The search for the best VPS hosting provider is the primary concern of many business owners today. There are hundreds, even thousands of hosting companies you will discover online during your search, whereas the big question is choosing the best out of millions. No doubt the process may be handy and causes mental wear out, but with the right tips, you m

ay get it right. At the end of this article, you will discover the right tips for choosing the best VPS hosting plan and the best cloud hosting provider for your business.

Before delving further, here is a brief description of the virtual private server and cloud hosting. A virtual private server, known as VPS for short, is a customized server designed to meet a user's personal needs, just as the name implies. Technically, it's the partition of servers using a hypervisor. These servers are hosted on a single physical machine. Unlike shared hosting, users are less concerned about virus attacks from other servers. Moreover, VPS balances dedicated and shared hosting, as users are provided with standard dedicated features at a lower price.

Cloud hosting has similar features to VPS hosting. Whereas cloud hosting offers a more secured environment by backing up user's data online. Nevertheless, your server provider efficiency determines how well your website is protected.

How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting Plan

Foremost, you should bear in mind that various options will be presented from your server provider. Sometimes, small and middle-sized businesses get carried away by a fascinating package which they likely not need. Generally, there is two major VPS hosting plan in terms of the operating system. We have the Linux OS and Windows OS. Also, your VPS hosting plan can either be managed or unmanaged.

Moreover, choosing the best VPS hosting plan is either influenced by your website needs or personal factors, such as financial status. What does this imply? Personal needs don't include your desire to get a car, or a fancy house on the island, rather the needs that affect your website performance. Hence, here is a brief discussion on choosing the best VPS hosting plan based on your status.

  1. Cost: Cost is the primary factor that influences your choice in choosing the best VPS hosting plan. For every new business owner, who is just launching a business, you can purchase a minimum package to start. We offer an affordable VPS plan of $4,99. Contrary to popular opinion, the plan still provides adequate features to run your server. However, Linux OS is relatively cheaper than windows OS since it incurs no license fee. Moreover, when considering cost, you should calculate the signup fee plus the renewal fee. Talk to the customer support team for an in-depth understanding of each hosting plan.
  2. Availability and IT Proficiency: Your availability and IT knowledge should determine if you choose a managed or unmanaged VPS hosting plan. A managed VPS plan will be mostly run by your service provider. That is, your provider monitors your RAM usage, resources, bandwidth, and CPU. A managed VPS allows you to focus on other functions, such as creating quality content for your website. Whereas the user runs an unmanaged VPS. However, we recommend you subscribe to an unmanaged VPS if you are IT literate. Also, only purchase an unmanaged plan if you will be available to monitor your server carefully. Usually, either you subscribe to a managed or unmanaged plan, your service provider is in charge of your website maintenance.
  3. Online staffs: Concerning online staffs, you should ask yourself these two most important questions:
  • How many staff do you plan to employ in your business?
  • How efficient are your staffs?

Considering online staffs is majorly for businesses or organizations that run their activities on a large scale. However, it matters more to staff that works online, such as online advertisers, content creators, sales reps, graphics designers, customer care, and many more. For example, your service provider could provide the best quality server you ever need, but your content's quality also determines how well your website attracts an audience. Also, the number of staff's working on your website at the same time should determine your capacity and storage capacity. For instance, having a large number of staff work with fewer resources or limited bandwidth may reduce your server speed, likewise its performance. In this case, it causes frustration and a bad experience for your visitors.

Choosing the Best VPS hosting for Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, in choosing the best VPS hosting, you should also consider your website needs. However, choosing the best VPS hosting is essential; choosing the Best VPS hosting provider should not be underestimated. Moreover, you need the best VPS hosting to run your website effectively. Also, if you are looking into generating high traffic and increase your website visibility in the future, you should choose the VPS hosting that best serve your website.

  1. Type of Service: Evaluate the best VPS for your website before choosing a VPS hosting plan. Whereas, trying out our 1/7 days of free trial is an excellent means of evaluation. Therefore, you can determine the type of service you expect to receive from your service provider. If you are running several sites on the same server, you should purchase a plan with increased resources, RAM, and bandwidth.
  2. Customer support: In choosing the best VPS hosting provider, you can check the customer support system. Ensure the support system is user-friendly, such that you can quickly contact the support team when a technical issue arises.
  3. Traffic rate: Hosting providers often charge customers based on bandwidth usage and storage capacity. Bandwidth is the term used in describing the amount of data shared when server providers pass information to the site visitors. Wherein your website, traffic rate determines the amount of bandwidth needed and the appropriate storage. When considering the best server provider, make sure the company can run your server if you generate a high traffic rate in the future. More so, do not limit your choice to the present determinants. Be well calculative of future preference to save yourself the extra cost of changing hosts. Also, confirm if you would have access to unlimited bandwidth, as many reputable companies offer free bandwidth as a bonanza. However, a bandwidth described as unlimited is usually within a stipulated period.
  4. Host Security: Will the VPS hosting guarantee your website's safety? Makes sure you can positively answer this question. Moreover, your server provider proficiency also influences your website security measure. You can check if your service provider has an SSL security certificate. SSL certificate is evidence that proves your service provider can give support by protecting your site from inside and outside threats.
  5. Domain: The best VPS hosting providers will choose the best VPS hosting that can accommodate your number of domains. Consider the number of domains your website will host. However, many reputable server companies have plenty of offers that meet every user's need.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting Provider

In choosing the best cloud hosting provider, decide what type of service you expect from your cloud hosting provider. Many business owners now transfer their operations to cloud computing, which monitors workflow effectively, reduces cost, and reduces IT personnel's urgency. One of the characteristics of a suitable cloud hosting provider is reporting on duty without delay, having secured access to obtaining the right information, and organizing online employee collaboration meetings. Cloud hosting allows small-sized businesses to focus on more pressing issues like maintenance, security, support, and backup, while users channel the remaining energy on core business programs.

Many server provider companies offer cloud hosting solutions in this modern age. However, choosing the best cloud hosting provider may be more confusing than ever. Therefore, here are tips for choosing the best cloud hosting provider that meets your specific need.

  1. Cloud Service Security: Cloud computing enhances servers capacity by storing data online. However, make sure your relevant data are safe in the cloud hosting service. Your server security should not be accessible by frauds nor manipulators. Wherein, you can ask for protective measures such as firewalls, anti-virus detection, and data encryption. Also, check if the company undergoes regular auditing. You should also check the company's record if there are any past incidents of breaches, malware, or virus attacks.
  2. Price list: When considering the best cloud hosting provider, be conscious of your website needs. Please note that a high-priced plan doesn't equate to quality service. Therefore, it's more important to choose a plan that works best for your website. However, the price varies with hosting companies, as well as payment duration. Users can either pay monthly, hourly, annually and quarterly.
  3. Downtime: Check the server provider company if they have just a few downtime records. Wherein downtime is the period where users are hardly able to connect to their server. Knowing the company's downtime record determines what to expect in the future. Also, note how the company responded to downtime issues in the past. Were they transparent in their approach? After checking the downtime records, ask yourself if your business can cope with the result.
  4. Flexibility: Cloud servers should be easily accessible by users by simply logging in with the service provider's information. Likewise, users should access their website on any devices such as smartphones or laptops. Moreover, you should have access to improve your cloud service as your business expands. Also, consider if you will need more employees to run on the same server. For instance, the best cloud hosting provider will allow you to add users to your server.
  5. Server's Accessibility: Ensure the server provider company only permits employees to access your cloud data to protect your system from cybercriminals. In line with accessibility, if your cloud provider complies with government legislation, you can quickly press charges against cybercrimes. You can check if your server provider obeys legislative law by confirming their reviews, site visits, and financial information.
  6. Datacenters: We have our data centers in 15 different locations, that improves nearby users' accessibility, thus, increasing their speed performance at a fast pace. However, make sure your service provider data centers are located in tightly secured areas. Wherein the datacenter's location also relates to the server's online safety. A company with a well-secured building, preventing thieves from breaking in, also guarantees online safety. However, ISO27001 certification is an ideal standard for measuring how well your service provider can withstand outside attacks.
  7. Company's Support System: Choosing the best cloud hosting provider is not just about the available features. Check if the company has a friendly customer support team. Many reputable companies permit customers to access them mostly via emails or phone contact. Moreover, whenever you have a problem with your website, your service provider should be available to figure it out. However, there is specific security support that's inaccessible unless you purchase a cloud hosting plan. Meanwhile, server providers are generally in charge of troubleshooting.


On a final note, you should try out our 1/7 days free trial. This free trial not only improves your knowledge about the available plans it also influences your decision-making.

Change is constant in daily human activities. Hence, if you dream of expanding your business scope or reach a larger number of customers in the future, you should communicate regularly with your service provider, especially on system updates. Moreover, having a business plan is not enough to increase your sales or brand's visibility. You need a driving force to push your vision to the public. Contacting the best VPS hosting provider not only creates a platform to project your dream it also scales up your server as your business capacity increases. More so, we are ready at your service. You can contact any of our support team for further information.

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