A virtual private server is a virtual machine that may be purchased as an internet hosting service. It has become increasingly popular and in high demand owing to its numerous outstanding features.

Apart from running its own operating system, root access is provided for the user. Users have super user-level access to the operating system. This simply means that they can install any software that runs on that operating system which suits the needs of user and his site.

In addition, private virtual servers are easy to create and easy to be configured also. In functionality, it is very close to and similar to the dedicated physical server. It possesses many dedicated features. Despite possessing these dedicated features, the VPS is very cost effective and its prices are generally lower than the average physical server.

A VPS server offers you more efficiency and flexibility than shared hosting. It is a cost-effective way of growing your business. Thus, VPS hosting will be suitable for you if you feel that your business has outgrown what is accessible with shared hosting. A very interesting feature of VPS is its scalability. These features make it easy for the user of customer to upgrade- move vertically or, horizontally from one hosting option or plan to the other.


Now, you may be wondering how really a VPS works; here is the answer to your question.

Under VPS hosting, what basic ally happens is that; one physical server hosts multiple virtual servers. Each of these servers is separated or isolated from the others. They are separated into non virtual spaces or virtual servers thus; they operate independent of one another. This partitioning/isolation are carried out through the virtualization technology.

VPS provides top- notch customization for the user; it gives the user more control over his data and bandwidth usage.

VPS hosting provides a whole lot of advantages to the user. It promises more efficiency for businesses that are constrained by shared hosting- businesses that have outgrown shared hosting but do not really need or cannot afford dedicated hosting just yet.

These advantages include:

  • ENHANCED SECURITY:unlike shared hosting where you have to share space with other users, VPS hosting provides you with a different user space. This ensures that the mistakes of other users, their misuse of resources and whatever fault that may emanate from their end does not adversely affect the efficiency and accessibility of your own site.
  • SCALABILITY: VPS hosting provides scalable hosting options. It enables the user and makes it easy to upgrade from one hosting plan or option to the other.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY COMPARED TO SHAREDD HOSTING: VPS hosting enables you to customize and configure the hardware and software components of your system and run the software applications you want to run.
  • ROOT ACCESS: A VPS gives users root access since it works as an independent server. This is unlike shared hosting which only gives you access to shared data and resources. Again, with shared hosting, the user cannot customize software applications by himself. Root access in virtual private servers enables the user to configure and install his own OS and other necessary applications.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE:VPS hosting can cost as low as $20 per month. The hosting plans are affor4dable and suitable for small and medium businesses.The nature of VPS hosting enables the hosting providers to distribute costs to all businesses that are running on the same machine.
  • Great virtual private server execution
  • A working alternative for the Linux-based server; framework, layouts and software.


If you are unsure about when to go for VPS hosting for your site, the following tips will be of help to you. So, you may consider upgrading to VPS hosting if the following factors are present:

  1. YOU NEED BETTER RELIABILITY AND UPTIME: If you are tired of too many downtimes then, you should actually consider getting a VPS hosting plan for your site. Since the bandwidth on a shared server undergoes constant changes, your infrastructure may begin to go down thereby affecting your business. VPS hosting offers you more uptime and a portion of resources allocated to each user. It is this exclusivity in the use of resources that makes for greater reliability.
  2. YOU NEED BETTER AND ENHANCED SECURITY FOR YOUR SITE: One of the major challenges of shared hosting was the problem that arose from several servers sharing the same resources and the attendant consequences. In shared hosting, faults arising from one site can sip into and affect the other sites located on the server. This makes all the sites vulnerable to malware attacks. VPS hosting offers you a more secure and better protected virtual space dedicated to your use alone.
  3. MORE CONTROL: Unlike shared hosting where control is limited, VPS gives your roots access to configure and customise your applications. You can install, configure, customise and control your applications. This enables the user to attend to and to ensure that the needs of his site are adequately met.
  4. MORE TRAFFIC ON YOUR SITE: Generally, increase in the traffic on your site is a pointer to business growth. With business growth comes the need to upgrade to a suitable hosting plan. Thus, if the needs of your site can no longer be sorted out by your shared hosting provider’s premium-level plan, then you should be making plans of upgrading to VPS hosting. With VPS hosting, you get access to more resources, flexibility, scalability and all that is needed to grow your business.
  5. If you need to run some applications that are not allowed by your shared hosting plan, then VPS hosting comes to the rescue.
  6. OVERALL BETTER PERFORMANCE: The basic consideration for upgrading to a Virtual private server is performance. However, it may be hard to know when to upgrade to VPS hosting because different providers offer different user experience. However, if your site is receiving at least 100-200 visits per day; there is an increase in downtime; you have recorded a consistent increase in your bounce rate then, you are probably ready to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan.


There are many types of VPS hosting to choose from. However, it is important to understand what they are about and how each one works. The types of VPS hosting are:

  • MANAGED VPS HOSTING: Managed VPS hosting is a middle ground between full obligation and no obligation. With managed VPS hosting, you have access to the services of skilled technical professionals who will help you with the management and maintenance of your server. On the other hand also, it gives you full root access and control over your server. This way, your hosting service provider takes control of the technical aspects and server administration and management while the user focuses on the less technical aspects and general server management.
  • WINDOWS VPS HOSTING: The windows VPS hosting ensures strong administration for your site. It provides your site with premium security against loss of useful information by guaranteeing an enhanced plate I/O. In addition to this, it ensures that your VPS server will have discretionary server reinforcements and provides necessary additional measures to ensure maximum security. Again, it gives the user access to a plethora of VPS designs.
  • CLOUD VPS HOSTING: This is a bit different from the regular hosting. This kind of hosting facilitates your virtual servers on the cloud. Cloud VPS hosting is a practical method for working on a site. Cloud VPS put the needs of users at the fore of its services; it enables you to change your preferences whenever you please, to meet your unique needs. Again, you can tailor their services to your needs; Cloud VPS hosting enables you to increase or reduce your resources for your business growth and development.
  • MULTI VPS LINUX HOSTING: While using a multi VPS Linux server, you can actually create and erase servers at any time from the customer zone. Also, a multi VPS Linux server enables you to customize servers to suit your necessity and finally, it gives great scalability. You can upgrade from one plan to the other.
  • MULTI VPS WINDOWS HOSTING:The multi VPS Windows hosting facilitates quicker transfer of data and faster server loading.
  • OPEN VZ VPS HOSTING: Some of the features of openVZVPS hosting include:
  • XEN VPS HOSTING: with the Xen VPS Hosting, the user gets full root control, access and customization. Some of the outstanding features of this hosting are; technical support, location swapping and full control of all tables’ modules.
  • VPS RESELLER BOX: VPS Reseller box enables you send Linux and Windows VPS with the available resource from the control board. Users experience full control and access. In addition to these, they make their own VPS designs.


There are so many VPS hosting sites out there to attend to your hosting needs. The awesome thing about the sites that will be discussed in the next few paragraphs is their versatility. Some of the sites topping the VPS hosting charts are:


Bluehost is one of the best hosting sites you will find out there. The site has some of the nicest plans with regard to VPS Server hosting. Its various plans are designed to suit the needs of individual customers. It services are fast and efficient to access. Some of the plans include free domain name hosting, unlimited disk storage, email addresses and bandwidth. The site ensures that maximum security of the user/site is guaranteed. The site provides a CPanel that is very easy to use.


This is another high ranking VPS hosting site. Hostinger easily stands out as a primus interpares because of the affordability and cost-effectiveness of its services. It adequately serves the needs of businesses whose hosting budget isn’t large. Other outstanding features of this site include:

  • Guarantee of high performance
  • Proper and quality maintenance
  • Technical support.
  • Speed and Reliability

All these features make Hostinger a viable choice for persons with minimal technical expertise. They make provision for a wide range of users: beginners and experts; for both small businesses and large ones.


With Host Papa, the target is majorly small businesses. They offer very affordable pricing to small businesses and beginners alike. Hostpapa provides its users with a whole lot of interesting hosting features. Its goal is to give users excellent and efficient hosting at affordable prices. The site also ensures that clients have access to great customer service and support.


Site ground is a site specifically designed to provide high performance and easy web management to clients. Other great features of this site include; efficient customer service and support. This it does by, providing detailed tutorials for users so as to ensure that there are no confusions with regard to the use of the server.


This site provides quality and outstanding hosting to clients. It is also loaded with a plethora of excellent features that give users the best server experience ever.


This site is the best for fast and high performance hosting experience. Some of the features it provides users include:

  • an unlimited SSD Storage
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate.

A2 Hosting gives the user value for his money.


Hostgator is the Jack of all trades and master of all with regard to hosting. It offers VPS and other servers. Also, it provides great user support services : its service providers ensure they are around 24/7 to provide support and to attend to the clients’ issues.


DreamHost provides the best services with regard to price. A very attractive feature of this site is that they provide a plan that renders free service to non-profit organizations.


INTERSERVER provides services at a discount without clients having to pay a yearly subscription for the service in advance. Its outstanding feature is the high level of transparency in their dealings with clients.


INMOTION provides the wealth of experience that many clients seek. Its services tested, trusted and reliable. They ensure that their clients have access time tested hosting services. Their VPS are high performance and gives users a fast and quality hosting service. Amongst its features is their efficient technical support and customer service.

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