The best VPS hosting service is one that sits perfectly well with your needs and makes you comfortable all the time. Different websites thrive with different hosting providers and not all VPS hosting providers can satisfy all your business needs. So, all you have to do is find out the best VPS hosting service that suits your website needs the most. How do you go about this? By checking out the features each VPS plan offers and picking out the ones that best suit your business needs. When we talk about choosing the best VPS service for your web, it could simply translate to a provider with the best features that you need, a provider with many good reviews or best prices and it could also mean a provider with the best specifications technically. However, do not let just one of these be the sole deciding factor for choosing the best VPS service that suits the kind of website you intend to build. You have to find a balancing point for all of these. Weigh them side and side, look for which service will best suit you in terms of these factors, and then make your final decision. This way, you get to select the best VPS service that best meets your website requirements.


A lot of people do not consider Web hosting a vital part of online marketing for their various businesses. However, if you stop to think it through, you’ll discover that a strong relationship exists between the returns on your business and your VPS host provider’s effectiveness. This is why choosing the best VPS host goes a long way in changing the online marketing of your business. A VPS host with some of these features will help to change the online marketing of your business.

Faster Performance

Statistics have shown that users who visit a website once are more likely to leave if the website does not load in 6-7seconds. This goes on to stress the fact that visitors will not settle for visiting a website with sluggish performance. Hence, this means that a VPS host with a very fast performance will give the online marketing of your business a good outlook. With fast performance, visitors can visit your website and gain access within the twinkling of an eye. This way, they are encouraged to come subsequently to do business with you and also help to market your business to other people who would visit your site in due course.


If perhaps, you have a VPS host who offers unreliable services, then expect your business to experience irregularities and unexpected downtimes. For instance, a customer of yours just made purchases on your site and wants to make a payment, but the transaction is abruptly halted due to issues with your server. It could cause you to lose the sale, and eventually result in a loss for your business too. This is why choosing the best VPS host who offers reliable service is important.


In recent times, we have seen a strong relationship between the loading speed of a website and customer conversions. This simply translates into the faster your web loads, the more likely it is for customers to do business with you. Since VPS offers you a sort of ownership as opposed to shared hosting, this guarantees better space allocations which mean better speed and performance. So, for a best VPS host to impart the online marketing of your business, go for one with a high speed.


The online marketing of your business might be negatively impacted by cyber attackers who could use your web host to gain entry into your website and eventually drain you of your revenue. Having your website hacked and losing all your data is enough to keep one out of business for a very long time. This is why it is advocated that you go for the best VPS host provider so that stricter security measures would be put in place to ward off cyber elements like these. This way, your website is secured and you can run it effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In 2010, Google included page speed as a ranking factor for SEO. This simply means that the faster your page loads, the higher your SEO ranking. This implies that the higher your SEO ranking, the more willing people will be to do business with you over and over again. Since your website speed is largely dependent on your VPS host provider, you would realize that a very fast speed gives the online marketing of your business a very good look and this translates into more customers.


Experiencing downtime with your website isn’t a pleasant thing as it means revenue loss for your online business and it could also negatively impact your SEO ranking. However, such a situation can be avoided when you use a VPS host provider who offers a continual guarantee on their uptime. This way, your business experiences prompt notifications about any malfunctioning of your server. When this is adequately attended to, you rid your site of downtimes. This then translates into better customer visits and conversion.


Looking seemingly long these days is the list of web hosting providers. This provides a reason as to why making a choice could be termed as hard. However, choosing the best Virtual Private Server hosting plan comes in pretty easy when you already have an outline of what you desire in mind. Different factors will guide you in the course of choosing the best VPS hosting plan for your site. They include;

Information on the site performance

One of the factors that should take precedence in choosing the best VPS hosting plan is the site performance. The performance of a site is so vital to the extent that it can either make or mar a website’s success. The frequency of visits to your site could either tell you in the positive or negative how well or not your site is performing. Visitors do not like a sluggishly performing website rather, you see them trooping to a website with faster performance. So, the higher the number of visitors you desire your site to have, the more actively prepared you need to be performance-wise. Two things matter the most when it comes to evaluating the performance of a site;

Uptime and the speed

Most of the time, VPS hosting users are usually people who have surpassed their shared hosting and decide to take a step further using the VPS web hosting service. So, most of these people opt for VPS services with excellent uptime and speed. A high uptime gives you access to continuous scalability while speed helps you to deal appropriately with the teeming visitors accessing your site. So, in choosing the best VPS hosting plan, go for one that can meet not just your immediate, but also future traffic needs. Check out also for the uptime guarantee and customer reviews before making your choice.

Operating System

Find out about what operating system the VPS hosting plan you’re opting for offers and make a decision about which one would suit your business best.


A vital feature of VPS hosting that cannot be shoved aside is the backups. Seek to know how often backups are done for the hosting plan you want to choose. Ensure that nightly backups are in place to increase your chances of recovery in case of any loss of data.


Find out what the scaling process is like for the hosting plan you are gunning for. Find out if self-service is possible and if not, ask for the turnaround time required for making changes. You should also find out the changes in price in relation to your scalability.


To look out for service reliability, make inquiries on the server each hosting plan uses for VPS and ensure that the hosting plan you decide to use has up-to-date hardware with new generation processing units.

Customer Service

While choosing the best VPS hosting plan, look out for hosting providers with prompt responses to customers. Take note of those who reply you as early as possible and with the right approach and response to your needs.


Find out what security features come with the VPS hosting plan you desire to use. Does it come with the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection? And if not, what stricter measures to ensure security is in place with the hosting plan.

Root Access

The ability to take full control of your server without needing the support of your host provider is also an important factor to put into consideration when choosing the best hosting plan. Would you desire to control your server at will? Or do so with support from your hosting provider?

Content Delivery Network

This becomes important when your website is a public-facing one. Find out if the VPS hosting plan comes with a Content delivery network either as an add-on or a built-in feature. If included, then you are rest assured that your site will sail smoothly because it will function faster and be more secure.


This is important when you’re moving from another hosting plan to the VPS hosting plan. You need to find out what provisions the VPS hosting plan makes for migration. This will include whether the migration will be managed or not.

Managed or Unmanaged Virtual Private Server

You need to also find out whether the VPS hosting plan you are eyeing utilizes the managed or unmanaged form of VPS. If managed, it means the hosting provider helps you with the needed expertise along the way especially with regards to technical issues. However, if unmanaged by the hosting provider, you will have to see to it that technical issues are solely managed by you.


Put into consideration, not just the money you need to spend monthly on the plan but also on other expenses that comes with it such as payment of your staff if you’re on an unmanaged VPS hosting plan in addition to what you get to spend in cases of downtime and internet attacks on your website.


A virtual private server is a form of web hosting that has gained popularity in recent times because of its lower cost of setup when compared to dedicated hosting and the better features it offers when compared to shared hosting. The level of reliability, security, and top-notch performance of the services provided by this form of hosting has endeared it to many website owners. Freedom to install applications on your own without the support of the provider and through the use of root access on the VPS hosting is another reason why VPS stands tall amongst other web hosting services. It remains an awesome option for businesses that have surpassed their shared hosting, programmers, SaaS providers, and businesses that need a highly secured website. VPS hosting remains a vital platform for small to medium-sized businesses to thrive.

The significance of VPS hosting can be seen in the world of businesses such as e-commerce, blogging, web development, webmasters, and those who operate resource-intensive websites. It affords these businesses flexibility and the required performance level needed to draw people to their sites on the premise of business transactions. The fact that VPS is completely scalable with reliable uptime and enhanced security, makes it fit well into multiple scenarios. Virtual Private Server hosting helps to put businesses at an advantaged position for customers to easily reach them, do business with them with ease and at the required speed. This way, VPS hosting helps online businesses to thrive and reach their desired goals with regard to customer conversion. Being cost-effective and with the numerous features, it possesses in giving businesses a good outlook on the online platform has made it one of the best web hosting services used by various businesses.

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