Perhaps you’ve got a website that has outgrown your hosting plans, or better still, you want to open up a new website while starting on the right footing, then WordPress VPS is the perfect choice for you. Although, the best VPS hosting for WordPress might be on the expensive side, however, when weighed side by side with low-cost entry-level shared hosting packages, you’ll discover that the money spent will eventually be worth it. This is because it will make your website load quickly, ensure that you stay and remain online when a lot of users are accessing your website at once. Let’s take a quick run through the best VPS hosting plan for WordPress.

Shared hosting appears cheap, but slow loading and in-between periods of unavailability are factors sufficient enough to make you change your mind and go for the VPS hosting for WordPress. VPS hosting for WordPress grants you access to features such as better security, automatic website backups, and support staff with the required expertise. The best VPS for WordPress gives your website a more generous part of the server as against the shared hosting.

What does a best VPS hosting for WordPress offer?

Sharing of resources is lesser

Although they are on the same physical server, these VPS for WordPress does not share resources. This simply means that if a website on the server begins to consume a lot of resources, it won’t affect the performance of other sites present on the same server. In addition, as against shared hosting where the site could be at risk of being forced to go offline, VPS for WordPress ensures that individual sites are not liable to be taken offline as a preventive measure by the hosting company. This absence of resource sharing between sites also gives security benefits.

Scalability is on the high side

Fast and easy access to more resources from the server is a beautiful advantage a best VPS hosting for WordPress website offers. This way, you get to develop your server’s resources to equate your website’s growth so that you don’t get to experience downtime caused by a lack of resources in the long run. Scalability comes in handy especially when you’re on the verge of surpassing the limits of the server you use. This way, you can scale it up without any technical issues.

Support, Speed, and Resilience

Improved uptime, quicker loading times, and efficiency at handling numerous visitors are beautiful reasons to choose VPS hosting for your WordPress website. With VPS hosting, your site loads very fast and this encourages your visitors to always come back in subsequent times. With an improved uptime too, you get quickly notified of any malfunctioning of your website and this helps you to act quickly on resolving the issues. This way, you effectively handle the numerous visitors that visit your site while leaving them coming for more in the future.

Effectively handling surges in traffic

With the best VPS hosting for WordPress web, you still have access to your web’s needed resources even at periods when there is an unexpected surge in traffic to the site. Furthermore, if you anticipate permanent growth in the number of your web audience, you’ll have no reason at all to move your site to a new server that has a higher rank with regards to the plans they offer. Instead, the resources can just be simply raised to meet your current requirements.


One of the vital decisions to perform while making plans to build your website is web hosting. Web hosting ensures your website is online and available for users around the world to visit. With the teeming number of web hosting providers, you would want to ask which web host provider is the best. It doesn’t come as hard as you think when you put the required factors in choosing the best web host into consideration;


This forms the starting point for most people when nursing the decision of what web hosting provider to use. Being the starting point is good but it shouldn’t be made the utmost deciding factor for choosing a web host provider. Most of the time, it comes in relatively easier to go for the cheaper options but way beyond the price, you need to look at the vital needs your site requires. Then go ahead to make an honest comparison between hosting options that meet those needs sufficiently. If you do not carefully put this into consideration, you might end up spending not just more money but also more time and resources in the long run.


This aspect is not a negotiable one especially when you lack the technical know-how. There might be instances where your site might experience little hitches. A very fast and effective way to deal with this is to contact an expert especially one owned by the hosting company to fix this up in no time. So, make sure your web host provider has an exceptional and effective customer care service.

Technical Specifications

Not all web hosts offer the same things. Although they might appear to offer the same thing, there are usually noticeable differences that could translate into different hosting experiences. Look out for hosting providers that do not just show you their features online but can also back up their claims with the necessary hardware. Go for a hosting provider that can operate their own hardware, has enough RAM, disk storage, and processing power to meet the needs of your website.

Control Panel

Ensure your provider has an interface that is easy to comprehend and use. Make sure certain tasks such as setting up emails, installing WordPress, and configuring accounts should not be difficult to find.


Before choosing your website host provider, ask yourself questions such as; Do they have easy to use, and up-to-date tools? Do they have extra features such as regular backups? Do they offer upgrades to make expanding your hosting account easy if need be? If your answers are positive, then you could just be a step closer to choosing the best website hosting provider for your website.


One of the building blocks for a successful website is web hosting. It plays a vital role in improving not just your SEO, but also your sales. This is why you must make not just a suitable decision as to what WordPress host to use but also the best one that suits your needs. There are myriads of WordPress hosts out there but you need proper guidance in selecting the one that best suits your website.


When looking out for the best WordPress host, of importance is the speed they deliver. You would not want a situation where a mild to a moderate spike in traffic to your site would slow down its performance. This is why you have to go with a provider who delivers nothing but a distinct in-house WordPress speed to make your site as fast as possible


A website server uptime allows you to get notifications about the functioning of your website. It gives you an alert when your website appears to be inaccessible. This prompting helps you to identify that something is wrong with your website and that you have to utilize appropriate measures to fix the issue on ground. This way, you can ensure the continuous running of your website. So, while choosing what WordPress host provider will best suit your site, ensure that they have a high uptime which implies that their server rarely goes or remains down for a long time.

Customer service

Having a WordPress host provider that has reliable customer service and excellent support teams goes a long way to relieve you of undue stress especially when you have technical issues with your site. Look out for a provider that offers fast, reliable 24/7 customer service which you can easily access either by live chat, email, or phone. This way, you get attended to quickly and with the needed expertise, your issues fade away.

Your needs

Go for a WordPress host provider that suits your business type and size the best. Every website has its unique needs and not every host can meet these needs. So, do well to look out for features that the host provides which you would also need for your site. This way, you get to pick the best WordPress host for your site.


The importance of security on your site cannot be overemphasized. The increase in the incidence of cyber-attacks in recent times has called for stricter measures in security especially with regards to online businesses. This is why looking out for a WordPress host provider with security solutions that will keep your site as secure as possible is non-negotiable.


Ever thought of the best kind of hosting service for long term running of your business website? VPS hosting has been proven to be the best at keeping up with the success story of any site experiencing rapid expansion in the long run. Asides from the fact that VPS hosting meets the immediate needs of your website, it has also been considered to feature as the best web hosting service for the long-term running of your website. Let’s make a quick run at some of the reasons why VPS hosting is suitable in the long run.


This stems from the fact that VPS are usually protected against the functioning/malfunctioning of other websites hosted on the same server even though in actual fact, they share a physical machine. This way, your website’s performance remains optimal and undisturbed by other websites being served by the same server and this gives your website credibility in the long run. Given the fact that a lot of businesses run their reliability test based on their reputation and ability to retain their customers. VPS helps such businesses to achieve this by offering them stable and reliable web hosting.


With VPS hosting, you are free to scale your resources effortlessly as your website grows. You do not have to limit yourself to the resources your server provides. You get to grow your resources on a long term basis and get to scale it up above the server’s limits to avoid downtime for your business.

Fully Managed Server Support and Monitoring

Fully functional server support, in the long run, is one benefit that VPS hosting affords you. Fully efficient hosting companies will help you at every step of the way when their help is needed. They are always there to help you maintain the server, constantly put measures in check to identify any cases of cyber insecurity, and also render assistance in case of any malfunction. These are some of the features you will need for your site in the long run and VPS hosting service will deliver it to you especially when it is the managed form.


To have a fully functional and running website in the long run, you have to put security into utmost consideration. With VPS hosting services, you get the best form of security for your site. Asides from the process of virtualization that serves to protect from cyber-attacks, administrators can also tighten VPS security using root access. This way, you are sure that your site is kept secure for as long as you desire to run it.

More server resources for database-intensive web applications

Root access for a specific web application

Root access literally gives you power to whatever you desire on your server. VPS hosting services avails you the opportunity to root access whether you’re on a ‘managed’ or ‘partly managed’ VPS hosting. This way you get full control over your server and the contents you get to host on it either immediately, or in the long run. For instance, if you desire to install a specific web application in the course of running your website, this administrator-level access allows you to do so on your own without having to contact your host for support.

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