your website on any server, but the implication of hosting on just any server is just as bad. The situation is similar to two cooking shows airing on two different channels. The first show airs on a channel that has large cable coverage and a stronger satellite, such that a lot of viewers can watch it clearly. The other show airs on a channel whose coverage is not so wide, and getting a signal on it can be difficult. Therefore it shows clearly only once in a while. Though they both offer the same content, the chances are that the first show will have more viewers since it is easier to access consistently.

This perfectly depicts the intricacies of Webhosting. If your website ends up on a website that is either unavailable or takes forever to load, your potential visitors will go right back to the search engine to visit your competitor’s pages. After all, you all offer similar services.

It’s normal for you to feel safe since your page does not take “forever” to load. It only takes about a minute right?

Well, in the time zone of web hosting, anything beyond 3 seconds is just about forever!

An all-time real-life example has to be the 13-minute downtime Amazon experienced sometimes in 2020. Amazon was particularly reported to have earned 107 billion dollars. A breakdown of that amount shows that if Amazon earned the same sum in 2020, then it earned about $203,577 every minute. This means that the 13-minute server downtime summed up to well over 2.6 million dollars. All that money lost in just 13 minutes!

This goes to show the importance of your web hosting and its quality to the growth of your online business. Here are a few options to look at before determining what quality is best for you.

Shared Hosting

If server hosting came in packs, Shared hosting would most probably be mini. As you can tell, web hosting is the lightest web hosting service. Its lightness is particularly suitable for small websites with low traffic or little budgets. The “mini” services it offers are particularly because the same server and resources are used to serve multiple users.

Shared hosting can easily be compared to a restaurant where people come to watch TV, meet friends and relax. This restaurant can only serve one meal at a time. Its cable can only show one channel at a time, and its stereo, one song at a time. Now if four sets of students decide to book the entire restaurant every Friday, the chances are that it will be cheaper since they all get to split costs. One set is a group of American high school girls, another set is a group of Indian college sophomores. The third set is a group of male Africans while the last set is Spanish. The first set of girls want to “keep up” with the Kardashians while they have some muffins and juice. The college sophomores want to watch a series on Mahatma Gandhi as they need to pen some things down for history group work. They’ll prefer some Masala Dosa as they watch. The Africans need to watch an AFCON match. They will have some peppered meat and palm wine as they watch and cheer to the goals. The Spanish guys want to catch up on old episodes of Lacasa de Papel.

Now that everyone wants to watch and eat different things, whose preference wins? For the difference of the students not to evolve into a conflict, the restaurant owners have to determine the meal that will be served as well as the channel that everyone gets to see.

Of course, everyone gets to relax just as they planned, but they may not necessarily enjoy what is showing or what is being served. This issue might even be minor compared to having more people than the restaurant can take. If more sophomores decide to come to the restaurant than is planned for, then others don’t get enough seats or food. Some may have to sit outside or wait for another batch of food to be served.

This scenario is a perfect parable of shared hosting servers. It is only safe to run such an option with a low traffic website because what happens to one happens to all. Since everyone gets to pay for everything, all websites get the same resources, maintenance and update services, and all other charges attached. However, the users do not have the power to determine what configurations or settings the server. Since there are many users with several preferences, it is only just that the web host provider makes all decisions as to operating systems, plugins, APIs among others. The major issue occurs when the server gets more visitors than it can normally handle. Since all users are not separated, such traffic is bound to affect them all, even if the online visitors are trooping to only one page

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting particularly stands out because of its peculiarity. Sounds like tautology right? WordPress hosting is unique because it is designed for only WordPress sites. This design is two-way. First, there is the part where these servers feel like home to all WordPress sites. They come custom-made, with operating systems, APIs, plugins, configurations, and even settings. As some sort of souvenir, some of them come with WordPress pre-installers. This server is preferable for all WordPress web owners but is particularly recommended for web owners who are not so proficient with WordPress yet. This is because amateurs who are not so good with configurations for WordPress sites can have it easy and effective at the same time. The second part is more like a downside. It’s the part where other kinds of websites cannot use WordPress servers because it is too customized for general use.

5 simple steps to picking the right WordPress hosting provider.

  • Pricing and fees: a cheap deal is good, but more often than not, quality comes at a cost. To get the best experience, avoid freebies, and stick to services that come with reasonable prices. If your site is just budding, then a budget between 3 and 30 dollars is just fine. Just in case you run a website whose traffic is a bit serious, then your budget should be somewhere around 100 dollars monthly.
  • Features and services: how versatile is this web hosting service? Does it offer scalability? How good are the uptime and bandwidth? Does it offer backup services? Does this provider allow unlimited domains or subdomains? These are questions you need to ask before opting for a web service.
  • Customer services: make sure to check reviews to see how good the customer support is. Make sure that this web hosting provider is responsive and swift to action. It always helps to opt for companies that see their clients as a priority. This way, you know you are in safe hands whenever anything comes up.
  • Pick a suitable Webhosting plan: there’s the shared web hosting and the managed web hosting. While the former is cheaper, the latter is better when you run a larger site. It concentrates all skills and resources on your WordPress platform.
  • Security: this is one very important factor. If you opt for a server whose security is not so tight, your website may just never recover from a virus or malware if it hits. Make sure to look through the security of any web hosting site before opting for it.

Dedicated server;

Dedicated hosting is a whole new level of hosting. It’s the kind of hosting to commit an entire server to only one client. Normally, this kind of hosting is recommended for large websites with high traffic. Its major benefits are space and user discretion.

Why dedicated web hosting service can turn your business around

It allows website owners to grow and expand comfortably without being clamped down by web hosting providers. The features are more optimized in terms of speed or performance, so your online visitors get better services, which of course gets you referrals and then more money.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is reputed to have the power of multiplicity. It simply recreates your resources on different servers. Providing you with more reliable, tight uptime security, and more optimized speed. Thanks to cloud hosting, your site can now rely on more servers in case one breaks down. This way, your server does not take a fall no matter what happens to your server.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows Virtual Private hosting is arguably the most excellent hosting service available. It’s a hosting service that leases the hardware server to many users but gives them the liberty to determine what their software looks like. Thus, several users can have their peculiar software and operating systems on the same server, since they run it as a virtual server.

Advantages of the VPS

  1. It offers optimized speed and performance compared to shared hosting.
  2. It offers about the same services like dedicated server hosting at cheaper costs.
  3. It offers users the variety they need to get the best of their servers.
  4. It is virtual and can support remote desktop access.
  5. It is one option that is not only scalable but duplicable if used for cloud hosting.

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