Which is Better: Reseller or VPS Hosting?

Choosing a quality reseller or VPS hosting service, should not just be for basic web hosting. It should support having web versatility, branding for your platform, access to 24/7 assistance, and more. Whether a Reseller or VPS hosting, these features have to be present, or at least you should get the best service no matter how much you pay.

We will give you all you need to choose the right type and company for your hosting.

Let's start at the roundup of ten of the best VPS hosting resellers in 2020.

Best VPS Reseller Hosting In 2020

Now that you know which features are essential to resell hosting successfully, let's compare the top ten resellers.

Most of them include cPanel, white-labeled Software, and other features to help you launch your hosting company. Each company reviewed below offers versatility and support for you, so finding the best VPS reseller hosting would rely mainly on your budget and needs:

We examine them one after the other.

  • Bluehost

This provider offers a selection of unique Linux and Windows plans, all displayed as "the Reseller Club." Bluehost's plans include unlimited white-label cPanel accounts, and you can pick from over 800 products to resell on the Bluehost product offering.

The Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) package has become quite popular for client billing, also features in Bluehost reseller plans. That option, however, is only for the full package and not for cheaper plans.

Bluehost Packages typically include Email, Website Migration, Free SSL certificates, round the clock reseller support, and Free content delivery network (CDN).

Prices: Purchasing an R1 reselling package can start at $11.99 per month. The package offers 40 gigabytes of disk space, Unlimited websites support, and 800 Gigabyte data transfer.

  • A2 Hosting

This company offers you one of the fastest hosting packages in the market. Its packages boast of high-speed page loading times, which you can also increase with the Turbo speed feature. Also included is 24/7 tech support, for fast assistance when necessary.

You also enjoy 99.9 percent uptime with A2 hosting, which is best to avoid customer complaints. With the easy-to-use WebHost Manager (WHM) on A2 hosting, you can quickly and efficiently handle individual customer accounts. You can also include your branding and personalize the server resources to your taste.

A2 Hosting packages generally include SSL licenses for free, support for account migration, Free CDN, various server locations, Automated backups, SoftwareSoftware for billing (Blesta or WHMCS) more.

Prices: The A2 Bronze package starts at $13.19 a month. You can handle up to 40 client accounts with this package. Other offerings include 400 Gigabytes of data transfer, 30 Gigabytes storage space, and Blest software for client management.

If you opt for advanced plans, you get to enjoy exclusive WHMCS usage.

  • SiteGround

SiteGround could be your best option if you're looking for WordPress hosting support. One typical feature of this hosting company is expert, round-the-clock customer service. That is vital for customer complaint scenarios.

You also get to use a user-friendly client area dashboard offered by SiteGround. To help you manage your business, you also get access to over 30 unique developer tools. However, you can only enjoy more personalization options if you purchase one of the more pricey packages on SiteGround.

Across all packages, SiteGround packages offer support for unlimited websites and site migration, Automated updates for WordPress, Regular backups, Free SSL licenses and CDN, Email, Efficient Staging support, and speed-boosting caching.

Prices: The cheapest GrowBig package on SiteGround offers 20 Gigabytes of storage, and you can install WordPress for free. It starts at just $9.99 a month. Note, however, that SiteGround packages do not include billing software.

  • HostGator

HostGator is an outstanding alternative if you want a great deal of simplicity for your hosting. You get a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee on any HostGator plan, free WHMCS license, and premium reseller support.

You also have access to your WHM control panel and different software options.

HostGator lets you personalize your server's resources. You can tag the cPanel accounts of your consumers with your business logo if you wish. You'd get a domain account, which is a convenient add-on to your hosting options.

Typical HostGator features include support for unlimited databases, free SSL licenses, Automated backups, Unlimited cPanel Accounts, and Email.

Prices: The HostGator Aluminum package comprises 60 Gigabytes of disk space and 600 Gigabytes bandwidth allocation, starting at $19.95 a month. You also get a 45-day money-back guarantee alongside the plan.

  • InMotion Hosting

This hosting company provides generous storage space and extended bandwidth, which can make your hosting package look exciting. You may also choose a reselling package for a virtual private server (VPS), which offers you the advantage of managed hosting and additional eCommerce capabilities.

InMotion Hosting's reseller products are generally white-labeled. You can use your company logo and personalized branding if you wish. Also included are; a domain reseller account plus access to WHMCS and WHM.

InMotion packages feature Free SSL licenses, SSD storage support, Automated backups, Unlimited databases, Email, Dedicated IP Address, round-the-clock assistance for resellers, and security scans.

Price: The R-1000S package, which involves 80 Gigabytes of storage, 800 Gigabytes of bandwidth, and free 25 cPanel accounts, begins at $15.39. The plans for VPS resellers start at $46.64 a month.

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a famous hosting company with excellent features to match. Its servers are generally reliable so that you can provide steady uptime to your customers. You also get personalized hosting bundles, with which you can create your hosting packages.

On GoDaddy, you get cPanel and WHMCS for free. Your personalized package could include your business name, a storefront, and you can choose to set your margins and resell domains. Also included are add-ons like Microsoft Office 365 and others.

GoDaddy packages include free SSL licenses, Unlimited Bandwidth, Up to 250 white-labeled accounts, Unlimited databases and websites, and 24/7 support.

Price: The GoDaddy Enhance package offers 2 CPUs, 90 Gigabytes of storage, and 4 gigabytes of RAM. This package starts at $39.99.

  • GreenGeeks

This hosting platform boasts of a 300% commitment to green energy in their hosting. That way, you can offer an eco-friendly outlook on your services. This package provides high-speed page loading times and 99.9 percent uptime. Developer software like Git, Drush, and more, are also included in this package.

GreenGeeks plans are generally white-labeled and easily customizable. You can customize the cPanel accounts of your customers and also the nameservers. You can increase profits with the reseller domain account offered and get Free WHM and WHMCS also.

GreenGeek plans typically include; Free SSL licenses, regular nighttime backups, cPanel migration, Security scans, free CDN, Unlimited databases, Email, 24/7 assistance for resellers, an intuitive website builder, and SSD storage.

Price; Pricing starts at $19.95 a month and includes 60 Gigabytes of disk space, 25 accounts with cPanel, and 600 GB transfer.

  • Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a perfect choice for reselling high-quality controlled hosting. Whether it's Linux or Windows, you can select between VPS, dedicated servers, and even cloud providers to base your hosting.

You also get to give your clients either cPanel or Interworx options. Additional discounts and a free WHMCS license go to Licensed Liquid Web Resellers.

For Cloud VPS and other Cloud products, you can use the WHMCS plugin to run them.

Liquid Web Products include Advanced Security, Free control panel Migration, Payment Credit Card Industry (PCI) feature, SSL licenses for free, SSD Storage, and Excellent reseller support.

Price: The dedicated Bronze plan, including two 240 Gigabytes storage drives, 8 Gigabytes SDRAM, and 250 gigabytes of backups, starts at $99 per month.

  • Flywheel

As a designer-friendly, efficient business, Flywheel offers innovative individuals who want to provide their clients with excellent hosting services.

You can easily customize your dashboard to be accessible to your client, complete with your branding and logo. With Stripe payments, you can customize your subscription-based services, set up automatic billing emails, and select your preferred billing cycle. You may, however, need to have a Flywheel plan to access the White Label service.

Flywheel's products include: Free CDN and SSL licenses, Listing in Flywheel's Directory of Agency Partners, Site migration, Free hosting for agency sites, regular nighttime backups, and excellent reseller Support.

Price: You can opt for an add-on to your current Flywheel package at $99 a month. Their services are available depending on your package.

  • Namecheap

Namecheap is mainly a recognized domain name registrar. However, coupled with cPanel, WHMCS, and WHM, it also includes reseller hosting, but the billing feature is offered at an extra charge if you are on a cheaper plan.

Notice that this package does not provide any free SSL licenses, but you can enter the SSL reseller scheme.

Basic Namecheap packages feature Unmetered bandwidth, advanced security, SSD, and data centers located in the US.

Price; For the Nebula package, which offers 30 Gigabytes of storage and 25 accounts with cPanel, you pay starting from $16.88 a month.

VPS Vs. Reseller Hosting

Useful Web hosting demands actual hosting and other features, including good loading speed for your website and express support services. But how do you know which best for you, with so many hosting choices available?

We will compare the two standard hosting services, Reseller Hosting vs. VPS Hosting, and describe the criteria for determining which web hosting is better suited for your online business.

Reseller Hosting:

As the name suggests, reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that benefits both the reseller business owner and the host company. The company's reseller buys bandwidth and hard disk space and leases out to multiple clients in simplistic terms. In Reseller Hosting, you can sell hosting to numerous customers while the owner functions as a service provider. Reseller hosting is also a great way to offer multi-faceted web hosting services and make money in exchange.

Reseller Hosting's Advantages:

  1. It is easy to handle and is relatively user-friendly. You also do not need to be a tech genius to be a reseller.
  2. You can easily customize the control panel, alongside other options. In this hosting, the reseller has power over the control panel of the client. Clients can also configure their panel as they wish to.
  3. Reseller Hosting is relatively affordable, and upgradation is faster on this platform. You also get to choose either Windows or Linux.
  4. You can use a single control panel, WHM-Web Host Manager, to manage your entire website.

VPS Hosting:

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a mixed service in networking facilities, including shared hosting and dedicated hosting. That implies getting the best offers from both worlds. In basic terms, VPS is a physical server separated into many virtual compartments.

As with other hosting facilities, resources such as CPU, RAM, storage space, and OS is not sharable on VPS. Such separate compartments help to preserve the website's efficiency. As a result, as an administrator, you get full root access to your domain even though you share the central server with other users.

Another VPS functionality is the WHM (Web Host Manager), which helps you build differents, not accounts for reselling. Also, it powers heavily designed client websites and web apps.

VPS Hosting Advantages:

  1. One server distributes effectively between multiple users, each with its own unique resource set.
  2. VPS Hosting is cost-effective and allows users to scale and switch hosting plans conveniently.
  3. For website owners who do not have a lot of specialized experience, VPS hosting offers a more comfortable option to use.
  4. The full root access feature helps you achieve more control over your server. You get to change name servers, update applications, etc., whenever you want.

The Main Distinction between Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting

The alternative of preferring Reseller Hosting vs. VPS Hosting relies entirely on the type of online company you are running. If you intend to start a reseller venture, then the most reasonable alternative is Reseller Hosting.

If you are an already developed web company and have begun to obtain more traffic so that it cannot be handled by your existing hosting, switching to VPS Hosting will be advisable.

Here the main distinction is that Reseller Hosting helps you run an online company where you supply your clients with hosting support, while in VPS, you can run some form of business and need to buy the hosting to handle the websites you have.

How to Earn from Home by VPS Hosting

The best VPS reseller hosting can be an outstanding source of revenue. You can sell it to your current services as an add-on, or you could become your own stand-alone hosting company.

Reselling hosting can be a profitable business. However, working with a reputable hosting company is vital if you want to create a quality reputation and develop a good relationship with your clients. With lots of choices examined above, your success in VPS hosting is sure.

Best VPS Reseller Hosting

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