An instant Windows VPS is a Windows-based VPS built to reduce set-up time for Windows operating system Activation. It was specifically built to cater to the needs of those who want to save time more than money. Most times, set up takes a lot of time; this is the amount of time that the service provider utilizes to put in place your VPS solution, and all that is needed to run it.

In setting up a windows-based VPS, much more set-up time is required because set-up requires one small step after another before the system can be ready for use. One of the obvious benefits of using instant windows VPS is that it saves a lot of time and in addition to this, you get aquick start. With an instant Windows VPS, there are zero delays in the set-up. However, the major challenge here is that although you get a quick start, the activation of the VPS is not as fast as the activation. It is very difficult to find VPS service providers that can provide very fast activation.


Providing web hosting with instant activation is catering to clients' on a different level.In Web hosting, speed is very important thus, instant gratification, in most cases influences users’ choice of a hosting service provider. The question to ask is; why spend more hours when you can have your server all ready for use or activated at lightning speed?

A lot of users are more concerned about time and speed than they are about pricing; thus many would gladly go for a more expensive alternative that provides them with the speed they seek.

Now, VPS hosting represents a middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting; a hybrid of both. Thus, it possesses features of both. In VPS hosting, you will still need the services of a physical server machine. This physical server will be shared by several users just like shared hosting; although a lesser number of users get to share the server in VPS hosting. However, like Dedicated Hosting, the resources are not jointly shared by the users. They are completely separated. It is that dynamism between shared and VPS hosting that necessitates the extra processes involved in setting up and configuring the VPS server. The need for accurate setup and configuration is to the end that the hosting environment suits the needs of the user to the letter.

Although a lot of service providers offer pre-configured plans, hosts that offer instant VPS setup and activation are well worth the search. Even though they are scarce, a number of them are still accessible.

A whole lot of times, you need your new site to be active within the shortest time possible; in that case, you will need an instant VPS activation to get your site working in seconds.

  • Instant VPS hosting makes it possible and easy to instantly activate your VPS server because the server itself is already configured in advance. this is done with the highest security and flexibility options. This enables your site to run in a well-protected environment and at the highest obtainable speed.
    It is not easy to find an instant VPS hosting provider that gives you maximum control; lets you manage your server at any time and add resources and software you need instantly, without having to contact your service providers for support.
  • Instant VPS hosting is very affordable; probably the cheapest VPS server hosting with a lot of attractive features; some of which include:
  • One CPU core
  • 30GB SAN storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 1 IP address
  • A free domain
  • 24/7 technical support team that offers the user all of the support he’d need.

Generally, it is cheaper to get instant Windows VPS activation than to get a dedicated server. This is because VPS servers are still more affordable than dedicated servers despite the amount of money needed for Windows licensing.

While choosing the types of instant VPS hosting offers you should take up, you need to be very circumspect since most of the juicy offers are unreal. This is especially true with hosts that promise to offer the user Windows unlimited bandwidth.


  1. HIGH PERFORMANCE: Instant VPS hosting offers you extremely fast servers. Also, you get to choose your server locations and free SSDs thereby improving your overall site performance.
  2. STRONG SECURITY: There are security measures taken to prevent malware attacks. There is an additional reinforced distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection. A major advantage of this additional protection is that the likelihood of your site being unaffected no matter how severe the distributed denial of service attack is.
  3. FAVOURABLE FOR DEVELOPERS: Instant VPS hosting gives you the best versions of the best development software. However, older versions are also supported.


RDP is short for Remote Desktop Protocol. It is a tool that was developed by Microsoft as a means to connect a remote Windows Server on the internet or a local network. RDP uses a graphical interface connection to achieve this.

The purpose of this connection is to give the user admin and root access to the applications that run on the server.

Some features of the Windows RDP VPS include:

  • STABLE AND RELIABLE CONNECTION: Slow connection and other connection issues are some of the challenges that users face. Thus, the Windows RDP is designed to relieve these issues with its high-end Mellanox network. In this manner, the functionality and performance of your server are at their optimum. You get to work with a lightning-fast network connection.
  • STABLE VIRTUALIZATION: With Windows RDP VPS, you have a stable VPS with Xen-HVM virtualization, RAID array, and ECC memory.
  • FULL ROOT ACCESS AND ADMIN CONTROL: The user can decide which software to install. Access is given through RDP.You can utilize the Windows RDP VPS for a game server, mail server, browser testing, media coding, proxy, web server, and a whole lot of other things.
  • CONTROL PANEL CHOICES: You can choose which hosting control panel you would like to use from a wide array of choices. In addition to this, you can choose to work without a cPanel through the RDP Admin access that you already have.
  • EASY TO COMBINE: it is relatively easy for users to combine the RDP with the VPS servers. This gives your site an efficient and secure hosting environment that can be used without setting up a physical server.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE AND AFFORDABLE: With the instant Windows VPS, you get full administrative access to tools and software, more than enough storage space usually up to 64gigabytes. You can get RDP for as low as $25 and most service providers include a refund policy/agreement to guarantee that they are giving the best and nothing but the best.
  • FLEXIBLE SET-UP OPTIONS: Your location or the number of persons who need access to the RDP does not pose a challenge no matter how far, remote, or how large the number is. With Windows RDP, set-up is flexible and easy to manage.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: RDP is very accessible notwithstanding your location. Also, there is an ideal Windows build and whatever software solutions it is that you seek are readily available.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: The service providers guarantee you 24/7 availability to answer your questions and to attend to whatever issues you may encounter.
  • SECURITY: With the Windows RDP VPS, You get quality encryption to secure your data and your system from attacks. Also, your data is not shared with third parties and privacy is guaranteed.
  • UNLIMITED SSD STORAGE: The Windows RDP VPS server gives you access to unlimited storage space. This, of course, will improve your uptimes, internet speed, port speed, and the overall performance of your site.
  • RDP INTERFACE: The Remote desktop server has to make the job of your IT personnel easier. It ensures that they have a stress-free way to connect to a computer interface, procure, and install the needed software and sort out any technical issue. As already stated, Distance is not a problem as access is allowed from very remote distances. There will be no need for physical servers literally.With the RDP interface, people can work with their own devices, not company-owned devices, with the admin RDP granting you access to sort out issues that may arise on the devices.Some of the benefits of the RDP VPS are:
  • It grants you access to files on the servers, networks, and ancillary devices.
  • It makes configuration easy and fast
  • It improves server uptime by providing back-up as the server is running.
  • It provides numerous pre-installed templates from which the user can choose from.
  • It makes it easy to not just access but also, to control ancillary/connected devices.

It is scalable. This means that you can start with the package you can afford in the meantime and as your business grows, you can then upgrade to a more preferred plan.


We have run through instant Windows VPS and what it is about. Now, we would consider what Managed cPanel VPS is about. It is a system that manages activities on your server’s page.

cPanel is a very popular control panel. With the cPanel, setting up and adding up the cPanel application is a walkover. Once your server is set-up and activated, your license will automatically be loaded. The work of the control panel is to effectively manage your sites and hosting packages.


  • ROOT ACCESS: The managed cPanel VPS grants the user full root access and it does this through WHM, SSH 0r SolusM console. It lets you install all kinds of software that you need; which may include: mail servers, database servers, web servers, etc
  • AWESOME PERFORMANCE AND DATA SECURITY: You are assured of high performance and your data is protected from interference. The cPanel is secure and the virtualization platform (OpenVZ Virtualization) is stable.
  • Cpanel/WHM PANEL: With a combination of the CentOS Linux server and the Cpanel/WHM, the automation tools are empowered to carry out basic tasks efficiently and at a very high speed.
  • ENABLES CPANEL HOSTING RESELLING: Managed cPanel VPS enables you to provide hosting services to clients without having to maintain your server by yourself. Instead, you are given admin control and multi-tiered access with the admin WHM account and assign reseller accounts. Also, managed cPanel enables end-users to have their personal login so as to be able to manage their accounts themselves.


Some of the reasons why you need to install a cPanel on your VPS are:

  • ENABLES BACK-UP AND EFFICIENT FILE MANAGEMENT: The cPanel helps you sort and put together complex files on your VPS. Your files are backed up on disk storage to prevent the loss of important files or pieces of information. This is so that in the event of the unfortunate event of your server crashing, you can conveniently recover your files.
  • FULL ROOT ACCESS UTILIZATION: cPanel enables you to be able to fully utilize full access. This is because, even though root access has been granted/enabled, it cannot be utilized until a cPanel is installed to carry out the control functions.
  • IMPROVED SECURITY ON SITE: The cPanel does a lot to greatly improve the security of your files with the HTTPS and a secure sockets layer.
  • AFFORDABILITY: Although cPanel is a bit expensive, however, it is usually cheaper when bought from a data center.
  • REGULAR SOFTWARE UPDATES: You never have to worry about running on outdated software since the cPanel ensures that your software is updated on a regular basis. The system is upgraded from time to time to meet the needs of users.
  • EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT AND ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES: This is a very vital function of the cPanel. It properly manages and allocates resources to ensure that there are no downtimes.


The steps below will help you set up your cPanel VPS.

  • After installing the cPanel, proceed to sign the agreement and accept the terms and conditions.
  • The next step to take is to set up your mail. It is through this mail that you will receive the hostname and the resolver. For the primary resolver, you should enter 8888, while for the secondary you enter 8844. Save your settings after you have done this.
  • Then, set up your IP address.
  • Enter and configure the name server which your cPanel will provide. Change it to any name of your choice then, add your domain name to it. Click on configure address record for name servers and hostname.
  • Change the settings, if you wish to.
  • Turn on your quotas before finishing the set-up.


Every vital information that you need concerning Instant Windows VPS has been provided above. The steps to take are really simple. Again, we are here to assist, whatever your needs may be. Contact us to get started today.

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