Individuals and organizations can take advantage of smart hosting solutions to start their web hosting needs. VPS (virtual private server) hosting is one of the most affordable website hosting services and the most prominent for individuals and private organizations looking for a cheap and reliable web hosting environment.

VPS hosting facilitates the sharing of an entire server with other smaller and new websites. VPS hosting encourages the use of dedicated CPU and RAM, which is reserved specifically for your site. By so doing, your website will continually grow and accommodate more traffics.

If you have a shared hosting network, then upgrading to the VPS hosting type will increase your site's performance. Using VPS to get more traffic on your site will not be a nightmare if you’re starting from scratch, as it provides the best and reliable option.

How to find the best VPS hosting company

Looking out for the right web hosting provider should not be a difficult decision. There are thousands of VPS hosting providers out there to choose from. They will provide you with the right balance between the power and cost of great hosting. You should, however, consider the following factors if you are about to use a VPS provider.

  • The type of OS (operating system) used: There are several choices to make when selecting the operating system to use for your VPS hosting. The most commonly used operating systems are Linux and Windows. You can use the Windows VPS if any of your applications have been designed for the Windows platform or developed in.NET web.
  • However, Linux is preferred over Windows because it is cheaper and has an open-sourced operating system. Linux hardly suffers from a server crash, and it seldom requires rebooting.
  • Web host location: Choosing a good site is essential because you want the best VPS provider with sophisticated technology. Aside from this, you will also need to ensure that your customers' data are protected. VPS providers in the US usually have a near open-door strategy for governmental access to sensitive data. Canada VPS providers highly safeguard the data of their users. So, you might consider a Canadian VPS provider if you are keen on security.
  • If you are keen on location proximity, it may be better to choose a VPS provider near you, which can offer the best technical service at a very affordable price. Linux
  • Root access: The best root access is Linux based VPS. Because you will have no restriction to implement full command controls, scripts, and SSH automation, the Plesk Onyx can be used for maintenance and operational work. It can also provide a solution to the server admin via the control panel, thereby giving you total control over every functional operation. You will be able to add databases, domains, and other sites easily.
  • Rates for uptime: This is very crucial because no web owner will want a mediocre uptime service. Most VPS providers now guarantee to return your money if they fail to meet up to about 99.9 % uptime rate. It is even better to avoid a money refund altogether if you have appropriately taken the time to research the uptime rate of any VPS provider that you want to use. This is because it is suitable for your site to run and be reachable than to scale down while your money is returned.
  • Management of backend operations: Two kinds of VPS hosting exist, the unmanaged and managed. The unmanaged backend VPS hosting requires good technical know-how of how to handle backend operations involving software updates, security, and patches. You can get an excellent technical staff at a little extra cost to manage every backend operation if you do not want to stress yourself, but desire a managed backend operation.
  • Customer service: You need a VPS provider that is always responsive if you want a few support or questions concerning your website, especially if your website is threatened by hackers or in case of other emergencies. Such support should always be ready 24/7 to proffer solutions to any challenge you face.
  • The capacity of the resources needed: Setting up a website will usually cause consumption of specific resources like RAM, CPU, and hard disk space. The more improved your website, the more resources you might need to handle.
  • Ideally, a VPS web needs a RAM of 4 GB. If the projects handled by your web involve more media, you may consider increasing the RAM's capacity.
  • A solid-state drive (SSD) is usually suggested for a VPS over the traditional hard disk because they have better performance and transfer speed, and they reboot very fast. The SSD's are robust, especially during a power failure, making them preferable for VPS hosting.
  • Another resource is bandwidth. The bandwidth refers to the maximum quantity of data transferred on your website due to visitors' use. It is good to have unlimited bandwidth, even if you will not offer downloadable products, since an unlimited bandwidth will give you better performance. You will not have to worry about any form of increased traffic on your site.
  • Freebies and add-ons: Although this is not more important, it can correctly lead you to choose between two web hosts. You will select the best in terms of add-ons. It can even save you a whole lot of money if you want to migrate from one hosting provider to another.

VPS hosting for the future

When hosting VPS, it is essential to ascertain what is needed currently and what will be needed at that particular point in time in the future. Many of the regular services offered by most VPS companies revolve around what will keep several websites going and operational.

Many of these VPS services offered are redundant authoritative DNS servers, VPS services that provide global use, and network services, including bandwidth. Others are software services with Cpanel's help and backup services that you can fall back upon if your account's total capacity has been used up. All these will give any web a powerful, global, and scalable for future expansion, or in the case of increasing traffic.

RAM and CPU will run independently of any of the several servers shared. Every one of these servers may be run using a different operating system and exemplary custom configuration.

In case you have outgrown your shared hosting plan, you have to upgrade from it to the VPS for better performance and speed. If you are building your site from scratch, you should also plan for any other unforeseen additions. The absolute advantage of this is that your site will be more responsive to the user, and you will get better feedback from the user-end because a surge in traffic will be combated adequately by VPS hosting.

All about Best VPS hosting

Some specific features make a particular VPS provider have more customers than others. These features may range from bandwidth, storage capacity, scaling, and price to the type of operating system used or other resources such as the SSDs. Below are some VPS hosting providers and why they are preferred above others.

InMotion (Best cloud plan for VPS)

One of the best advantages of using the InMotion VPS hosting is that they offer cloud VPS hosting and the traditional managed VPS. So, whether you are upgrading from an existing plan or you want to host a brand new site, you should know that this VPS provider can give you the dedicated server you need.

Some of the things you will benefit from using this VPS provider include unlimited MySQL databases, total domains, unlimited email accounts, and their resource monitoring dashboard.

Hostinger (Best for its resources and price)

Hostinger will give you the best service at the cheapest rate. They deliver better speed and performance than others because they do not make use of dedicated service. You can also get all there is to bandwidth and better RAM by using this VPS hosting provider.

Bluehost (Best for its flexibility and power, which comes at a reasonable price)

Bluehost allows multiple server management, which encourages more space to your initial plan at any point in time. This hosting platform is excellent for a website that needs the ability to scale at any moment without downtime or delays. Everything can be done directly from your Cpanel without contacting the admin of Bluehost.

A2 Hosting (Best unmanaged plans for developers at a low cost)

This VPS provider offers both unmanaged and managed VPS plans. In many instances, an unmanaged VPS plan having its custom features and root access will come at a costlier rate. The A2 Hosting platform makes this available at a low-cost rate. They also boast of having one of the best customer services out there.

The unmanaged plan will help you configure your disk space server preference, bandwidth, memory, and CPU. It serves a useful purpose for developers who like the experience of enjoying personal customization and absolute control over their VPS.

iPage (Best for its VPS plans that are cheap)

iPage has been around for years and provides the best VPS service at more affordable rates. They host more than one million sites, and this statistic is also increasing. Another feature of this hosting provider is that they specialize in web designing. If you want to build your site from scratch, you can make use of this hosting provider.

Kamatera (Best scaling VPS hosting)

Kamatera is a cloud hosting platform that provides various variety of flexible VPS solutions for cloud-based web hosting, which means you will be able to select from several servers along with unlimited storage capacity. You will also be able to stop and start a server at any time and add new servers and databases. It is also incredibly scalable.

Hostgator (Best for its lower introductory pricing rates)

Hostgator is known for offering a low-cost shared hosting plan. It provides you with the best technical control over every aspect of your site. Hostgator also provides you with a multi-layer and reliable security features while at the same time giving the best cloud service.

HostPapa (Best VPS plan for enterprises)

The HostPapa VPS provider gives the best capacity for most people or organizations involved in business enterprises, especially e-commerce. They will provide the best security for online stores. They give up to 1 TB of SDD, 12 CPU cores, and 24 GB of RAM. Developers have root access to make customized changes, and they can improve the resources and power used at any specific time.

Multiple servers can also be managed simultaneously, and you can add an extra server directly. This platform is also suitable for scaling. This hosting provider makes use of Cpanel to monitor your resources and make necessary adjustments.

LiquidWeb (Best highly managed VPS having good storage and huge memory)

Although not well known, LiquidWeb offers excellent service when it comes to hosting. Their plan is fully managed from the network to the hardware, and all security updates are well-handled by their administrator. They are majorly preferred because of the large disk space and bandwidth.

Best VPS Providers

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