The virtual private server plays a crucial role in businesses that plan to go online or start running online. A VPS cloud server is a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted, and deployed via cloud computing. Are you wondering what cloud computing is? It is merely delivering services such as public and private services via the internet such as databases, servers, storage, amongst others.

Public services are offered online for an amount of the resources consumed, while private services are hosted on a particular hosting network to specific clients.

What Is VPS?

Before we dive in, let’s look at the individual definition of virtual, private, server, cloud.

Virtual definition: is defined as existing or simulated online via computer software. It can also be termed as an effect but not in fact.

Private definition: Just as the name implies, private is a term that means belonging to an individual or group of persons that should not be seen by the public or by a particular set of persons. It can also be termed as confidential.

Server definition: In this context, a server is a computer system or device that offers different resources such as data or information, programs, services to other devices or computers that are known as clients.

Cloud definition: Cloud is referred to servers that are always accessed over the internet. They are usually located in different centers all over the world. The use of the cloud has given room to cloud computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the availability and on-demand of computer system resources. It is the delivery of computer services such as servers, storage (cloud storage), computing power and ability, databases, networking, software, analytics over the internet without direct contact and management by the user. It is a software infrastructure that is located in remote servers that can be accessed through the internet (either as a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN)).

What Then Is A VPS?

We can then say that a virtual private server is a virtual machine or device that shares both software and hardware resources with various operating systems that are sold as a service by an internet hosting service. It is a server within a server (like a child within a mother, just that the server is there for life till the time it is no longer needed by the user or having different tenants in different service apartments in a building).

It is one of the various hosting service options offered by web hosting companies who do not want to use shared hosting and, at the same time, do not have the resources for dedicated hosting.

Virtual private server (VPS) strikes the right balance of availability of resources and more access and flexibility regarding what you can with the virtual server itself. The user can install almost any software that works with the specific Operating System (OS) that accompanied the server. A virtual private server is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, convenient for small web owners or small businesses to offer a service out there without so much weight on expenses.

What Is A Cloud Server?

A cloud server is a high-powered infrastructure running in a cloud computing environment and accessed by various users over a network. Cloud servers possess all the attributes and capabilities of a typical physical server, but they are accessed remotely by the cloud service provider. It is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) based cloud computing model, and the cloud server works through virtualization.

Virtualization: This is the technological process that allows you to create and run useful information technology (IT) resources of a computer system layer abstracted from the actual traditional hardware. Simply put, it means running a different operating system at the same time on a computer system. The various applications operating on the virtualized machine would appear as though they are running on their dedicated machine.

Virtualization aims to help manage workloads by transforming traditional computing to make it more scalable and flexible. Virtualization has played a big part in the Information Technology (IT) environment for a while now. And it is recently being used in a wide range of system layers such as various operating system virtualization, hardware virtualization, server virtualization, etc., to reduce information technology (IT) expense. They also help to boost and improve efficiency and agility for all sizes of businesses.

A cloud server is divided into two types: a logical server and a physical server. A logical server is considered rational when it runs or operates through server virtualization. In contrast, a physical server is analytically distributed into two or more logical servers, each of which has and can run on a different operating system (OS), user interface, and application. Physical cloud servers can also be accessed through the internet remotely, and it is not shared or distributed. A physical cloud server is also called a dedicated server.

VPS Cloud Server

The cloud is ever-evolving and is currently on the rise. A VPS cloud server offers the user stability and security. That is, other software problems within that server will be isolated from your environment. If another user overloads their cloud server, it won't impact your cloud server, and vice versa, unlike physical servers.

Virtual private servers (VPS) cloud servers are fast, flexible, and scalable. They are the number one option for business owners who wants to keep their information technology (IT) budget down. Therefore, the user can get more resources and a faster service within their budget without breaking their banks.

How Many Options For My VPS Server?

Various cloud service providers would get you your very own cloud server in minutes with their multiple plans suitable for your budget. There is the Amazon simple cloud server, which is called amazon light sail. It comes with a free static internet protocol (IP) address, domain name system (DNS) management, secure shell (SSH) or remote desktop protocol (RDP) access, highly available solid-state drive (SSD) storage, fast and secure amazon web service network amongst others. It offers to pay as you go services. It also provides its first-time users twelve months of free usage of some of their services.

There is also a service provider called the blue host. They give free domain name for one year, thirty days money-back guarantee, multi-server management, access control, and file management.

There is another called Microsoft azure. They also give some of their product for free for twelve for their first-time users, amongst others. There are various options for your VPS cloud servers; you can also check them out online.

What Can You Do With A VPS Server?

Every brand can accomplish a lot with a VPS cloud server, irrespective of the user's line of work or business. The following are some things the user can do:

  • Web hosting

Are you a blogger, or you want to get started with blogging? Then having a VPS cloud server is the first thing after drawing your budget. For starters, all you need to do is purchase web hosting from any of your desired hosting providers. Then choose and register your domain name. When writing your domain name, try not to use a very long term. Use a name that is simple to remember and also unique too (example; When you are done with your domain name registration, you will now have to install word-press for your website. You have installed word-press, and it is finally time to personalized your website just as you want it. Finally, you can start blogging.

Seeing that server offers various options and features, it is one of the best ways to get the most out of your VPS cloud servers. In turn, it also helps the user save money rather than paying companies who charge monthly for the user to keep using their various software.

  • Running a game server

Gaming is one of the favorite leisure activities of many persons recently, and over a series of decades ago, and its prevalence is still on a steady rise. Online gaming has become so popular in a time like this when the internet has become ever more accessible and currently always on the increase daily.

One of the beautiful ways you can use a virtual private server (VPS) cloud server is setting up an online gaming server to play and have fun with your friends. There are many games you can host, and the list is pretty extensive such as the world of warcraft, Minecraft amongst others.

  • Setting up a mail server

Hosted email is another service that practically all business owners pay to use. This kind of expense can be avoided with a VPS cloud server by merely hosting your business or company's email server.

  • Staying in touch with your very own voice over internet protocol (VoIP)

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows the user to make voice calls using a wideband of internet connection instead of an analog regular phone line. That is, the voice call is being converted into packets of data.

A VPS cloud server also allows the user to host their voice over internet protocol and make calls over the internet. That is, it serves as an internet phone. Voice over the internet is used for various things, such as talking to your friends, spouse, or colleague while working online or during a gaming session.

  • In setting up a virtual private network (VPN)

Lately, the rate of internet fraud is on a high, which is not in favor of online business owners. Virtual private networks help their users hide online payment details and company client data from potential hackers lurking around.

Although, a lot of virtual private network owners, both paid and free ones, have unsure ownership, and some of them even sell their user's data.

All these mean a VPS cloud server will be beneficial to the user company when the individual installs a virtual private network, which can be a life-changer. A virtual private network also helps the user secure and make sure that their browsing session is safe.

  • Accessing a graphical user interface (GUI) remotely

The user can try using virtual network computing, enabling the virtual private network to become a graphical user interface making it look like a desktop or laptop computer.

  • External backup server

Anyone who is always working online must always back up their files. Losing files and data happens a lot to almost anyone, sometimes losing an entire hard drive happens due to one reason or another. Taking precaution is needed, especially as a business owner.

  • Internet of Things

Through a VPS cloud server, the user can access and control all their items on their internet of things. The user can also use it to create censors around their homes and offices to help control the temperature, turn off/on lights, amongst others.

  • The VPS cloud server can also help the user co-work with anyone in the world, such as creating a personal Git server and sharing codes to teammates or colleagues to work privately.

Nine Cool Things That Can Be Done With Your VPS Cloud Server?

  1. Create a private sync service.
  2. Deploy my personal cloud
  3. Test the codes am working on
  4. Manage my personal projects
  5. Develop codes
  6. Run my very own voice over the internet server
  7. Build and run a website
  8. Backup my data, files amongst others
  9. Run my email server.


It is no longer news that having your very own virtual private server (VPS) cloud server is essential irrespective of your line of work. Aside from the things listed above that a VPS cloud server can be used for, there is other cool stuff you can use VPS for, like creating and sharing photo albums for your family and friends, having your chat server, for bitcoin miners, you can also use it to set up a bitcoin node.

Others include uploading and encrypting your sensitive data, running personal analytics, creating your keeper, forex traders you can use while trading, storing passwords, storing your notes and sharing of documents, and sharing contents to people worldwide. Besides, if you are more of a music fan, you can also stream videos and audios, even movies, etcetera.

The list is still not complete. The plan is extensive, if not endless, but I hope this has opened your eyes and mind to what you can do with a virtual private server (VPS) cloud server.

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