Choosing the best virtual private server hosting for games requires a certain level of tech proficiency and operability. This may also entail identifying basic game server requirements, such as computing resources, OS configurations, and network connectivity. However, virtual private server hosting offers full root access, 24/7 support, a quick setup, and good security. The virtual private server provider fully controls the server maintenance.

Using a virtual private server for hosting a game server has several advantages. It gives greater cost-effectiveness and stability than a home server. With a fraction of the price, you gain access to top-notch and unmatched enterprise-grade hardware. Nevertheless, when selecting a virtual private server for your game server, you must consider the following requirements for a seamless hosting experience.

  • Sufficient Memory and Quick Processor: the gaming server must have a low pitch value. Hence, it must process the specifics and respond to the gamer’s request in nanoseconds.
  • Stable and Strong Internet Connection: any interference in connection, even for some seconds, can cause a dissipation of critical information. This includes the gaming progress and gamer’s score.
  • Huge storage: a virtual private server for gaming must store and process a large amount of data in a short time.
  • High Computing Power: this is particularly important if several gamers are accessing the virtual private server simultaneously. The server must be competent enough to manage a huge amount of requests coherently.

Using additional expansion packs and gaming modules can affect the Random Access Memory and storage space. Therefore, selecting an affordable VPS hosting option that offers a seamless experience can be challenging. Hence, we selected three of the best VPS hosting providers for game hosting that provide excellent performance at competitive prices.


DigitalOcean provides services that help to scale and deploy applications that work simultaneously on several computers. It is one of the most pre-eminent virtual private server services with a 1-click installation procedure. DigitalOcean offers a global network of content delivery network locations and information centers. With a starting plan of $5 per month, you can access many services (Droplet, Kubernetes, DataBase, Object storage space) and easy-to-use solutions. The VPS plan costs $240 with a storage space of 960GB.

With a click, you can implement security on your site, application, or game. DigitalOcean has many features ranging from speed, usability, security, and privacy. You can install WordPress using the cPanel. The optimized configuration procedures save time when scaling and running distributed applications. Some advantages of using DigitalOcean VPS hosting for games include 24/7 assistance, CPU-optimized servers, SOC 1 Type II, and SOC 2 Type II security.

DigitalOcean guarantees a range of features that can adapt to your gaming environment and allow you to create and select your preferred plan. It is one of the most endorsed hosting plans and the best on the market. With its VPS service, it executes the important private service and hosting functions.

Host Havoc

The game server hosting lineup consists of the most outstanding hosting platforms. The hosting service is backed by custom features and tools intently maintained in cohesion with game updates. Virtual private server hosting is carefully chosen to suit game server technology experts and server admins’ needs. The VPS hosting plan is as follows:

  • VPS- 1

This plan costs eight dollars per month, and the features include 1х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz, 1024 MB DDR4 RAM, 15 GB NVMe SSD, and unmetered 250 Mbps.

  • VPS- 2
This virtual private server plan costs 14 dollars per month. It also includes 1х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz, 30 GB NVMe SSD, 2048 MB DDR4 RAM, and unmetered BW 250 Mbps.
  • VPS- 3
It costs 20 dollars per month and consists of 2х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz, 3072 MB DDR4 RAM, 45 GB NVMe SSD, and 250 Mbps unmetered BW.
  • VPS- 4
For this plan, you can access it for 26 dollars per month. Its features include 2х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz, 250 Mbps unmetered BW, 4096 MB DDR4 RAM, and 60 GB NVMe SSD.
  • VPS- 5
With a monthly fee of 32 dollars, the VPS- 5 of 2х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz is accessible. It also comes with a 75 GB NVMe SSD, 5120 MB DDR4 RAM, and 250 Mbps unmetered BW.
  • VPS- 6
VPS- 6 costs 38 dollars per month for 2х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz. It has a 250 Mbps unmetered BW, 6144 MB DDR4 RAM, and 90 GB NVMe SSD.
  • VPS- 8
This plan has a fee of 50 dollars per month for a 4х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz. The features include an 8192 MB DDR4 RAM, 120 GB, NVMe SSD, and 500 Mbps unmetered BW.
  • VPS- 10
For 4х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz, the fee costs 62 dollars per month. It comes with a 150 GB NVMe SSD, 10240 MB DDR4 RAM, ad 500 Mbps unmetered BW.
  • VPS- 12
This plan costs 74 dollars per month, and it features 12288 MB DDR4 RAM. 250 Mbps, and 180 GB NVMe SSD for 4х vCPU Core at 4.0+GHz.

These plans come with some benefits, including full root access and operating system selection, no hidden or contract fees, 99.9% uptime guarantee, instant setup, fully DDoS protected, 72-hour Cashback Guarantee, and Customized Virtualizor Control Suite. Host Havoc’s hosting network is designed on the latest Xeon and Ryzen E-series of 4.6GHz CPU speed, providing a top-notch game server performance.


VPSGamers provide the best VPS experience for gaming use. How? All of their hosting plans include high amounts of resources, and users are allowed to utilize them properly, unlike other providers that discontinue your access for high usage. They offer both cheap Linux plans and flexible Windows plans, with outstanding features like super-fast DDoS Protection and SSD storage. The virtual private server hosting plans for Windows gaming include:

This plan includes 2 GB RAM, 2 TB Bandwidth at 1Gbps, 1 Full CPU vCore at 2GHz, Windows operating system, and a 20 GB SSD RAID 10 Storage. At the cost of 15 dollars per month.
Opting for this plan allows you access to an 8 GB RAM space, 4 TB Bandwidth at 1Gbps, 3 Full CPU vCore at 2GHz, Windows operating system, and a 30 GB SSD RAID 10 Storage. This plan costs 45 dollars per month.
With a monthly fee of 75 dollars per month, you get free access to a 250 GB SSD RAID 10 Storage, 4 Full CPU vCore at 2GHz, 5 TB Bandwidth at 1Gbps, and Windows operating system.

For Linux VPS (KVM Lite), the following hosting plans are available for Linux users.

  • Micro+
Starting from 1 dollar per month, you can access these hosting plans plus other additional benefits, including a 192 MB RAM, 10 GB Disk, a 250 GB Bandwidth at 1Gbps, and shared Intel HT CPU 1 Core at 1GHz, and 1х IPv4 Addresses.
  • Value+ LITE
A minimum of 2 dollars is required monthly to access this hosting plan. It comes with 512 MB RAM, about 15 GB Disk, a 500 GB Bandwidth at 1 Gbps, 1х IPv4 Addresses, and a shared Intel HT CPU 1 Cores at 2GHz. Value+ LITE hosting package is modified with moderately reduced specifications at a lower-priced unit.
  • Elite+ LITE
With a monthly fee of 3.50 dollars, the elite plus lite offers you free access to 1 GB RAM, 1х IPv4 Addresses, up to 25 GB Disk, shared Intel HT CPU 1 Cores at 2GHz, and 1 TB Bandwidth at 1000 Mbps. Some specifications in this package are removed to offer users a lower price point.
  • Pro+ LITE
You get free access to 2 GB RAM, about 40 GB Disk, 2000 GB Bandwidth at 1000 Mbps, Shared Intel HT CPU 2 Cores at 2GHz, and 1х IPv4 Addresses. This hosting plan costs 6 dollars monthly.
  • Enterprise+
Starting from 12 dollars monthly, users can get free access to an 8 GB RAM, 100 GB Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth at 1000 Mbps, 1х IPv4 Addresses, and shared Intel HT CPU 4 Cores at 2 GHz.

How to choose a Game Server

The best gaming server manage games with outstanding performance. Most self-hosted games offer recommendations about the server resources they demand. Explore the requirements to ascertain if the selected server can run the game with the magnitude of players you want to host.

The ideal hosting provides flexibility and turns private games into a comprehensive sandbox experience. However, always look for servers with a lot of bandwidth that employs the best server support for a seamless gaming experience. Hence, when selecting a game server, consider the following factor.

  • Bandwidth Requirements
The bandwidth is an essential feature to evaluate when selecting the ideal server for game hosting. It determines your overall gaming experience. Your gameplay will be interrupted if the hosted server exceeds the network interface capacity. But the type of games and number of players you want to host determines the bandwidth capacity and other necessities.

When selecting a game server with the correct bandwidth requirements, the data backup plan is considered. Recovering essential data during a system failure requires data backup. Therefore, choosing a server with the right backup plan is crucial. Opting for a backup plan which is geographically distributed is your sure bet. Some specifications to consider when choosing the right bandwidth include the game type, CPU, and RAM requirements.

Asides from the bandwidth requirements, other essential features guarantee top-notch game server hosting. They include:

  • Connection Speed
A 100Mbps or 1Gbps connection OS uptime and Self-Managed Vs. Managed security features are factors to consider, especially if you are opting for a virtual private server. Always go for gigabit connections when accessible. Likewise, select a server operating system you are familiar with, so you can make changes easily.

Managed hosting services will add real-time support if you encounter security problems. Also, test the hosting provider’s response flow to ascertain how fast they handle requests. A fast response time is a good indication of outstanding service.

  • Hardware
Hardware controls performance. Therefore, compare the memory, storage, and processor. Server requirements are not similar to resource controls as gaming. A basic 4GB RAM, Core i5-i7, and 200GB SSD setup can manage various games. Moreover, better hardware gives a better experience, particularly with massive player mods and counts. Consider premium packages that offer dual-core CPU and 4 GB+ RAM to offer smooth gameplay.

High-powered Gaming VPS

Some virtual private server providers give high-powered VPS with enough resources for game hosting. These higher-powered virtual private servers are frequently advertised as hybrid servers – a virtual server that provides both the capability of a quintessential dedicated server and cloud computing variability. Lesser virtual private servers are anchored on similar dedicated servers, and these servers have more resources.

Hybrid servers can offer good performance as a comparatively busy game server. They are more affordable than dedicated servers, although the prices of the extremely powerful hybrid servers match with the same specified dedicated servers. Hybrid servers offer you a portion of a dedicated server used by only specific users, thereby providing unique enterprise specifications and performance with a virtualized infrastructure’s convenience.

A high-powered virtual private server offers enough support to host multi-player games. Its virtual private server plans offer 2GB to 8GB random access memory and useful storage space alternatives for an awesome multi-player gaming experience. Also, these virtual private server packages are more affordable to host a game. You can either select Windows virtual private server or Linux virtual private server subject to your needs.

Inexpensive VPS hosting for games

Most of the budget-friendly virtual private server plans allocate low processing RAM and power. This may be limited to streaming a high-quality game. Generally, an inexpensive virtual private server will offer 1GB or less Random Access Memory. At the same time, most multi-player games require at least 2GB RAM for better performance. However, you may opt for an inexpensive VPS for simple games that require fewer system resources. Players greater than five require 3GB, and over ten players require 8GB.

For instance, Minecraft – one of the common sandbox video games, needs a minimum of 2GB of RAM. One of the cheapest VPS hosting providers for Minecraft is Hostingner. Their hosting plans for Minecraft are built on virtual private servers. Hence, you will get the essential resources required to host Minecraft. The VPS plans deliver all the required features, such as good server hardware, DDoS protection, and instant setup.

Hostingner Minecraft hosting plans start from 8.95 dollars per month. But agreeing to a four-year contract is necessary, which costs only 11.95 dollars per month. You will get free access to all listed essential resources and up to seventy hosted players for this price. Daily backups cost as low as 0.95 dollars a month.


Generally, a dedicated server is the best option for hosting games, but you can also opt for an upscale virtual private server depending on the number of gamers and the game type. However, always put the resource requirements of the game types you want to host into consideration.

VPS servers offer scalability, flexibility, and they are independent. They can manage multiple players effectively, as long as the server is not used for any other services. Users can also opt for SSD based virtual private servers for fast data storage, quick response, high speed, and fast access time.

Best VPS Hosting For Games

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