Even as the world is changing new business ideas are constantly coming up to ensure our everyday life is made easier. So, over time there has been a creation of an online marketplace whereby you don't have to leave your house to buy anything. This is because transactions can be done and paid for at the comfort of your home and goods delivered to your doorstep.

These businesses won’t have been made possible without the help of the online platform popularly known as the cloud. With the help of cloud services, businesses have been on the rising daily and the profit market has gone up.

The general term is called hosted services. They are technology-based services that involve using remote infrastructure to accomplish a task or series of tasks simultaneously. There are various hosting platforms or providers targeted at improving start-up businesses with their affordable pricing plans that we will get to know shortly.

What Is A VPS?

VPS means virtual private server. Just as the name virtual implies, it is a simulated and cybernetic server that mimics a physical server and the various features and characteristics. The physical server is usually located in a remote area, and with the use of virtualization software, a virtual server is created. So, a user does not need to go through the stress of buying a physical server and fixing it up before they can have a server.

What Is VPS Hosting?

It is one of the most popular hosting services that a client can choose from for building and hosting websites, hosting games et cetera. As stated above, it does not work alone, even though it is as though it does. It makes use of virtualization technology to provide private space and resources on the same server that is being used by others. As stated, VPS is not the only type of hosting service that there is. Other hosting services include; shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

It simply mimics the exact experience of a dedicated server. Though, the user is sharing the server with other users simultaneously. It runs its operating system; that is, the user can decide which operating system to use depending on the task that it is being used to perform. A virtual layer is installed on top of the operating system, separating the virtual servers into compartments as though it is an apartment with virtual walls. This feature allows users of that server to be able to install their desired operating system (OS) and other software that is needed for them to run effectively.

Hosting deals

There are various hosting deals in VPS that have been made available for clients, both new and old users. Before now, for a client to host or build a website they will have to have a professional knowledge of technical skills and programming languages; so the website can function properly. But over time, it has changed because templates have been made available by the hosting providers. So, all the client has to do is pick their desired template suitable for their business and build their website.

Note that not all hosting providers are cheap some are more expensive than others but, many of them offer a basic or start-up plan that can be as low as 2$ per month, and it won't be less in terms of standard or whatsoever. All the user has to do is read through the various hosting platforms and check the features that come with each plan, and also if it fits their budgets and if it is suitable for their businesses. Not to worry I would list out the best hosting plans and the hosting deals that come with them alongside the ones that have specific days money-back guarantee.

VPS Hosting For Sale

Are you wondering if VPS hosting is for sale? Well, yes, it is for sale; VPS hosting is sold as a service. You did not necessarily buy the server; you just paid for it for a time frame so you can render a service to society at a certain period. After the payment plan expires, it is no longer accessible by anyone until it is renewed.

Note that there is no fixed price for it, which was stated earlier. Different VPS hosting providers sell at a different rate. Some might be cheaper than others, and some will be extremely cheap to the point that a client might become skeptical or scared about purchasing that hosting platform or provider that we all call "too good to be true."

The following are the first ten best hosting providers that I am recommending for you. So, you can read about them and their plans and see the one that is most suitable for you. They include:

  1. Bluehost- Best suitable for new websites.
  2. Hostinger- The best pricing hosting platform. You can get a plan for as low as 0.99$.
  3. A2 hosting- Fastest shared hosting provider.
  4. Dream host- They offer the best monthly pricing and payment plan.
  5. Site ground- They offer the best and reliable customer support.
  6. GoDaddy- They offer suitable services for both start-ups and big websites.
  7. Green geeks- They have the fastest website load speed that is 451 ms, and environmentally friendly practices.
  8. In motion hosting- They offer 99.99% uptime, and the customer gets his or her money back if they don't like the services that they tried out.
  9. Dream host- They offer a free migration tool and unlimited traffic.
  10. Hostgator- Caters for small businesses and they offer 45 days money-back guarantee if the client does not like the features that he or she used.

There are others also but, these are the top ten with reputable reviews that I am recommending for you.

Five (5) Best Managed VPS Hosting for Small to Medium Business

You are probably thinking that the hosting mediums that were stated above is a lot to take it, and you want it streamlined to a few so you can read them up to avoid wasting time cause your boss is already on your neck. Although the hosting providers listed above are good at their uniqueness, they would still have to be streamlined for your sake.

Knowing fully well that your business is expanding and the demands keep increasing daily, the best choice would be to migrate from shared hosting to VPS hosting to avoid overutilization of your resources in that server thus, leading to the crashing of the website. When there is a top ten amongst others, there will surely be a top-five. The five best-managed VPS hosting includes the following:

  1. A2 hosting- Their control panel is easy to use, and their uptime is 99.9% score with a support team that is always ready to respond when their assistance is needed.
  2. Hostgator- They offer the service of hosting unlimited domains and sub-domains coupled with complete customization and several security features.
  3. Dream host- They offer 100% guaranteed uptime and are fully packed with security features.
  4. Bluehost- Easy to use control panel. This feature enables it become suitable for new users.
  5. Hostinger- User-friendly control panel coupled with affordable pricing.

There are a lot of business owners out there or persons who want to run a start-up website, you could be one of them also. The hosting providers that were listed above have been scrutinized and their clients have talked about them and their experience with them over time since they started and that's why I am recommending them to you. They have your best interest at heart and so it's up to you to check which one of them would be the most suitable for the kind of website you want to build or the already running website you own just in case you are migrating. It is advisable to read more about them thoroughly.

VPS Hosting Plans, Pricing & Features

Aside from the VPS hosting plans that were listed previously, there are other VPS hosting plans that would be listed shortly, along-side their various features and pricing. They include:

VPS server


  • They offer SSD or solid-state drive storage.
  • They provide CPU or central processing unit optimized and memory-optimized plans.
  • They offer DNS or domain name server services that help manage the client's domain name.
  • They offer a simple or user-friendly control panel which all task is carried out without the use of technical skill. That is, even if the client is not a tech expert, they would easily relate with the control panel.
  • They provide a flexible pricing system.
  • Their support team is ready to provide the support that the client needs to keep everything running.

Plans and pricing

Standard plan: The standard plan varies.

  • The range of the core falls between 1 to 6 cores, the RAM or random-access memory falls between 1 to 8 GB, the disk drive is between 10 to 200 GB, the SSD is between 500 GB to 6 TB or terabyte. The prices range from 2.99$ to 39.99$.
    CPU optimized plan: It also varies. This plan provides more CPU power to workloads that need a little extra power for more stability.
  • The core is between 1 to 6 cores, the disk drive is between 25 GB to 200 GB, the SSD is between 1 to 6 TB, the RAM is between 1 to 8 GB. The price range is 69.99$ to 419.99$.
    Memory-optimized plan: It varies too and it is also perfect for applications that use a whole lot of memory. It can be utilized so that you don't get to pay for what you did not use.
  • The RAM is between 2 GB to 16 GB RAM. The core is between 1 core to 6 cores; the disk drive is between 25 GB to 200 GB; the SSD is between 1 TB to 6 TB, while the price range is between 7.49$ to 69.99$.



  • They provide 1 to 100 websites space.
  • They also provide 10 to 100 GB of SSD storage.
  • They offer free email account hosting.
  • They offer a google service called google ads credit.
  • They also offer 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • A free domain is made available.
  • Daily backup is made available.
  • Unlimited databases are also made available amongst others.

Pricing and plan

  • For the single shared hosting: It is 9.99$ per month for starters. However, after renewal, it becomes 2.99$ per month.
  • For the premium shared hosting: It is 10.19$ per month for starters, while when renewing, it is 4.99$ per month.
  • The business shared hosting: It is 15.99$ per month for starters and 8.99$ when renewing.



  • They offer 30 days money-back guarantee if the client is not happy about how their service works.
  • They offer one-year free domain registration that is renewed the following year.
  • Multi-server management is made available for clients who want to work with more than one server simultaneously.
  • They provide domain privacy and protection.

Pricing and plan

  • For the standard plan: It is 29.99$ per month. It comes with 2 cores of the processor, 30 GB SSD storage, a RAM of 2 GB amongst others.
  • The enhanced plan: It is 59.99$ per month with 60 GB SSD storage, a RAM of 4 GB, 2 IP or internet protocol addresses alongside others.
  • The ultimate plan: It is 119.99$ per month. It comes with a processor of 4 cores, 120 GB of SSD storage, and a RAM of 8 GB amongst other additional features.


Having a successful and growing website is not difficult. All the client needs to do is, write out the peculiarities of his/her website and draw a budget that would break their banks. Go through the hosting providers and do a cross-check of all of them and how they fit into the website features, depending on the end goal of that website, and they will find the hosting provider suitable for them.

Try not to be in a hurry to get your website up and running. If you have time, I will advise you to experiment with the ones you like.

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